“The body is an infinitely complex mass of interacting systems.  People like to think doctors see it all clearly.  But it’s not always obvious what’s a hiccup in the system and what’s full-on medical disaster.  We figure that out in our first year of residency.  We spend the rest of our careers lying about it.”

Thanksgiving is but a few days away and the GSMH crew (or at least Meredith anyway) is busily making plans to celebrate the special day.  Since Mer’s cooking capabilities are, well, nonexistent, she’s enlisted Owen’s new lady to do the brunt of the work. Little does Emma know, the small gathering turns into quite the party when Meredith ends up inviting most of the Attendings and their significant others.  Yikes!  No pressure, Emma!

With Emma’s presence in the hospital becoming more frequent, Cristina becomes increasingly antsy to pursue an interest of her own that’s become fairly absent as of late.  Since her and Mer are still on the outs (more on that later!) Cristina feels it necessary to express her need for, er… sexual encounters to someone that will listen, whether he actually wants to or not!  That person: Alex!  Alex, clearly uneasy about Cristina’s choice in conversation with him, tells her flat out she just needs to get laid!  Enter stage left, Shane who overhears the conversation and later offers to ‘service her needs’.  To all viewers’ relief, Cristina immediately rejects Shane’s proposition (thank goodness!) but later has second thoughts about what it is that Shane really offers… um, ew.

Callie and Arizona are on the mend but hit yet another rough patch when Arizona confesses to Callie she was involved with someone while they were separated.  Taking the high road, Callie avoids getting angry and instead asks Arizona if whatever it was she had with the other person was really over.  Arizona tells her yes although Leah doesn’t exactly feel the same.  As if things weren’t awkward enough, Leah, Arizona and Callie are working on the same case together and in the OR, Leah panics at Callie’s instructions on how to proceed with a surgical mishap.  Leah demands that Arizona tell Callie to lighten up on her and with a look of realization and disappointment from Callie towards Arizona that could stop the clocks, Callie puts the pieces together and figures out Leah was the person Arizona was involved with.  Arizona quickly apologizes to Callie yet again but insists that she won’t keep doing so and that Callie can’t keep playing the victim.  Arizona continues on to say that if her and Callie are really going to try and work past their issues, she wants Callie to let her move back from the couch to their bedroom.  Au contraire, my dear!  Callie doesn’t feel the same, at least now anyway, and insists she needs at least one more night to process the realization that’s come to be.

April is busily tending to wedding duties, one of which includes nailing down the final guest list to her and Matthew’s nuptials.  In an awkward attempt to avoid inviting Jackson outright and hurting her hubby-to-be’s feelings, April invites Stephanie “and a guest” instead.  Later, Jackson confronts April and tells her that while she has his blessings to move forward with marrying Matthew, he will not be attending the wedding.  Something tells me Jackson’s intentions won’t stand true.  He’ll be there I’m sure of it.

Bailey continues to struggle with her OCD issues and Ben has no interest in letting her fall victim to this evil disorder.  Ben unintentionally leaks Bailey’s situation to Derek who is forced to report her condition because he’s on the board for the hospital.  In an effort to avoid any additional stress from the hospital on Bailey, Ben tries talking to her to get her the break she needs to get help.  Sadly, Ben’s efforts are dismissed and Bailey wants to hear nothing of it.  As a result, Owen later interrupts one of Bailey’s surgeries and tries provoking Bailey’s condition by using Meredith to rearrange her surgical instruments.  Bailey freaks and gets kicked out of the OR, further proving her OCD is slowly getting the best of her and her career.

Richard continues his healing process and pushes himself to the limits to prove to both himself and the docs that he is more than ready to leave the hospital and continue healing at home.  During a stress test, Richard ups the treadmill to a speed he can’t keep up with and as a result, takes a tumble and breaks a rib, forcing him to stay hospitalized longer over the holiday season.  Fortunately for him, he’s got the interns there to keep him company!

