Calzona’s Bubble: 10.10 “Somebody that I used to know” A Review by @sportsfan12921

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Howdy Gabblers!

So, in comparison to last week we have less Calzona in this episode but what we do get shows us what to me is a different aspect to them.   More honest communication and hearing what the other says…. but I of course will speak of that as we go!

First Calzona scene is in the apartment:   1) Yay: Arizona moved home.  However, she is sleeping on the couch.  Interesting note:  while she was with Leah and in the hotel room, her leg:  never mentioned and not seen.  She’s home and we see the leg set on a pillow in the living room.   Callie comes out of their room and asks how Arizona slept.  Arizona says “great” but you can sense there is a tad of frustration there, turns out it’s about sleeping on the couch.

Arizona gets paged to the ER for a patient by Owen, a little girl with a femur fracture.  Owen wants to page Callie and asks Arizona if that will be ok, she says yes “we’re on the mend”.   Now, it’s important to note a few things here.   1) Leah is also on this patient   2) Owen has no clue about her and Arizona      Owen tells Leah to go work with them, and Leah is obviously not on board with that.  Arizona shuts her complaining down on that pretty quickly.

Arizona and Leah are operating and Leah is trying to get some info about the reconciliation (I admit, I am enjoying typing that word).  Arizona apologizes for it being awkward and when Leah persists in asking, tells her she doesn’t want to be the person that waits “in case it doesn’t work out with your wife”.   Further proof that Leah was so much more invested than Arizona ever was.

Arizona goes to find Callie.   This scene is both great and in my opinion pretty important.   Arizona tells Callie that she was with someone while they were apart.  I am so glad that although she doesn’t tell her who it was, she does tell her that it happened.  Also important:  Callie starts to get defensive, but realizes it and apologizes for doing it.  Arizona asks her if there is anything she wants to ask, Callie asks if it was once, when Arizona says it was more than once, Callie says twice…. no response and then she asks more than ten.  You can feel the hurt coming off her about it but she stops and says she doesn’t want to know.  We then hear Arizona say “I’m sorry”, and I believe that she’s apologizing for not just Leah but Lauren as well.  Callie asks if it’s over.  When Arizona tells her it is, completely Callie says that’s all she needs to know.   Arizona asks Callie if she was with anyone, and Callie tells her she got involved with herself, she danced in her underwear and tried to remember she was a person that used to have fun.   Arizona asks if she can hug her and Callie says yes.  Arizona says that she really missed her and Callie responds with me too.   Leah interrupts them when she comes to say that their patient’s leg isn’t doing well.  So, off to surgery the three of them go.  Leah really looks like she’s going to be ill.     So, some different things here.   This is probably the most honest and intense conversation we’ve seen between them in their history.   There was no raising of voices, no bringing up of past issues to hurt the other and they each spoke honestly.   If this kind of communication is what we get going forward, then I believe we are going to see a more complete relationship between them.   I am in favor of this.   Real communication is the only way for them to fix things, and this was a great first step.

Note about a scene that doesn’t involve Calzona directly:  When there is a Thanksgiving discussion about who to invite to the Dream house for dinner Mer mentions inviting Callie and Derek says then we can’t invite Arizona and Owen tells them that they are back together.   Why is this important?   Because up until now, most of what is going on with them has been general hospital knowledge.   They are keeping this private.  And keeping certain things private is not only a reflection that they are legit trying.  The part of me that has some issues with the flashbacks in 10.9 also believes that them having info they aren’t sharing is aimed at making them keeping the pregnancy and miscarriage private info.

In surgery, Callie tries to teach Leah but Leah drills too far.   When Leah panics about it, Callie puts the pieces together and realizes Leah was whom Arizona was with.   Great eye acting in this scene, the way it dawns on Callie and Arizona’s inability to keep eye contact.   I’ve often wondered if auditions have to be done at least in part in a surgical mask so they’ll know if they can pull that off.    Callie of course isn’t thrilled, but overall stays fairly calm.

Leah however, isn’t calm and when she and Arizona speak about it she believes Callie is going to hate her now.   “She can’t blame you, she loves you, and the only one she can blame is me”   This is setting up some Callie/Leah drama I think.    I also believe that a lot of it is going to be in Leah’s head.   I truly believe that Callie is in a place where she is going to concentrate on fixing her relationship with Arizona, and won’t be derailed from that.

