CROWEN RECAP – 10 X 10 Somebody That I Used to Know

By: @Cinderoni

This was an episode where both Cristina and Owen were heavily featured but not much with each other. They had a total of one scene together. That is a slight improvement from the three episodes where they did not share a single scene. With such a large cast, one can expect that certain cast members have had minor appearances in some episodes. Not Cristina, who has prominently appeared in all 10 episodes this season, including the Callie-centric episode. I am going to expect that is going to continue since they would want to use the talents of Sandra Oh as much as possible before she leaves at the end of the season. Now on to the episode.

When first we see Owen, he is with Emma, who has graduated from baking banana bread to muffins. They are in a conference room. Apparently, Emma has come to Grey Sloan Memorial to work on her grant proposal. I don’t know why she couldn’t do that at Seattle Presbyterian.  It is just trading one hospital conference room for another. They are looking for any excuse to try and bring her across to Grey Sloan for the day.

Owen tells her that if she needs anything, she should just call him. Emma replies that she doesn’t need anything; she just needs to read everything that was ever written on mediastinal teratomas, crank out a grant proposal and all she needs is quiet. Owen chuckles. He says he can’t promise too much quiet because she did say he could come visit. Emma says it would be the best part of the day. They share a peck on the lips.

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Outside of the office leaning against the nurses’ station are Callie and April, who can see clearly through the blinds of the office, so they can observe Owen and Emma. Cristina comes up and welcomes Callie back, who replies that it beats the hell out of a courtroom. Cristina notices Owen and Emma in the office but doesn’t say anything.

Callie says that Emma brought muffins. April adds that it’s her day off and she’s doing homework. Cristina says incredulously, “In a hospital?” (Yeah, my reaction, too.) Callie replies that maybe Emma should go outside and see the world. As they flash on Cristina’s face, the pain is evident on her face and she walks off. April whispers that she thinks it is kind of sweet. Callie agrees saying that it is adorable. They giggle. (Shut up, girls.)

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Cristina apparently goes off to the PICU where Alex is with baby Nathan, Cristina’s HLHS patient from Episode 8 – the baby with the congenital heart defect. In that episode, Cristina and Shane had taken possession of Meredith’s 3D printer to try and print a bio-compatible conduit to help him.

Alex is now on the case with Cristina and he says that they have been treating Nathan with diuretics and beta blockers but he still has a lot of edema. Cristina says he will rally once they put in the graft, noting that Nathan has been in the PICU for three weeks.

Alex asks if they are done with all of the test prints. Cristina replies that they finished last night and Shane was now printing out the real one now. She then digresses and tells Alex that Emma was in the hospital with muffins. Alex answers if she wants to get rid of her. (Thank you, Alex for volunteering to do that. We know you have Cristina’s back).

Cristina says no but she was glad that Owen’s getting laid. Actually, she really doesn’t seem happy about it because the words were hard to come out of her mouth. She continues that everyone should get laid. “I should be getting laid. My work suffers when I’m not. It’s bad for humanity.”

Alex doesn’t want to talk sex with Cristina so he tells her to make up back with Meredith so she could handle that. Cristina tells him that he is being a priss and whether he doesn’t talk about sex with his guy friends about who got the best rack in the shack. Alex admits, “Maybe.”

Cristina tells him that therefore, he could talk it with her. He accedes to her request that if her work is suffering, she should find something to play with. “Get you yayas up and leave me alone,” he says. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Shane comes up behind them and is listening in on their conversation. Cristina asks if he means battery-operated. Alex tells her “human.”

Cristina repeats, “A human sex toy.” Shane clears his throat to let them know that he was there. Cristina asks how much he has heard. Shane tells her somewhere around yayas. He then turns to more professional talk and says that the conduit is contaminated.

The scene switches to the printer room where Cristina asks him how the hell did that happen. Shane replies that he doesn’t know but he could print another one and try vacuum seeding but it will take longer. Because of this, they wouldn’t be able to do the procedure today. Cristina isn’t sure if the baby could last that long. Shane says that they have to try and it is still his best shot.  Cristina starts to leave and says she will talk to Alex. Shane reminds her that Dr Grey was supposed to have the printer by 10 a.m. He tells her that they were the ones who made up the schedule and made a big stink about how she had to stick with it. This is, of course, going to lead to further conflict in the already strained relationship between Meredith and Cristina.

