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Tessa Ferrer Joins CBS Show!

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We know that Tessa won’t be returning as Leah next season but she won’t be out of work!  She has already booked her next gig!

 Tessa Ferrer has joined the cast of CBS’s Halle Berry-fronted summer series, has confirmed.

Executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, the mystery thriller stars Berry as an astronaut who returns from a year-long journey in space and attempts to reconnect with her husband (Goran Visnjic) and android son. Ferrer will recur as Katie Sparks, an over-achieving astronaut and the daughter of Michael O’Neill’s Alan Sparks, who serves as the director of the ISEA.


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2 Cast Members Not Returning for Season 11

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Hey Gabblers!

See below if you’re interested!

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×12 “Get up,Stand up” by @Allie_GG

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S10E12 – Get Up, Stand Up


“Failure is inevitability.  Every scientist was told so.  Over and over.  The ones we remember, the ones who changed our lives.  The Curie’s, the Salk’s, the Barnard’s.  They’re the ones who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”

 Very rarely do weddings in Shondaland go completely as planned without some type of crisis, misfortune, or disruption and the Season 10 winter finale is no exception to the rule, leaving the viewer’s hanging on the edge of their couch cushions, eagerly hoping the next two months fly by!  Oh Shondaland, how you torture us so!

 As if one’s wedding day isn’t somewhat stressful enough, April’s newly appointed bridesmaids don’t help the matter when she ends up spending most of the day hunting them down, (comically) forcing them to put their personal matters aside to focus on her and her big day! Naturally this takes place after she witnesses Meredith and Cristina brutally battle it out, bashing one another for the faults they’ve recently acquired, having sworn they’d avoid in the past.  Meredith has become progressively irritated with Cristina’s recent acclaims for the successful surgery she performed on the infant, to which she has no clue exactly how she saved the infant’s life.  Cristina, meanwhile, points out that Meredith isn’t the surgeon she once knew, having chosen her family over her career.  The two continue bickering back and forth and before storming out of the room from one another, Meredith accuses Cristina of “becoming the thing you worship”, to which Cristina responds, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.”  Ouch.

Arizona and Callie appear to be making some headway on repairing their marriage but over time throughout the episode, we see a brittle Arizona become more and more uneasy with Callie’s growing excitement over her plans for her and Derek’s brain mapping program to which Callie is hoping Arizona could potentially benefit from.  In a moment of vulnerability, Arizona breaks down, (inconveniently enough in front of April on her wedding day) confessing to April she cheated on Callie because someone else was attracted to her, regardless of her amputated leg.  Not long into April’s (again comical) attempts at consoling Arizona, Meredith and Cristina barge in, picking up their argument where they left off.  Turns out the two admit to one another the reason why they’re growing apart is the same reason they became twisted sisters in the first place: competition!  Before the two can call a truce, April goes Bridezilla on them all, telling them this is HER day and instead of fighting, crying and focusing on THEIR personal business, they should be focusing on HER instead.  Way to go, April!  You tell them whose boss…. er…. Bride!!

Meanwhile, Alex continues to work on making peace with his estranged father but not after a few shouting matches first.  When Jimmy admits he did his best to be there for his family, Alex shouted back that “his best was worthless” and that because of Jimmy’s alcoholism and abandonment, Alex had to be the man of the house.  Later on, Alex visits Jimmy again and in a round-about way, thanked him for leaving their family because ultimately, they all turned out for the better because of it, especially Alex.  Soon after, Alex and Jo meet up before April’s wedding to which Alex tells Jo they are all the family they’ll ever need, etc… smooch, kiss, embrace, etc… Hey, at least one couple on the show is getting a pleasant ending… so far!

