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JW…The Perfect Man

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BuzzFeed happens to admire that very fine specimen of a man named Jesse Williams and here are a few of their reasons ;)

OK can we talk about this man for a little bit?


First of all, he’s always naked in everything he does.


Just look at him and April. Whew! *Fans self*




He’s an incredibly sharp dresser.


And here he is with a lil’ fro modeling his luscious, moisturized lips. You’re welcome.


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[VID] Dunn Trial: JW Weighs In

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Hey, Gabblers!

Much of America’s attention has been drawn to the trial of Michael Dunn- accused of murdering 17 year old Florida teenager, Jordan Davis. Jesse Williams gives his thoughts in the video below.

Jesse Williams, a star of Grey’s Anatomy joined Jane to talk about his outrage over the Michael Dunn trial.  Williams said people feel tired of the ‘criminalization of the black body’.   He said people should be outraged over this.  ‘It is not a black problem. It is a white problem. This is an American problem. It is a societal problem.’


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SR, EP Post BTS Pics

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Woohoo! We’re only a few weeks away from the arrival of the 2nd half of Grey’s Anatomy season 10 (insert 30 second dance party here)! With that, we’ve come across a couple of behind the scenes pics recently posted by Sara and Ellen and wanted to share them!


(Source|Ellen Pompeo via Twitter)

Here’s the picture…


(Source|Ellen Pompeo via Instagram)


(Source|Sara Ramirez via Twitter)

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JW Welcomes His First!

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It’s obvious Grey’s actor, Jesse Williams, is excited about  the arrival of he and his wife’s first child! As he should be :) Take a look!


“How many cakes we bake? #One”

(Source|ijessewilliams via Instagram)


Dr. Avery is a new dad! Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee have welcomed a baby girl, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. Us broke news in October that the couple were expecting their first child.

The first-time parents named their little bundle of joy Sadie, sources confirm to Us. Their newborn arrived in early December.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 32, and real estate broker Drake-Lee, 33, first met when the now-actor was a school teacher in New York. The couple later tied the knot in Los Angeles in September 2012 after dating for more than five years. The couple celebrated the upcoming birth of their little girl with a baby shower in Brooklyn on Sept. 29.

Williams is best-known for starring on the ABC TV drama since 2009.

(Source|Us Weekly)

So cute :)

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THR Finale Recap, JW Interview

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So, now we’ve got a whole 10 weeks to sit, stew, ponder, grumble, complain and/or gush over all that transpired during the Grey’s Anatomy season 10 mid-season finale. Was it all you thought it would be? Were you surprised by how things went for April and Matthew….and Jackson? Check out some of The Hollywood Reporter‘s recap and their spoiler-y interview with Jesse Williams then tell us what you think!

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Jesse Williams Claims to be Suffering from Pregnancy Symptoms

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Hey Gabblers!

As we told you in early October, Jesse Williams is expecting his for child with wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, and now the actor claims it’s not just his pregnant wife that’s experiencing childbearing symptoms.

“I’m acquiring some of the symptoms. I’ve definitely put on a few [pounds]. I don’t think I’ve been eating anything different. I’m just not moving … I’m just putting on pounds. I think it’s a medical issue — I should ask somebody on my show.”


Of course, anyone who follows Jesse on Twitter will be all to aware of what a foodie he is, yet still manages to look hawt as hell in all those Grey’s shirtless scenes, so we take his claims with a large grain of salt! And if he does pile on some extra pounds, well, that’s just more to love now really, isn’t it?

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