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TVLine Chats w/ Sarah Drew

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Hey, Gabblers!

Check out TVLine‘s recent interview with Sarah Drew as they discuss the goings on of April’s decision in last night’s all new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Take It Back”! If you have not watched it, you may not wanna go any further!


Below, the woman at the center of the matrimonial kerfuffle, April’s portrayer Sarah Drew, expresses her own shock and awe about the surprising turn of events, admits to being bummed that Jackson and April’s wedding took place off screen, reveals the whereabouts of jilted groom Matthew, and previews the immense obstacles that await the newlyweds (hint: their honeymoon period will be short-lived).

TVLINE | I have to say, I thought I was watching a dream sequence when Jackson and April ran out of that barn alone. Were you taken aback by that yourself?
I knew it was coming from the beginning of this season, so it wasn’t a shock to me. I was like, “Oh, so we’re not going to actually see anything happen [inside] the barn? We’re not going to see that conversation [between April and Matthew] happen? It’s just the barn doors open and there you go?’” [Laughs]

TVLINE | My theory for why they didn’t show us what happened in that barn is it was just too damn ugly for broadcast television audiences.
[Laughs] I would totally agree with that! I think it would be so painful; you couldn’t actually enjoy April and Jackson being together. It’d just be too much.

TVLINE | I have a sinking feeling that poor Stephanie is going to be the first one to find out that they’re married.
[Nervous laughter] I can’t say!

For more of this interview, click the source link below!


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Spoilerish: SD on April’s Decision

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So we saw who April chose last night. But are you at all interested in hearing more detail about the decision made? Check out a little of the interview The Hollywood Reporter snagged with the actress herself, Sarah Drew! Be advised that the following contains a spoiler or two.

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VID: Who Should April Choose?

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Hey, Gabbler family!

Is it February 27th yet? The are questions that were left hanging in the air at the end of the Grey’s Mid-Season finale and we need answers! Namely, who’s April’s choice going to be ;)

(Source|GreysABC via Twitter)

(Source|Grey’s Anatomy via fb) So, Jackson or Matthew? LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape GreytXcape Avi

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Matthew or Jackson?

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Who should April choose?

Hey, Gabblers!!!

Even before the airing of the Grey’s mid-season finale, many have been wondering if April was really going to follow through with marrying Matthew. I guess that question is still up in the air. Here’s what TV Guide has to say about it.


Grey’s Anatomy left fans with quite a cliff-hanger: Jackson (Jesse Williams) interrupted April’s (Sarah Drew) wedding to Matthew (Justin Bruening) to declare his love for her. But who will she choose? We won’t find out until the show returns on Feb. 27, but in the meantime, let’s weigh her options.


FOR HIM: April’s relationship with Matthew, a paramedic she met at the hospital, makes her happy, enough so to say yes when heoutrageously proposed.

AGAINST HIM: Their courtship has seemed more about April trying to move past her tryst with Jackson (see below).


FOR HIM: April and Jackson, both Mercy West vets, bonded in the tough transition over to Seattle Grace. The shooting that claimed the lives of their fellow Mercy Westers Reed (Nora Zehetner) and Percy (Robert Baker) brought them closer. April even gave him her V-card when they hooked up as stress relief during the medical boards.

AGAINST HIM: April was way too overjoyed that she was not pregnant with Jackson’s child. Besides, choosing Jackson would break two hearts: Jackson is currently dating intern Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton), who was pretty shocked to see her boyfriend “speak now” at the wedding, even if he apologized to her for doing so.

With all that in mind, should April really leave Matthew for Jackson? It’s time to hear what you think. Take our poll below and hit the comments with your thoughts!


To cast your vote, be sure to click on the source link below!

(Source|TV Guide)

Any thoughts?

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TAKE CARE NOW CROWEN RECAP – 10 x 12 “Get Up, Stand Up” by @Cinderoni

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CROWEN RECAP – 10 x 12 Get Up, Stand Up

By @Cinderoni

This is the first episode in a long time that I actually think I don’t mind writing the recap. It is no secret that I have been terribly bitter by the whole Crowen storyline, especially in Sandra’s last season. The episode was mainly about April and Matthew’s wedding but there was so much other things going on at the same time. Owen and Cristina interacted mainly on a professional basis but there was a significant moment later on in the episode.

picture 1 (12)

The episode opens with Cristina at a press conference for her Nathan Glazier surgery. The flashes from the cameras are blinding and she looks very uncomfortable. On either side of her are Shane and Owen. (Kinda weird since she has slept with both of them. Though I do wonder why Shane is there because he is a second year resident and the assisting surgeon was actually Alex). Meredith is also there at the press conference.

Owen introduces her to the press. She thanks him and immediately starts to fumble. She does not seem as strong and confident as she usually is.  In fact, she sounds extremely cautious. We will find out later why she is acting this way. Cristina says the procedure is so relatively untried that the associated risks are unusually high but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t try. Meredith seems to be looking a bit resentful.

Cristina closes her folder and Owen asks if she is okay. She says yes and continues in the same halting voice. She says that fortunately, the patient is responding well for now. His vitals are stable and the hope is that they will continue. “And if it does, I am cautiously optimistic that we can call the procedure a success,” she says.

picture 2 (6)

Shane butts in and grabs the microphone, saying that home run is a better word. “Dr Yang hit a home run. Thanks to her, baby Nathan is thriving this morning.” Meredith has a quizzical look on her face, while Owen and Cristina gave Shane the death glare. Clapping ensues from the press corps. As usual, this is a case of Shane overstepping his boundaries. He doesn’t seem to remember that he is just a second year resident and therefore, should have said nothing. His cockiness is bound to get him into trouble, as we saw later in the episode.

