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VID: DVD Tribute to Sandra Oh!

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Hey Gabblers!

The DVD for Season 10 was released on Tuesday and thanks to some GA fans, part of the DVD specials have bene uploaded to Youtube.  Check out this amazing tribute to Sandra Oh!

(Source|Yvetta Salutan on YT)

Thanks to Yvetta for uploading this!

Sandra will truly be missed! The fact that everyone had nothing but nice things to say about Sandra is a testament to how she lives her life! I’m grateful to have experienced her gift of acting the past 10 years!


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Sandra Oh in “Tammy”

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Hey Gabblers!

Will you be making your way to the movies over the holiday weekend? If so, check out Sandra Oh in “Tammy”…here’s what AfterEllen had to say about her role!

During the screening, cheers erupted when Kathy Bates comes on screen as Lenore, Tammy’s lesbian aunt. Lenore lives in Louisville with her partner, Suzanne (Sandra Oh), where they have a beautiful, sprawling property and home and own a successful dog food business. Lenore is called in to help Pearl and Tammy get rid of some evidence, and Kathy Bates said she was thrilled to be able to set some things on fire.

Lenore’s bad-assery is evident immediately, and her chemistry with Sandra is instantly recognizable. Both actresses have played gay before but there was nothing about their relationship in Tammy that was false or forced. In fact, Melissa said she wanted Lenore and Suzanne to be the people that Tammy would be inspired by most.




I think Melissa McCarthy is hilarious and if I do go to the movies, I intend on checking this out …all the while getting to see Sandra Oh on a screen…this time the big screen!

Be sure to visit the source link to read the full write up!

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VID: Sandra Oh Visits Chelsea Lately

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Here’s a bit of Sandra Oh’s recent interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately!

(Source|ChelseaLately via YT)

LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

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Oh Reflects on Her GA Exit

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Hey, Gabblers!

Check out Sandra Oh’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter as she gives us insight into her own thoughts and feelings concerning her Grey’s departure.


Sandra Oh is sitting in her trusty director’s chair — only she’s not on the Los Angeles set of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. It’s Monday, April 28, the morning after the ABC drama’s season 10 wrap party, and Oh is in her backyard, now settling in to the first day of her post-Grey’s Anatomy life.She sounds content, laughing and reflective as she talks by phone about her now-complete 10-season journey as Dr. Cristina Yang.

What was your last day on set like?

I will say, my last day, people asked if I was going to be sad. I didn’t know. But by the end of the day — which ended up being late since we shot late — Kevin threw me this little party. There was lots of celebration because the party was myself, [co-showrunners] Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who [both also] left. Gaius Charles [Shane] and Tessa Ferrer [Leah] had left earlier that week. The party was joyous for me — the whole day was. I was so excited to come to work. I came in early, which I never do, and hung out.

Make sure to visit the source link for the full interview! You’ll want to read this!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

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Farewell, Cristina — Recaps

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Well, Gabblers, it’s finally happened. ABC aired the last Grey’s Anatomy episode for season 10 and the final one for Sandra Oh, “Fear (Of the Unknown)”. Did you get to watch it? Here are a couple of highlights! Don’t forget to click each source’s respective link to read their recaps in full!


Although the 10th season finale of Grey’s Anatomy will always be remembered – sniffle – as Cristina’s swan song, “Fear (of the Unknown)” also sets up some intriguing conflicts for the series’ return in the fall. Shall we run through them? Let’s!

PARTING IS SUCH SWEET SORROW | As the hour begins, Cristina is leaving Owen’s following a passionate pre-goodbye to pick up a European cell phone charger at the mall… which, shortly thereafter, is the site of a huge explosion! So, for the next (what seems like an) eternity, he – and we – are left to worry that maybe she’s been hurt or worse.


–Cristina’s replacement (played by Kelly McCreary) at the hospital has daddy issues: Namely, she’s likely the love child of Webber and Ellis Grey — and Meredith’s sister! — after she tells the Chief that she was adopted and her late her mother’s name is on the hospital. It’s a twist that would make Olivia Pope proud.

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

Cristina offers one last piece of advice to her friend – don’t let what Derek wants eclipse what Meredith needs. Later, Meredith tells Derek that she can’t move. They finally hash out their problems and Meredith calls Derek out for taking the job at D.C. when he said he’d take a step back. She doesn’t want to be in his shadow like her father was in her mother’s shadow. Meredith puts her foot down that she’s not leaving Seattle and Derek isn’t happy about it.


After a terrorist threat on the hospital, April (Sarah Drew) had doubts about having the baby, but in a surprise twist, Jackson (Jesse Williams)’s mom convinced her otherwise.

Cristina left Alex (Justin Cambers) her shares in the hospital and her seat on the board! Even though the Chief Webber (James Pickens Jr) already offered it to Bailey (Chandra Wilson)! That should make for an interesting dynamic next season.


But Cristina isn’t alone when she leaves. When Shane realizes that his teacher is exiting, he begs to come along. She agrees and then quits. Unfortunately, there is one goodbye that she doesn’t get as Owen is stuck in the middle of a surgery when she has to catch her cab. So their silent, though highly emotional goodbye is through the gallery glass from the OR. Meredith practically shoves Cristina into the cab, knowing her person won’t leave of her own volition because Cristina feels like she’s not finished. As Meredith says, she isn’t finished; she’s only just begun. Of course, Cristina returns about five minutes later to dance it out one last time with Meredith.

