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From Crowen w/ Love

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Hey, Gabblers!

These days, with each new Cristina/Owen scene, our hearts ache more and more at just the mere thought of Sandra’s impending departure. Some fans have even gone as far as to show Kevin and Sandra just how much they love ‘em. And the dynamic duo made sure to return the gesture :)


(Source|Sandra Oh via Twitter)


(Source|Kevin McKidd via Twitter)

I love them so very much. I’m left to wonder what will become of Owen’s character once Cristina is actually gone. Their intimacy is so real and they’ve established themselves in the hearts of many forever. Any thoughts?

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Lessons Learned from Cristina Yang!

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Hey Gabblers!

We’re creeping closer to the end of a fantastic character and as sad as this time is, there are also plenty of take-aways from the awesome Cristina Yang!

Life is too short to hold back. Cristina is blunt. If something is annoying her, she will say so. Although her unfiltered attitude trait may appear as a flaw to some, there is something very admirable about her fearless approach to life.

Everyone needs a person that they know they can depend on. Back in the early days of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina coined the phrase, “you’re my person” referring to her best friend, Meredith Grey. Since then, their friendship has been almost unbreakable despite multiple hardships. Having a friend who you can rely on for anything is necessary to get through life’s hurdles.

(Source|Huffington Post)

I’m in total agreement with the 2 listed here! Be sure to visit the source link to read the other lessons and leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen Recap 10 x 17 “Do You Know?” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen Recap 10 x 17 “Do You Know?”

By Cinderoni

There was a fair amount of trepidation about Episode 10 x 17 among Crowen fans, since it focused on Cristina and Owen for the entire episode. Every scene featured either one or both of them in it – all 43 minutes of it. It is rare that something like this happens. While some people may not have liked parts of it, it cannot be denied that it was a brilliant showcase for the talents of Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh.  This episode was written by Stacy McKee and directed by Chandra Wilson aka Dr Bailey.

As this is the “sliding doors” episode, we will be faced with two different alternate universes, based on how Cristina reacts to the decision of a quadriplegic accident victim to live or die.

The episode starts with flashbacks of Owen and Cristina throughout the years before launching into a scene of Cristina and Shane in the OR, working on a motor vehicle crash victim named Jason. Before long, they find that his inferior vena cava (IVC) needs to be repaired. The IVC is almost impossible to repair but she does it, anyway. Derek, having been paged, enters the OR to take a look at the patient’s spinal scans. It is not good news as Derek notes that the patient’s C3 and C4 are obliterated and there is no way that he can fix that. “He just lost all motor function from the neck down,” he says.

During this scene, we can hear Cristina doing the voice-over. “Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s happened to you? Do you want to live this way? All it takes is one person, one patient, one moment to change your life away. It can change your perspective, color your thinking. One moment which forces you to re-evaluate everything you know.” This is the one patient who starts the ball rolling and gets Cristina thinking.

We next see Cristina with the patient’s wife, Elise. She is explaining the grim prognosis for Jason. He is paralyzed but his brain function is good and his heart has been repaired. Elise wants to know if his diaphragm is working and whether he can breathe on his own. Cristina answers in the negative, as the vent is breathing for him. She starts to explain their options but Elise is more interested in finding out whether Jason will ever be able to breathe on his own, again.  He will not, Cristina confirms.

Elise wants to wake up Jason to ask him if he wants to remove the vent. Cristina is surprised because she knows that removing the vent would mean that Jason would die. Elise says she understands what she is asking because she doesn’t want to lose him. But then, she explains, “I know him. I know everything about him. I understand what he thinks. I get his humor. I can predict what he is going to order in a restaurant.” As Elise speaks, Cristina stares at Owen through a glass window. She feels exactly the same way about Owen.

Elise says that Jason would not want to live this way; that he would rather die than live one moment hooked up to a machine. Cristina informs her that it is her husband’s right to decline treatment if he wants. It will take some time to wean Jason off the sedatives, so in the meantime, Cristina heads off to the attendings’ lounge where Alex and Meredith are having a heart-to-heart talk about Jo, Alex’s girlfriend. Cristina sits quietly behind them, so they don’t know that she is there.

It seems that Jo is not the marrying type and Alex wonders if they will ever get married. Meredith tells him that they are together so it shouldn’t matter that Jo is not the marrying kind. Alex replies that they are just going to keep doing what they are doing for the next 20 years.  Meredith assures him that they are together, so why does it matter. That’s the current situation for Cristina and Owen, who seem to be in a sort of limbo in their own relationship.

Cristina’s pager goes off and Meredith and Alex turn around to see her there. Meredith says that she didn’t see her there, notices the look on Cristina’s face and asks if she is okay. Cristina says yep and leaves because apparently, Jason has woken up.

