CROWEN RECAP – 10 x 12 Get Up, Stand Up

By @Cinderoni

This is the first episode in a long time that I actually think I don’t mind writing the recap. It is no secret that I have been terribly bitter by the whole Crowen storyline, especially in Sandra’s last season. The episode was mainly about April and Matthew’s wedding but there was so much other things going on at the same time. Owen and Cristina interacted mainly on a professional basis but there was a significant moment later on in the episode.

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The episode opens with Cristina at a press conference for her Nathan Glazier surgery. The flashes from the cameras are blinding and she looks very uncomfortable. On either side of her are Shane and Owen. (Kinda weird since she has slept with both of them. Though I do wonder why Shane is there because he is a second year resident and the assisting surgeon was actually Alex). Meredith is also there at the press conference.

Owen introduces her to the press. She thanks him and immediately starts to fumble. She does not seem as strong and confident as she usually is.  In fact, she sounds extremely cautious. We will find out later why she is acting this way. Cristina says the procedure is so relatively untried that the associated risks are unusually high but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try. Meredith seems to be looking a bit resentful.

Cristina closes her folder and Owen asks if she is okay. She says yes and continues in the same halting voice. She says that fortunately, the patient is responding well for now. His vitals are stable and the hope is that they will continue. “And if it does, I am cautiously optimistic that we can call the procedure a success,” she says.

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Shane butts in and grabs the microphone, saying that home run is a better word. “Dr Yang hit a home run. Thanks to her, baby Nathan is thriving this morning.” Meredith has a quizzical look on her face, while Owen and Cristina gave Shane the death glare. Clapping ensues from the press corps. As usual, this is a case of Shane overstepping his boundaries. He doesn’t seem to remember that he is just a second year resident and therefore, should have said nothing. His cockiness is bound to get him into trouble, as we saw later in the episode.

After the conference, we see Owen, Cristina and Shane coming out of the room. Shane is particularly ebullient as he says that it went pretty well. Cristina is still steamed from him butting in at the press conference and immediately, turns on him. She tells him he is off her service and he has got to be over his hours. She tells him to go home and take a day off.

Shane is flabbergasted, saying “What?” Cristina answers him that he doesn’t know to keep his mouth shut. Shane argues that the press needed to hear that it was extraordinary. Cristina cuts him off and says that she is not comfortable speaking for her, especially about this case.

Owen defends Shane, saying that he said what needed to be said. He tells Cristina that she was not comfortable at all and she was tanking in there. In the meantime, Shane is tapping on his tablet, trying to prove that he is not over his hours. He says that he is only at 68 hours for the week. We find out later that that he has been fudging on his hours, so he can continue to work.

Owen leaves, telling her that JAMA wants an interview in Conference Room C and it should be short. Cristina then tells Ross that she is worried about him and that he has been going too fast lately. She says that she is not the only one who has noticed it. Shane is ready to find out who has been talking smack about him. He asks if he has screwed up. Cristina tells him that his work has been great. Shane touches her arm and says that he thinks what he knows this is and that she needs to work off some tension. (Get your arm off her, Shane. Don’t you dare touch her). She shrugs off his arm and tells him that they were not going to do that anymore. (And this is the point that I fall on my knees and give praise. Hallelujah! No more scenes of Shane and Cristina in the on-call room).

Shane asks if she is worried that he would think it is more than it is, he doesn’t. “It’s just to relax you,” he says in his seductive voice. (Blech). Cristina tells him that he is the one that needs to relax. Shane insists that he is fine. She tells him to go home.

After leaving Cristina and Shane, Owen has headed to the room, where Derek and Callie are doing their brain mapping project. He tells Derek that the guys from Kleiss Neuroscience will be here in 20 minutes. Derek begs off, saying that once he is done here, he is going to take baby Bailey to music class. Callie is curious and asks what it is about. Derek shrugs it off, saying it is just a thing. Owen counters that it is just not a thing because it is the presidential initiative on brain mapping.

