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What is Brooke Smith Up To?

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you been wondering what Brooke Smith has been up to since leaving Grey’s Anatomy?

Showtime’s upcoming drama Ray Donovan has added a Grey’s Anatomy alum to its ranks.

Brooke Smith, who played Dr. Erica Hahn for four seasons on the ABC medical drama from Shonda Rhimes, will recur on Ray.


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Get to Know the GG Blogger: McRen

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Hey Gabblers!

I’m not sure how you guys would refer to me, but I’m Lauren, a.k.a McRen. Perhaps you know me as one of the many Calzona fans here at Grey’s Gabble. Who can know? Anyway, in comparison to shli1117 and flutistjosh‘s “Get to know the GG Blogger” posts, mine will be very systematic and in an interview style, but I’ll try my best to be as personal as I can! (Unfortunately I don’t really have any deep, dark secrets, but I’ll see what I can dig up for you!)

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Brooke Smith Photo Exhibition.

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Hey Gabblers.  Former Grey’s actress Brooke Smith (aka Erica Hahn) is venturing into a new field.  She’s got a photography exhibition going on right now in New York.  We just found out about it and it only runs for another week or so.  However, check out the details below.

Primary Photographic Gallery is pleased to present :


Brooke Smith
Sunday Matinee


exhibition & book launch
curated by Tim Barber


Sep. 15th – Oct. 17th
opening reception Sep. 15th, 6-9pm


Brooke Smith was a teenager immersed in the boiling mid-80s hardcore scene of downtown Manhattan. Her intimate photographs, from ’83 to ’88, reveal an underground scene at it’s most potent in a city’s troubled era. These bands were the backdrop for Smiths adolescence : Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, The Cro Mags, Murphy’s Law, Underdog, The Icemen, Armed Citizen, Urban Waste, No Thanks, The Abused, Warzone, Violence, The Young n Useless, Adrenalin OD, The Nihilistics, Rapid Deployment, The Psychos, The Misguided, The Stimulators, Sheer Terror, Ultra, Antidote, Hinkley Fan Club, Reagan Youth, Bold, Crackdown, Krieg Kropf, Supertouch, Crumbsuckers, Sick of it All, Kraut, Scab, False Prophets, Heart Attack, PMS, Gilligan’s Revenge, Major Conflict, Leeway, YDL, Cause For Alarm, The Mob, Modern Clix and Token Entry. Brooke Smiths photographs tell the complex story of youth trying to find and maintain community amidst an aggressive and volatile music scene.


The opening will also celebrate the release of a 52 page, large format, limited edition catalog, with an introduction written by Gavin McInnes.


195 Chrystie St. North Store
NY NY 10002

(Source|Primary Photographic)

Very interesting!  I had no idea Brooke had an interest in photography.  And it sounds like she had a really interesting life in the 80s.  Any of you New York Gabblers going to check it out?  Sound off below.

Thanks to KGreysAnatomy for tweeting us the tip!

xoxo  GreysAddictJ


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Brooke Smith Pics.

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Hey Gabblers – Well, we haven’t seen much of Erica (Brooke Smith) since she walked off into that black hole in the Seattle Grace parking lot.  Here’s some recent photos from a nice poster over on the Erica_Callie LiveJournal site.  We appreciate them posting!  Click on the pics to enlarge.

Family photos are awesome. Yep, thats Mr Smith with her and their girls.

(Source|Erica-Callie LiveJournal)

She looks great, doesn’t she?  What lovely girls she has.  I bet she’s a great mom.  Are you glad to see Brooke & family?  Talk below.

xoxo McSunny




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EW Loving Grey’s Again.

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Hey Gabblers – It’s nice to read some good things about Grey’s again.  This article from EW is there reasons why they are loving Grey’s again.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 5 Reasons We’re Loving This Season

From taking risks to new romances: See how this doctor dramedy rediscovered its groove after some shaky seasons.  Grey’s Anatomy suffered a hell of an adolescence: An instant hit when it debuted in 2005, the show had phenomenally addictive early days that gave way to some very awkward in-between years full of ill-conceived guest-star arcs (Brooke Smith’s no-nonsense Dr. Erica Hahn? Melissa George’s nutso Dr. Sadie Harris?), ghost sex, and extraneous moping. This season, however, something miraculous happened — the show didn’t just survive through its seventh season, it got better. Way better.

Its epic season finale last spring, in which a gunman roamed the halls of Seattle Grace, killing or seriously wounding several characters, marked a rite of passage. What could’ve been classic shark-jumping instead sparked renewal. Since then, Grey’s has gotten funnier, more mature, sexier, and braver. Here, we examine the thriving vital signs of the healthier-than-ever doctor soap.

