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It was another episode where Cristina and Owen did not share a single scene, together. I hope that this is not a trend for this season. We are already tired of the Emma story line, which is making it difficult to watch. And this lack of Crowen interaction makes one less inclined to keep watching.

Kevin McKidd directed this episode, so he was briefly seen in a couple of minor scenes with only one significant scene, nearer the end with Emma, his current girlfriend. That was the extent of his story line in this episode. Cristina, on the other hand, had a much more significant story line, as she again works with her protégé, resident Shane, whom she calls Sharky. Together, they’re working on a case on a baby with heart issues. In her attempt to treat the baby, the chasm in her relationship with her former BFF, Meredith, widens into a canyon.

We first see Cristina running down the stairs with a cup of coffee in her hand.  She meets up with her protégé, Shane and she asks him to give her a rundown of her patients. Thankfully, it seems that there was no drunken Halloween hook-up, as only tequila and not booty was served that night.

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The patient of interest is a baby called Nathan Glazier, who has HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). It is a congenital heart defect in which the left ventricle of the heart is severely underdeveloped.

Shane says that the baby’s SATS fell to 87 and he is now in the PICU. She then asks him about Mr. Wu with the valve repair. Shane is puzzled and says there is no Mr. Wu. Cristina tells him very good and hands him her coffee. She tells him that he stayed up all night with her patients and she got a good night’s sleep, so he gets the coffee.

He asks if she is headed downstairs to Dr. Grey’s presentation of her 3D printer. Cristina begs off saying that she wants to check on the Glazier baby’s numbers. She says she will meet him in the PICU in one hour.

Our first glimpse of Owen is him with Callie. It seems that Emma has come in for an interview for a job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.  Owen is trying to sell Callie on Emma’s abilities, saying that her resume speaks for itself and it is little more than a formality. Callie sees it as an opportunity to learn more about the woman Owen is dating. Owen says that it is not necessary at all.

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Callie replies that she is sure that Emma is not an ax-murderer but if there is something, she will give him a heads up. Owen tells her not to do that and just be herself. They meet up with Emma, who is with Arizona. Pleasantries are exchanged and introductions are made. Callie says, “Let’s do this” and she and Emma head down the corridor, while Owen watches, as they walk away. If you were like me, you probably screamed,  “Noooooooooo!!”  like I did, when I first saw this scene. It’s like they are forcing Emma on us. Seriously, we don’t want to see more of Emma, we want to see less of her, until she finally disappears off our screens.

The next time we see Owen is him coming in to make an introduction at Meredith’s 3D printer presentation. There are a bunch of doctors gathered in the room to see the first demonstration of the printer. Owen starts spouting some PR line that the hospital has always valued innovation as a top priority and leading the charge is Dr Grey. “We should all follow her in pushing boundaries, and moving medicine forward, finding new ways to innovate.”

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Meredith starts her presentation saying that the 3D printing will allow them to customize treatment for an individual’s specific needs. Instead of waiting for an implant, they would be able to print in-house and on-demand, she tells the doctors. “Eventually using a patient’s own cells to prevent rejection. Welcome to the age of personalized medicine.” She picks up a fork and shows them. Owen gives her a side-eye. He really didn’t expect that she would be showing a fork. Everyone looks puzzled and starts leaving. Meredith protests that they just got the printer yesterday. “Forks today, tomorrow, actual portal veins for people,” she says. Everybody remains unimpressed and continues walking out.

Some time later, Cristina is waiting for the elevator. When the doors open, it reveals Alex and Meredith, who is holding her printed fork. Alex jokes to Cristina that Meredith is revolutionizing the world of cutlery. Meredith glares at him. Cristina says that she did not know this. Meredith points out that she is working on a liver model and it is printing out now. Cristina tells her that’s great. Meredith replies that it is great; she does so in a defensive tone. There is an awkward silence and Alex notices the tension between the two women. The elevator dings and Cristina leaves. Alex asks what the hell is the matter with the two of you. Meredith tells him to stay out of it. Alex knows when his input is not needed and says okay.

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When next we see Owen, he is at the OR board with Ben. Ben thanks him for giving him a few shifts. Owen says it is good to have him back. Bailey comes by and notices that her esophagectomy was no longer in OR 2. Owen says a trauma came in and her surgery is now in OR 3. Bailey protests saying that it was planned for OR2. It was set up exactly the way she needed it for her procedure. Owen doesn’t see what the big fuss is about and tells her that OR3 is identical to OR2. Bailey is having some issues that Owen is not aware of, so he just walks away, telling Ben again that it was good to have him back.

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Meanwhile, Cristina and Shane are in the PICU to visit baby Nathan. His parents, Ashley and David Glazier, are there with him. Ashley asks if they have figured out why Nathan is not getting any better. Cristina explains that the left side of Nathan’s heart can’t effectively pump blood to the rest of his body, so last week, they inserted something to help to help divert the blood flow to the right side.

David asks if the conduit is not working. Cristina says the conduit is synthetic, so in some cases, the body refuses to accept it. She says they believe that Nathan is in the beginning stages of rejection. Shane says they are running more tests to be sure. Ashley asks what happens if he is rejecting it. Cristina replies that they first treat with medication but worst case scenario was that they take it out and put in a new one.