Callie protests, saying that they are now starting Phase 2. She says that Derek’s brain is hers now. Derek says he will get rid of them. Owen says he will not and he is going to say yes to them. Before he leaves, Owen asks if they are going to Kepner’s wedding and they both answer in the affirmative. He seems to be asking everyone this as he also asks the three residents, Jo, Stephanie and Leah if they were going, as he passes them in the corridor.

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He is quite busy as he is now headed to the printer room, where they have set up a photographic session for Cristina and the printer. Meredith and Stephanie are there, printing another portal vein. He tells Meredith that the press wants a picture of the printer. Meredith thinks it is about her research but it is not. Owen says it is about the Nathan Glazier case. Meredith protests a bit, saying that it her work that is being printed. Owen tells her that that’s okay because no one would know. Cristina says that they can come back but Meredith and Stephanie make movements to leave. Cristina stands by the printer, while the photographer takes pictures. She looks very uncomfortable.

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Cristina is still being endlessly photographed, when April comes looking for her. It is April’s wedding day and she is hunting down bridesmaids. April says almost sarcastically that Cristina is the magical healer of children and tells the photographers that they are done now. As she drags Cristina away, the photographers are still asking for more photos. Cristina asks April why was she in the hospital, since it is her wedding day. “Are you bailing on your wedding?” April denies this and she says that she needs her to come with her.

In the meantime, Derek and Owen are meeting with the Kleiss neuroscience people. Derek has baby Bailey with him because remember, the baby was supposed to go to music class. That baby is too cute. One of the neuroscience guys mentions that the president has launched an initiative to devise a full and complete map of the human brain. They want Derek to consult long distance and they offer him a lot of moolah but he is not interested. He says he doesn’t have the time. They have a movie to show him and Owen insists that Derek watches it.

Now we see why April has kidnapped Cristina. She wants her to get fitted in her bridesmaid dress. April has also dragged Meredith to get fitted. Cristina is already there, standing on a pedestal, with a pink bridesmaid dress on. A seamstress is doing all the nips and tucks on the dress.

April tells Meredith that she has bailed on all of her fittings so she has brought the seamstress to her. “You will look pretty for my wedding,” April insists. Meredith reluctantly steps forward and puts herself in the hands of the seamstress. April is livid, pointing out that as bridesmaids; they are supposed to be doing stuff for her. This said, she disappears from the room.

As Meredith gets undressed, she tells Cristina that she saw her press conference and asks what happened to her up there. Cristina has a confession to make. She says that she was supposed to say what she did but she wasn’t sure. Meredith asks what she meant by that. Cristina says she isn’t sure why the kid is still alive. Meredith replies if she thought the conduit would fail.

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Cristina admits the conduit did fail.  “We adjusted but I didn’t know what I did, Mer. It’s like slapping the side of a TV. It fixed but I am not sure how. I feel like a complete fraud.”

Meredith asks why she didn’t mention that to anyone. Cristina says, “To whom, Mer? You weren’t talking to me. Alex was against me. I had no one. It was his best shot.” Meredith replies that Cristina was right. They were in two different places. “I mean I may overreach and I may have something to prove but I will never be arrogant as you are.”

Of course, Cristina did not take this, too well, as she tells Meredith to go to hell. “I have listened to your crap for weeks now and I’m not going to stand here and take it, anymore,” she declares.

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Back to the conference room, the Kleiss neuroscience people have finished their video. Owen says it was very impressive, while Derek still maintains that he is overextended. Owen is trying to get Derek to reconsider, noting that all they want is a consult and not relocation. The neuroscience guys confirm all they want from him is a couple of visits every few months. Derek maintains he doesn’t have the time. Besides, he doesn’t agree with their approach and tells them that they are looking at a planet. What they should be doing is taking a step back and looking at the universe.

He then makes an analogy which I hope Owen will take to heart. I hope he remembers this. Derek’s analogy is about kissing. “You don’t kiss someone by just puckering you lips. You see someone and you remember why you desire them. Your sympathetic nervous system quickens your pulse, your frontal lobe lowers your inhibitions and you need to kiss them. It happens all at once. We’re compulsive and impulsive. That’s how the brain works.”