(Source|TV Guide)

Since we already knew that Shane (Gaius Charles) and Leah (Tessa Ferrer) would not be returning to Grey’s next year, this is how they made their exits: Leah, who came to peace with the fact that she does not have what it takes to be surgeon, slipped out of the hospital with her head held high, after she’s successfully calmed down each of her panicking patients. As for Shane? He begged Cristina to take him with her Switzerland, saying that he wanted to follow his teacher wherever she went. With a smile on her face, Cristina agreed and Shane respectfully quit his residency program.

(Source|E! Online)

No doubt, we’re in store for some mega drama and storylines come Grey’s Anatomy‘s 11th season.  Dr. Webber and the new Head of Cardiothoracics? A surrogate for Calzona? MERDER??!! Oh my. This finale sure packed a punch and elicited various responses from me ranging from sadness, heart palpitations, crying, laughter, screaming at the TV, etc. It is, in my humble opinion, ranked one of the best in Grey’s history. And not just because of the perfect ending we were promised for Cristina by Shonda Rhimes, but also because of each and every other story told within the framework of Sandra’s departure. Her “goodbyes” were all individualistic, some heartfelt and some so very  Cristina. GA may be finished for Sandra, but Cristina will live on. Thank you, Sandra Oh, for delivering such a timeless gift to the world. Cristina Yang’s legacy will resound in our hearts now until forever. YOU are extraordinary and you’ve helped make GA’s 10 seasons absolutely incredible. We’ll miss you!

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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right”

By Cinderoni

So we have come to the penultimate episode of the season and the second to last episode before the departure of Cristina Yang. In this episode, Cristina is trying to find a replacement for her boss, Dr Russell, who gave notice that he was leaving the hospital in the previous episode. Owen has donned his chief of surgery hat for most of this episode as he deals with the fallout of Bailey giving her bubble boy patient, Braden Morris, an unauthorized treatment. Owen and Cristina had two small scenes, that were work-related and one scene at the end that was quite swoon-worthy and heartbreaking at the same time. This episode was written by Austin Guzman and directed by Bill d’Elia.

picture 1 (21)

Cristina is at a nurses’ station, when Bailey and resident Stephanie approach her. Bailey is making an official admission to Cristina, in her capacity as a member of the board. But somehow, I don’t think Cristina was even aware that was the reason why Bailey was informing her of what she did. Bailey says that she gave a patient a stem-cell transplant using deactivated HIV as a viral vector in order to cure his SCID. She adds that she did it against his parents’ wishes.

Cristina gives her a “whoa” and asks if it worked. Bailey says that it did and Cristina offers her a high-five. As Bailey walks away, she tells Stephanie that she has just informed the board and they should go and tell Braden’s parents.

There is a reason that Cristina was not too concerned with Bailey’s confession. She is too pre-occupied by the fact that Owen has assigned her to interview all of the candidates for Dr Russell’s position. She is next seen eating a waffle, which Meredith has brought her, when Owen comes by to tell her that the first candidate is waiting in the conference room. Then, he leaves.

Meredith says she can’t believe that Owen is making her pick her own replacement. As they head towards the conference room, Cristina corrects her and says that she is picking Dr Russell’s replacement, not her own though she did volunteer to do that. Meredith replies that it is a punishment since it was like cleaning an apartment that you’re vacating. (Hey, Meredith, I have cleaned two apartments that I was vacating to ensure that I would get back my security deposit).

Cristina says that Owen knows that the move to Zurich is the right thing for her and that he has been totally supportive. Meredith says that something is coming and she can feel it in her bones. (Maybe it is that possible act of terrorism that is coming in the next episode, which Meredith is feeling.)

They both spot the candidate in the conference room. Meredith lets out a “eww”, while Cristina agrees, saying that she hates his face. Meredith says to look her in the eye and tell her that it isn’t a punishment. Cristina thanks her for the waffle and goes off to start her long day of interviews.

Bailey’s admission to the parents did not go very well, so she and Stephanie are in a meeting with Owen in a conference room. Bailey says that the Morrises did not react as she hoped they would. Owen asks if legal action hadn’t crossed her mind. Bailey says that she had hoped they would see the bigger picture, adding that Stephanie should be excused since she wasn’t involved.

picture 2 (16)

Owen asks if Stephanie knew what she was doing and failed to report it. Both Bailey and Stephanie say nothing, which Owen takes to mean that Stephanie was definitely involved. He tells them that he is going to call Legal and not to go anywhere or talk to anyone. He certainly did get Legal involved because in the next scene, the hospital lawyer is questioning Bailey and Stephanie, in the presence of Owen and Avery, the chairman of the board.

The lawyer is looking to get all of the facts as he asks if the parents authorized treatment with a signed consent. Bailey says yes. Then, he asks if they told Dr Edwards that they changed their mind. Bailey again says yes. The lawyer then wants it confirmed that she gave the patient the stem cell transplant, anyway. Bailey nods.

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