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ED to Grace Our TV Screens Soon!

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Hey Gabblers!

About a year ago it was announced that Eric Dane would be returning to our TV screens…get ready, TNT has announced a premiere date for The Last Ship!


(Pic Source|Huffington Post)

TNT’s summer action series will kick off Sunday, June 22, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) with the premiere of The Last Ship, from executive producer Michael Bay (Transformers). Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) and Rhona Mitra (Strike Back) star in the series about a Navy vessel that may be humanity’s last hope in the wake of a worldwide catastrophe.


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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×12 “Get up,Stand up” by @Allie_GG

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S10E12 – Get Up, Stand Up


“Failure is inevitability.  Every scientist was told so.  Over and over.  The ones we remember, the ones who changed our lives.  The Curie’s, the Salk’s, the Barnard’s.  They’re the ones who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”

 Very rarely do weddings in Shondaland go completely as planned without some type of crisis, misfortune, or disruption and the Season 10 winter finale is no exception to the rule, leaving the viewer’s hanging on the edge of their couch cushions, eagerly hoping the next two months fly by!  Oh Shondaland, how you torture us so!

 As if one’s wedding day isn’t somewhat stressful enough, April’s newly appointed bridesmaids don’t help the matter when she ends up spending most of the day hunting them down, (comically) forcing them to put their personal matters aside to focus on her and her big day! Naturally this takes place after she witnesses Meredith and Cristina brutally battle it out, bashing one another for the faults they’ve recently acquired, having sworn they’d avoid in the past.  Meredith has become progressively irritated with Cristina’s recent acclaims for the successful surgery she performed on the infant, to which she has no clue exactly how she saved the infant’s life.  Cristina, meanwhile, points out that Meredith isn’t the surgeon she once knew, having chosen her family over her career.  The two continue bickering back and forth and before storming out of the room from one another, Meredith accuses Cristina of “becoming the thing you worship”, to which Cristina responds, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.”  Ouch.

Arizona and Callie appear to be making some headway on repairing their marriage but over time throughout the episode, we see a brittle Arizona become more and more uneasy with Callie’s growing excitement over her plans for her and Derek’s brain mapping program to which Callie is hoping Arizona could potentially benefit from.  In a moment of vulnerability, Arizona breaks down, (inconveniently enough in front of April on her wedding day) confessing to April she cheated on Callie because someone else was attracted to her, regardless of her amputated leg.  Not long into April’s (again comical) attempts at consoling Arizona, Meredith and Cristina barge in, picking up their argument where they left off.  Turns out the two admit to one another the reason why they’re growing apart is the same reason they became twisted sisters in the first place: competition!  Before the two can call a truce, April goes Bridezilla on them all, telling them this is HER day and instead of fighting, crying and focusing on THEIR personal business, they should be focusing on HER instead.  Way to go, April!  You tell them whose boss…. er…. Bride!!

Meanwhile, Alex continues to work on making peace with his estranged father but not after a few shouting matches first.  When Jimmy admits he did his best to be there for his family, Alex shouted back that “his best was worthless” and that because of Jimmy’s alcoholism and abandonment, Alex had to be the man of the house.  Later on, Alex visits Jimmy again and in a round-about way, thanked him for leaving their family because ultimately, they all turned out for the better because of it, especially Alex.  Soon after, Alex and Jo meet up before April’s wedding to which Alex tells Jo they are all the family they’ll ever need, etc… smooch, kiss, embrace, etc… Hey, at least one couple on the show is getting a pleasant ending… so far!

Back at the hospital, Shane is playing Mr. I Can Do It All by fudging the amount of hours he logs per week to up the chances of him becoming Dr. of the Year.  (OK, not really, but you get what I mean.)  Cristina warns Shane to take a break in light of getting burnt out but Shane disregards Cristina’s advice, clearly becoming more and more self-destructive than one could imagine.  His assertive, arrogant attitude lands him in a difficult predicament when he goes rogue and attempts performing surgery on an ailing Jimmy by himself.  Leah calls for help and when Richard arrives, Shane has flash backs to the super storm and admits he was at fault for Brooks’ death.  Richard takes over and attempts to save Jimmy’s life and the last we see of Shane, he’s standing in an elevator; covered in Jimmy’s blood looking like he’s ready to join the cast of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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A Gabblers Babble: 10.8 “Two Against One ” A Review by @Allie_GG

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S10EP08 – Two Against One

“Glioma…..Fibroma….Blastoma.  Whatever the tumor, people assume you approach it the same way.  You find its hiding place in the body, then open the patient up…. And you cut it the hell out.  But you’re not just fighting the one tumor… You’re actually at war with over a billion cells..”