This is how it is when Cristina and Owen are alone in a room together. I wished they had shown Owen’s reaction as Derek was making this analogy. You can see from Cristina and Owen’s kisses how much they desire each other. They have this need to kiss each other in the passionate way that only they do. So, take note, Owen that is how your brain works, whenever you want to kiss Cristina. It certainly isn’t that way when you give Emma all those chaste pecks.

One of the Kleiss guys finally gets what Derek is trying to say. He says that they have to stop looking at what they do but why they do it. He then tries to explain to his colleagues. Derek gets up to leave and Owen asks where he’s going. Derek says they are finally starting to get it.

Back in the makeshift fitting room, Cristina and Meredith are continuing to argue. Cristina is halfway dressed. Cristina tells Meredith it is impossible to give 100 percent to your family and 100 percent to your job. Meredith counters that it is because Cristina keeps screwing with her research. Cristina replies that her borrowing the printer had nothing to do with the dead sheep. “Did you ever think that maybe your research is failing all on its own?”

Meredith gets offended and says sarcastically it is because she is a terrible doctor. Cristina argues that she never said that and that Meredith had said she was a terrible person over and over because “I don’t agree with you, because I’m committed to my work, because I don’t want a baby? When did I become such a monster to you?”

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Shane suddenly bursts into the room but Cristina wants him to go away. But he persists, saying that she should know what she did and she is downplaying it. Cristina tells him to get out and go home. Meredith has a smug expression as she realizes something.

Shane says he was right. They got an email from the Harper Avery Foundation, requesting a case study and patient status. “You are in consideration for this year’s award,” he tells her in glee. Cristina reads the email and sighs. Meredith’s expression has changed to envy.

Meredith and Cristina continue to argue. “I can compete as a mother and a surgeon. You just think I can’t compete against you,” Meredith screams.

Cristina says that Meredith can’t because this is all she does. “This is all I want to do. Don’t whine to me because you made a decision you regret now.”

Meredith scoffs, “You think I regret my family?” Cristina says that she thinks that Meredith feels left behind and that it sucks for her but no one forced her out of the game. Meredith insists that she is not out of the game. “I just won’t sabotage my friends to do it.”

Cristina asks if she thinks that is what she does. Meredith replies that’s what sharks do and that Cristina had said that on their very first day.  Cristina replies that she had been talking about Meredith, then.

Meredith asks how long has she been sleeping with Shane.  Cristina’s face indicates that she is shocked. That fling with Shane was clearly on the down low. Meredith continues, “He blushes at an exposed ankle. He saw you in your underwear and he didn’t bat an eye.”

Cristina notes that was really none of Meredith’s business. Meredith says that Cristina doesn’t have to justify it because he’s just hooking up with the best teacher to make sure he can get everything he can. “It’s what you did at med school and all through intern year. Congratulations. You’ve become the thing that you worship.” Cristina slams back, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.” Meredith’s expression shows that one really stung, as she leaves the room.

I was thinking what these seamstresses in the room are thinking as Meredith and Cristina air their dirty laundry. They pretend like they are not listening but this is hard to ignore.

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We next see Owen, meeting up with Derek, as he is headed to the elevator. Derek says he’s going to the wedding, since Owen has been yelling at people all day. Owen says he is going to change and get Emma. (Why? Owen, why?)

But there is another topic that he wants to broach. Owen asks about the Kleiss group. He says it wasn’t enough to turn them down but did Derek have to tear down everything they’re doing. Derek insists that he did want to help them but it was bad timing and that they needed him to keep his focus at GSMH. He reminds Owen that he wants to turn the place into an innovation hub.

Derek enters the elevator but Owen puts his hand to stop the doors from closing.  It is clear that Owen feels very strongly about this, given his military background and his innate belief about serving one’s country. Owen tells Derek it is his call to serve. “It is a presidential initiative. The president asks you to serve. You serve. You do what is asked of you.” Derek tells Owen that his military service was a calling and a sacrifice. This, Derek says, was about guys trying to score some government money and stacking the deck, using his name. He tells Owen that he appreciates how he feels but this isn’t quite like that. As the door close, Owen’s expression shows his grave dissatisfaction with Derek’s decision.

