Art Imitating Life?

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If you’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy during this 10th season, you should be familiar with the idea that Meredith Grey has introduced to the hospital…the wonders of 3D printing for medical use!  But have you ever wondered what something like this would look like in real life? Check this out!

Technology is fascinating. And I know you can find pretty much anything on the Internet, but the fact that this dad found the directions to create what he did is pretty darn amazing.

(Source|Upworthy/CBS Evening News via YT)

What an awesome story! Though this phenomenon may not be all that new, it’s crazy how quickly and profoundly technology continues to advance! And although we’ve been seeing the wonders of 3D printing being played out on-screen by “doctors”, it’s amazing to think that something so completely dynamic is available to be utilized by ordinary folks like you and me :)

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  1. This is awesome!!!