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Grey’s Anatomy scoop please. — Nina
As I previously hinted, Jo will try her hand at a new specialty! But will she also make a new friend? “She bonds with Callie,” Camilla Luddington says of Jo’s foray into orthopedics. “They both have a temper, and in a strange way, ortho — because it’s very physical and you’re breaking bones — helps vent that for both of them.” Am I the only one that feels sorry for their patients?


I think Callie & Jo could make a great ortho-tandem! Callie hasn’t really had someone to take under her wing, this has the potential to be a great pairing!

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  1. Callie has never had a protege, so this makes sense. Alex never seems to work with resident other Jo. They are an established couple now.

  2. I like Jo in Ortho, but I was actually really hoping she could specialize in Trauma and bond with April, you know? I feel like Jolex could need a couple to hang out with, and I think that they would get along best with Japril, since Jackson is Alex’s male buddy and April is only like 4 years older than Jo (compared to the others I think they would get along better). Let’s see what’s gonna happen ;)