It is now later in the day at the venue where April is getting married. Meredith and Arizona are fixing April’s veil in the dressing room. They are all dressed in their wedding regalia. April is complaining that Cristina forgot and that she knew that one of them would forget. Cristina enters the room and April changes her tune from what she just said, as she says that she knew that Cristina would make it. April starts barking out instructions on where she would like her bridesmaids to stand but Cristina is not interested in listening.

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She is more interested in continuing her conversation with Cristina.  “How dare you say that I haven’t changed?” Cristina demands of Meredith. Meredith has said that she just doesn’t have to justify her choices to her.

Cristina wants to get it all out. “How dare you say that I am the same person before I got here, before I knew Burke and Owen and you. Your life looks different because it’s filled with houses and husbands and kids. And mine looks the same but I’m not. I’ve changed. I’m doing this alone. And that’s just as hard as what you’re doing. But I thought I would have at least you.”  That certainly gets Meredith’s attention as she finally tells her the truth that she was envious of Cristina.

Meredith admits, “I’m so jealous of you. I wanna set things on fire. You did what I tried to do and I couldn’t. And you don’t even know how you did it. You have nothing but time and focus. You’re not who we were when we got here. You are who we both set out to be.”

Cristina notes that Meredith became something that they never expected. She tells Meredith that she is as good a mother as she is a surgeon. She says that she is happy for her but they are growing apart.

Meredith says that she knows this and she doesn’t want to compete with her but they were always supposed to push each other and make each other better, since the day they met.

Cristina agrees. Both Meredith and Cristina start to speak at once and it is clear that they have come to an understanding. There is an acceptance of the differences in their lives. Folks, this hopefully seems to be it. This is the turning point where the Mertina friendship gets back on track. It may not be the same as it once was but I think the fighting is over. It is a good feeling. That story seems to have some resolution.

April finally has had enough of the squabbling. “Oh, shut up! Today is not the day. Super neat that you’re working your crap out. But not today.” Meredith and Cristina smile.

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After April has been properly fluffed out, the bride and bridesmaids are ready to leave the dressing area. Meredith opens the door to reveal Owen and Derek. Derek says he made it and he and Meredith disappear out of the room. April seems happy that Owen came. Owen chuckles and says that practically, the whole hospital is out there. April says, “really?”  In disbelief. Owen says that she is very well liked. The truth is that Owen has been telling everyone to attend April’s wedding, all day. It actually is quite sweet that he would do this.

April tells him that if it weren’t for him, none of this would have been happening to her. Owen and April have a very wonderful mentor-mentee relationship.  Owen tells her that she deserves it and she looks beautiful. April says thanks and he gives her a kiss on the cheek.

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Now we come to the wedding. Cristina is the last bridesmaid. Owen, with Emma next to him, stares at her as she passes with Emma at his side. Cristina gets some dirty looks from April’s sisters as she passes them. The Kepnerettes are still not pleased that they were replaced as bridesmaids. Cristina shoots them a dirty look back. It is one of the great comical moments of the episode.

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It is while Reverend Drew is speaking that we get the most significant Owen and Cristina moment. Reverend Drew says the phrase, “A promise we simply refuse to break.” She looks over at Owen. He gasps, he stares a bit and he looks down. He is clearly thinking about the two of them. Emma sits clueless next to Owen. Owen and Cristina still love each other.

Random thoughts about the episode

There were a couple of things in this episode that harkened back to previous episodes.

The most obvious was Avery remembering what Mark Sloan said about telling someone you love them. Avery clearly took that to heart when he stood up and declared his love to April in the middle of the wedding, leaving us with the cliff-hanger for the second half of the season. Even though it was highly expected by the fandom that he would do this, it still turned out to be one of the sweetest moments in Grey’s history. Of course, the “Total Eclipse of the Heart” background music added to the emotion of the moment. Though, I have to say poor Stephanie and poor Matthew, even though we already knew they were going to be the collateral damage of the Japril relationship.

