Review: I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me

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Each episode of Grey’s Anatomy is so wonderful and emotion evoking, that it NEEDS to be discussed, and we here at GG love to see what other people have to say about the show, so check out this great review of five episodes of GA’s 10th season!

The past month’s worth of Grey’s Anatomy has been an… interesting experience to say the least. There’s been good, there’s been bad, and then there’s been downright ugly, but I think the most interesting thing of all has been that I just haven’t found myself all that invested in what’s been going on. At least, for the most part.

All in all, most of the most recent episodes just haven’t felt important. “Map of You,” while a fun episode, seemed to be more intent on making cool transitions than having an actual interesting plotline, especially considering there seemed to be way more focus placed on a coffee mug than was necessary (granted, I realize the mug was the through-line of the cool transitions, but it was just odd). The episode was directed by one of the show’s longtime editors, which would explain the idea behind trying out the new transitions technique, but in the end I felt like I wasn’t even watching Grey’s Anatomy. It was actually kind of fascinating to me to see just how much just a simple change in editing changed the entire feel of the show itself, because I felt like I was watching something completely different, which I think may be the first time in ten seasons I’ve felt that way. Even when Grey’s Anatomy has tried something new or done a one-off episode, such as season six’s “I Saw What I Saw,” or the softball episode in season eight, or eventhe musical episode, I still felt like I was watching Grey’s Anatomy. But this? This did not feel like Grey’s Anatomy and it kind of messed with my head. It was really strange.

I enjoyed watching Grey’s Anatomy celebrate Halloween again in “Thriller” though. It’s always interesting to me to see which holidays the show decides to celebrate and when, but Halloween has only been celebrated once before in the entirety of the show’s run, so it was fun to see it revisited years later and with several new characters involved. I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that the show implemented cheesy “scary” music and odd plot points, like the woman with the freaky eyes who kept asking for the not-so-dearly departed Dr. Brooks, but there was a lot of fun to be had in this episode. Case in point: Derek and Ben spending a majority of the episode working on repairing Zola’s butterfly wing costume.

It was “Two Against One” that had me ready to jump ship, however. (Which is a lie, because I’ll never stop watching this show, but sometimes you have to be dramatic to drive a point home.) I’m not sure I’ve ever disliked an episode of Grey’s Anatomy as much as I disliked this one. It’s quite likely that this episode will go down as my least-favorite episode of this show ever. Nothing about this episode felt right, nothing about this episode was appealing, and it was made all-the-worse by the clumsy introduction of Bailey’s apparent OCD. Not only did it seem to appear out of nowhere, but it was handled awfully awkwardly in terms of how it was portrayed on-screen. And even now, after seeing the two episodes that came after this one, I’m still not quite sure I understand the point of this storyline. It would’ve made perfect sense and fit completely hand-in-hand with Bailey’s storyline at the end of the ninth season, when she was being investigated by the CDC. But it feels like we’ve already gone down this path, and we’ve gone down this path not only in a better storyline but just only at the end of the previous season. So what’s the point? We’ve already seen Bailey get shaken up – to the point where she wouldn’t even operate, and it took Meredith being on the table with her life endangered to snap her out of that. I’m certain that this new development in Bailey’s life is heading somewhere, and so I’m remaining optimistic that I’ll like the end result, but for now I’m not a fan of this storyline. I think it’s likely that Ben’s decision to quit school and return to Seattle and Grey Sloan Memorial has something to do with Bailey’s OCD, but I just didn’t like the introduction or handling of this storyline. Mostly, I think I just have a hard time watching Bailey suffer. It’s not fun watching her go through tough things, and having just watched her struggle at the end of season nine, I was hoping we’d get back to seeing the strong, confident Bailey we all love so much. I guess not.


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  1. Ditto and amen! I’ve loved this show from the pilot to this season.
    I have a guess as to why I haven’t felt very much about the 10th season so far. Ms. Rhimes is spending her precious writing time mid-wife to her other outstanding series – Scandal. She hired a new set of writers (dear God why does this always happen?) who just don’t get the Grey’s zeitgeist.
    Baily suddenly presents as having OCD? Seriously?
    Owen’s post-passion, post-divorce with Cristina choice is Emma who blends into her white lab coat do very well. She’s got eggs she may want fertilized at some point in the future… but whatever.
    No believable heat with any if the couples. The cheif being kept in bed this long bridges the reality gap. The only episode with a payient whose case was worth watching was the Callie-centric one. The father/daughter revelation and her situational ethics regarding the overlooked letter from yhe company making the joint she installed in the Olympian dnowboarder were enough to make her hotel room doorway request to Arizona feasible. I was glad Callie got Arizona’s confession (10+) but putting the truth finding on Callie’s plate while she’s in the midst of a surgery with Arizona & Leah??? What the…?!
    And Callie swollows this and only needs one night to move through it, process it, knowing Leah will be in her face for years to come? Puhlease! All she needs is one more night with Arizona on the couch & then dhe can sleep with her back Iin their bed.
    The writers are all over the place with stiry through lines that make little sense and character arc that beg the question,”Who is doing LSD in the writers’ room?” I will assume the only way two women can say goodbye (Cristina’s exit) in the writers’ minds is to have them be catty and use their minions to actually fuel the fight sbout nothing. If I hear one more eord about the 3D printer I swear I will throw something st my flat panel! They’ve been close through thick & thin, been each other’s “person” with & without men in their lives. Strong, scary-smart women don’t do and say what they have these these two doing & saying so far this season. Bah humbug!
    Here’s my holiday wish… Shonda, please end this show this season and get the writers you had back. I’m begging here.There will be no ratings if the focus becomes the new crop of interns. As your characters have often had to say after a bad outcome in the OR, “We did everything we could. I am so, so sorry.”

    • Please excuse my horrific typos. Using my smartphone wasn’t very smart of me. It’s very late in my time zone. Hope you can figure out what I was trying to say.

  2. I just read the 6 reasons a TV Guide writer gave for letting go of Grey’s… exactly what I wrote a while ago. Guess I’m not so out of the box about this. I’d gladly offer my services for free to Shondaland if they’ll lick up the tab for the flight to LA, food and a hotel room. Been writing for TV since the late 1980′s and I joined the WGA East. What I do now is produce & direct in film. But it would be my pleasure to help bring this show to a good close. Get it back on track, tie up any loose strings. It’s the kind way… like letting go when you can’t do anymore for a terminal patient. The show might be able to afford the original cast’s salaries if the dead weight of the newbies IS jettisoned. You have to know when to cut bait. Right?

  3. Bailey is having to adjust to Ben living with her, rather than the very loved up reunions which made everything so exciting when they were together briefly. I feel the OCD SL is happening cos they need this Bailey SL cos GA is going on too long.