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What’s Rachael Taylor Up To?

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you been wondering what Rachael Taylor’s been up to? After her short stint on Grey’s Anatomy she went on to take part in a few shows that didn’t last very long!

Now Rachael will be starring in a new pilot along side Gillian Anderson who many know from the beloved “X-Files.”

Sources are confirming that Anderson will be starring in a new drama pilot for “Life’s”  Rand Ravich, which revolves around a world in which powerful men and women are controlled by someone who develops a knack at being a brilliant puppeteer. Anderson is going to play a powerful CEO, whose daughter and classmates end up becoming a victim of mass abudction. Meanwhile, recnetly “666 Park Avenue” star and “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Rachael Taylor will play an FBI agent and Anderson’s sister, who tries to help find a solution to this problem.


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Rachael Taylor Lands New Pilot.

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Though Rachael Taylor (aka Dr. Lucy Fields) didn’t have much luck with her last show, Charlie’s Angels, she’s got another one lined up.  She’ll be starring in a new pilot for ABC, a supernatural drama called 666 Park Avenue.

Former Grey’s Anatomy doc Rachael Taylor is moving in to 666 Park Avenue, ABC’s supernatural drama pilot from Fringe co-executive producer David Wilcox.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor will star in 666 Park opposite Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) as one-half of a couple who agrees to manage an historic (and supernaturally-charged) New York City apartment complex owned by an equally creepy older man (played by Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn).

(Source|TV Line)

Sounds like an interesting premise.  I hope it works out for Rachael’s sake!  Any comments, Gabblers?  Post ‘em below!

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TV’s 100 Sexiest Women.

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Hey Gabblers – BuddyTV came up with a list of the top 100 Sexiest women on TV.  I’m not sure how they came up with it because a few of our ladies made the list but not all & I certainly think they should have been higher on the list!  Thanks to villcm for sending this in!

TV’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2011.

Three of Grey’s Anatomy women made the top 100.  Chyler Leigh came in at #80, Rachael Taylor came in at #62 and the highest ranking Grey’s lady was Jessica Capshaw who came in at #57.


I think it’s great that those 3 made the list but I really can’t believe that Sara, Sandra & Ellen didn’t make it.  What do you think Gabblers?  Tell us below.

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Will Rachael Taylor Return to Grey’s?

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Wondering whether Rachael Taylor might return to Grey’s now that Charlie’s Angels is canceled?  Read the latest below the cut (since the return or non-return of Lucy could be spoilerish.

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The Return Of ****?

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Hey Gabblers!

It seems there are rumours circulating about a certain character returning to our screens in 2012.

Although it’s not even official yet, we’ll put it below the cut just in case the rumours turn out to be true.

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Video: Behind The Musical

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Hey Gabblers!

Today we’ve unearthed a brand new video behind the scenes of the musical episode from season 7.

I’m pretty sure it’s a feature from the DVD, but everyone I know is going crazy over it, so here it is for you to enjoy!

(Source | YouTube)

How awesome is it to see the actors talk about the musical like that?

And how beautiful do they all look?!

What did you think of this behind the scenes take?

xoxo McRen

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