Very happy to see that Callie is once again wearing her wedding ring.   Notice though that the necklaces aren’t back on yet.   I think when we see that we will be able to breathe a little easier :)

Last scene: Arizona asks Callie if she’s ready to go, and Callie does make a snide comment about Leah, and how next time Arizona plays around when they take a break (possible Friends reference?) she should ask her to keep it out of the hospital.  Now, this does appear on the surface to be a bit of what we are used to, Callie going no filter.   Here’s what’s different:  she only says it to Arizona and she doesn’t make a scene about it.   We then get some more conversation:  Arizona knows Callie is hurt but they got back together based on them both making mistakes.  Arizona isn’t going to be a whipping boy and Callie needs to stop playing the victim.  Arizona then makes the point that she’s been sleeping on the couch for a week, if she’s back, she sleeps in the bed.  Callie says she needs a night to process then “fine, you can sleep in the bed” Arizona says something about that was enthusiastic.  Callie: “Arizona” and Arizona says “fine”    Now, while this was a little tense between them, again it was a complete conversation where they listened to what the other had to say.

So, some overall thoughts about where we are going.   I think there is still a fairly bumpy road ahead, we still have to see the reason Arizona cheated from her perspective.   We heard last week that Callie called it impulsive but I want to hear why from Arizona.   I am glad that we heard “I’m sorry” from both of them in this episode and since Arizona has been on the couch a week, I am assuming she didn’t take too long thinking about moving back in.    I am happy to say that my bubble is intact!!!

Now, some other episode thoughts:   Wow, what is going on with Bailey???  And is Webber ever leaving the hospital?  And while the Calzona fans when “UGH” over Leah, I can only imagine the Crowen fans reaction to Ross and Yang.    We now get an extra week to think about all these things before a new episode on 12/5!   Until then, stay #CalzonaStrong and #GreysStrong! Leave a comment above or you can find me on twitter @sportsfan12921.   Happy Thanksgiving to all the US fans!


  1. Arizona’s comment to Callie about both of them making mistakes I think was a loaded comment. I think Callie’s ‘mistake’ (in Arizona’s eyes) relates to Arizona’s amputation when Callie had promised it wouldn’t happen. Arizona still is in denial that she would have died if her leg hadn’t been amputated. Will she actually find out it was Alex who did the surgery?

    Arizona’s fling I think reflects her needing someone in her life. The s*x was ‘fantastic’ with her fling. So what happens if there’s no spark with Callie now?

    I don’t think things are going to be the same for Calazona’s marriage for someime. .

    • I’m not saying this is wrong, but for me I really struggle with the fact a doctor cannot see that her amputation was right and necessary. She knew and expressed that it was a real possibility herself in 9×02. The whole “But you promised!” argument is plain juvenile. As not only a doctor but as an adult, one would expect a far more mature, reasonable mindset from Arizona here. She needs to come to her senses and actually feel lucky to have survived a fatal plane crash already!

      I know this comes up quite a bit but for me I can’t see how Arizona could *not* know that it was Alex who performed her amputation. It would have been on her chart, he would’ve checked on her post-surgery, if not then her pre-existing doctor would have surely mentioned “By the way, I didn’t amputate your leg. Dr Karev did”, she would have asked or been told by someone at some point. I can’t see how she could have possibly escaped not knowing.

      • You are presuming Arizona has looked at her chart. The whole point of the amputation of the story line was Arizona’s lack of ability to deal with her sudden disability. That is by no means out of character for her nor is it out of character for someone who has had their life changed in such a dramatic way. She was and probably to a degree still is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. You arguments are logical…but in their logic they fail to understand the problem! Arizona isn’t acting logically. She is acting on her emotions. Just because she is a doctor does not make her immune.

        As for your other point…Callie, her ‘pre-existing’ doctor made the decision to remove the leg and Alex did the surgery. Callie is the specialist, it was her call and her responsibility as Arizona’s doctor to make. Why on earth would she pass the book on to Karev?

        • Callie was not Arizona’s pre-existing doctor. Besides the fact spouses don’t treat spouses, Owen says that Callie is not Arizona’s doctor in 9×02. Twice in fact in the same scene when Callie’s telling him about her plan for Arizona’s leg — “You’re not her doctor!” and “You are not doing anything! She is your wife, not your patient.” And Arizona herself says “Promise me you won’t let *them* take my leg.”

