James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens, Jr. on the Queen Latifah Show!

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Hey Gabblers!

James Pickens, Jr. also know as Richard Webber will be on The Queen Latifah Show today!


(Source|Queen Latifah Show on Twitter)

Be sure to visit the Queen Latifah Show by clicking HERE so you can check “where to watch” in your area!

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Attention: #GreysAnatomy Fans and Fan Sites

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Cast Members Tell It All!

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Hey Gabblers!
Glamour was in the house celebrating the 200th Episode with the Cast & Crew last week and got a chance to ask questions we’ve been dying to hear the answers to!

Who has the most difficulty memorizing medical jargon?
Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner): Justin Chambers! Honestly, you can see it in every blooper reel in every season! There’s five minutes devoted to him saying, “What’s my line?!” We all die laughing.
Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey): Oooh, he’s gonna kill me, but maybe Kevin McKidd.
Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev): Besides me? Gosh, I think it’s me. I’m on an island all my own.
James Pickens, Jr. (Dr. Richard Webber): Patrick [Dempsey]. I would say Patrick.
Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt): Justin! And me too! We’re kinda equal!
Sara Ramirez (Dr. Callie Torres): Ellen [Pompeo]. Actually, Justin Chambers is a better answer. He makes an entire commentary about what’s happening. He’ll say things like, “So much for my Emmy!”

Which cast member is always in a good mood at 5 a.m. call times?
Sarah Drew: Jerrika Hinton. She has a lot of energy and is super enthusiastic. She’s been taking yearbook photos of all the crew, which is so hilarious.
Chandra Wilson: That would be me. Whatever the time is!
Justin Chambers: Chandra or Sarah Drew.
Camilla Luddington: Jerrika Hinton has an energy about her at 5 a.m. that nobody should have. It should be illegal!
James Pickens, Jr.: Pretty much Chandra Wilson. She’s always chipper.
Sara Ramirez: [Laughs] 5 a.m.?! That’s tough! Everybody is dragging their butts in with like slits for eyes. Nobody is awake!

Who is the cast member that takes their work the most seriously?
Chandra Wilson: Sandra Oh. She puts little post-it notes all throughout her script, and I take them and move them all around! It pisses her off! [Laughs]
James Pickens, Jr.: I think Sandra Oh is probably one of the most dedicated actresses. I wish I had her work ethic. And Chandra drives Sandra crazy with her post-its! She’s done it since day one. Drives her crazy!
Kevin McKidd: The obvious answer is Sandra Oh. She has notes all over her scripts, and then Chandra rearranges them! Drives her crazy!


There are plenty more questions at the source link!

I love the fact that Chandra messes with Sandra’s post-its…would love to see what one of those scripts looks like!


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Favorite Grey’s Moments!

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Hey Gabblers!

Whether you’ve watched from Day 1 or maybe just got on the Grey’s Anatomy train last season, what has been some of your favorite moments/storylines? Cast members shared with TV Line some of theirs!

Sandra Oh

ALL-TIME FAVORITE GREY’S MOMENT | “I kind of have to come up with a bunch of moments, because honestly, I can’t even tell you, there are so many storylines. I thought our Season 6 finale with the shooter was really, really good. And I really, really remember the moment when Meredith cuts Cristina out of the wedding dress. And then I remember a couple of key acting scenes with Kevin McKidd as Owen.”

Chandra Wilson

ALL-TIME FAVORITE GREY’S MOMENT | “I always say, for Bailey, it’s all about the birth and bringing ‘the va-jay-jay’ into the American vernacular, and then across the world. It was a major thing for the show. It was a gut-busting thing at the table read, it was hilarious to play and it was a really defining moment for Bailey.”

James Pickens Jr.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE GREY’S MOMENT | “For me, it was the finale several seasons ago where the shooter comes in, the man who takes revenge on his wife’s death. He was played by wonderful character actor, Michael O’Neill, and we had this incredible scene where I find him in a room with a gun in one hand and a flask in the other. He’s been wounded and he’s basically waiting to kill me and I basically say, ‘Well, I’m ready to go. This is what I’ve done. This is my life…. But if you don’t want to continue this, there is something you can do about it.’ That one sticks out in my mind.”


