Howdy, Gabblers!!!    Well, we had quite the episode this week didn’t we?   I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this one.   And I am glad that I have kept my bubble intact through the storyline thus far.   I should prepare you that I may jump around scenes sometimes in this one! And yes, as much as overall I loved the episode; I do indeed have a few moments that I realize we have to give up timeline guessing for this to work.

So, are we ready?  We open with Callie shopping for pantyhose and Callie has the opening monologue (Yay!!!)   While she is losing it over the pantyhose we see flashbacks of a surgery and the last year of her and Arizona.    Callie gets served during a presentation that she and Derek are doing about brain mapping.    I really think that this mapping project is going to be something we see more of as the season progresses, and I wonder at some point if Callie and Derek will go to Arizona and ask if she wants to participate in a stage of it.    Flashback to Mer’s baby shower and Cristina tells Callie about Travis Reed…. an Olympic snowboarder that needs a new hip.  Now, Cristina doesn’t generally get attached to patients but this guy was her first valve replacement and she is invested in him.    She tells Callie his heart is her Mona Lisa and not to screw it up.  This is important because it lays the groundwork for some of Cristina’s reactions as the case moves forward.    And we get some happy Calzona….  Arizona has an adorable idea for decorating her onesie and she is disappointed there’s no station.   This from the woman that didn’t like baby showers….. for me, it’s an example of what being a Mom and wife has changed in her.   Then, here it comes, the conversation that blew up my timeline….. Arizona wants another baby.   And she wants to carry this one.   Remember in S6 when Callie said Arizona didn’t want a baby in her home or womb?  So here’s my thought on that:  I’m not sure that it was ever that she didn’t want children but that her fears about having them ruled her reactions.   She did say she never wanted to see her child in her NICU (and that happened) but now that she is a Mom, she finds that more rewarding than the fear.    Callie of course is on board, and very happily on board.   Now is where I will insert my theory on when Callie says “What?”   I see all the tweets about it and GIFs:   here’s my thought:  she uses that as a way to process what she just heard for a second before she speaks.  We know that Callie wears her heart on her sleeve; she doesn’t hold back how she feels.  So, when it is something big or intense, she says ‘What?” to give herself an extra few seconds before she speaks.      I do have more to say on the baby storyline but that will be part of my wrap up.

On to meeting Travis.  And you can see that his relationship with Cristina is different, she laughs and let’s herself be picked up and hugged.   Then we see Travis get Callie on board, his speech about firsts absolutely appeals to the Rock star with a scalpel in Callie.   Then we see her meet with her lawyers talking about the trial and what she has to wear, how she has to act.  This is how Callie ended up shopping for panty hose.   Of the list she was given, it was the easiest thing for her to focus in on.  She can distract herself by going shopping for pantyhose.

Morning of the trial and Callie is getting ready when Arizona arrives to get Sofia.   Now, this scene is one that really re-fired my Calzona hope up and here is why:   One, they are having a completely civil conversation about Sofia and Arizona tells Callie that whatever she needs that day or evening is what they’ll do.   Also, you can see that there is a level of comfort in being in the same room returning.  Callie doesn’t stop getting ready; she just goes about doing what she needs to.  Arizona sees her ring is on, yes, Callie says “they told me too” but considers this:   It’s not the last thing she does in getting ready; it’s one of the first.  Her hair isn’t done, she isn’t dressed, the panty hose aren’t on but the ring is.  That even if she won’t admit it, there is some comfort in wearing it.    And yes, Arizona was probably checking out Callie’s legs too :)

Courthouse arrival:  And yes, Callie is playing with her ring (ok, I have been looking for little slivers for 9 episodes, I’ll take what I can get).  And her fabulous (please insert sarcastic tone with that word) leaves her.   The press mobs her as she’s walking and Owen to the rescue.   I love that the docs are going to take turns being in court and how he describes fighting Bailey for the first shift (“she punches hard for someone so little” was fantastic.  And while we don’t yet know how Travis got to this point, he is wheeled in to the courtroom with no legs.    His “would if I could” about not rising for the judge:   grrrrrrr  .    As for the press, he was an Olympic athlete, so of course the press is going to be at the trial covering it.

Travis’ attorney is working the jury pretty well, and while I haven’t fully put the flashbacks into the timeline, we know that from initial surgery to the double amputation is a period of 16 days.   We see the surgery and Callie is told that the sponge count is off.  But because he is in trouble, Callie leaves it in.   Jo is on the stand and Travis’ attorney puts her in a position that she hurts Callie with her testimony.   Note:   loved Bokey’s face during the surgery.   We get to flashback to when Travis comes back to the hospital and they discover 1) a slight heart murmur and 2) surgical sight is infected.   During making their plan for what they’ll do, Callie says she’s not turning an Olympic athlete into a doorstop.   Now, for those of us that know Callie, this is her being committed to saving her patient.   For Travis’ girlfriend, it’s something else, which she testifies to later.