          In the Callie/Owen scene, Callie mentions “Carlson” as the doctor who could perform surgery on Arizona. If we presume Carlson was Arizona’s pre-existing doctor, I’m sure he/she would have been quick to point out to an angry Arizona that they didn’t perform the amputation, Dr Karev did. At the very least he/she would have mentioned it at some point.

      • What I also should have said was that if she couldn’t cope with what was going on why would she look at the chart just to see it written in black and white. Plus she’ll know it had to be Callie’s decision not Alex’s even if she had seen the chart. When she says ‘you cut of my leg’ it doesn’t have to be literal.

        • I’m not presuming Arizona looked at her chart. If Arizona was mad about her amputation, she may have demanded to know who did it. We don’t know since we weren’t privy to the aftermath. There are many ways she could have found out, whether she wanted to or not. Looking at her chart is just one possibility.

          Personally I don’t see what difference it makes if she knows Alex did it or not. But the poster I replied to posed the question and it is one that does come up quite a bit in the fandom.

  2. I wonder if I’m the only person who was actually saddened by this epi. I did not see it as progress at all but rather another movement forward built on a farce. Arizona was not honest with Callie. Honesty would have been correcting Callie a week ago about the ‘one mistake’ because Callie asked her back under the assumption that there was only one instance of infidelity. But Az waited until the day Callie was back at the hospital and she realized Leah would not be able to keep it under wraps. So, in my mind, she was just doing damage control. Callie is a much better person than me in how she responded. And a better person than Az who had a breakdown when she came back from Africa and found out Callie had sex with Mark. She told her specifically: I’m mad you had sex with someone else. And I know we were broken up, but still, I’m mad.” Here, Callie is not allowed to be angry, so she just says, I don’t want to know. What I see is a monumental effort on her part to try to salvage the marriage because it is what her father advised her to do. Their last conversation was a slap in the face. Az came across as arrogant and belligerent when she says “I’m not your whipping boy, I can’t keep apologizing. If you want me back, I’m back.” That’s the moment I totally gave up on Calzona. She apologized profusely after Africa and here we are being asked to take a giant leap and believe that she is contrite and that the lame ‘I’m sorry’ in that room applied to Lauren as well. And she is still acting annoyed with Callie. I don’t see any sense of remorse or humility. She’s demanding access and privileges she hasn’t earned AND she’s acting like she’s doing Callie a favor by coming back. Callie just found out that she carried on with Leah for a while and Az just expects her to get over it and move on. This is the woman who warned Callie not to sleep with anyone else or she would kick her butt, yet, she happily jumps from bed to bed with other people. The hypocrisy and self-centeredness is astounding. And yes they were separated but there was never a declaration of a permanent break up. Even Az was unsure and she kept wearing her ring because in her mind they were still married. So she was deliberately violating her own conscience. Her attitude is so offensive right now I can’t even…. I honestly feel bad for JCap. She doesn’t deserve for her character to have become this polarizing and generally despised.

    • You’re not alone. The ep didn’t make me sad but I did think Arizona’s attitude was a bit rich at times.

      At the moment I’m having a problem with the “we both made mistakes” base that we’re working from here because as it stands, Arizona’s mistakes far outweigh Callie’s.

      What actually *are* these mistakes of Callie’s? Arizona’s amputation? No, not a mistake. Her attitude towards Arizona after the miscarriage? Yep, ok, could have been better. But what else? What are all these Callie mistakes?

      • I think one of them may have been to unprofessionally announce Arizona’s infidelity throughout the hospital followed by the total lie at the gala about her being dead. Although I think Callie was doing her own credibility more damage than she was doing to Arizona. I suspect the main thing was the miscarriage. There was a lack of understanding from Callie about the way it would make Arizona feel (especially thinking back to season 6). I think we are meant to presume that this lack of understanding went on until Arizona cheated because Callie’s mind was elsewhere.

        Unfortunately I don’t think they had ever planned out why Arizona was going to cheat they just decided it would be a fun story line and dropped it into the last couple of episodes without much thought to it. What you see now is an attempt at back writing the story line fairy unsuccessfully. It doesn’t really make sense and both have been a little out of character at key times and at other times quite poorly written…or not written at all. I know Arizona Leah was uncomfortable but if they were going to do it they should have really shown us it and let the viewer understand Arizona’s loneliness. Hard to pity someone when they don’t bother to show the lows.