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What’s Your Favorite Crowen Moment?

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Hey Gabblers!

Do you have a favorite Crowen moment/moments?

crowen smiles

One of my favorite Crowen moments is when they first met! From that scene alone, there was no denying the chemistry!

Both Sandra & Kevin talked about their favorite moments with Skyline…click HERE to see the video!

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Crowen: Oh How We Love Them!

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Hey Gabblers!

Did you catch last night’s episode?! What did you think? Here’s a snippet of what Sandra said to Natalie about the episode!

The Cristina-and-Owen-centric episode gave Oh and McKidd at least one more chance to explore these characters on a deeper level together before her farewell. “Earlier on in the season, Kevin and I were both wondering, ‘What are they going to do? We’re running out of time, so what is it going to be?!’” Oh says. “Then, Episode 17 came along, and I thought, ‘Brilliant.’ It was really emotional, actually. I feel so grateful as an actor. You spend 10 years with this one character and actually really being able to grow a character who’s had considerable and large changes in their life, and it’s coming to an end. Then you get to go into another universe and keep on growing— the universe that we just can’t explore at this time. It’s amazing.”


Be sure to click the source link to read the full write up!

I think that the episode was amazing! How do you finally give this brilliant character a send off worthy of the last 10 years? I think this was a good start! Thoughts?

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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap – 10 x 14 “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap – 10 x 14 “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

By Cinderoni

For the second week in a row, it was a great episode – funny and sexy with lots of good stuff for all of the ships. So far, 10B has been showing itself to be far superior than 10A. Let’s hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.  I am hoping for stellar episodes to showcase Sandra Oh’s immense talent in these final episodes. This episode was written by Tia Napolitano and directed by Ron Underwood.

Crowen fans, this is the episode that we have been waiting for – the one when we say goodbye to Emma Marling but of course, we have to deal with the likes of her to be able to get rid of her.

In the first scene, we may have to block our eyes because Emma and Owen are cuddling in his trailer, basking in the afterglow. There is a lot of kissing but let’s just not dwell on that.

Emma says that she can’t believe that she is dating a man who lives in a tin can. Owen reminds her that it is a tin can with wheels. She asks if he ever thinks of moving to a place that won’t roll away. He replies that he hadn’t given it much thought. She says that it’s not that she doesn’t like the trailer, it was like camping. He tells her that she hates camping. She admits that she does.

Owen comes up with the bright (not) idea that they should get a bigger place, together. She answers that she thought that he hadn’t given it much thought. He says he did and he’s a fast thinker. She eagerly replies that it was a good idea and that she was a fast thinker, too. They kiss and roll around but the less said about that, the better. This is as barf-inducing as watching Cristina with Ross.

We then see Owen and Derek making their way through the crowded hospital lobby.  A meeting has been called and all hospital staff members are there. It is clear that Owen has told Derek that he was planning to move out of the trailer. Derek tells him that he wasn’t getting his security deposit back.  Owen replies that he didn’t give him any. Derek says that they are really serious. Owen confirms this to be true.

picture 1 (14)

Overhearing this conversation is Cristina, who quickly puts two and two together. Meredith comes up and joins her. She asks Cristina if she missed anything.  Cristina responds that Owen and Emma are moving in together. Meredith replies if he is holding a meeting for that.

Owen starts the meeting by thanking everyone and informing everyone that a new non-fraternization policy had been approved by the board. “This hospital has to be a safe work environment where our focus remains on clearly providing the best patient care possible.  Moving forward, all relationships with co-workers will be discouraged and all relationships between superiors and subordinates strictly prohibited.”

Do we really think this is going to work? The hospital in all of its incarnations – Seattle Grace, Seattle Grace Mercy West and Grey Sloan Memorial – is a hotbed of inappropriate relations. Every single person has been guilty of fraternization with another colleague.

As Owen ends the meeting, he encounters Dr Webber, who asks him if he is now the panty police. (Ooh, I love that term. Webber, you’re killing it here. Last episode was the “Big Dogs” and this week, it is the “panty police.”)

Owen replies that he knows that there will be some feelings and since Webber has established a good relationship with the residents, he wants him to make sure they understand the policy.  Listening nearby are the residents, with Jo Wilson being the most anxious to them. Webber is not too happy being the panty police and replies, “Nuts to that.” (Good one, there, Webber)

Jumpy Jo interjects that she has some questions about the policy. She is anxious because she and Alex are in a relationship. Owen hands it off to Webber, saying that the former chief would answer all of their questions. He then leaves.

We next see Cristina joining Meredith and Derek, who is informing his wife that he has another interview. Cristina asks where he was going. He replies that he has another interview with the White House. Cristina jokingly says he is a show-off. Derek departs, leaving the two best friends to chat.

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