The ladies room at the court house and Callie is having a bit of a breakdown, and she’s changing her pantyhose.  Arizona comes in she offers to come back later.   Callie tells her it’s ok.    Arizona has a picture that Sofia drew for her.  She tells her when she feels like screaming to look at it and it will make her feel better.   Callie thanks Arizona for being there.   Arizona asks Callie if she wants to wear rhinestone butterflies in court (turns out those are the rhinestone ones she bought) and Arizona says they’re cute.   They laugh together…. which we haven’t seen in a very long time.   And I love that it was butterflies, little hat tip to when Callie tells Addison about Arizona and the butterflies on her scrub cap.  We then get the adorable choosing of the sperm donor scene.  And what a great reminder of how much fun these two are together.   And yes, it is a bit shallow that they both say “pass” on the college dropout and the facial expression about the math guy that runs marathons when they see his picture.  However, that they agree on both so easily is fun to watch.   And Arizona wants to know if she’ll like being pregnant.  And Callie does the rundown of what she won’t like.   I went awwww when Arizona spoke to her wine.    This scene was a great reminder for me of why the fandom fell in love with them and has been so desperate for them to fix things.

To Callie at home with her wine.   Now, after she pours, she looks at her ring and takes it off, but there are some thoughts there I think.    A knock on the door and the way Callie says “Arizona” is almost as if she’s hoping she’s there early and I think Callie wanted her to be.   However, it isn’t Arizona.  It’s Papa T!!!!!!!   And in this moment, all of us that have ever been a Daddy’s girl (raising my hand) are Callie, because the relief and happiness on her face says it all.

Callie and Papa T are talking and he of course makes us love him even more “of course I’m here, my baby is in trouble”.   Then he asks to see Sofia.   Callie hadn’t yet told Carlos of the break up, so she does now.   Callie says she marries people that cheat on her and its pathetic and she’s pathetic.   Papa T says that when “that O’Malley kid cheated….. etc.   and he says he won’t hit a lady but he knows people.   Papa T has connections!   And he tells her that nothing about her is pathetic.    Nice nod to when he visited in S5 and learned about Arizona for the first time.    We also discovered in this scene that Callie hasn’t spoken to her mother since the wedding.

Next flashback scene: Callie is coming home with pizza and Arizona calls out to her. Callie drops everything to run to her (that mail will come up later).   Interesting that when Callie asks if she’s ok, notice that she is looking down; to make sure it isn’t Arizona’s leg.  The pregnancy test doesn’t register right away.  Arizona telling her that they’re having a baby…. so wonderfully sweet.  And then Callie gets down on her knees and talks to the baby and kisses Arizona’s stomach.   The pure joy and love on her face when she looks up at Arizona…. just wow.      And how they then use that as a transition to the boardroom scene is wonderful.  Arizona walks in and is going to go sit next to Callie but the look between them is painful.   Arizona moves to the other side of the table.    Now, here is where they don’t speak to each other but there is volumes.   The pain is a physical presence.  I fully believe that Sara and JCap do non-verbal communication better than any other couple on the show.   MerDer do actual talking, Crowen communicates through sex more than anything, and while Calzona does need to work on speaking actual words, there is no question for me on how much you can read about them by watching their faces and body language.

The board discusses what to do and Cristina says that she was there and the hospital should settle, and so should Callie.    This transitions to Cristina testifying and I don’t think she meant it with malice but when asked why she referred Travis to Callie “she was the best orthopedic surgeon I knew”   Travis’ lawyer jumps on that and uses it against her.   We get to see Cristina and Callie arguing over the course of treatment and it gets loud enough that Bailey steps in.   Callie convinces Yang to let her take care of the leg first, but the next morning when she and Yang go to check on him both of his legs are turning black.

Richard arrives at the courthouse amid his surprise he made it in one piece because of Kepner’s driving.  He gets to be there for Travis’ girlfriend’s testimony.   She claims Callie was only worried about her reputation because of saying she wouldn’t turn an Olympic athlete into a doorstop.    On to the house hunting scene!   Now, this is a scene I had hoped for at the end of S9, I even went so far as to predict it before episode 9.22 happened.   So, I got my wish, just 12 episodes and a major storyline occurrence later.   Arizona is so excited about the swing and the pool.    Callie is a bit distracted trying to get the data to do Travis’ hip surgery.  Arizona stumbles a bit but catches herself.  Callie automatically goes into protective mode, but Arizona tells her she’s got it.