        Even the gallant attempt by the one good writer remaining on the show couldn’t quite fill the cracks in and cement the story line together.

        • The announcement was done in front of the board, not the whole hospital. The lying about Arizona’s death was wrong but played for fun and by the end of the episode Callie had enough self-awareness to realize that her behavior was gross. Perhaps if she knew that Arizona knew, she would have apologized. Regardless, both of these events took place post-Lauren. A thin case could be made about Arizona and Callie being separated, except that in Arizona’s mind they were still married which is why she still wore the ring which makes her sleeping with Leah truly reprehensible. But that’s one more of the plot holes that we have left with since 9.23. And as you say, not even Stacey’s excellent writing is enough to put this Humpty Dumpty together again.

        • I agree, I’m extremely doubtful that they had this miscarriage backstory in mind when they were writing in Arizona’s cheating at the end of S9. I’m a fan of flashbacks/flashforwards but they really need to be very well-planned.

          I enjoyed 10×09 although it made zero sense! The timelines just don’t add up. Calzona would have had to basically decide to have a second baby, choose the sperm donor and become pregnant in less than a week for everything (including their 2 months apart) to have possibly happened in that 4 month period.

      • I think it is evident from 10.9 and 10.10 that Shonda is trying to redeem Arizona as much as possible by shifting some of the blame on to Callie. When Arizona said ‘we’ve both made mistakes” I had the same reaction. What has Callie done that can possibly justify Arizona’s infidelity and sleeping around or that in any way comes near the level of impropriety and ill-behaviors that Arizona has exhibited? Callie can be aloof at times and she has no filter most of the time. And she had her leg cut off to save her life. Is that nearly enough to say, “we are both equally wrong?” Or maybe the fact that she wasn’t there when Arizona lost the baby. Well, she did not miss the miscarriage, she missed the appointment which is what she thought was happening. How was she supposed to know the baby would be lost? And how could she control the fact that her surgery ran long? Why didn’t Arizona cancel or reschedule the appointment? That would have been an easy fix. Even the fact that Callie was being insensitive when she asked Arizona about trying again for a baby fails to reach the level of deplorable, repulsive, callous behavior that would, perhaps, justify Arizona’s cheating. None of this makes sense because ultimately, there is nothing that can possibly justify this plot. There was no context for Arizona’s cheating and Shonda is desperately trying to fix it and asking the viewer to suspend logic in the process.

        • I am so happy to see so many people with such similar thinking! I thoroughly agree – they are backtracking to make viewers feel for both sides – but I simply do not. Arizona was in the wrong and has made little to no effort – that we have been privy to – to make it right. Looking back on Africa and even her response after Callie slept with Mark (after she left Callie IN THE AIRPORT and they were NOT MARRIED) – it is like we are simply watching an entirely different character. I am saddened that they have not made more of an effort – make Arizona look for forgiveness – use therapy, as they have before, to get to the root of her inability to be alone and the resentment that has built up. Cheating can be a building block in many instances if it is dealt with right – this “we have both made mistakes” is not that.

  3. “… we still have to see the reason Arizona cheated from her perspective.”

    This is what I’m waiting to see.

  4. Totally disagree with this review. Arizona was hateful in that last scene and how Callie refrained from decking her.., God only knows. I’m afraid we’re due some more of fore bearing Callie as seen to best effect in early s9. And that simply won’t do. Even she’s made some realisations during the split ie dancing in her underwear (which is a state of mind) so I expect a Vesuvius type of eruption in a couple of episodes. As for az, she has done no reflecting, no self examination ( unless it was to be found knuckle deep in Leah) and is in the same state as she was in 9.24. For the first time, I want them apart. Callie can and will do better than this emotional terrorist. I’m no longer interested in her reasons for cheating – I just want her away from Callie pronto.

    • That is the point I reached after 10.10. I have no interest in seeing them together. None. Callie took their time apart to heal and do some introspection. For the sake of her family, she asked Arizona to consider coming back home. She’s being the grown up. On the other hand, once Arizona realized the depth of the damage she had done, instead of trying to fix it, she goes looking for a booty call! She refused therapy, she refused to take responsibility, she refuses to take the high road and show that she is serious about fixing the marriage, instead, she’s like, “hey, you should be happy I’m back and let me back in the bed and don’t pester me because we’ve both screwed up.” Right after scrubbing out from the surgery with Leah I would have pulled Az to the side and said, “I’m going to be nice and give you 24 hours to get all your crap out of my apartment. And leave the ring. We are over for good. Now, go back to your little sex toy and leave me alone.” Arizona needs serious help and Callie needs someone new. Someone she can have really hot chemistry with and that will be a grown up.

