TVGuide’s 6 Reason to Give Up on Grey’s

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I don’t know about you, but Grey’s Anatomy is an addiction I have no intention of quitting, however, 10 seasons is a long run, and in that time, a lot of story lines have been done, and done again; while this doesn’t bother me in the slightest, not everyone feels the same. Liz Raftery of TVGuide has compiled a list of 6 reasons she’s giving up on Grey’s.

1. The plot lines feel inconsistent to the established character histories. The ridiculous emergence of Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) obsessive-compulsive disorder is just the latest unforeseen crisis to pop up, only to be — hopefully, in this case — quashed a couple of episodes later via a half-hearted resolution. (See also: Alex’s daddy issues, Calzona’s attempt at therapy.) Shondaland is playing narrative Whac-a-Mole, and it’s not working. Would it kill them to develop a long-form narrative and stick with it? Grey’s Anatomy has never been entirely plausible, but the producers are really scraping the bottom of the plot barrel this season. Webber’s (James Pickens Jr.) stubbornness in his hospital bed is a yawn-worthy story line that needs to be put to bed ASAP. Oh, and did I mention that Bailey has OCD? Bailey has OCD.

2. Those interns — ugh! The biggest elephant-in-the-operating-room is the latest herd of interns— who, yes, are no longer interns, but still deserve to be referred to as such. All of them either fall into the category of “boring,” “awful” or “dead.” (RIP, Brooks (Tina Majorino), even though no one but Smash from Friday Night Lights Shane (Gaius Charles) really cared when you died.) The relationship between Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers), which hasn’t even gotten off the ground, is already exhausting. The one who’s dating Jackson (Jesse Williams) — I call her “Lasik” — is such a nonentity that I don’t even know her name. And don’t even get me started on the — now-defunct, fingers crossed — dalliancebetween Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and the annoying Leah (Tessa Ferrer). A great way to solve the hospital’s budget problem would be to shed these guys’ salaries. Another character who should be shown the door? April (Sarah Drew). Her celibacy stance started out as a nice diversion from the hospital staff’s game of musical beds, but now it’s just kind of lame. And it’s really hard to root for her and Matthew (Justin Bruening), knowing that he’s just her backup plan after Jackson rejected her advances.

3. Sandra Oh is already tiptoeing out the door. Cristina Yang’s story line this season — the petty arguments with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), the ridiculous flirtation with Smash Shane — is such an obvious, predictable means to telegraph Sandra Oh’s upcoming departure that it’s almost insulting, to both Oh and the audience. Probable spoiler alert: Yang is going to realize that her relationship with Meredith (fka her person) won’t ever be what it once was, and that it’s just too difficult to be around Owen (Kevin McKidd) as he’s trying to move on, so she’s going to bid farewell to Seattle and move on with her life. See what they’re doing there? If the story is going to continue this way, it might be best to just get rid of Cristina mid-season, rather than dragging this out to the end.


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What do you think, Gabblers? Has season 10 tempted you to jump ship too?

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  1. I completely agree with this list. I have always loved Grey’s and I continue to watch…but it’s mostly out of obligation at this point, not because I think there’s still a good story here.

    The drawn out storyline of the crumbling relationship between Meredith and Cristina is a slap in the face, to the viewers as well as Sandra Oh. She deserves a much better send-off than what she is getting so far.

  2. I hope the fact that the press is starting to write articles on how bad it’s gotten gets through.

    I don’t know if it’s the new writers that just don’t respect the history of the show and the characters. The viewers know and expect the writers and show runners to do the same.

    I know that they want the show to continue on for years. But, it seems like we’re watching almost a new show this year. One that really doesn’t have anything to do with the past 9 seasons.

    The one happy couple they can’t seem to write for. Happy couples have issues too.

    The ones that aren’t happy, they’re not writing for that much. It’s stop and starts.

    Cristina and Meredith. This is a travesty to their characters history. They’ve been angry at each other before, but, they haven’t been mean. Meredith is so focused on proving herself, that she can’t see the forest through the trees and she’s failing at home and at work. And it’s sending the wrong message. You think writers that are mostly female would take a different route. Personally, I think Meredith was much happier with her life doing her thing. When she was being a kick ass surgeon that made the choice to cut her schedule back because I think she enjoys being a mother. And now we’re seeing signs that their arrangement, Derek and Meredith’s is costing Derek in ways that he didn’t anticipate. He loves being a father, but, Derek isn’t one that sits on the sidelines, not being in the OR. He’s a kick ass neurosurgeon and we don’t get to see that side of him.

    Callie and Arizona. Good lord. Maybe, if they actually delved into this the entire season so far. But, it’s a one episode stroke.

    I’m just worried that is how they’re going to go about fixing what’s broke. A one episode tie up.

