UPDATED!!!!!! Sneak Peeks – 10.05 – “I Bet It Stung”

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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s the first sneak peek that’s been released for this week’s episode!

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  1. I get that surgery is Cristina’s baby and she doesn’t feel Meredith is prepared but that so wasn’t the way to say it – talk about an appropriate title to the episode. You never say to a parent you don’t care about their kid even if you mean at the moment that’s asking for trouble.

    Agree that Cristina is really good at a craft but hope that Shonda uses this season to show how great Meredith is after all we have already seen that Alex is really good. Can’t really remember Meredith doing exceptionally in the OR since their first surgery in their chosen speciality when she was still in Neuro and rocked her surgery whilst everyone else didn’t.

    Also think it’s strange that whole parenting thing is coming up now as a distraction when they’ve had Zola for about 3 years now.

    Have seen a lot of people seeing this as a break in the relationship and a way to ease Cristina out, I think Cristina is gonna be seriously injured mid season or end of season especially since they made the point of telling us that Meredith is her power of attorney should anything happen to her

    • @Annie,

      That hurt when she said she didn’t care about Zola, even if she asked Meredith a bit later if she had a concussion. Cold. What if Zola had been seriously hurt? As it is, she had to get a few staples. But, she’s OK, according to Meredith. So, to suggest that her attention would be elsewhere when she knows her kids are OK. That her mind is going to be on a 100 other things. Guess what, Christina, people can have more than one thing on their mind, at a time and have clear focus on the task at hand.

      I’m tired of Christina thinking that she’s the absolute best. She’s very good. But, she’s not the best of the best, yet. And the fact that she always seems to throw it in people’s faces.

      They’ve shown Meredith do well in surgeries. She just doesn’t get the flashiest surgeries. But, she removes tumors, does liver transplants, repairs intestines, etc. She’s most likely a more rounded surgeon than Christina is. Hell, Meredith could do brain surgery. Christina couldn’t even remember how to do a simple appy.

      Well, the parenting thing came up with Zola when Meredith asked Christina if she’d become Zola and Bailey’s guardian should anything happen to Derek and Meredith. She said no and one of the reasons she doesn’t want to become a mother is that Meredith had cut back on 30% of her surgeries. Christina probably thinks with a newborn, it’ll be more. Which it might be for awhile.

      I’m also wondering if this also has to do with Christina not agreeing with Meredith about Richard?

      I hope that Bailey says something to Meredith because she was mommy tracked back in Season 2 and 3.

      And would Christine dare question Derek? He the father of Zola and Bailey. He took off the same amount of time as Meredith did after Bailey was born. And how much time did Christine take off for her PTSD when she wasn’t in the OR or at the hospital, at all? Did Meredith question her after she came back? No.

      I think Christine is probably going to piss a few people off. It may be their way of easing her out of GA.

      And how much of this is due to what is happening with Owen and Christina taking it out on Meredith?


      • @Dawn, totally agree with you, Meredith is a well rounded surgeon just wish they’d give her more wow moments.

        I also hope that Bailey says something to Meredith as she is in the position to understand what’s going on.

        I think the your mind will be elsewhere is a little funny as the only surgeon I can remember throughout the entire 10 seasons that was focused 100% on their surgery was the doctor with Asbergers everyone else always operated with baggage.

        I think you’re right and this probably has got a lot to do with her break up with Owen, she said surgery was enough for her so maybe she needs to be awesome at it so she won’t feel so bad about walking away.

        My only hope is that we get an apology. Shonda is terrible at those and I think in reality if your close friend was so hurtful about you caring about your injured child it would warrant an apology

        • @Annie, Cristina is a shark. She said so last episode. She doesn’t apologize. This always pissed me off how she/the writers make her walk all over Meredith. Just stop. Hope for once Meredith fight back and won’t be ”it’s okay” or something.
          I totally agree that Meredith is a well rounded surgeon, Cristina blanked with Teddy on trying to do a simple procedure in s8, the nurse had to tell them what to do. And I really hope they focus more on the doctor side of Meredith. It’s about time to give her the WOW rocking moments.

          • @Lea,

            Lea, I hope that they have her fight back too. And bring up some “truths” to Christina. Seriously, ask Christina if she’s always felt this way? Does she think Derek is less of a surgeon because he now has two kids? So, if she doesn’t, what’s the difference? I get it. Derek’s been at this a lot longer than Meredith, Christina and Alex and he’s one of the best, if not, the best in the world. In Grey’s World anyways. LOL. And to go hard on Christina about how Christina is as a person. Look, I love Christina, but, let’s face it, she’s not always the most understanding or warmest person. She’s gotten much better over the years. But, to throw down like it seems she’s going to do. Hate to bring up Burke, but, he did leave her at the altar and leave the state. Her husband cheated on her. Not that any of that is her fault, per say. Those two actions are on the men, but, they both happened to the same woman. Both men have claimed that she has emotional short comings. So, did both men. Still. Meredith didn’t get left at the altar, she married Derek. Derek hasn’t cheated on her. He cheated with her. LOL.

