CROWEN recap – 10 x 09 Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word

By @Cinderoni

It was another episode where there was no interaction between Owen and Cristina. Aargh!! I am getting tired of this. This is the third such episode this season.

This was the Callie-centric episode where she is sued by an Olympic snowboarder named Travis Reed. Owen appeared in basically two scenes, only one of which was a speaking scene.  Given that Kevin McKidd was probably busy editing the previous episode, which he had directed, I guess that his minor appearances in this episode were understandable.

However, with the exception of Arizona, Cristina, Jo and Meredith, everyone else was relegated to cameo appearances. It must have been a very light shooting schedule for most of the regular cast.

The story was told in a series of flashbacks, which focused on the actual patient case and present day scenes, which focused on the malpractice suit in the courtroom. To be honest, it was dizzying going back and forth.

The first scene in which we see Cristina takes place four months ago at a baby shower for a highly pregnant Meredith. Cristina and Callie are actually discussing the patient, who will become the plaintiff in the malpractice suit. It seems that Cristina has recommended Callie to do a hip replacement surgery on the athlete. Cristina has given Travis a glowing recommendation about Callie, who wants to know how was it that Cristina knew the snowboarder.


Cristina says that Travis was her first solo valve replacement when she was a second year resident.  As usual, Greys has a problem with continuity. If one looks back at Season 6, Cristina’s first valve replacement was the woman who couldn’t decide whether she wanted a valve from a pig or a cow in the episode, “Blink.” But never mind that now. It seems that Cristina has had a new first solo valve replacement surgery, according to this new history.

Cristina says she did it six months before he came out of nowhere and won all those gold medals in the half-pipe. She says proudly that her valve is what gave him the edge. Callie grins. Cristina continues that his heart is her “Mona Lisa” so Callie can’t screw it up.

Arizona comes up and asks about the onesie decorating station. Cristina looks around and tells her that there isn’t one. Arizona complains about what kind of baby shower is this without a oneside decorating station and she already had figured out her design.

A weary Meredith comes up and asks if it was time to open the presents because she needed to sit since her feet were like sausages. Cristina guides Meredith to the couch and sits her down. Those were the good old days when Mertina was still each other’s person, a far cry from what they are today.

A couple days later (still in flashback), Cristina and Callie are walking down the corridor when the cardio fellow notes that Callie seems very happy. Callie concurs that it is true. They both giggle. The residents are running down the corridor, seemingly very stoked about something. Shane says that he got him to sign his snowboard, while Leah says she got him to sign her bra.

picture 2 (2)

The “him” they are referring to is Travis, who is a total cutie.  He is surrounded by staff members, who all seem to want to get a piece of him. He spots Cristina and his face lights up.

“Cristina Yang!” he yells. He comes to them and picks her up in a bear hug and lifts her off the ground. Cristina laughs like a giddy school girl, as he spins her around. I think I would giggle too if a cute guy picked me up in a bear hug.

picture 3 (2)

When he finally puts her down, he tells her that she looks better and better every time he sees her. “Dump your husband and run away with me,” he says. Another reminder of an earlier time when Crowen was still together.  My tears are shedding. That groaning you hear is me as my heart hurts.

Cristina reminds him that he has a girlfriend. Travis tells her that they have a deal that he can flirt with hot doctors who have had their hands inside his chest. It’s a very short list, he says. Callie laughs. Travis looks over at her and introduces himself.  “You’re the ortho god?” he asks. Callie tells him her name and says she prefers goddess. He asks if she is ready to build him a new hip.

picture 4 (2)

In a present day scene, Callie is in an elevator and headed to court with her lawyer. The doors open to reveal a throng of reporters and photographers. Owen makes his first appearance and guides her through the crowd to the courtroom. “Step aside,” he commands the crowd. She is surprised to see him and asks what he’s doing there. He tells her that a bunch of them are taking shifts so she would always have support in the courtroom. He says he had to fight Bailey for the first shift.

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“Turns out she punches pretty hard for such a little person,” he tells her. I burst out laughing at this because it reminded me of last season when Bailey wanted to go interviewing for new jobs last season, when it seemed that the hospital was going under and she threatened to punch him in the lower regions, when he had asked her to stay.