    Richard needs to get out of bed. I know he’s Richard, but, he’d have been transferred to a rehab facility by now. Unless, he’s paying for his own medical care. He’s not in the hospital for medical necessity, at this point. Insurance companies to pay for people not wanting to leave the hospital. LOL.

  3. This article pointed out what’s wrong with the season so far. And someone from the show read and commented on the article. “Don’t give up just right yet, guys/gals! There’s some really BIG stuff coming up in the next two episodes” So hope somehow there’s gonna be changes in the second part of the season.

    The interns are everywhere, in every scene. Good lord. STOP IT.

    The Mer/Cristina storyline is horrible, this seasons they should have honoured the friendship, that was such a big part of the show for 10 seasons. They could have shown the fun side, the banter between them, going jogging, gossip, dance it out and at Joe’s doing tequila shots.. anything that they did during the past 10 seasons. And the audience remember the last season of these two as fun. And honour the characters, Ellen and Sandra.

    The Calzona storyline – so forced, awkward and predictable.

    MerDer – just a 30 seconds bookends with no real storyline.. nothing. This could be Ellen and Patrick’s last season and they don’t have anything.

    Worst season!

    • What I don’t understand is how Tony and Joan have let it get this bad. They’ve been with Grey’s since the beginning. And they’re just giving a big FU to the fans of the show. That’s what Shonda does. They’re leaving at the end of the season. Let Stacey and William take over, now and do their writing.

      They all have to know by now that people are upset. Didn’t Tony tweet over the summer that they’d heard the fans and that they’re fixing it? And what do they do? Make the show all about the new characters at the expense of the originals. When cast mates have to come out and defend the new characters because it’s gotten bad on social media, than something is not right.

      Sandra deserved so much better. I’m having a hard time believing that she still thinks this story line between Mer/Cris is beautiful. She said this when they’d only filmed a few episodes. Ellen is not liking it. I can understand why. Meredith and Cristina aren’t acting like themselves, at all. Cristina could have left because she gets an offer she can’t refuse. Sandra saying that she’d taken Cristina as far as she could. Well, the writers haven’t. Trashing a relationship that everyone says is the heart of the show?

      And how are they going to wrap up the Crowen relationship? I feel for the Crowen fans. Is that going to be rushed? Are they going to just start sleeping together because? Are they going to give it last ditch effort in trying to ignore what can’t be ignored anymore? Kevin was worried about his character after Sandra leaves. I think he should be. Owen is a great character and he deserves better. They all do.

      And this might be Ellen and Patrick’s last season. Patrick has said that a lot of his staying depends on the writing. He was really excited about 10×06 “Map of you” because it started the brain mapping story line which he’s excited for. Not only for Derek, but, also Derek and Meredith.

      Callie and Arizona. Oy. Again, if they didn’t have two very likable actresses that are fan favorites.

      My hope is that the first dreg of the season was to try to get us to care about the new residents, which has failed and the second half is to remind us why we cared in the first place about Grey’s.

      The characters that the audience fell in love with, as well as the actors, are the only thing keeping it afloat.

      These resident’s are second year, don’t they have interns to teach off screen? LOL.

  4. I so agree with you all on what you have written.

    The new interns – ok we’ve seen them now, now please STOP giving them that much screentime and start focusing in the htings we really care about! If they are planning on setting up the show around these interns if more maikn characters leave, I will NOT be watching! They are just bad actors, period!

    This season is really at a low point so far, and they have to step it up big time if they want to continue for years on, and also if they want to keep the original cast. I cannot imagine that they all want to continue portraying “half-way-done” storylines…

  5. I can’t stand any of the interns especially the one with jackson. Him and April need one more ride at the carnival like she said to get the relationship going, before he ends up stopping the wedding. Yang needs to stops acting like a punk and go back to herself to leave with a bang. I love the show even though it needs some work!

  6. Auseillo stated that GA will have a S11 already. I nearly wrote S111, it’ll probably go on that long. LOL

    How many of the original writers are left? I think the inconsistencies and SL fault lines with errors aplenty is due to producers leaving and Shonda concerning herself with newer projects. I think the fans pick up mistakes because they know GA better than the writers do.

    It feels like the writers were obligated the last two seasons to have the interns get involved with the attendings so the GA fans would at least identify them. Webber’s SL seems to be be like a record that’s got stuck playing the same groove over and over again i.e. train the interns.

    Calzona always struck me as the most in snyc couple, now they have to have their problems. I’m not convince that Arizona won’t stray again. Why isn’t Ben more than a reoccuring character? I still dislike Kepner. The sneak peak intros by the actors make me turn the volume down.

    The SL that’ll put me off buying the S10 dvd will be MerCris one. It would seem no one can have love/ a BFF & a career, or love / family/ a BFF and a career. :( :(