It is clear from this conversation that there was no reprimand on Cristina and Shane for taking possession of the 3D printer, if they were able to work out a printing schedule. Clearly, the board probably saw the baby’s need far outweighed Meredith’s research.

Cristina is back with Alex that they have to try something else. Cristina tells him it’s only one day and that he needs to relax and maybe he is the one who needs some recreational release. Alex tells her that he is getting laid and on a regular basis. (Seriously, Alex. You and Jo have not had a single sex scene to prove that this is true. It has all been inferred. Even your first night together was one where we saw you carrying up Jo up the stairs and nothing after.)

He says his anxiety stems from the fact that she brought him on the case and asked him to keep the kid alive long enough so she could do a fancy procedure  that’s not going to work. He walks off and leaves Cristina dumbfounded.

We then see Shane and Cristina walking towards the elevator. Shane says that it would be better if she tells Dr Grey that they would need the printer longer. Cristina replies that she doesn’t have time to manage Meredith’s feelings. She advises him to apologize and tell her it won’t happen again. “She’ll be pissy but she’ll get over it,” she advises. Shane suggests that he let Stephanie tell her since she is on Meredith’s service. Cristina says that was even better and presses the elevator buttons, impatiently.

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The subject turns to things more personal as Shane remembers the conversation he heard earlier between Alex and Cristina. He asks if she needed any yaya extraction, he was available. Cristina’s face is priceless as she asks him if he was offering to service her. Shane apologizes, saying that it was inappropriate and it was just for the sake of the work. Cristina tells him that’s even worse and that he was supposed to say that he was in love with her or something. Shane says that he certainly finds her attractive but he would not be so presumptuous. Cristina tells him to stop talking.

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We then shift to Owen eating one of the muffins that Emma has baked. Meredith passes by and sees the muffins. She asks if they were left over from the morning meeting. Owen tells her that Emma baked them. As Meredith takes a bite, she tells Emma that she kinda hates her. She mentions that if Emma is cooking him Thanksgiving dinner, she would like the leftovers.

Emma and Owen both say that they’re not. Then, they have a series of stop and start sentences which reveal they haven’t really talked about it. Meredith says they could do what they do at her house which is to act like it’s not ever happening.  Owen has assumed that Emma was going home to her family but she says that she has to work the next day. Do these people ever talk? To make a long story short, Meredith suggests that they cook over at her house but they would just have to feed the McDreamies, too. Emma says that would be fun but she says she doesn’t want to commandeer Meredith’s kitchen. Meredith tells her that she could do so and she should think about it. Then, she leaves them, saying that she has a pancreatic tumor to see about.

When next we see Owen, Ben and Derek are trying to meet with him at the nurses’ station to talk about Bailey’s OCD. Derek says that they need to talk. Owen tells them he has to wrap up with a patient and he will be back in 15. Meredith comes up and tells Owen the Thanksgiving dinner has to happen because she invited Webber. She tells Derek that Owen’s lady is cooking at their house. Derek says that’s nice, while Meredith wonders if they should invite more people because if they are making a whole turkey.

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Owen tells her that they could invite a few more people.  Derek tells Ben that he and Bailey can come, too but Ben says that they are going over to his family. Meredith says that they should invite Callie, so Derek says that they are not inviting Arizona. Owen tells them that they are back together. Derek says that they are not inviting Yang because that would be… (kinda weird, he wants to say). Meredith says that Cristina probably has plans. Owen says that she probably doesn’t before he leaves.

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Owen meets Cristina on the stairs. She tells him that her vascular graft had a glitch and it will be ready, tomorrow. She passes him and he turns around and asks if she has Thanksgiving plans. She says she would just pick up an extra shift and that she doesn’t really get all that worked up about cranberries. She asks him about his plans. He starts to mutter and she tells him that he can tell her he was spending it with Emma, she wouldn’t melt when she hears her name

Owen confirms that he will be with Emma. Cristina asks if she is going to making a whole turkey for the two of them, they will be eating leftovers for the rest of your life. She runs up the stairs. He sighs because he cares. He doesn’t want her to be alone on Thanksgiving.