“Excuse us, thank you,” he says as he hurries her into the courtroom. Callie says she can’t even swallow as her mouth is so dry. Owen says that she can do this and he would be sitting right behind her.  Callie takes her seat to the front while Owen sits in the front seat of the public area.

The trial starts and we see Alex grabbing the seat next to Owen. Alex says he came as soon as he could but his nephrectomy went long. He asks Owen what he missed. He tells Alex that they are still on opening statements and the opposing lawyer has been going on for a while. “He’s doing that folksy charm thing and the jury is eating it up,” he tells Alex. They both sit quietly as the trial continues. They both manage to throw a few concerned expressions here and there, as the trial progresses.

picture 6 (2)

We are back in flashback mode as we see Callie in a conference room, waiting for the members of the board to show up.  Arizona, Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Jackson join her. Jackson notices Callie’s presence and says that she can’t be there.  She says she knows that because it is a conflict of interest. She says she wanted to say something before they get started. She says that Travis Reed is suing both her and the hospital but she adds that she has no intention of settling but the hospital should. She says she knows how hard it has been to get the place back on its feet and she doesn’t want have that jeopardized because of her. Then, she leaves. The other board members start to discuss their options, in facing this law suit.

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Derek asks what did their legal team say. Jackson says that they think they should settle now, quietly and quickly. Arizona asks what happens if they don’t.  Jackson says that if it goes to trial and there’s a judgment against them, they could owe millions or they could settle the suit now for much less. If they go to trial, they risk bankruptcy all over again.

Meredith says that could happen only if they lose. “There’s another side to this. If Callie isn’t settling, maybe neither should we,” she says. Cristina disagrees, noting that she was there and saw first-hand what had happened to the patient. She tells them that he has a good case. She believes they should settle and Callie should, too. Since Callie is the only one being sued in the courtroom, I would have to assume that the hospital settled the suit.

picture 8 (2)

Back to present day in the courtroom, the plaintiff’s slick lawyer has Cristina on the witness stand. He asks her the nature of her relationship with Travis. Cristina tells him that Travis came to her six years ago with a bicuspid aortic valve. She replaced the valve and had overseen his cardiac care ever since.

The lawyer asks if she was the one who recommended Dr. Torres. Cristina confirms that it was true because Callie was the best ortho surgeon she knew. The attorney tries to twist her words and says “Was? As in past tense. You don’t believe she’s the best anymore?”

Cristina doesn’t get a chance to answer as they cut back to a flashback. Cristina and Callie are in the X-ray consulting room, as we hear Cristina say that there were vegetations all over his aortic valve and chided Callie for not calling her earlier. Callie says they only heard the murmur that morning.

picture 9 (1)

Cristina says that they knew he was a heart patient and didn’t that concern her. Callie answered in the affirmative and that’s why they brought her in. She asks about what they can do. Cristina replies the infection is eating away at his graft. The best case scenario, she notes, is if she cleans it out and repairs it. The worst case would be that he might need a new valve.

Jo bursts in and says that they have to see this. She leads them to Travis’ room where she pulls back the covers to reveal a necrotic looking leg. “It’s grey, cold. I can’t find a pulse.” Callie asks about Whitney, the athlete’s girlfriend and Jo tells her that she went to lunch. She tells Jo to go find her and tell her that Travis needs another surgery. Callie says she needs to go in now and do an embolectomy, while Cristina insists that she needed to go in and fix his heart. Callie says that could be done later and she needs to fix his leg, now. She says that he has lost blood flow and that he’s clearly throwing emboli into his extremities.

picture 10 (2)

Their voices rise as Cristina points out that the emboli are coming from his infected heart. They continue to argue when Bailey rushes in to complain that she can hear them all the way down the hallway. “Will you tell Callie to back off and let me do my job?” Cristina says. Callie says Cristina should back off and let her do her job. “If I don’t try this embolectomy, he can lose this leg,” she says, firmly.