Bailey continues to suffer from what appears to be a gradual case of OCD when she starts off the episode frantically searching through Tuck’s room in the middle of the night for the source of a funky smell.  Ben notices Bailey’s constant obsessive interest in this and becomes increasingly worried with her paranoid tendencies.  Later when Bailey stops by the OR board to find her surgery had been moved to another OR room, she freaks out on Owen, who dismisses her concern for the change.   Before surgery in the OR, Bailey finds out that Ben will be the anesthesiologist on the case and while he and Jo are chatting over an unrelated topic, Bailey goes into freak out mode, counting the surgical tools and blaming Jo for becoming unsterile during prep time.  During surgery, Bailey becomes so invested in instructing Jo not to cut the patient’s bowel that Bailey herself accidently cuts the bowl and things take a sudden turn for the worst.  Ben, being the

good, loyal, supportive husband he is, steps in and talks Bailey off of the ledge she put herself on and all is good in the world.  Later back at home, Bailey reveals to Ben she found the source of the funky smell in Tuck’s room.  Unfortunately, that’s not what’s been on Bailey’s mind.  Ben knows something’s up and when he suggests that Bailey seek help for her underlying issues, she refuses, telling Ben everything will be fine.  Fine.  A word we all know in Shondaland a little too well…


Meredith teams up with Stephanie on her 3D printing research project and hopes are high when Stephanie notifies Meredith that the first product of her printing experiment is almost complete.  Stephanie gathers all of her fellow classmates to check out the big reveal and as Meredith explains the concept of her research and the project, she pulls out the result from the printer to find she’s miraculously 3D printed…. A plastic fork??  Before she gets a chance to redeem herself to her audience, everyone bails on her.  Poor Mer.  Door worry, we know you’ll create life saving portal veins….some day!

Meanwhile, Richard is keeping to his hospital bed and avoiding the walking he’s been instructed to do by telling stories of the good ole days to…. well, pretty much ANYONE that will listen.  Including his next door hospital room neighbor, CJ (played by the brilliant Lainie Kazan).  Unfortunately, CJ is full up to her ears with listening to Richard’s “theatre of boredom” and isn’t afraid to tell him like it is!  In a desperate attempt to keep him from retelling his stories over and over again, CJ defers their conversation to a more, um, appealing topic.  Meatballs.  Or the recipe to make them, that is.  Richard let it be known to her how unamused he is of her choice of topic and when Richard hears a crash in the hall and CJ goes silent, he becomes concerned for her safety.  In a weary attempt, Richard manages to get up and walk out to the hallway only to find CJ lying on the ground unconscious.  Richard’s medical instincts kick in and he

rushes to her side, assessing her vitals when April comes to help.   Little did he know at the time, he saved CJ’s life and with that, Richard has a brand new story to tell!

April and Matthew continue their marital classes and are not surprised to see they aced their compatibility test.  Much to April’s surprise, however, Matthew suggests they do the deed BEFORE they get married so they’re both “equal”.  April stresses out about Matthew’s proposition and seeks advice from her new BFF Arizona but doesn’t exactly get what she’s looking for.  Turns out while asking for advice on the subject, she also finds out that Arizona neglected to put the kibosh on taking things further with Leah and doesn’t seem to regret the decision either!  Later on back at Matthew’s apartment, April explains to Matthew she regrets the loss of commitment she had to her faith a year prior and knows how awful it feels to break a promise, hoping to keep Matthew from making the same mistake.  And with that, instead of doing the deed, they decide to hold out until they’ve officially become Mr. and Mrs!

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Dr. Mark Sloan Tribute Podcast

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We had the pleasure of being asked to do a Dr. Mark Sloan tribute- if you loved McSteamy  check it out- @tsgpodcast @mattrushing02 & Liv talk all about the impact and the legacy that Mark Sloan, M.D. has left forever in the Greys Fandom.

Mark Sloan tribute

Click on link below to listen:



We hope that you enjoy it as much as I did- getting to talk Grey with Kay & Matt. We will love you forever Mark Sloan. Let us know what you think- comment below or visit us on Twitter.

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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Season 9 Deleted Scenes!

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Hey Gabblers!

Here are some of the deleted scenes found on the Season 9 DVD!

Mark & Derek

Cristina & Owen

Meredith & Richard

Bailey & Ben

Callie & Arizona

(Source|Walaa K on YT)

There are more deleted scenes, be sure to visit the source link!

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E! 5 Other Shocking GA Departures

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Hey, Gabblers!

In light of recent news regarding Sandra Oh’s impending departure from the long running show, E! Online has released an article reviewing some of Grey’s Anatomy’s previous cast exits.

Hey, Grey’s Anatomy fans have been through this before!

Isaiah Washington

Washington, who played the prestigious Dr. Preston Burke, exited the hit series after making headlines for his use of homophobic slurs against co-star T.R. Knight during an on-set dispute with Patrick Dempsey.

T.R. Knight

The actor, who was one of the original cast members, asked to be let out of his contract in December of 2009 after expressing his frustrations with his character George’s lack of storylines.

Katherine Heigl

After reportedly trying to get out of her contract for three years, Heigl got her wish in 2010 when it was confirmed that she would be leaving the ABC series.

Chyler Leigh

“This was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together,” Rhimes said at the time of Leigh’s decision to leave the series after five seasons.

Eric Dane

After Dane announced his departure, Rhimes called Mark “one of the most beloved characters” on the show and said the actor “did not come to this decision lightly, but after much consideration and conversations, he and I have decided that this is the right time for his storyline to end.”

To read this article in full, please visit the source link below!

(Source|E! Online)

For a more inclusive review of previous GA cast exits, see the following:

THR: Grey’s Anatomy Famous Departures

To me, some of these departures felt fitting while others seemed to end on a not so great note. No secret many of us miss these characters. And many will DEFINITELY miss Cristina once she’s gone. Who would you say left before their time? Think this is the last of cast departures we’ll see for a while? Think more are coming? Let us know! P.S. No mention of Brooke Smith (Dr. Erica Hahn) or Kim Raver (Dr. Teddy Altman)? Think there should have been?

LiveLaughLoveGA! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi

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