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David asks if it won’t be rejected again. Cristina tries to assure him to not get ahead of ourselves and they will let him know as soon as they have more information. David notes that they don’t have any answers. Cristina and Shane look grim, while the parents are very distressed.

In the meantime, Owen is curious about how Emma’s interview is going. He sticks his head in the interview room, where Callie has been interrogating Emma. Callie has been asking some very personal intrusive questions and found that Emma would one day want to have children. To Callie, that seems to be good news.

Owen asks how it’s going. As Emma says fine, Callie surreptitiously gives him the thumbs up and mouths the words, “Love her.” Aloud, Callie says that they are making progress. Owen says “good” and leaves.

Back to baby Nathan’s case, Shane comes to Cristina with an idea to fix the baby’s heart. He had been reading a Japanese study about biodegradable polymers. He tells her that in Japan, they are making 3D conduits and seeding them with the patient’s cells before implanting them, reducing the risk of rejection.

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Cristina says, “Uh-huh, yay, Japan.” Shane wonders why they could not pursue that. “Why can’t we use a 3D printer to create a conduit that Nathan’s body would recognize as his own? He wouldn’t need surgery after surgery to keep replacing a failed synthetic one.”

Cristina agrees that it is brilliant but they don’t have the research. Shane answers that he thought she would say that and shows her the Japanese studies. Cristina says they would need extensive imaging to see if Nathan could be a candidate. Shane says that he has already scheduled a cardiac CT and MRI.  Cristina says it’s too experimental and they would need to file a compassionate release with the FDA and get approvals. These things take time that Nathan may not have, she tells him.

Shane asks if he starts groundwork with the FDA, would she consider it. Cristina takes one look at the distressed parents and says, “Sure.” Shane is extremely happy.

Shane’s idea has indeed planted a seed in Cristina’s brain as she goes to the 3D printer room, where resident Stephanie is overseeing the printing of the liver model. She then starts asking some pertinent questions like if all of the materials are biocompatible. Stephanie replies that it depends on the cartridge. Cristina asks what would happen if they pause the printer and start something else. Stephanie says they would be stuck with a hunk of junk and Dr Grey would have to start over, setting her back a day in her research. Cristina thinks for a bit, before saying “great” and then, leaves.

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We then see Shane running up to Cristina, who is headed to the PICU. She says the PICU called and that Nathan is definitely going into full blown rejection. Shane is grinning like a Cheshire cat as he says he spoke to the FDA, filled out the release form and all he needed was for her to sign it.

Cristina tells him that they are not going to do it and to call them back. Shane says that she said she would have considered it if he covered the obstacles. Cristina tells him that there are other options, safer options like increasing his IV steroids or starting prograf. Shane says none of those options is as good as a biological conduit. He has all of the information, plus they also have the printer. Cristina tells him that it is not their printer and belongs to Dr Grey, who is currently using it. “So we can’t do it. I am sorry,” she tells him. She goes in to see the parents and Shane walks off in disgust and frustration.

He later joins Cristina in Nathan’s room. She is looking at a monitor and says that Nathan is in full florid heart failure. “His EF is falling precipitously,” she says, in a worried tone.

Shane is not letting go of the idea of the biological conduit. He reminds her that it is the hospital’s printer and that she taught him to take what he needed for his patient. Cristina says they can’t, not this time. Shane says he looked at Meredith’s research and she still had months to go before she could actually print a portal vein that could go into a human patient. “But this? Building a scaffold seeded with cells, we can do this. This baby can be saved today,” he urges.

Cristina snaps at him, saying that she knows this. She orders him to set up for a pericardiocentesis and to do a repeat echo in an hour.

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It is night, when next we see Owen. He meets Emma outside of the hospital, where she is waiting for him.  He tells her happily that Robbins says everyone loves you. Emma tells him that she can’t work here. Owen is shocked.

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She tells him that these people are great. “They’re incredibly nice and overly kind, and a little nosy but great. But they are your people and they love you and they care about you. And they’ll close rank around you. Uh, I worked with my husband and when our marriage fell apart, if something happens to us, if we broke up, they would all choose you. And they’d want my blood. I would just be the bitch that broke your heart.” (Thank you, Emma, for making this decision. All of the Crowen fandom thanks you. I guess I can say Hallelujah, now.)

Owen scoffs a bit and asks if she was planning to break his heart. Emma says no. Owen says then don’t do it. Emma says she can’t take the job because she can’t risk it. She walks away, then turns around, “Hey, you don’t do it either.”

Do what, he asks. Break my heart, she answers before she leaves. Notably, he didn’t answer her. He has a strange look before he walks away. Thankfully, they didn’t leave together.

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Back to the baby patient, Cristina knows that the biological conduit is his best bet, so she wants to ask Meredith about using the printer. She comes up on Meredith and Alex , who are arguing about a liver tumor patient that they had been working on in the OR. Cristina asks if she can talk about a patient of hers.