Back at the hospital, Shane is playing Mr. I Can Do It All by fudging the amount of hours he logs per week to up the chances of him becoming Dr. of the Year.  (OK, not really, but you get what I mean.)  Cristina warns Shane to take a break in light of getting burnt out but Shane disregards Cristina’s advice, clearly becoming more and more self-destructive than one could imagine.  His assertive, arrogant attitude lands him in a difficult predicament when he goes rogue and attempts performing surgery on an ailing Jimmy by himself.  Leah calls for help and when Richard arrives, Shane has flash backs to the super storm and admits he was at fault for Brooks’ death.  Richard takes over and attempts to save Jimmy’s life and the last we see of Shane, he’s standing in an elevator; covered in Jimmy’s blood looking like he’s ready to join the cast of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×11 – “Man on the Moon” by @Allie_GG

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“Every doctor has a dirty little secret. We’re all competitive science nerds.  In grade school, we made the biggest and the best volcanoes which erupted actual fake molten lava.  In junior high, we spent hours laboring over our rat mazes.  So that one day, we’d be the person who changed the face of medicine.  Forever.”

Two words: Kepner. Overload. If you haven’t already watched, be prepared because that’s exactly what you’ll get this episode and I’m not just talking about April.  We’re talking April times 3!  April’s sisters come to town to throw her a bridal shower however things don’t go exactly as planned!  Turns out April’s sisters aren’t quite what you’d expect them to be.  IE: Generous, loving, accepting… blah, blah, blah.  In fact, they’re downright rude, especially to the bride-to-be herself!  Since childhood, the Kepnerettes (as Sarah Drew calls them) dubbed April as Ducky (as in Ugly Duckling) since she spent most of her childhood embracing life with acne, braces, and following in the shadows of her more beautifully gifted sisters.  It isn’t until they’ve pushed April too far when they humiliate her at her own bridal shower when April finally gets the guts to stand up to her sisters and tell them enough is enough with this Ducky business! April is so ticked she even goes as far as firing them all from their bridesmaid duties and enlists her fellow co-workers Cristina, Meredith and Arizona to take their place!  (I have to admit, I was pretty amazed and impressed with April’s sudden outburst!  Besides, her wedding will be way more fun with her new wedding party than the old one!) Side note: Anyone else get a major kick out of the expressions on Mer, Cristina and Arizona’s faces when they heard the news?  Pure comedy gold!

Meanwhile, Stud 1 and Stud 2 (aka Jackson and Matthew) finally break the awkward barrier that’s been looming between the two over April and Matthew’s upcoming nuptials.  Kind of.  Away from the hospital, the two randomly run into a victim in need of an emergency tracheotomy and it’s Matthew that doesn’t waste any time stepping up and taking care of the job.  Only Jackson makes it blatantly obvious he doesn’t approve.  After the two guys go head to head on how one would’ve done the job better than the other, they somehow end on good terms with Matthew even going as far as insisting Jackson attend the wedding! Wait, wha??  Yep.  Now it’s a waiting game to see if Jackson actually attends… and how does it go? Speaks now or forever holds his peace?…

Alex’s dad makes an unruly appearance in the episode when he shows up at the hospital in dire need of medical attention from trying to get clean.  As luck would have it, Jo happens to be one of the first people Jimmy runs into but turns him away, insisting his efforts to get sober be taken up with a rehab center.  As if on cue, Jimmy collapses and Owen gives orders that Jo take him on as a patient.  Jo tries her hardest to help but when Jimmy goes into a withdrawal-induced rampage, he slams her against a wall, forcing Alex to step in and come to her rescue.  Alex insists he leaves and goes to a rehab clinic where he belongs but it’s Jo that insists Jimmy stay and try to get clean at the hospital.  How long will Jimmy hold on without the alcohol and drugs now that he knows Alex is his son?

