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These days, with each new Cristina/Owen scene, our hearts ache more and more at just the mere thought of Sandra’s impending departure. Some fans have even gone as far as to show Kevin and Sandra just how much they love ‘em. And the dynamic duo made sure to return the gesture :)


(Source|Sandra Oh via Twitter)


(Source|Kevin McKidd via Twitter)

I love them so very much. I’m left to wonder what will become of Owen’s character once Cristina is actually gone. Their intimacy is so real and they’ve established themselves in the hearts of many forever. Any thoughts?

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  1. I love Cristina. She is fierce, daring, courageous, bold, amazing in the OR, good at heart AND “SHE IS MY PERSON”.
    What is Owen going to do without her?
    Shonda, you better not make him fall in love with some blonde, fake boobs, airhead nurse. He needs domebody who can be higher than Cristina or better yet, maybe he can get drafted because the military needs his services…….. Just a thought. CRISTINA, YOU ARE AMAZING. (SANDRA, you couldnt do it any better), LOVE YOU GIRL. Good luck on your next journey.