            I just hope that they show her as the kick ass surgeon that both Derek and Richard have both said has her mother’s talent. Ellis Grey was one of the finest General Surgeons, ever.

            And Meredith, quit caring what Christina Yang thinks. Be who you are. You’re happy with who you are. Remember when Christina once told you to quit caring what Derek thought. Well, ditto to Christina.

            • @Dawn, I always see your comments with the same wrong spelling of Cristina’s name. It has been 10 years. Get the character’s name right. There is no “h.”

              • @Lucia,

                LOL. Now, maybe I’ll continue to spell it with an H. Just kidding. Cristina. Thanks, didn’t even realize it as I know a few Christina’s in my life and it’s a natural mistake. My bad. :)

      • @Dawn, first of all it’s Cristina without a H seriously people it’s been 10 years! Anyway I think Cristina is just very good as separating her personal life from her professional life.

        Right now she is a surgeon not Meredith’s friend or Zolas godmother. She’s a surgeon first always has been. Plus I think she’s hurting Over Owen right now. When I first saw that sneak I was mad at her even though I’m a loyal Cristina fan! But I thought about it n realised this is who she is a focused surgeon. I don’t like the whole I’m
        Better because I don’t have anyone but surgery ark their going with I hope to gosh were misinterupting this sl.

        I love Cristina I always will even when I don’t quite enjoy something she does. I am not worried she loves Meredith and Zola and Bailey she’s just very very focused.
        And She has never had a problem telling Derek what she thinks so I doubt she really would care if he had a go at her.

        Plus Meredith is so self obsessed usually she doesn’t listen to Cristinas problems so why should Cristina? When she’s focusing on an important surgery.

        • @Lizzie, Meredith doesn’t care about Cristina’s problems? Oh where? Since she always let her in her bed with Derek even if I hated to see that? Or she listen/ed on Owen and her sex with Owen and her break ups. recently in the premiere. I really hope she stops caring at all about her.
          Zola was injured, she was hurt of course they’re gonna call the mom. If Meredith didn’t go they would call her ”the worst mom eva” ”Ellis Grey no2” I

          • @Lea, Meredith was not prepared. She did not read the article. Bailey did and was prepared. Cristina is right in that instance. Maybe she didn’t say it in the best way but the fact remains Meredith was NOT prepared for the surgery.

            • @Lucia, Maybe she wasn’t, after Zola got injured but who gives her the right to talk to Meredith like that? With that cold bitchy tone and cold eyes? Meredith is not her intern. I’m so disgusted by her.

        • @Lizzie,

          Cristina has never question Derek as a surgeon. That’s what I’m talking about. Personally, is another story. But, professionally, never. Or not that I remember.

        • @Lizzie, I have no doubt Cristina has any problems telling anyone what she thinks of them Derek included. I would think the question would be if she thinks you can’t be a great surgeon and a great mom, what does she think of Arizona, Callie and Bailey are they not great surgeons or not great moms or is it just Meredith she doesn’t think can do both.
          Also will Meredith get support from those moms during this transition.

          Also if they really are each others persons they Meredith should understand that Cristina’s lack of faith in her excelling in both isn’t her not caring just her opinion. Meredith isn’t thick surely she realised that she wouldn’t be able to do everything she would if she weren’t a parent purely due to time restraints.

          I think an argument between these two could be interesting as they’re in different places in they’re lives than the last time they weren’t speaking, No ones suffering with PTSD, Cristina isn’t with Owen anymore and Callie is living with the grey-shepherds. It will give the chance for other friendships to get stronger

  2. I want to punch Cristina in the face, she’s awful. I’m so done with this character.

  3. Once a shark always a shark.

  4. Who does Cristina think she is to talk to Meredith like that? What a welcome to her ‘person’ (lol) on her first day after maternity leave. What a bit*h.

  5. I get that Mer hadn’t fully prepared and that was a basic that Bailey had taught all her interns.
    Cris did want the best for her patient, and Bailey had time to sit and read an article that Mer didn’t.
    We’re gonna have the Mer can’t be a mother and a kickass surgeon now. Yet Bailey and Callie never seem to have that problem.
    I’ve just rewatched a old intern scene where Mer says to Cris ‘You’re my sister, you’re my family. You’re all I’ve got’. Times have really changed for Mer. But Cris is in turmoil cos she told Owen he had to move on, and she apparently is watching that starting to happen. I think all Cris is feeling that all she has got now is being a surgeon, and her shark like tendencies from her intern years are reemerging.
    I do hope Mer does get the opportunity to stick up for herself and doesn’t let Cris walk all over her.