When April told Owen that if it weren’t for him, none of this would be happening to her. That was probably true on two levels. He was the one who brought her back from the farm, after she failed her boards and gave her the job back, so she would be back at the hospital. He was also the one, who helped in the arrangements to make Matthew’s flash-mob proposal happen.

Shane failed in his attempt to be like Cristina, when he attempted to operate on Alex’s dad. While Cristina has always been able to pull through any of her brash moves, Shane proved he was not Cristina. There is only one Cristina. When he stepped into the elevator with his blood-soaked surgical gown, I was reminded of Cristina from Season 3, running to tell Webber about Burke’s hand. She, too, was also in a blood-soaked surgical gown.

Cristina and Meredith also spoke about the first day they met – the pilot episode way back in 2005, when Derek chose Meredith for Katie’s surgery and Cristina called her a shark.

As for Crowen, we are all probably wondering whether the shared look will be of significance for them for the upcoming second half of the season. This was also a scene that had a connection to a previous episode. When Cristina looked at Owen at this wedding, it was the same as when she looked at Owen at Izzie and Alex’s wedding in Season 5. This time and then, they were broken up.

Sadly, Sandra only has 12 episodes left and it just seems to be wasting away with the Emma storyline. Many of us would have hoped that Episode 12 would have been it for the Emma/Owen relationship but we can still take some consolation that Cristina ended it with Shane. Emma will probably be back in Episode 14 because the pattern is that they use her every other episode.  When will this end? I throw my hands in the air in despair.

Oh, by the way, let’s not forget, a momentous thing happened in this episode. Bokhee, our favorite surgical scrub nurse of all time, spoke for the first time in 10 seasons and she did it, while chiding Shane. Even better.

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  1. This is your best recap so far. Good job!

  2. Nice recap as always. I agree this was the first episode in quite some time that I became excited. The Crowen “look” had me right back longing for a reunion. Not that I ever stopped with with all the shows crap lately I was about ready to throw my hands in the air. I will always want them together and not sure if I’ll be able to watch after Sandra leaves but in the meantime give us Crowen!!!!

  3. If there is something I dislike is that Owen go find April on the farm, rather than go get Cristina to May.
    That is the character Owen has a lot of love, but never fight for Cris or the things you want.
    I really wish with all my heart that after that look to find your way back or whatever but speaking at once, this is the 6th season and I’m still waiting to have a deep conversation at the height of his characters. Time is running out and this wonderful love story deserves a great ending.
    In my case I leave,GA with Sandra.

    • He has never fought for Cristina??? Have you been watching the same show?

      • she constantly runs away, and pushes him away – how many times so far 10 or something like that?

      • That did for Cris, accept what she, opted . He ,locks himself . Tell me where I fight. No more to name the last, when Christ said, to , the dating other people to simply accept and started, out with the useless, tell me where struggle, ever quiet and suffer in silence but fight not ever, and if I see Greys since its first episode.
          Fight for love is to overcom all the obstacles that have for to conquer the one you love (when did this) .

  4. finally an exchange of glances between the Crowen … maybe Cristina regrets her choice? Owen is a great leader who takes care of all the problems the hospital is perhaps even better than Richard. was sweet with April she did not expect so much attention. Emma Owen alongside them during the ceremony and not even tell a joke … what sense has its presence when Owen has only eyes for Cristina?

  5. This is an episode full of significant glances for Cristina : glance of renewed complicity with Mer, glance of love and maybe regret with Owen.
    Maybe 2nd half of the season will see her start afresh with the most important persons in her life.
    Thank you again for your detailed recap.

  6. Thankyou for your recap.

    I am so relieved Cris has ended her ill advised daliance with R. I think it would have been impossible for her to have started a reconciliation with Mer if that had continued. R kept doing things that put Mer and Cris at odds.

    Mer and Cris being so close made it easy to make comments about each other that hurt. I hope we’re done with them being at odds because Mer is going to be absorbed in being mad at Der. I have a feeling that Owen will move in with Emma but have a big Cristina moment that he’ll feel guilty about ..

    • Please, no to Owen moving in with Emma. Just no. What do you mean by this moment that he will feel guilty about?