Meredith and Cristina continue to duke it out and the bonds of their friendship are further tested after Cristina insists she needs the 3D printer for a bit longer, causing yet another day-long set back for Meredith’s portal vein project.  Meredith is non too pleased to hear of Cristina’s request!  After overhearing Cristina’s rant to Alex about her lack of sexual activity as of late, Shane’s heart grows a soft spot for Cristina and in a rage of adrenaline, he yells at Meredith, standing up for Cristina.  As one would guess, this furthers the break in the twisted sisters’ friendship and when Mer storms out, Cristina plants one on Shane, showing appreciation for having stood up for her.  Again, um, ew.  What do we think folks? Is this a one-time only occurrence or a new found love interest for Sharkey and Yang?

“It’s just a cold.  Muscle through it.  It’ll pass.  Nothing’s really wrong.  We’re doctors.  We’d know if something was really wrong.”

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  1. So the Thanksgiving meal invites to Owen and gf, Alex and gf, Calazona and Sophia, MerDer and children. Have I missed anyone out?

    The best bit of this episode was when Patrick D. got upstaged by the baby holding onto PD’s chin. LOL

    I don’t like the way MerCris have forgotten they have worked alongside each other for six years with a few hiccups of falling out with each other. If this continues for the whole of S10 I will be really disappointed in the GA writers. I know there has to be a reason for Cris leaving, but I really am concerned how far MerCris’ relationship is going to deteriorate.

  2. First of all, every body needs to get Mcdreamied by McDreamy 2.0. How cute is he? Maybe, Meredith should just put him in his baby sling and have him with her to calm her down. LOL. If they can make Arizona pregnant, than I say that Meredith’s hormones are raging. She did just have a baby 3 months ago.

    Derek, Derek, Derek. He’s being dragged into things. Ben and Bailey. Meredith and Cristina. You just know that Meredith has been unloading on him, everyday over it. And he’s got no place to go. He’s being supportive. But, that eye roll and shake of the head to Owen. Priceless. Owen has no clue how bad it’s gotten, Cristina isn’t unloading onto him every day, if they were together, she would be. Derek and Owen’s nonverbal communication. Owen’s deer in the headlight look, his looking at Derek and hand motioning between Meredith and Cristina, like what is going on. And then their hasty retreats to let Meredith and Cristina talk. Reminds me of them in S5 when they had to be in surgery with the two of them. And Derek said that they were in for a very long surgery. LOL. Derek got them back together in seasons 5 and 7. Will he do it this time too? He has a very good insight into the twisted sisters. He’s had a front row seat since the beginning. He also knows that they’re operating from a place of being hurt. That’s what I think he was going to say to Meredith, is she being mean or is she hurt like you? Thought better of it because it worked out so well for Ben with Bailey. Cristina came and stood next to Meredith for a reason. They’ve both been avoiding talking about what’s really going on. Meredith is spoiling for a fight. Cristina’s been avoiding one. They’re both avoiding the emotional aspect of what’s going on. They need to have it out because this has been brewing for a long time. There’s been a lot of things that Meredith and Cristina do, they never talk about it. And yes, it’s sad, Owen walked off, probably to go and see Emma. Meredith walked off to go home with Derek and their kids. And it shows, once again, Cristina all alone. Hell, Alex is with Jo, so he’s not even really there. All she has is Ross.

    Alex pretty much had the same conversation with Cristina that he did with Meredith a few weeks ago. He didn’t call her Moses, but, he was this close to telling her she thought she was God. She’s like a dog with a bone right now. This baby might die, don’t think he will, but, Alex pretty much told her, this thing with Meredith is affecting her work too. And then he agreed with Meredith. I also think that one reason that Cristina is so hell bent on this procedure has to do with the fractured relationship with Meredith. Despite what Cristina says, she knows that she is destroying Meredith’s research. And maybe, destroying her friendship with Meredith. So, it has to work, it has to be worth it. If they didn’t have the 3D printer, what would Cristina be doing instead to save Nathan’s life?

    And sit down Ross. It was gross and inappropriate to proposition Cristina like that. You put yourself in the middle of a private conversation between two very good friends that wasn’t for your ears. And if Cristina had propositioned you, it would have been deemed sexual harassment.