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Owen finally meets with Ben and Derek about Bailey. Owen asks if Ben is saying that she is doing unnecessary procedures. Ben says that he was just shooting breeze with a friend. He says he wasn’t reporting it to the board. “So let’s just reel this back in.” Owen says that Ben knows that both he and Derek can’t. Ben says that she is going to handle it.  Owen replies that he needs to pull Bailey off the floor at least under till this is under control. Ben asks if he can to talk to her in an attempt to get her to voluntarily step back. Owen and Derek agree.

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We next see Meredith and Cristina having an argument in the hallway. Meredith says that Cristina sent Shane to tell Stephanie that Cristina was destroying her study. Cristina says that she was not.  Meredith counters that if she doesn’t finish this phase by the end of the week, she will lose her funding. Cristina asks Meredith to come with her. She takes her to see baby Nathan, who is with his mom in the PICU.

“That’s Nathan. He’s a real baby.  We’re not talking about me. We’re talking about him. That’s Ashley, his mom. He has a very nice father. This isn’t a study, Meredith. This is a baby. Nathan is the first one in his family who is supposed to go to college. I mean, he’s a baby,” she says.

Meredith snaps back, “Have you lost your mind? Do you think because I have kids, every time I see a child, I am going to start lactating and lose my ability to reason.” Cristina starts to answer, “No. I…”

Meredith interrupts, “You wanted to do something flashy with the equipment. It didn’t work. Now you want me to shut down my entire study so you can run a Hail Mary that very well might kill this very cute child.” She adds that baby Nathan can get an artificial graft. Cristina says he can’t , as she already knows that he would reject it, given their previous experience .

Meredith adds, “Because you can’t make it work?” She stalks off.

We then see Owen telling Emma that there were now 16 people invited to the Thanksgiving dinner but some of them are kids and they barely eat. Emma says that she thought it was just a dinner for four. Owen apologizes and says it got out of hand. He says they can all cook together but Emma reminds him that Meredith cannot turn on the oven.  He says the rest of them would help and he would do all of the shopping and the planning. He would do everything and she would just get to shout orders. She says she is starting to like that. He kisses her with a peck.

He badly wants to ask Emma about inviting Cristina so he says that Cristina doesn’t have Thanksgiving plans and he was asking just as a friend. You could see that flicker of doubt in Emma’s face the change when she hears Cristina’s name. Then he says to forget it. Emma says it is okay. “If you say you’re over her, I believe you. And really, it is up to Meredith and Derek, it’s their house. “ (We all know that Owen is not over Cristina.)

Owen asks if she is sure and that he doesn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. She says she would be working for what could be 30 people at the end of the day and she wouldn’t have time to be uncomfortable. He gives her another peck. These passionless kisses that he drops on her are a far cry from what he normally gives Cristina. You know the type of kisses that uses tongue and lips and is far lengthy in duration.

picture 9 (2)

Their kiss is interrupted by Ben coming into the room with a worried look on his face. He has failed to persuade Bailey to step back. As a consequence, Owen seeks out Meredith at a nurses’ station. He tells her that he needs her to take over Bailey’s surgical load. Meredith says her study is falling apart. Owen gives her a look and says her name in such a way that she knows it is serious.

picture 10 (3)

Cristina and Alex are back in the PICU with baby Nathan. Alex says the baby has desatted at 60 and they need to go ahead with his surgery, now. Cristina says that she can’t because she doesn’t have the conduit to put in him and it won’t be done for another six hours. Alex doubts the baby can last that long. Cristina suggests putting the baby on an oscillator, which will stabilize his SATS for a day. Alex says he doesn’t want to wait a day. Cristina tells him that neither does she. She says it is still his best chance and they start using the oscillator on him.

Turning to another subject, Cristina says thanks to Alex, her resident offered to service her. She adds that he wants to drive me around the block before her batteries die. Alex asks if she is going to do it. She says no because it would be like having sex with a baby seal. Alex notes that the SATs are better. Cristina sighs.  She asks Alex if he could talk to Meredith and explain that everything is going to be fine. “Maybe she will cut me some slack.”