Visit the source link to view the entire slideshow!

Visit the comments section with your favorite moments, storylines and thoughts!

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A Gabbler’s Babble: Everybody’s Crying Mercy 10.3 by @Allie_GG

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S10E03 – Everybody’s Crying Mercy

By: @Allie_GG

This episode provides nothing short of much welcomed comedic relief after all the doom and gloom swept over the hospital when the super storm took charge.

Mer and Der are, for the first time, experiencing what life is like with a newborn and all is right with the world until they lose something particularly important to them: sleep.  In fact, they’re both so tired that a quick trip to the grocery store or a chance at taking a shower opens a small window of opportunity for them to get a little bit of shut eye that they so desperately want!

Richard’s condition remains stable however his continual weight loss, although common in patients in his condition, becomes a concern to the doctors.  It’s necessary a NG tube be inserted for feeding but Richard remains adamant on refusing the method of treatment.  Bailey, feeling obligated to respect Richard’s wishes, agrees that other methods can be used.  Meredith and Shane, on the other, hand feel otherwise and proceed with an order to insert a NG tube.  Shane takes the reigns and after a stern it’s-my-way-or-the-highway pep talk with Richard, proceeds with inserting Richard’s NG tube.

Alex and Jo have yet to do the horizontal mambo and while Alex wants to handle this newly formed relationship with mature gloves, Jo is ready to take matters into her own hands.  Sort of.  With neither party fairly sure when the right time to make the first move is, both dance around the fact that it’s been over a week and nothing sexually has happened yet between the two.  Cristina isn’t helping matters either.  This episode we get to see the fun, lighter side of Cristina and Alex’s brother/sister type friendship when she really razzes him on how unlike his evil-spawn ego he’s been.  Ultimately in a heart-to-heart convo in the OR, Cristina encourages Alex to look at the bigger picture with Jo and urges him to not be scared.  Alex takes her advice and within moments of arriving home, he meets Jo at the door, sweeps her off her feet and takes her upstairs to, er, um, “mambo” the night away.

Arizona continues to express her sincere regret for her infidelity when she goes all out on impressing Callie with a new look.  A fresh new ‘do (or “haircut!” as Cristina pointed out) and red dress clad Arizona tries to eagerly persuade a still angry Callie into attending couples therapy with her but Callie isn’t so sure she’s ready for that.  After working on a case with a patient who coincidentally slept with another man (her husband’s brother to be exact) Callie, at first, feels the all too familiar feeling of distrust, dishonesty and heartbreak when she initially hears the woman’s story.  Before undergoing surgery, the woman makes Leah promise that if she doesn’t survive, that Leah informs her husband of her infidelity. Without much thought, Leah obliges, and later regrets having made the promise when the woman dies in surgery.  Callie orders Leah to follow through with the woman’s request but as they break the news to the family of

the woman’s death, Callie has a change of heart and decides they not tell the husband of his wife’s infidelity.   Later that night, Callie meets with Arizona for their couple’s therapy appointment, only Callie chooses not to go in and instead encourages Arizona to go to the appointment.  Alone.   Arizona, tearfully admits to her mistake again but says no to Callie’s request but Callie doesn’t stick around to hear why.  Arizona is left standing alone, with her new haircut and red dress clearly distraught with Callie’s appeal and we’re left wondering if Arizona follows through with the appointment that was once an initial attempt at repairing the relationship between the two.

April is stressing out after not having heard back whether she passed the boards or not but when she finally gets an email with the much anticipated news, she asks Jackson to read the email that reveals her fate.  When Jackson reveals the email states she’s now a board certified surgeon, April happily celebrates, looking for a celebratory hug from Jackson.  When he holds his hand up for a high five instead, a look of disappointment followed by realization they’re still just friends falls over April’s face.  It’s then when they walk away from each other, that both Jackson and April smile contently, indicating both are happy for each other just the way things are.

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GA Celebrates 200th Episode in Style

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Hey Gabblers!

The cast and crew gathered together over the weekend to celebrate their 200th episode, and they all looked smokin’ sans scrubs on the red carpet!

photo 1 photo 2


Quite a dapper bunch we’ve got, eh?

xoxo LullyGuhl

Arizona - im awesome

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