    I understand that Ross was sticking up for Cristina. But, he’s crossed so many lines this season. And don’t be so sure that Owen would have backed you up. He’s the Chief of Surgery and you can’t get the model you need. It takes hours to print one up, you’re now on your third, yes, a baby’s life is at stake, but, he may not have time for you two to get it right. And Owen would look at that too. Just like Alex and Meredith did. Ross would never be allowed to talk to an attending that way, nor would a fellow attending allow it. Plus, Meredith is also a member of the board and so is Cristina. He’s running roughshod over Edwards, Meredith and yes, Cristina. She has let him take lead on this case. Ross, a second year resident, who spent his first year, hero worshiping Derek in Neuro. So, Meredith is all too aware of Ross and his hero worshiping. And when is Cristina a damsel in distress? She stood there meekly and mildly and let him get aggressive with Meredith. A man getting in a woman’s face like he did. Ross has anger issues. Maybe, it’s because he knows that if Brooks were alive and due to him she’s not, she’d be in Neuro working on the brain mapping with Derek. She was slowly emerging as the best resident in their group. So, he’s hell bent and being as good as she was and would have been.

    I don’t know what’s going to happen between them and I don’t know how Cristina is going to react to finding out that everyone was at MerDer’s for Thanksgiving, having a meal that Emma cooked. Not that Meredith would have invited Cristina over if they weren’t fighting. They don’t do TG. LOL. But, that’s going to hurt. Her two people spending the holiday together with his new lady. I also think that Owen got excited about the dinner because his friends are welcoming the new woman in his life.

    I also wonder if Owen is going to get pulled into this because this fight might start affecting things at the hospital? Ross needs to be reigned in. Colleagues can’t keep fighting in the hospital. And what happens to the 3D printer if Meredith loses her funding?

    Bailey. Ooh. That was just heartbreaking. We’re seeing a breakdown in slow motion. That one plead to Meredith, “Grey.”

    Derek and Ben are becoming very good friends. I do think Ben is going to transfer his residency to GSM and work with Derek on this brain mapping. What exactly is Callie doing for this? Derek seems to be doing most of the heavy lifting right now. I get it, he’s the brain man.

    Alex and Meredith are just fine. They’re exchange was classic. You were once an intern balling an attending. You kiss my kids with that mouth.

    Meredith to Derek. So, basically, what you’re saying is that you can’t spit without having a genius idea. See, Derek doesn’t need no stinking 3D printer. He’s got butterfly wings and toothpaste in which he’s seeing the Virgin Mary in. LOL.

    Jo and Alex. I’m just happy that he’s happy. Even though we’re not seeing much of all of this onscreen.

    Jackson and April. Jackson, once again showing that he’s done a lot of growing up. April proving that she still reverts to being 5.

    I didn’t like Arizona and Callie in this episode. Is Callie going to become a doormat for Arizona again? Arizona shouldn’t have put Leah and Callie in that position. She knew Leah was freaking out. Did she want Callie to find out that it was Leah that she’d been with? And her saying, you wanted me back, I’m back. More like, I’m back on my terms though. And does she think if she gets back in bed with Callie, that they’ll have sex and it’ll fix everything? Get some help, Arizona. Callie showed real happiness in this episode and it was looking at Owen and Emma. What has Callie done that was so horrible? She made a sound, medical decision in regards to Arizona’s leg. Arizona knows it, she’s a doctor. I don’t know, maybe, part of it stems from the fact that Derek got his hand back and Callie fought like hell for him, so he could.

    • I’m replying to my own post. LOL.

      I meant to say, that Cristina isn’t destroying Meredith’s research, but, she is destroying her chance to even do any. Who knows if what Meredith is trying to do research on would lead to her being able to save the lives of babies or the lives of people like she and Edward’s patient with the pancreatic tumor.

      Meredith is trying to advance her surgical career and Cristina and Ross keep taking it away from her. Effectively, letting her know what they think of her and her career. And none of it good.

      At least, Meredith is trying to do research, Cristina is letting Ross do all of it. Not like her.

      One lining. Meredith still is calling Cristina her best friend. LOL. Even if she’s feeling like she’s being mean girled.