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Are you wondering what we’re in for when Season 11 begins? TV Line caught up with Shonda and this is what she had to say…

Grey’s Anatomy will turn its clocks ahead when Season 11 launches this September, but how much time will have passed since the events of May’s finale?

“About 24 hours… maybe,” series creator Shonda Rhimes cagily tells TVLine.

The limited time jump all but confirms that Meredith will still be reeling from the loss of BFF Cristina, and, potentially, D.C.-bound husband Derek. It also perfectly tees up the theme of the season.

“Right now, if you were in the writers’ room, you would probably tell me that the theme is ‘Meredith,’” Rhimes shares. “Because all I keep saying is, ‘The show is just about Meredith Grey!’

“It’s really a Meredith-centric season,” the EP continues. “She’s lost her ‘person,’ her [half-]sister has shown up, her husband is chafing to go someplace else…”


There’s plenty more that was said, be sure to visit the source link to read the entire article!

I’m glad that the issue of Cristina leaving and Derek possibly heading to D.C. won’t be skirted over!

I mean the name after all is “Grey’s” Anatomy for a reason!  What better way to begin the season…explore all that Meredith is feeling and going through with each new change, I like it!!!

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  1. There has to be a board meeting the first episode to establish that Alex has Cris shares. Bailey has to be put out that she’s not on the board and won’t be getting in her gene lab back.
    Perhaps PD wants to be in GA less. So the sl will make Der based at the NIH. Not sure I want to see the kids move too though. Der has to pop up in Seattle for some episodes. I’m waiting for Der to buy Mer a bottle of champagne to celebrate something she’s done.
    I hope that this season isn’t going to be consumed by the new Grey half sister who will take over when Mer is written out. Shonda has created a way to continue GA with the second daughter of Ellis.