After the conference, we see Owen, Cristina and Shane coming out of the room. Shane is particularly ebullient as he says that it went pretty well. Cristina is still steamed from him butting in at the press conference and immediately, turns on him. She tells him he is off her service and he has got to be over his hours. She tells him to go home and take a day off.

Shane is flabbergasted, saying “What?” Cristina answers him that he doesn’t know to keep his mouth shut. Shane argues that the press needed to hear that it was extraordinary. Cristina cuts him off and says that she is not comfortable speaking for her, especially about this case.

Owen defends Shane, saying that he said what needed to be said. He tells Cristina that she was not comfortable at all and she was tanking in there. In the meantime, Shane is tapping on his tablet, trying to prove that he is not over his hours. He says that he is only at 68 hours for the week. We find out later that that he has been fudging on his hours, so he can continue to work.

Owen leaves, telling her that JAMA wants an interview in Conference Room C and it should be short. Cristina then tells Ross that she is worried about him and that he has been going too fast lately. She says that she is not the only one who has noticed it. Shane is ready to find out who has been talking smack about him. He asks if he has screwed up. Cristina tells him that his work has been great. Shane touches her arm and says that he thinks what he knows this is and that she needs to work off some tension. (Get your arm off her, Shane. Don’t you dare touch her). She shrugs off his arm and tells him that they were not going to do that anymore. (And this is the point that I fall on my knees and give praise. Hallelujah! No more scenes of Shane and Cristina in the on-call room).

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×12 “Get up,Stand up” by @Allie_GG

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S10E12 – Get Up, Stand Up


“Failure is inevitability.  Every scientist was told so.  Over and over.  The ones we remember, the ones who changed our lives.  The Curie’s, the Salk’s, the Barnard’s.  They’re the ones who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”

 Very rarely do weddings in Shondaland go completely as planned without some type of crisis, misfortune, or disruption and the Season 10 winter finale is no exception to the rule, leaving the viewer’s hanging on the edge of their couch cushions, eagerly hoping the next two months fly by!  Oh Shondaland, how you torture us so!

 As if one’s wedding day isn’t somewhat stressful enough, April’s newly appointed bridesmaids don’t help the matter when she ends up spending most of the day hunting them down, (comically) forcing them to put their personal matters aside to focus on her and her big day! Naturally this takes place after she witnesses Meredith and Cristina brutally battle it out, bashing one another for the faults they’ve recently acquired, having sworn they’d avoid in the past.  Meredith has become progressively irritated with Cristina’s recent acclaims for the successful surgery she performed on the infant, to which she has no clue exactly how she saved the infant’s life.  Cristina, meanwhile, points out that Meredith isn’t the surgeon she once knew, having chosen her family over her career.  The two continue bickering back and forth and before storming out of the room from one another, Meredith accuses Cristina of “becoming the thing you worship”, to which Cristina responds, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.”  Ouch.

Arizona and Callie appear to be making some headway on repairing their marriage but over time throughout the episode, we see a brittle Arizona become more and more uneasy with Callie’s growing excitement over her plans for her and Derek’s brain mapping program to which Callie is hoping Arizona could potentially benefit from.  In a moment of vulnerability, Arizona breaks down, (inconveniently enough in front of April on her wedding day) confessing to April she cheated on Callie because someone else was attracted to her, regardless of her amputated leg.  Not long into April’s (again comical) attempts at consoling Arizona, Meredith and Cristina barge in, picking up their argument where they left off.  Turns out the two admit to one another the reason why they’re growing apart is the same reason they became twisted sisters in the first place: competition!  Before the two can call a truce, April goes Bridezilla on them all, telling them this is HER day and instead of fighting, crying and focusing on THEIR personal business, they should be focusing on HER instead.  Way to go, April!  You tell them whose boss…. er…. Bride!!

Meanwhile, Alex continues to work on making peace with his estranged father but not after a few shouting matches first.  When Jimmy admits he did his best to be there for his family, Alex shouted back that “his best was worthless” and that because of Jimmy’s alcoholism and abandonment, Alex had to be the man of the house.  Later on, Alex visits Jimmy again and in a round-about way, thanked him for leaving their family because ultimately, they all turned out for the better because of it, especially Alex.  Soon after, Alex and Jo meet up before April’s wedding to which Alex tells Jo they are all the family they’ll ever need, etc… smooch, kiss, embrace, etc… Hey, at least one couple on the show is getting a pleasant ending… so far!

Back at the hospital, Shane is playing Mr. I Can Do It All by fudging the amount of hours he logs per week to up the chances of him becoming Dr. of the Year.  (OK, not really, but you get what I mean.)  Cristina warns Shane to take a break in light of getting burnt out but Shane disregards Cristina’s advice, clearly becoming more and more self-destructive than one could imagine.  His assertive, arrogant attitude lands him in a difficult predicament when he goes rogue and attempts performing surgery on an ailing Jimmy by himself.  Leah calls for help and when Richard arrives, Shane has flash backs to the super storm and admits he was at fault for Brooks’ death.  Richard takes over and attempts to save Jimmy’s life and the last we see of Shane, he’s standing in an elevator; covered in Jimmy’s blood looking like he’s ready to join the cast of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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