These transitions to Travis testimony and then his hospital room the night after the amputation.    In his testimony he uses the line” I trusted her, I trusted her completely”   A different version of what Arizona said” I trusted you more than I’ve ever trusted anyone”    And when he says that all the changes he is going through because of the amputation and it’s her fault.   Again, a reminder that Arizona said many of these same things to her about her leg and Callie’s deciding to have it amputated to save her life.

Next morning, Arizona has come to pick up Sofia and Papa T is giving Arizona the evil stare.   He gets to say the line the fandom has asked from the moment Lauren happened.  “What happened to her good man in a storm baloney”   I absolutely loved that he did that.    He then goes into how he and Lucia have been married for 38 years, and it hasn’t been without struggles.   He believes Arizona should be there, every day, trying to fix it.  And Callie tells him she kicked Arizona out.  And Carlos plants the seed…. ‘Did you even try to work it out?”

Callie gets to testify.  And the scene about the post op…. Arizona comes to find Callie, because Callie missed their appointment.  It was for an ultrasound.   Callie asks if there’s a picture….. And Arizona has to tell her there was no heartbeat that they lost the baby.   And she went through that alone.  In S7, Arizona is the one that says “and there was a heartbeat” about Sofia so her having this line here got me in the Calzona feels.   Callie’s testimony continues, she admits she had other things going on, big things.  Arizona is in the courtroom at this point and you can see on her face the pain of the reminder of that day.   And she is reading the pain on Callie’s face as well.    I love the grease fire analogy that she uses.   “Which disaster do you tackle first”   I’m fairly certain that any surgeon that deals with trauma would appreciate that analogy.

We move to another flashback, this time with Calzona arguing, and Arizona tells Callie “I’m not trying to pick a fight; I’m trying to tell you how I feel” During this Arizona says she can’t handle another loss, it hurts too much.   And Callie pushes Arizona for an answer to having another baby and Arizona says she doesn’t know.  I’ll give my timeline thoughts on this piece and how it fits in a bit, I assure you I’m not ignoring it.    Callie goes to talk to Travis, she tells him if he needs to be angry and yell at someone then he should direct it at her.  And she apologizes to him, telling him if she could fix it she would.    I think that in that moment she is thinking out loud as to what she should have said to Arizona, it isn’t just to Travis.    Back to Callie’s testimony…. and she speaks about Arizona and how her amputation has cost them in ways that she doesn’t completely understand.  I think it was important that Arizona was there for Callie’s testimony.   And I think she chose to be there for that part, and that says a lot to me.  That she still wants to be there to support Callie, even after everything that’s happened.      And Callie is never more Callie than when she says, if feeling for her patients is what is getting her sued then she will keep getting sued because it’s who she is.

Callie and Mer arrive at the apartment; Carlos has Sofia and Zola out.  Callie drops her keys and notices the envelope behind the stand.   It’s a letter telling her that the Peterson joint causes infection and they’ve ended using it.   Mer asks when it’s postmarked….. Its three weeks before Travis’ surgery.      Mer has to be the voice of reason here; she reminds Callie that she didn’t know that she worked off what she knew.   And they get the call that the verdict is in.  Callie throws the letter away.  And has a great monologue about apologies.    And the verdict is “not guilty”    Can I say, I love the shot of Callie sitting motionless while the other doctors cheer in celebration.  Except Cristina, she stays sitting and has a look on her face that says she expected a different outcome.

And our final Papa T scene….  he is telling her that she and Arizona should work on their marriage.   He reveals he cheated once and that Lucia forgave him.  “Because she believed we were stronger than one mistake” (anyone else hearing Arizona saying “I made a mistake” in their head when he says that?   And he’s grateful that Lucia felt that way, because without that forgiveness, he wouldn’t have Callie.   And his words about her and Arizona, maybe it won’t work out but “how will you know if you never try”      And in that moment Callie makes a decision.   She goes to Arizona’s hotel room.    She tells Arizona she made one mistake, that she did something similar that day.   She wants to ask Arizona something, and she should take time to think about it, she doesn’t want an answer tonight, but will she come home.    This is a huge thing for Callie.   Callie doesn’t like to wait for answers, part of their communication issues stem from the fact that she generally wants an answer then.   From the “how about now” in the elevator when she tells Arizona she’s pregnant to ” I need to know if you’re part of the plan, are you in or are you out” about the pregnancy, to her saying “Answer me” in this episode about another baby.   She doesn’t like to wait for an answer.   To me that is a turning point, that perhaps her father’s words will help guide her to doing things differently.     We see Arizona go back into her room, and she says to Leah” you should get dressed now.  And leave”    Yup, its pretty cold, and I predicted Leah would get crushed in this process; Arizona was never invested in them.   There will still be some more drama and angst from this piece, but I think that Callie might be able to get past that.   Mainly because, again, this is Shondaland, not necessarily how any one of us would react in a real world situation.