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Meredith says she is talking about her patient and she needs a minute. Cristina says she needs the 3D printer. Meredith says it is her printer. Cristina tells her it is the hospital’s printer. Meredith says she got it for them for her research through her grant. Cristina tells her that it is important research but at this point, it’s just research. Meredith says she can’t stop in the middle of printing, since it would completely destroy the model. “Just because I printed a fork does not mean my research is a joke,” Meredith says, feeling protective of her work.

Cristina notes that no one said that it was a joke. “I could put in a scaffolding and make a biological conduit for a baby’s heart,” she explains. Meredith says that they are not doing that yet. Cristina says they are already doing so in Japan and she is working on getting a compassionate release.

Meredith says that she doesn’t have time to argue so Cristina should submit a proposal to the board, if she wants to use the printer. Cristina points out that it is time sensitive. Meredith snaps that Cristina better start working on it. Cristina walks off, frustrated. It was probably then that she made up her mind about what she is going to do.

Later, we see Meredith opening the room where the 3D printer is stored. She is flabbergasted as she sees Cristina and Shane using the printer. Meredith notices that her half-completed liver model has been set aside on the table.  “What the hell are you doing?” she yells at them. And that is how this scene ends. We can fully expect tensions to increase between the two former best friends.

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Let’s step back a little and examine this situation. I believe that if Meredith was less emotional, she would have seen the bigger picture that Cristina was trying to save a baby’s life. She’s defensive right now, since she was stung by Cristina’s words, a few weeks ago and also by Alex questioning her ability in the OR on the liver tumor patient. Aside from Derek, Cristina and Alex have been her closest friends and confidantes in the almost seven years (Grey’s timeline) that they have been together. She is hurt.

Meredith has months and months of research ahead of her. I would think that for her to lose one day would not matter in the long run. While the liver model is important for her research, it was not going to be of any use to anyone at the moment. The baby’s life takes precedence at this time.

This particular baby Nathan case is going to stretch into two other episodes, specifically Episode 10 and 11. I confirmed this through a Twitter conversation with the actress, Melissa Center, who plays baby Nathan’s mother. Since 10 x 09 is the Callie-centric episode in the courtroom, I assume that other cases would not be featured.

For baby Nathan’s case to span three episodes, I am going to guess that this is going to be significant. The actress also said that she worked specifically with Kevin McKidd, Justin Chambers, Gaius Charles and Sandra Oh.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Emma may take an interest in Cristina’s case. She may want to observe. Why do I say this? During her interview with Callie, it was mentioned that Emma was working on congenital heart defects at Cleveland Clinic for a year. This will probably mean that we will have to endure another appearance from Emma during one of those two episodes. I may be wrong and I hope I am wrong but it seemed weird that they pointed out that fact during her interview, when Cristina is dealing with exactly that same issue in her patient.

I am, like all of you, extremely tired of the Emma storyline. It is such a waste that they are focusing so many episodes on Emma, when they have so few left with Sandra. We want to see Crowen together before Cristina leaves most likely for some amazing opportunity. Indeed, we want to savor every bit of Kevin and Sandra’s chemistry before she leaves. It’s time to end the Emma circus.

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  1. I have to admit I did not watch this episode so your recap continually keeps me updated. I can’t wait until Emma is no longer on my screen. Time is ticking so we need Crowen scenes. On a side note, how long have Owen and Emma been together? Isn’t it too soon to talk about breaking hearts?

  2. I’m sick of “that ” do not write your name not defile , unpleasant as a character and even more as a person ( because what has been sending tweets ) Total repulsion .
    Callie awful , you forgot to Cris . the acobijo at home, saved his life , is the godmother of Sofia where your loyalty.
    Owen and may want to take ” this” to work at the hospital, when in 10×2 crying tells Cris that is not easy for her, he wants to hurt her even more , where is the love for her , you should at least respect what they have experienced . None of this is credible.
    Cristina 100 % on her side she never told Mer that she was not a good surgeon just point out the fact that she has other priorities , and of course just had a baby. Do not allow the printer to use to save the life of a baby, when she has just become a mother, is the stupidest thing I ‘ve done your character . This shows that the fastest growing is Cris .
    For escitores stop taking when writing Crowen VODKA deserves a beautiful season after all they have suffered them and us viewers .

  3. interesting thing is Emma,Owen Callie have divoice experience, all they are heartbroken , I guess Emma will stay to next season and become good friend to them, cause Owen fan will accept the fact,she’s not too bad, poor Cristina!

  4. Owen is a jerk Cristina never fought for instead of going to look to May, went looking for April to the farm. Never wants to talk.
    If Cristina has to be unhappy, that Owen also be. If they have to be happy that it is FEKICES CROWEN AND TOGETHER FOREVER. There is no room for anyone else.

  5. Mer didn’t handle Cris wanting to take over using the printer very well. There won’t be much sympathy for Mer. But neither Cris or the resident appeared to know how to work the printer. A calculated risk by Cris, but there was no way Mer wouldn’t work out what happened.
    II know there has to be a good reason for Cris to walk away from her hospital in Seattle. I’m just disappointed that the Cris Mer rift is deepening. I wonder if Cris will be at odds with everyone by episode 24. Cris and the resident getting involved seems a certainty now