Calzona’s Bubble 10.12 and 10.13- A Review by @Sportsfan12921

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Calzona’s  Bubble 10.12 and 10.13

Howdy Gabblers!    Before I get into anything with these episodes, first I would like to apologize for my absence.  Without disclosing a ton of personal stuff, which I’m sure, would bore you,  sometimes life throws you curve balls and you have to take care of those things.   I will say, that having Grey’s did give me a place to de-stress and decompress (I know, hard to believe).  But now, I’m going to be caught up and should be in great shape as we start the journey of the second half of the season.   To get back on time, I’m going to do the review of 12/13 at the same time, kind of treating it as a two-part review.    So, without further delay….. Here we go!

Callie and Derek are starting phase 2…. When someone from the government wants to see Derek.  Probably one of my favorite Callie lines:  ” His brain is mine, Meredith can have all the rest, but his brain belongs to me”   And considering the call Derek gets at the end of this episode, I think he is going to hit some bumps in the road in his work with Callie.

Next, Arizona and Alex working together!!  Yay for team Peds!  Little Cody got run over by a tractor and when his Dad tells Arizona and Alex that he had been moving you can see by Arizona’s face that she is extremely worried about what moving him without waiting for an ambulance has done to him.   Arizona is trying to get Alex time with his dad, but Alex (1: being Alex and 2: being team Peds and they like to avoid stuff) wants in on the surgery.  You can tell from the way Alex is talking that there is going to be something with him and the Dad.

First scene with the ladies together, Arizona is operating and Callie is looking at x-rays to see what she can do about the broken neck.   Callie is excited about phase 2, so much so that she doesn’t pick up on Arizona not being excited about the line ” the goal is to get you back to where you were before” Now, personally, from Callie’s view, I think that she is trying to compensate for guilt over breaking her promise and from Arizona’s she is finally at a place that she doesn’t want to go back, but forward.   This scene tells us that they still haven’t really talked about this….. This will be important a little bit later.

Callie and Arizona working together in the OR…. Callie is asking if Arizona is going to where the leg with heels and Arizona cuts her off pretty quick. Alex and Callie are discussing the Dad’s bad choice in moving his son, and Arizona is seeing it from the dad’s point of view.  Leads to Arizona’s line “sometimes we try to make things better and we don’t realize we’re causing more pain”   That line is most definitely for Callie, but she doesn’t pick up on it.  I will admit, at this point I yelled at my TV: “WOULD YOU TWO JUST TALK ALREADY!!!!”

Arizona and Callie arrive at the wedding.   Callie wants to have a toast after to celebrate phase 2… When Arizona says “your research” Callie replies with “our research, you inspired it, I wouldn’t be doing it without you” Arizona tears up, Callie asks her why she’s crying.   Arizona responds with “weddings”, once again avoiding the needed conversation.   Keeping it in finally gets to Arizona and she has a meltdown on April.   We finally hear why Arizona cheated, because Boswell was attracted to her as she is now, not from before.    Arizona says she loves Callie, and she wants her back, she broke them and she wants to fix them, but Callie wants to fix her.  And Arizona is worried that now she isn’t enough.  That she is now in a good place with how she is now and it’s not fair, it’s not Callie’s fault she feels this  way.    So, my thoughts here:   Yay to finally hearing the why directly from Arizona. Just wish she was saying it to Callie and not April.  Interesting how now, Arizona talks to April in a way that is heading down the path of being similar to how Callie was with Mark.   Now, hopefully we will get the conversation.    Anyone else feel bad for April as her bridesmaids all have fights and breakdowns on her wedding day?   I did, a little bit, until of course the final scene.  Love when April loses it on them and they just don’t know what to do.


And to the wedding….. Love the look between Callie and Arizona.  It continues to give me hope :)  I don’t often comment on the music in episodes but I love the remake of “Total Eclipse of The Heart” that is used in the final scene.  It’s beautifully done.

