“Every doctor has a dirty little secret. We’re all competitive science nerds.  In grade school, we made the biggest and the best volcanoes which erupted actual fake molten lava.  In junior high, we spent hours laboring over our rat mazes.  So that one day, we’d be the person who changed the face of medicine.  Forever.”

Two words: Kepner. Overload. If you haven’t already watched, be prepared because that’s exactly what you’ll get this episode and I’m not just talking about April.  We’re talking April times 3!  April’s sisters come to town to throw her a bridal shower however things don’t go exactly as planned!  Turns out April’s sisters aren’t quite what you’d expect them to be.  IE: Generous, loving, accepting… blah, blah, blah.  In fact, they’re downright rude, especially to the bride-to-be herself!  Since childhood, the Kepnerettes (as Sarah Drew calls them) dubbed April as Ducky (as in Ugly Duckling) since she spent most of her childhood embracing life with acne, braces, and following in the shadows of her more beautifully gifted sisters.  It isn’t until they’ve pushed April too far when they humiliate her at her own bridal shower when April finally gets the guts to stand up to her sisters and tell them enough is enough with this Ducky business! April is so ticked she even goes as far as firing them all from their bridesmaid duties and enlists her fellow co-workers Cristina, Meredith and Arizona to take their place!  (I have to admit, I was pretty amazed and impressed with April’s sudden outburst!  Besides, her wedding will be way more fun with her new wedding party than the old one!) Side note: Anyone else get a major kick out of the expressions on Mer, Cristina and Arizona’s faces when they heard the news?  Pure comedy gold!

Meanwhile, Stud 1 and Stud 2 (aka Jackson and Matthew) finally break the awkward barrier that’s been looming between the two over April and Matthew’s upcoming nuptials.  Kind of.  Away from the hospital, the two randomly run into a victim in need of an emergency tracheotomy and it’s Matthew that doesn’t waste any time stepping up and taking care of the job.  Only Jackson makes it blatantly obvious he doesn’t approve.  After the two guys go head to head on how one would’ve done the job better than the other, they somehow end on good terms with Matthew even going as far as insisting Jackson attend the wedding! Wait, wha??  Yep.  Now it’s a waiting game to see if Jackson actually attends… and how does it go? Speaks now or forever holds his peace?…

Alex’s dad makes an unruly appearance in the episode when he shows up at the hospital in dire need of medical attention from trying to get clean.  As luck would have it, Jo happens to be one of the first people Jimmy runs into but turns him away, insisting his efforts to get sober be taken up with a rehab center.  As if on cue, Jimmy collapses and Owen gives orders that Jo take him on as a patient.  Jo tries her hardest to help but when Jimmy goes into a withdrawal-induced rampage, he slams her against a wall, forcing Alex to step in and come to her rescue.  Alex insists he leaves and goes to a rehab clinic where he belongs but it’s Jo that insists Jimmy stay and try to get clean at the hospital.  How long will Jimmy hold on without the alcohol and drugs now that he knows Alex is his son?

That awkward moment when you see Cristina and Shane in an on-call room.  Yeah.  The writers actually went there.  Um, er… besides that….. Cristina, with a huge audience watching her every move during surgery, implants the 3D printed valve into her infant patient and at first the surgery looks unsuccessful.  Simultaneously, Stephanie and Meredith are performing surgery a few ORs down the hall and implant their 3D printed portal vein into a sheep.  That’s right, a sheep. At first, their surgery looks to be successful to which Stephanie celebrates a little too soon.  Later, Shane (who is extremely crabby at the thought of having lost to Meredith and Stephanie) begrudgingly congratulates Meredith for having won the “competition”.  Meredith, unamused with Shane’s recent disrespectful ‘tude, confronts Cristina on the matter to which Cristina becomes snippy, assuming Meredith is insinuating she is the reason for Shane’s unpleasant demeanor. Still with me?  Naturally as one would think, this causes the wedge between Meredith and Cristina to further widen, and the two end up fighting once again.  Sigh.  When will this feud ever end?  Side note:  Cristina and Shane’s surgery was successful and saved the infants life while Stephanie and Meredith’s surgery….well, didn’t have the same result.

