PROMO: Season Finale – 10.24 “Fear (Of The Unknown)”

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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s the promo for the season finale…I can’t believe I just typed the words “season finale”…WOW!

(Source|tvpromosdb on YT)

Are you ready for this? I’ve been trying to prepare for this since the show came back from hiatus and here we are! ┬áNot a single word spoken in the promo…POWERFUL!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld



  1. This promo left ME speechless. Honestly, I’m pretty certain they aren’t going to kill Christina, it would be a dumb move, all the other major deaths were cleverly designed to progress the show, Christina’s would be pointless. After ten seasons I can’t believe this show still gives me so many feels!

    • They are definitely not killing Cristina but OMG…I don’t think I’m ready for her to go! I’m not ready!

      That promo was AMAZING…no words needed to be spoken and it was just as powerful!