And since I’m combining these two episodes, I’m going to go right into “Take it Back” and then put my final thoughts on the two together at the end :)

We pick up right where we left off……. April has chosen Jackson and off they  go……..    We get our first Calzona scene very quickly.  Arizona and Callie have drawn the duty of what to do with all the gifts.  Arizona is upset and Callie is trying to reassure her by saying “we’ll fix this” And that does it…. Arizona finally, finally says what she’s feeling.     And when she says “it’s not working and you know it”…. Callie just wants to go home and talk about it.  Arizona replies with “it’s not my home any more”   And at that moment every Calzona fan died a little bit.  We weathered everything to this point for this to happen?  You could hear the collective groan and my twitter timeline blew up.   And of course, we see what’s happening with others and then go to commercial.    Those smart folks over at Grey’s do indeed know how to get us going, don’t they?

We come back from commercial and its 3 weeks later, Arizona is walking with a realtor and saying “sometimes you just need a fresh start”……… and thank goodness… Callie was inside the house.  The exchange about it being a murder house is sweet.  You can see that Callie is nervous about the house, the question is why?  I will say, that I’m glad that they addressed that in this episode and didn’t drag it out, but more on that when we get there.

It’s a quick scene, but it’s great that we are seeing Arizona with patients more again!  She gets the child involved in an accident, because they were avoiding hitting the patient that shall be known  as Catman.   Callie gets the Catman as a patient and makes a 9 lives joke.   Gotta love Callie and her lack of filter.   Callie likes that he went all in and was committed to changing to being who he is.  The Catman “getting his share of tail” line?  I chuckled quite  a bit after that one.   The Catman is worried about the little girl (Arizona’s patient) and keeps asking about her. Callie does deflect it, but it plays a part shortly.


We move to April talking with Arizona about the looks she’s getting from the residents.  Everyone notice that Bailey (who claims not to do personal) is listening in pretty intently?   Callie comes to tell Arizona the realtor called, the carpet will be done by 3 and they have the notary at 5.   Bad part, she doesn’t think she’ll be done by five.    Arizona happily tells her he’s a traveling notary and will come to them.   Arizona is so excited about the house that she doesn’t notice that Callie is still hesitant.  April pipes in about giving them an ice cream maker and Arizona can’t resist telling Callie “I told you we should have kept track of the cards” Bailey asks if they got scoop on Kepner and Avery….. They don’t get to answer because Steph shows up to tell Callie the cat (man) got out-he not in his room.  For me, this scene was all about showing Callie still being nervous about the house and because of all the distractions of other people, they aren’t talking about it.  It’s what I like to refer to as a buildup scene.


It also sets the stage for what has replaced the  drunk in a storeroom scene with Kepner as my fave funny Arizona scene.   I’m sure you’ve all scene the pics comparing Karev and the bear to Arizona  reacting to the  Catman…. team Peds is priceless when they have a scream fest.   I like that there is some humor in this episode to balance out the  heavy.


Back to Callie and the Catman. His admission about what his decision as a 19 year old and what it means now.  You can see by Callie’s face that what he said has her thinking about her situation.   This leads to the scene with the notary.   They have the papers, Arizona is about to sign and Callie stops her and takes her hand.   The emotionally honesty in the way she says she’s missed Arizona smiling like that and she gets she’s excited but she’s worried that she’s so excited she’s overlooking that Callie comes with the house.   Arizona’s response is just as honest…. she smiles when she thinks about the house because she doesn’t see the hospital bed in their bedroom or a shower she had to be dragged into by Callie because she wouldn’t do it herself.   She sees a tire swing and a treehouse; yes they may wake up in a year and realize it was a mistake but if it works….. Thinking about it makes her smile so hard her face hurts.    And the kiss is sweet and one of love and happiness.