Alex says that Meredith has a point. He says she could put in an artificial graft. She says that they tried and he rejected it. Alex says to try again and to pump him full of medicines, which will hold him for a couple of years until her brand new procedure is old news and tested hundreds of time. “You wanna fight a different battle. That’s your own problem.”  Cristina retorts that this is her problem and she walks away.

picture 11 (3)

Bailey is in the OR, arranging and re-arranging her surgical instruments. Meredith and Owen enters the OR. While Meredith suits up for surgery, Owen asks Bailey if they could speak to her for a moment. Bailey says she is about to get started and she would track him down when she’s done. Owen tells her that this is a conversation they should have now and that Dr Grey would take over.

Bailey insists that she would speak to him after she is finished. She continues rearranging her instruments. He moves to the other side of her and she gets irritated with him. Owen asks Meredith to move Dr Bailey’s bovie once inch to the left. Bailey warns her not to touch. Meredith moves the instrument. Bailey moves it back. Owen asks Meredith to move the suction. Bailey screams, “Get away from my table.”  Meredith is surprised by her over-the-top reaction. It is in that moment that Bailey finally acknowledges that something is wrong. She looks seriously disturbed and leaves the OR.

picture 12 (5)

After her surgery, Meredith comes to the printer room where she sees Cristina and Shane on the printer. Meredith says they have had it for a day and she needs them to clear out. Cristina says that they need more time. Meredith bites back that they have had more time and she needs to start printing her portal vein tonight. Cristina says they are having trouble with vacuum seeding and they needed to print another conduit. They started a new one and it should be done at 3 a.m.

Meredith raises her voice and tells them that it is not working. “You are not Christ Child Reincarnate. You don’t walk on water. You have failed to revolutionize modern medicine and save a baby all in one fell swoop. You are endangering a child’s life.”  Cristina looks distressed but says nothing and this is when Shane snaps. He yells at Meredith to stop it.

Meredith is shocked. Shane says that is enough, while Meredith tells him to take a walk. Shane says that Cristina wasn’t going to do this because of you. “I practically had to force her into it. Just because she cares about you.”

Meredith sarcastically says that somebody has got the hero worship. Shane tells her that she was the one who made it emotional. “You made it about your friendship. If it was about the work, you would have gone to the chief of surgery but you know what he would’ve said. You’ll get the printer tomorrow,  Dr. Grey.” Cristina looks like she is about to break down. Meredith leaves, disgusted.  Yeah, you go, Shane. Glad you stuck up for Cristina and you are exactly right. Meredith is making it personal because of her rift with Cristina.

Shane apologizes to Cristina that it was out of line but he couldn’t listen to her go after you. She gives him a grateful kiss and nods. People have been going on about this kiss but to me, there was nothing sexual or romantic about it. It was just one of gratitude. As for whether they would take this to a more physical relationship, I do not know.

We next see Meredith complaining to Derek that her best friend is a mean girl. They stop at a nurses’ station where, Meredith continues carping. “It never bothered me before when she was mean to other people. But it really sucks when she’s mean to me.”


Derek asks, “Well is she mean or is she -?” His voice trails off.  Meredith says, “What?” Derek wisely replies, “Nothing.” Owen comes up, all excited, saying that they could invite Cristina because Emma was okay with it.

picture 13 (4)

Meredith says sarcastically, “I’m glad she’s fine with it.” Owen mouths, “What?” He doesn’t understand what has happened. Derek rolls eyes and shakes his head.  Owen walks off, confused.

Cristina comes up and says “Hi.” Derek leaves, saying he is going to pick up the kids. Meredith leaves, leaving Cristina  alone at the nurses’ station. It is a reflection of her current state in life – no best friend and no lover. This is all very sad.

Random thoughts:

From the press release for the next episode, Cristina is pressured to live stream her surgery. So does that mean that the next episode takes place the day after this episode, since we know that baby Nathan could only last one day in his current state? As I have said before, I am pretty sure this surgery is going to be significant and hopefully establish Cristina as a star in the cardiothoracic world.

We note that Owen went out of his way to find out if Cristina had Thanksgiving plans, then to ask Emma to find out if it was okay and then to tell Meredith that they could invite Cristina. It was a sign that he cares deeply for Cristina and did not want her to be alone on the holiday.

I can foresee that Emma will be Owen’s date at April and Matthew’s wedding in the winter finale. We know this since the actress sent out a picture of the ranch, where they are filming at the wedding. Whether that episode holds anything good for Crowen, we can only hope. Our Crowen fandom has suffered greatly with this storyline.

