2 Hour Premiere Ratings!

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Hey Gabblers!

Check out this interesting info about the 2 hour season premiere!

The 2-hour premiere of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy soared to a 5.1 rating among Adults  18-49 in the L+7 numbers, growing by +1.7 rating points over its Live + Same Day  number. Grey’s Adult 18-49 increase in L+7 was higher for this year’s premiere  than last year’s opener (+1.7 rating points vs. +1.5 rating points).


It’s clear that Grey’s Anatomy still has the winning formula! It’ll be interesting to see what the ratings do as the season goes on!

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  1. So, basically, people are DVRing and watching by alternative methods more than they are watching live. That’s not good. Ultimately, it is the C-3 numbers that count. I still don’t understand why networks tout the L-7 numbers when they are pretty much irrelevant to ad buyers…

    • @Enforce, Thankyou, I think I understand the info a bit more now. Does it include YT hits too :lol:

      • @jules, Lol. I wish. But no. It doesn’t include YT hits as far as I know.