Final scene that has Calzona is the board called into a meeting…. one of the residents has lodged a sexual harassment complaint.  So, after many, many, many years of people sleeping with people they are going to put a policy in place that bans it, unless a couple is already married.   The question: which resident was it?  Easy guess is Steph but Leah is the one pushing and she is the one that says “they are our bosses, and we’re expendable to them.  And we shouldn’t be”.     I however, have a different thought:   what if it is Ben because he is newly back, has a new perspective and doesn’t like what he’s seen?  He was witness to what happened with Shane and it obviously made him uncomfortable.

So, things are about to get interesting!    Some thoughts on Calzona and what these two episodes meant for me.    I think that they pair together well, and we see a circle of over the 2… Arizona does tell April she still loves Callie and wants her back so her wanting a fresh start in a new house is not a big leap for me.   What disappointed me is that again, their major conversation took place off screen.   The reason I forgive that: is that we got a glimpse of improved communication when they are with the notary.   There was a time that Callie would have just signed the papers and not said anything, and if Arizona had noticed she would have just gone to the pink bubble.    Now, in the real world, buying a house isn’t necessarily the best way to fix a relationship, but this is Grey’s and it does create drama.   And honestly, I can’t be the only person that knows someone that decided to have a child or additional child to try to fix a marriage, or people that got married just to try to fix a relationship in trouble.   So while it does seem extreme, I’ve heard of far more extreme.   I was also thrilled to see the necklaces back and them sitting next to each other in the board room :)     I also saw the Ausiello piece when Jessica says that they are making their way but it’s complicated.    I can deal with complicated, it’s more interesting.   So,  yes, I continue to stay in my Calzona bubble and #CalzonaStrong.


Some overall thoughts about the two episodes:   MerTina:   the blow up: amazing, both the actresses and the way it was filmed.   Loved it!   Alex and his dad:  Alex Karev continues to be an amazingly complex character that I will always root for.   And the fact that he lets himself be vulnerable with Mer: that hug, when he ducks his head and hugs her  back.  Just wow.     The Derek storyline:  will be interesting and I look forward to seeing how Callie reacts to it.

Again, apologies for being away for so long, it won’t happen again.

Until next time, stay #CalzonaStrong and more importantly stay #GreysStrong!

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I wanted to put a few thoughts down on Isaiah’s return to Grey’s.   As a Yang fan and fan of the show it is an absolutely brilliant move.  

Now, as a lesbian woman, do I have mixed feelings?   Absolutely.  But, as Callie once said “I believe in love and second chances”.   Yes, what he did was wrong, hurtful and caused a lot of chaos.  But this is also true: he has by all accounts learned from it and has embraced equality.    It is important to always remember but it is more important to forgive.  So, I look forward to watching him come back and to hear his thoughts on his return. 

I also respect those that don’t agree with me on this and I would respectfully request the following: please continue to address all the cast, crew  and Shonda with respect.    


  1. Later is fine, and certainly better than never ever. Many thanks for your time and sharing your talent. Glad things are better for you.
    How many times have I seen this comment, “WOULD YOU TWO JUST TALK ALREADY!!!!” about Calzona :) I enjoyed reading every word!! Thanks for breaking it down.
    Yeah, I’m kinda excited about Burke returning, and I’m glad you mentioned it. Very bold move by Shondaland IMO, and the effect on the ratings should be interesting.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading and sticking with me, I appreciate it! It’s bittersweet… looking forward to Burke’s return, but that puts us closer to Sandra Oh’s departure. I think it’s going to be a ratings boost for sure!

  2. So glad to have your review back! looking forward to your thoughts on 10.14. :) I really wish they would show more of Calzona working through their issues but episodes are only so long and with all the characters’ story lines needing to flow together I guess it would be a challenge! I am also hoping Callie and Cristina get a really fantastic ‘goodbye’considering their history :)

    • Thank You! And while 10.14 didn’t give us a lot of scenes…. she said “Calliope” Yay! I think 10.15 is going to be the big one for Arizona… so looking forward to it.

      And yes, Callie and Cristina do need a special goodbye. They have a great and unique bond.