I am glad that Owen does not kiss Emma the way that he kisses Cristina. This may be deliberate to provide a sharp contrast of the amount of passion he feels for Cristina. We all know that he is still not over her. In any case, this is the second time that Emma has expressed doubt about Owen’s feelings. The first time was when she came for the job interview and told him not to break her heart and he did not reply. Now she is trying to confirm that Owen is over Cristina, she says if he says so, she believes him. It is like she is trying to convince herself that it is true.

As a side note, I just wanted to point out that the song heard at the very top of the show, was done by a recording artist from my country of Trinidad. His name is Bunji Garlin and the song is called “Differentology.” The pounding rhythm is typical of the type of music it is. It’s called soca and is primarily created for Carnival, the two days before Lent, when costumed masqueraders rule the streets of our capital city. I enquired about it to Susan Vaill, the editor of the episode, who tweeted me back that she heard a friend playing the song and she knew she wanted to use it on Grey’s Anatomy. So, yay for Bunji.

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  1. I feel as though you are the voice of reason for C/O fans. It’s easy to get emotionally invested in the show and sometimes not see the bigger picture. It’s true the fandom has suffered greatly and hoping for a payoff that may never come. We can only hope. Thanks for the great recaps.

    • Yes, it is really difficult being a Crowen shipper these days. I just hope that we can get something good before Sandra leaves.

  2. Thanks for your recaps, you are the speaker of all CO shippers. I especially like your personal comments and your forecasts on the way their SL may evolve , good or bad !

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I do appreciate them.

  3. Thank you! I love Cristina and Owen dont give up on them.

    • Thanks for commenting. I do love them even though it is hard to ship them, these days.

  4. Rewind When Owen gives the first kiss to E, she sits down and wiped his lips, disgusting.
    They look like a pair of old, boring it is irritating them.

    • I didn’t notice. i will take a look again. I agree though that they have no passion in their kissing.

  5. lovely review !
    I can imangie Owen help Emma to prepare everything for Thanksgiving (just A dinner for all colleague and single friend), but the piture in my head, Owen will go to hospital before midnight ,brings some food he made for Cristina, Crowen still have the dinner together!!
    he already knew she and Mer have the big fight, so he won’t let Cristina be alone at the special event, I believe him!

    • That is a nice thought. I am seriously tired of this Emma storyline, though.

    • Yes, he might do it and find her in the on call room having sex with Shane. What do you think? A very possible scenario, isn´t it?

      • Cristina’s in NO mood to have the sex with stranger tonight, she’s wondering why her best friend isn’t her person any more and her best lover moved on so fast!
        I know we’re worry GA writers get crazy all the time! but Without emotions to drive us we would not keep watching it!

      • Since he was caught up having sex with a blonde across the street when they were married, he can’t say nothing now. Not to mention that he agreed to give up of love in mame of family.

  6. BuddyTV Read review grey’s anatomy

    • I have read it. The person who writes it is a Twitter pal.

  7. Great review! And..totally! I’m tired of Emma already. Maybe this means exactly that this relationship is temporary. Owen in the end wanted a child, not a new wife. Maybe he’ll give the dating scene a go and then he’ll try to adopt a baby on his own.
    Emma is like the cookie cutter version of what could be and would be perfect for someone like Owen.
    Obviously for the man he is *now*.
    There’s no way in hell that someone like Emma would have stayed through PTSD, chocking, triggers etc.
    But now Owen is in a good family-friendly place.
    Emma cooks, and bakes, she even has a dog (Cristina doesn’t believe in pets – Owen said once, and it sounded almost regretful, like he would have liked a pet).
    She doesn’t leave egg-shells in scrambled eggs in the morning, she wears soft colors, she’s not angry feisty and abrasive. She’s sweet, quiet, mellow, Norman Rockwell painting kind of person. There is nothing wrong with that, but Owen has picked her by default. It’s easy to be with her, there’s no contrast, conflict, no sharing of meaningful and controversial ideas. Owen and Cristina butted heads all the times, they had it rough. But they stayed together because they wanted each other, not because it was easy to just go with the flow. Emma is the flow. She is simple, easy, a quiet companion. On one hand it’s heartbreaking seeing Owen kissing Emma..on the other hand they already bored me to tears.
    Oh, and I don’t even have enought words to say how much I find Meredith insufferable these days.
    Meredith has a history of making things too personal and forgetting the medicine (when Cristina needed to pick chief resident, Meredith thought that she was not picked because they were friends…the Alzheimer’s trial, etc.) even Derek is annoyed by her behaviour. His face when he turned to Owen was pure frustration and exhaustion.
    (” Well is she mean or is she- ……. RIGHT? being a DOCTOR? advocating for her patient? Picking the best course of action when it comes to her patient? ) which one were you going to say, McDreamy? XD
    Derek kept his mouth shut for the sake of his marriage. Like he told Ben. At home you keep your mouth shut. —Yeah, great foundation of an honest and equal relationship… :-/