Cristina says Travis can live without a leg but he can’t live without a functioning heart.  Callie tells her to do the heart tomorrow because it will give him an extra day of antibiotics. “He’ll be more stable and the heart surgery will be less risky. This is Travis Reed we’re talking about. Let me try and save his leg,” Callie pleads.

And we’re back in the present day courtroom. It seems that Callie persuaded Cristina to hold off on the heart surgery. Cristina says that Callie performed the embolectomy that afternoon.  The lawyer asks if it was against her wishes. Cristina responds that they had a professional difference of opinion.

The lawyer says if one of his colleagues was shouting at him and it could be heard down the hallway, that would be grounds for dismissal. Cristian says they are both passionate about their work and in the end, she agreed with Dr Torres that the heart surgery could wait. The lawyer clearly does not believe her and asks if she was bullied.

Back into flashback mode and it is the day after Callie performed the embolectomy. Cristina, Callie and Jo are going to visit Travis. Callie tells her colleagues the embolectomy could not have gone better and his leg was already pinking up by the time she saw him in recovery. Cristina asks what was the patient’s temperature. Jo says he was febrile last night but his white count is stable.  They go into room to find Travis breathing heavily and in great pain. He is angry and pulls back the covers to reveal that both legs have turned grey and dark. “What the hell is wrong with my legs?” he screams.

picture 11 (2)

The last scene where we both see Owen and Cristina is when the verdict comes in a present day court scene. They are so separated now that they can’t even sit next to each other. Jeez. What a crock. She is sitting behind him while he sits next to Bailey.  This is clearly a deliberate seating arrangement. We see them in the same shot but they are not together.

picture 12 (4)

Though we don’t actually hear the verdict, we can tell from the reaction that it has come down in Callie’s favor by the way everyone from the hospital is whooping it up and rejoicing. The only two people who are not celebrating are Callie and Cristina.  Callie has a puzzled expression like if she could not believe that she won.  Cristina shoots Travis a sympathetic look, as does Callie. I asked the editor of the episode, David Greenspan, about this and he agreed with me that they were being empathetic. They both feel for him. Here was a young man, who had lost his career and his legs. Amid all of the rejoicing, that is the true tragedy. Though we find out earlier that Callie was not at fault and it was actually the hip replacement that Travis had wanted to use that was to blame, it didn’t make her feel any better about what had happened.

picture 13 (3)

Turning to the next episode, as I predicted, last week, we see the return of Emma. Okay, did you reach for your barf bag as I did when Owen and Emma shared a peck on the lips in that promo? I am grateful that it was only a peck and not the type of tonguey, lengthy kisses that we know Cristina and Owen are famous for. They also seem to be hinting that Shane and Cristina might hook up since it appears that the resident is volunteering his services. I am hoping this would not happen because it seems that Cristina would only be doing it to get laid. In a way, just getting an itch scratched, so to speak. It also seems that it would be a reaction to seeing Owen and Emma kiss because we do see her watching it.

I did take consolation in the fact that the episode is only rated D for suggestive dialogue and not S for sexual situations. And this is despite how many kisses they showed in the promo by how many different couples. Still, will I be watching this episode with my hands on my eyes if things happen that I don’t wish to see? A strong possibility exists.

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  1. Love to read your review, thanks for not giving up on Crowen!
    I love Kevin Mckidd and fully support him staying in GA, but it’s so hard to watch Owen and Emma kissing in front of Cristina!!
    I don’t like Cristina insolated in season 10, writer can’t be nicer to Sandra

    • Yes, It is going to be hard to watch that. I hope that we get something good by the end of the winter finale.

  2. Thanks for the recap and for not giving up on Owen and Cristina. It breaks my heart to see how the writers are making it difficult for Cristina more so now then in the past leading up to her departure. It should’ve been a Crowen loving season then when she left we would’ve at least had a wonderful last memory. Its so hard to watch Owen and Emma together I sob, wine and shut my eyes when they are.

    • Yes, we are continuing to suffer. We really need Crowen to get back together. Cannot take this Emma storyline anymore.

  3. I do not care what the writers write. I will always love Cristina Yang the best character in GA.