Miranda is forced to face her OCD head on when Owen appoints a therapist to follow her every move, further bringing her issues to the surface.  Bailey refuses her need for medication to help control the issues but a supportive and encouraging conversation with Richard who compares her condition to his alcoholism brings to light that it’s inevitable Bailey can’t do this by herself.  With Richard’s help, Bailey surrenders to her fight against reality and takes the first pill that will hopefully get her back to being the strong-willed, determined, likeable Bailey we all so terribly miss.

Callie and Arizona continue on with Mission: Reinstate Marital Bliss but hit a few more road blocks along the way.  (Bickering, lack of communication, wrong assumptions being a few of the said road blocks.)  It isn’t until the last few minutes of the episode where things take a somewhat unexpected twist when Callie becomes so fed up with the fighting that she plants one on Arizona to silence the feud.  Both come to the realization that they’d fight less if they talked less but, call me crazy, something tells me this isn’t the last of their battles.  Temporary fix?  Maybe.  Best way to handle and confront their underlying issues? Absolutely not.  To be continued….

“You hope for the best and you stick with it, day in and day out. Even if you’re tired, even if you want to walk away.  You don’t.  Because you are a pioneer.  But nobody ever said it’d be easy.”

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  1. R is horrid to Mer when there are no witnesses around, At some point R will seriously go out of line and maybe the other docs will realise how warped R is becoming. Watch out Cris and Mer!

  2. I seriously was left speechless after this episode. It was so appalling bad. It’s like the writers are purposely trying to tank the show.

    I threw up in my mouth a little when they showed Cristina and Ross in bed together. I know the Crowen fans were worried that they’d see Owen and Emma in bed together. But, ick. And Cristina, praising him for his so-called prowess? And them doing it in the on-call room, like she wants to be caught.

    And what is with her continuing to let Ross call all of the shots? And what’s with Owen letting him?

    Ross’ attitude with Meredith, please, sit down and shut up. He acted like a spoiled little brat when he thought she had success and Cristina and through her, he, didn’t. He’s going to cross a line. Right now, he’s only doing it in private, so to speak. Ross, does someone have to remind you that Meredith walked you through your surgery on her, while she was laying on the table, as you were freaking out? Yeah, that Dr. Grey. And guess what Ross, you still didn’t get the conduit right, it was too small. Good job there, Sharkey. If Cristina wasn’t as good as she is, that baby would most likely not be alive. No thanks to you.

    I appreciated the change in Meredith. From her interactions with Edwards. I’m thinking since she didn’t lose her funding, that took a lot of the smarts away. And she became a great teacher. She was human to Edwards and in turn treated Edwards like a human being. Not some clone.

    And thanks, Meredith for voicing it out load, there is something very wrong with Ross. Very wrong and I’m afraid it’s going to come and bite Cristina in the behind.

    Now, it’s Cristina’s turn to take what Meredith said wrong. Understandable. They’re not on the best terms. But, c’mon. Quit defending the guy and sleeping with him.

    I wonder if Meredith finds out about the two of them. I’m just wondering why Cristina tells her to go to hell. We saw Meredith’s bitchy side, I guess, it’s time to show Cristina’s. Or maybe, Owen does take Emma to the wedding?

    I have to laugh, Callie and Arizona have Derek to thank for finally having sex with each other, if that’s what happened. LOL.

    How many times and different ways do the writers, the show runners and ABC need to be told that the fans are very unhappy. Maybe, giving the fans a big FU isn’t the way to go.

    Sandra deserves so much better.

    Kevin deserves so much better.

    Ellen and Patrick deserve so much better.

    Sara and Jessica deserve so much better.