1. It’s taking risks

Derek (Patrick Dempsey) isn’t the only one who came out of the shooting with a new penchant for thrill seeking; the show itself has taken plenty of chances this season, from small choices (making an 
Alzheimer’s study a major plot element) to big episodes. Case in point: the documentary-style hour that played like a TV special on the hospital, Seattle Medical: Road to Recovery, which caught our favorite docs in a completely different light and told as much with what it didn’t show (guest star Mandy Moore’s death) as with what it did. ”It was surprising, even for me,” creator–executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, ”but it really worked.” Next there was the musical episode, featuring the cast singing the soft rock Grey’s has made famous (such as the Fray’s ”How to Save a Life”). ”I wanted to do this ever since we started, because I’m a musical-theater geek,” Rhimes says. ”It seemed fun, so why not try it?” That said, she knows her show’s limits: ”There are no dance numbers. There’s no singing and dancing in the halls.”

2. Its characters continue to grow

Perhaps the shooting’s best aftereffect — besides eliminating some dud characters — was traumatizing the core remaining cast members into major change. It was a much-needed infusion of interest after six seasons of Cristina (Sandra Oh) being brittle and driven and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) being dark and twisty. Now Meredith is struggling to conceive a child and Cristina’s back at work after coming unglued from PTSD. ”It was like hitting an amazing reset button,” Rhimes says. ”I felt like Meredith emotionally aged, like, 20 years. Cristina regressed. It was so great to get to that moment where Cristina Yang is on the dock holding the fish, which I have framed on my desk now. Because to me it’s a picture of healing, an amazing moment.”

3. New romances are sparking, at last!

Love at Seattle Grace has been reaching epidemic levels not seen since the show’s early days. Better yet, none — none! — of the new couples turn our stomachs. (Good news for an audience still scarred by that Gizzie debacle.) This is the flirty Grey’s we fell for seven seasons ago: Teddy (Kim Raver) marrying chronically ill patient Henry (the infinitely appealing Scott Foley),… … Stark (Peter MacNicol, sympathetic even as the ultimate jerk) shocking April (Sarah Drew) by asking her out,… …and Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) hitting the shower. And it’s about time, especially for man-candy Jackson. ”The writers would say, ‘For the love of God, when is he gonna get some?”’ Rhimes recalls. ”I kept saying, ‘No, keep his pants on.’ It’s a present — we had to save it.”

4. Its funny bone is intact

After a few seasons filled with angsty wallowing, the Seattle Gracers finally found their wit again. Just watch one of the doctors’ patented gallows-
humor-filled lunchroom scenes, Chandra Wilson’s wordily indignant monologues, or almost any given exchange between Cristina and Meredith about baby issues for proof. (Cristina on Meredith’s negative pregnancy test: ”Pee on a bunch of sticks. Don’t let the one stick win.”) Rhimes attributes the change to the current cast and crew’s chemistry: ”We’re having fun,” she says. ”Every last one of the actors wants to be here and loves their job. Every one of the writers wants to be here. And that does matter, because we write the mood into the scripts.”

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After Ellen Hot 100 Nominations Open…

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I am only going to stick my hand out from under the protective shell I’m in, to put this up as I know how passionate we Grey’s fans can get when it comes to voting…

After Ellen are taking nominations for their list of the “Hottest 100 Women of the Year.” This is your chance to vote for the girls of Greys and make sure we have a decent showing on the list.

To make things fair, After Ellen have set a lot of safe guards in place to ensure there is no spam voting. So if you want to see your favorite on the list, head over there and get your names in. I have wracked my brain to think up every significant female Grey’s character ever… If I forgot any, I am sorry…

To refresh your memories, not that you need it, here are the current women of Greys:

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey

Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang

Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey

Sara Ramirez as Calliope “Callie” Torres

Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins

Kim Raver as Teddy Altman

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery

Ex Cast members:

Katherine Heigl as Isobel “Izzie” Stevens

Brooke Smith as Erica Hahn

Guest Stars:

Elizabeth Reaser as Ava

Leven Rambin as Sloan Riley

Nora Zehetner as Reed Adamson

Sarah Drew as April Keppner

Melissa George as Sadie Harris

Sarah Utterback as Nurse Olivia

Lauren Stamile as Nurse Rose

I think I got all of the major ones… I am sure I have forgotten some though…

Anyways, head along to AFTER ELLEN and place your nominations for the Hot List 2010

All of the rules can be found at the site and the deadline for nominations is May 7th. Get nominating folks! Would be great to see some Grey’s women on the list!

Take it easy! ;-)


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