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Production on Season 11 will begin in a few short weeks and already we’re getting buzz on what we could be dealing with come the new season!  See below if you’re interested!

Please tell me you have some good news for Calzona on Grey’s Anatomy— Betty
I’m fresh out of good news. But… “The concept of the surrogate reveals more problems than it solves,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells me. “They pretended a lot of things were OK when they weren’t OK and it’s time to face those problems. They’ll either work them out or not and figure out what they want to be next.” Don’t shoot the messenger!

(Source|TV Guide)

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  1. I am SO OVER this “pushing problems aside” storyline with Calzona. The writing needs to either have them address things and ACTUALLY deal with them, or just let it go and move on. They’ve already done this with the couple multiple times and it’s boring now.

    It’s also a little too reminiscent of Crowen – first with the abortion, culminating in Owen’s cheating, etc. – and then the post-divorce relationship where Cristina finally forced Owen to acknowledge that he still wants kids.

    • I’m in total agreement with you. All this in-between and back and forth is too much now. What they’ve made to go through is borderline ridiculous. Couples experience hardships and setbacks. True statement. But these two haven’t been made to really face any of them: to acknowledge them, discover the reasons behind them, and HEAL…something that has been going on since Calzona’s inception. As a fan of this couple, it pains me to watch them after almost 3 straight seasons of this madness and I am just EXHAUSTED. No more pacifying us with these occasional displays and confessions of love and affection. After all this, that’s not enough. Too much off screen action happening- things that might help fans actually believe that this they are making progress instead of getting worse. Is this a snail-paced, slow burn of a crawl propelling us to an eventual break up? Have the writers run out of ideas? Has Calzona finally run it’s course? If so, put us out of our misery already and finally cut the cord because this particular rollercoaster ride is starting to make me sick.

    • Me three. IMO Calzona have been pretending things are OK since the torturous Season 7 Mallizona baby triangle. 4 seasons later and I’ve pretty much lost interest to be honest. This surrogacy storyline doesn’t excite me at all.

      Calzona’s magic, for me, I think has died. Some time ago now.

    • The irony – despite all this time wanting so badly for Calzona to actually deal with their issues, it’s at the point now where I think the writers should just let it go and move on. It would’ve been so very welcome a season or two ago but all their ignored issues have dragged on too long now and it just feels really stale. Calzona feels stale.

  2. I think the bandaid is off can they just please enjoy the happiness. That is now. They need a lol time away for now callie said it. We’re gd. Not taking chances if it goes bad. They’re my best couple n yang. They’ve been through it n still the love is there if u can get back from cheating you love that person. Give it a rest a nice 2days away so they can dance ,love n prepare n talk about things will do some good. Just saying Love calzona