    • Thank you for your very long and wonderful comment. Yes, the frustration level with this Emma storyline is getting worse and worse. We absolutely need some good Crowen before Sandra leaves.

  8. Emma=Hangover girfriend.
    Dating a recent divorcee, poor little thing. This starts to smell like 8.13 aternative universe episode, where Owen had everything he always wanted but was everything but happy. Not to talk that he already had easy, Beth, and he run from that in the end.
    The writers have showed in the most clearest way how different and opposite Emma is of Cristina. And it’s not ramdom. I feel this will turn very wrong, everything is being rushed when what he should be doing is strengthen, and settle down emotionally right now. Then, yes he should dating. He’s pretending that he’s over Cristina and pretending that everything is OK until it isn’t. The awake will be hard on both.

    • playing the role who’s pretending to have moved on is a big challenge , it’s hard to KMK ,he’s a big CO fan!

    • Yep. We’ve seen it before. Owen+Emma=Derek+Rose in season 4.
      That turned out reeeeally well, right?
      Owen must be 35ish-40 now. He could just start planning a child.
      Then, his romantic life…he’ll see what will happen.
      He’s putting way too much pressure on a new relationship now. Everything should be perfect on paper.
      You fall in love with someone but that someone HAS to be ready to bear your kids in a couple of years? Damn. Way to take the edge off hot McMajor sex.
      Owen is trying ro fill with Emma the place left empty by Cristina.
      It’s not fair on Emma either. As much as I really want to see this “relationship” (ah ah ah ) tank spectacularly, I almost feel sorry for that character (sometimes… just a little :D ).
      Emma is a piece that needs to fit in.
      They are trying to make it reasonable for Cristina to leave.
      They are shooing her away from all her connections and bonds at GSMH.
      Callie is on Owen’s side. Meredith is throwing tantrums.
      Owen is dating someone who fits in like a piece of a puzzle. Cristina only has Shane now. There’s no room for her here anymore.

  9. Today I saw Owen in season 5 and it seems another person. Where is the greater Hunt? it seems that Owen is trying to convince himself that it can go ahead with Emma but it still seems too tied to Cristina. Perhaps it would be better to take a break to figure out what you really want: a new partner or a child? I think it would need a true friend like Teddy who can help him and be near him right now so difficult. It would be interesting if she came back in the 11 season when Cristina will be no more.

  10. Sorry I’m a bit late commenting, but GA doesn’t compel me to go online and look what’s going on so much anymore.
    I’m finding Owen moving on apparently so completely really odd. There’s no longing looks at Cris. She seems to be colleague who happens to be his ex wife. With the Derek R thing, you knew that Mer still stirred strong feelings in Der. Maybe it will be rekindled nearer the end of S10 for us to feel really sad that Crowen will be no more in S11.

    I still loathe the way the SL is working out between Cris and her former BFF. Cris is gonna succeed with huge plaudits at the expense of Mer’s research. Just can’t see a way back from that for them

  11. Owen moving on feels to me like acting.. in the acting.
    I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I really hope that storyline is not over. That would leave a very sour taste for Crowen’s fans.
    I can’t believe that we will have Cristina just for a few more episodes and then no more. So sad. It’s the end of an era. Grey’s lost a little bit of sparkle with the whole Crowen mess (and also Calzona mess). I hope they figure out other interesting ways to use Owen’s character or his character becomes pointless.
    I hope that they introduced Emma’s character just to have other ways to create drama. I want to see that rebound-fling going DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN! XD