Fade to black. 

Now, I have some thoughts and feelings about this episode and how it works with the S9 storyline and the cheating storyline.  Was I surprised this was the flashbacks we got?  Absolutely!  I was expecting S9 info, but I really thought it was going to be more of early 9, more post amputation and pre-buying of the hospital.    Timeline wise, I think that the miscarriage happens right before the entire Bailey stuff happens, which is why Callie goes at that full force.   She needs to fix something.   It also works into some of Arizona’s mood during that time, and why she was suddenly so short when she spoke with Callie. “I can’t take another loss; it hurts too much”    Am I somewhat bitter that we didn’t get this in S9?  Yup, of course I am.   However, let’s consider this:   this episode is done from Callie’s perspective.   Most episodes my feeling is they are from Meredith’s, and her recollection of events.   If there is one thing I took from the flashbacks it was that Callie and Arizona didn’t share this with anyone, this was something that they went through on their own.    Now, does it completely fit with the overall show timeline?   Not completely, mainly because Arizona would have to be the most fertile person on the planet to get pregnant so quickly (since it was done through using a donor)     However, it is important to suspend real world and real time perceptions for this.    Going through this does explain (explain not justify) why Arizona liked the way Lauren stared and looked at her.   Because she probably wasn’t happy with how Callie was looking at her since they were in a rough space and the way Callie switched gears to be all Bailey all the time probably was off putting as well.   Also, it doesn’t mean that Arizona isn’t dealing with a form of PTSD…. she has reason to.   Gunman, car crash, plane crash, amputation and miscarriage in a very short time span.   Yes, Callie dealt with a lot as well, but the actual 4 days in the woods and physical miscarriage are Arizona’s experiences. And important to note, that she went through the actual miscarriage alone.  Callie was in surgery.   I can’t begin to imagine how traumatic that had to have been, considering what a huge thing it was for her to want to carry a baby to begin with.     And ultimately, this is now canon.   This is part of their journey and story so, you don’t have to like all parts of it or when we got to see it, but it must be accepted.    And now that it is canon, also consider this.  We now know more, so we can go back and consider this info when watching the latter half of S9.  It’s a bit like Richard in S6…… when his drinking is revealed they do flashbacks to scenes from earlier episodes. We didn’t know about it then, but didn’t it change our perception once we did know?  It did for me.   Again, just my thoughts on that!!  

Next, Cristina.    I truly believe that she is becoming more disconnected from the others.    She has always been more clinical and tells it like it is than the others.   Her friendships with Mer, relationship with Owen and friendship with Callie is what has kept her in touch with her humanity.   She is distancing herself from them more every week.   While it’s painful, I believe it’s needed.   If her connections to these people aren’t changed than how can Yang leave?   She wouldn’t be able too, she’s tried before.   She came back not once, but twice.   The first after the shooting and the second from Mayo.   So, if Yang is to leave without dying, her relationships must change. 

As for my overall Calzona feelings:   my bubble is still intact and now is getting a little stronger.   The interviews post episode from Sara saying that they are going to try to work on things…… I think that we are looking at seeing progress.   I still think we have a ways to go, and I think that the mid-season finale is going to cliff hanger us with Callie finding out about Leah then.  And I still predict full reconciliation by episode 20.    I also think that while the actors didn’t know, and not all the writers knew, that once Shonda chose to go the cheating storyline route that she had a plan that went through end of S9 and S10.   Now at some point they may have thought of taking longer, but I believe Sandra Oh leaving moved up the timeline.   Here’s why:  no question that Grey’s has three main ships:  MerDer, Calzona and Crowen.   Jolex is still being created so no offense to the Jolex shippers!   So, knowing that no matter what happens at the end of S10, there can be no Crowen, do you then completely dismantle another of the big 3 ships?   No, you put them through drama, thrills and angst but in the end, you will fix them, of course that’s my feelings on it. 