    • Yes!!! Love your Point of view on it!!! While I still want them to work it out – I agree on all fronts – Arizona has been nothing short of hurtful and Callie has lost so much of herself and deserves true happiness!

  5. This made me sad. They’re is no warmth between them. I don’t think it was right to place Leah and Callie in that situation. She knew Leah was freaking out. Makes me wonder if Arizona did want Callie to know that it was Leah without being the one to tell her. Shift the blame to Leah.

    I’m also wondering, Arizona is a doctor, a surgeon. She knows that the amputation had to happen to save her life. I’m just been thinking if a lot of this stems from the fact that Derek didn’t lose his hand and Callie is a huge reason why. Callie fought hard for Derek. Does Arizona think she didn’t fight as hard for her?

    Arizona, getting back in bed with Callie isn’t going to solve your problems. Sex isn’t going to fix what’s wrong.

    • Arizona has a history of bailing and deflecting. Rather than face the friction with Callie, she decided to go to Africa alone. Rather than being honest with Alex about wanting him to stay at SGMW, she tried to sabotage his chances of getting a fellowship somewhere else. When she realized how sick Nick was, she refused to see him until Callie called her on it. Rather than going to therapy, she tried to manipulate Callie into going. Rather than facing her marital problems, she sleeps around. Rather than being considerate of Leah knowing that she goes from ‘zero to I love you in 60 seconds’, she used her and then kicked her out. Rather than being honest with Callie about Leah before moving back in, she waited until Callie was back at work and Leah started freaking out. Rather than letting her know that she slept with someone from the hospital, she let Callie assume that it wasn’t. It’s the third time that Callie finds out that Arizona has had flings in the hospital. And all three times she has found out in very embarrassing circumstances. (Colleen, Lauren and now Leah). At this point, I wouldn’t expect Callie to be any warmer than an iceberg.


  7. Wow, I think everyone is being really tough on Arizona. Callie kicked her out the apartment without even being able to pack her own bag, and did not show any interest for to try fix the marriage. Leah was very quick to say if your wife does not want you – I do. How many of us would have patiently waited alone in the hotel room in the hope your wife, who said you were dead, would forgive you.

    Callie showed up at the hotel room out the blue and the last person expecting that was Arizona. So Callie is at fault there. I do not think they are still talking about the leg as a mistake but by shutting Arizona out completely.

    But watching the episode I have doubts they will land up together in the end. Some bridges cannot be mended. I think the calzona fans need to prepare themselves.

  8. If this is actually a story about PTSD then they really need to start touching on it since it hasn’t even rated a mention yet.

  9. Teresa and Sue, I am happy to be with the two of you all the way. Arizona was always the sweet, kind character, comforting Callie through her family’s rejection, George’s death, and then giving in to Callie’s wishes to have a baby (“No, we’ll have kids, all kinds of kids…”) accepting Mark (“Change of plans; Mark, you and I are going to dinner.”), staying with Callie, after she got pregnant (“I’m in.”)… With other characters, she was there, too; standing up to the Chief for Derek, even when she had authority issues(Isaac’s surgery), not letting Bailey and Callie bail on movie night with Teddy, visiting and giving Karev a little talk, after Yang accidently injected him, when everyone hated him, even giving up the cushy life of a surgeon, to go live in what and where…to save kids lives! She would not let Callie see her phantom pain, because “Callie needs a wife, not a patient.” If you watch, she is one of the few doctors to say thank you when she hands in a chart to a nurse or cashes out in the cafeteria. The character seems purposely written to be the “nicest”. Then, she was going to lose Nick (re-living Timothy’s death) and Alex to Hopkis (big sister/little brother relationship) and lost her leg. She was willing to go to therapy. Callie wasn’t, so she lost her home and family because she has actual symtoms (cheating) of PTSD. Seems like they have a plan to get her back to herself. There is still a lot we don’t know. In the meantime, I am sticking by Arizona, because as proven by her past, she is not naturally self-centered or hurtful.