There is no way to talk about this episode without giving credit where it is due:   Sara was amazing, and seeing that she was in 40 of the 42 minutes….. Wow.   Even Golden Hour, which was a Mer episode, I’m not sure the scene count was that high.    She had to do a lot of work here, a lot.   And she absolutely nailed it.    Props of course to JCap because she was fantastic as well.   If there is a reason to believe these things happened to Calzona, it is because of how well Sara and Jessica perform it.    Loved having Hector on as well, and let’s face it, for Calzona to begin to mend it had to be someone different steering them back to each other.    Bailey doing it has been done.   It couldn’t be their friends because none of them want to be perceived as taking sides.   It had to be a strong influence but from an outside source.   Papa T was perfect for that.    

I look forward to hearing your comments or you can reach out to me on twitter @sportsfan12921

I continue to look forward to what comes next, so until next week:  Stay #CalzonaStrong and #GreysStrong!!!



  1. I love your reviews! I look forward to them for perspective and insight that weren’t obvious to me. Once again you nailed this one. When I was watching, my jaw was on the floor with everyone else’s when Arizona said let’s have a baby. I thought it might be part of her trying to make callie happy… to be a wife, not a patient. I look forward to seeing what’s next!

    • Thank You! I love to hear from other fans. And you bring a point I hadn’t considered, that it was in part to make Callie happy. I do think it was for herself as well. She was legit excited and truly devastated when they lost the baby. Can it be Thursday now?

      • Great points, Arizona wanted to make Callie happy and I think she wanted a FRESH start…something new after all pain and lost from the plane crash as she stated. I think she was really trying to get THEM back to happy. Her “wanting” to carry the baby was huge for her. She has come full circle on being a mother and wanting kids….WOW! I think also it is important that once they work on their marriage and themselves and finally get back “together” they need to get a house. Callie still thinks for THEIR HOME as “her apartment” they need something that they share jointly.

        • Yes!!! It’s time for them to have a place that is just theirs, make new memories

  2. This was really good. I enjoyed reading it. I just have one issue with Callie, if she holds it against Arizona for being with Leah…Mark + Callie = Sophia, while Arizona and Callie were broken up, as they have been this season. What makes it worse is that they broke Lexie’s heart in the process. Callie has to remember that.

    • I agree, I don’t think she will hold it against her, but her initial reaction does make sense. Some shock and hurt but them move forward.

  3. Great review and great insight as usual. Yes, I believe Calzona are still mfeo. I also agree with Sandra Oh leaving, Shonda had to change her game play with the Calzona storyline. Let’s see how this storyline plays out for the rest of season 10.

    • I think we are still in for some more bumps in the road, but they are endgame :)

  4. “She tells Arizona she made one mistake, that she did something similar that day.” — What’s Callie referring to here? What is the something she did similar that day?

    • Hayley, she is referring to throwing away the letter at the courthouse.
      Callie thought that she should have submitted it to the court but Meredith convinced her not to,that she didn’t know about the infection caused by using the joint and that she worked with the information she had at the time, that she would effectively be throwing herself under the bus just because she felt guilty about Travis’ amputation. By not submitting it, she was saving herself, her career and reputation and she obviously feels that it was a mistake.

      • Thanks Jo, that’s what I initially thought she meant. Then I became unsure by “that day” – whether she meant the day of the verdict or the day Arizona cheated.

  5. Sports, again THANKS for your great insight. I love your reviews. There is hope in the Calzona fandom. I didn’t really think about Callie not being “pushy” for once with Arizona and actually asking her to take time to think about answering her in coming home. Love the Papa Torres gave her perspective and something to think about it seems. THEIR LOVE IS STRONGER THAN ONE MISTAKE and you should at least try to save your marriage if the love is still there and THEY both have think about Sofia and what is best for her.

    Christina is really disconnecting from the others, it’s pretty painful watching it happen.

    Kudos to Sara and JCap they did a wonderful job in this episode!

    Here’s hoping our Calzona ship is still afloat! :)

    • Yes, I just think our ship has to weather a storm(I know, word choice, but it fits). I may not be a fan of a cheating storyline but I am a fan of seeing what Sara and Jessica are doing with different material.

  6. I loved every second of the episode and also the review. Spot on! Every second of Calzona was filled with their love, with their thing. It was freakin’ awesome. I do hope they are on the road to recovery, but I have this feeling that we might not be there yet and we are in fore some more suffering. I know it’s a long and bumpy road and I do hope Shonda will have them resolving stuff and get back together by the end of the season.
    I hope to see them happy again, in a new house, legally married and Arizona pregnant, in my dreams they already are. And they grew so, so much, their love grew. Oh, I so, so love them. As Teddy once put it, they are THE ASPIRATIONAL COUPLE

    • Yes, I think we have a ways to go. I also think that the flashbacks were mostly happy to remind us as they go through their reconnecting what they are working to get back to. I am looking forward to the next two eps and the second half.