That awkward moment when you see Cristina and Shane in an on-call room.  Yeah.  The writers actually went there.  Um, er… besides that….. Cristina, with a huge audience watching her every move during surgery, implants the 3D printed valve into her infant patient and at first the surgery looks unsuccessful.  Simultaneously, Stephanie and Meredith are performing surgery a few ORs down the hall and implant their 3D printed portal vein into a sheep.  That’s right, a sheep. At first, their surgery looks to be successful to which Stephanie celebrates a little too soon.  Later, Shane (who is extremely crabby at the thought of having lost to Meredith and Stephanie) begrudgingly congratulates Meredith for having won the “competition”.  Meredith, unamused with Shane’s recent disrespectful ‘tude, confronts Cristina on the matter to which Cristina becomes snippy, assuming Meredith is insinuating she is the reason for Shane’s unpleasant demeanor. Still with me?  Naturally as one would think, this causes the wedge between Meredith and Cristina to further widen, and the two end up fighting once again.  Sigh.  When will this feud ever end?  Side note:  Cristina and Shane’s surgery was successful and saved the infants life while Stephanie and Meredith’s surgery….well, didn’t have the same result.

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TAKE CARE NOW CROWEN RECAP – 10 X 10 Somebody That I Used to Know by @Cinderoni

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CROWEN RECAP – 10 X 10 Somebody That I Used to Know

By: @Cinderoni

This was an episode where both Cristina and Owen were heavily featured but not much with each other. They had a total of one scene together. That is a slight improvement from the three episodes where they did not share a single scene. With such a large cast, one can expect that certain cast members have had minor appearances in some episodes. Not Cristina, who has prominently appeared in all 10 episodes this season, including the Callie-centric episode. I am going to expect that is going to continue since they would want to use the talents of Sandra Oh as much as possible before she leaves at the end of the season. Now on to the episode.

When first we see Owen, he is with Emma, who has graduated from baking banana bread to muffins. They are in a conference room. Apparently, Emma has come to Grey Sloan Memorial to work on her grant proposal. I don’t know why she couldn’t do that at Seattle Presbyterian.  It is just trading one hospital conference room for another. They are looking for any excuse to try and bring her across to Grey Sloan for the day.

Owen tells her that if she needs anything, she should just call him. Emma replies that she doesn’t need anything; she just needs to read everything that was ever written on mediastinal teratomas, crank out a grant proposal and all she needs is quiet. Owen chuckles. He says he can’t promise too much quiet because she did say he could come visit. Emma says it would be the best part of the day. They share a peck on the lips.

picture 1 (7)

Outside of the office leaning against the nurses’ station are Callie and April, who can see clearly through the blinds of the office, so they can observe Owen and Emma. Cristina comes up and welcomes Callie back, who replies that it beats the hell out of a courtroom. Cristina notices Owen and Emma in the office but doesn’t say anything.

Callie says that Emma brought muffins. April adds that it’s her day off and she’s doing homework. Cristina says incredulously, “In a hospital?” (Yeah, my reaction, too.) Callie replies that maybe Emma should go outside and see the world. As they flash on Cristina’s face, the pain is evident on her face and she walks off. April whispers that she thinks it is kind of sweet. Callie agrees saying that it is adorable. They giggle. (Shut up, girls.)

picture 2 (3)

Cristina apparently goes off to the PICU where Alex is with baby Nathan, Cristina’s HLHS patient from Episode 8 – the baby with the congenital heart defect. In that episode, Cristina and Shane had taken possession of Meredith’s 3D printer to try and print a bio-compatible conduit to help him.

Alex is now on the case with Cristina and he says that they have been treating Nathan with diuretics and beta blockers but he still has a lot of edema. Cristina says he will rally once they put in the graft, noting that Nathan has been in the PICU for three weeks.

Alex asks if they are done with all of the test prints. Cristina replies that they finished last night and Shane was now printing out the real one now. She then digresses and tells Alex that Emma was in the hospital with muffins. Alex answers if she wants to get rid of her. (Thank you, Alex for volunteering to do that. We know you have Cristina’s back).

Cristina says no but she was glad that Owen’s getting laid. Actually, she really doesn’t seem happy about it because the words were hard to come out of her mouth. She continues that everyone should get laid. “I should be getting laid. My work suffers when I’m not. It’s bad for humanity.”

Alex doesn’t want to talk sex with Cristina so he tells her to make up back with Meredith so she could handle that. Cristina tells him that he is being a priss and whether he doesn’t talk about sex with his guy friends about who got the best rack in the shack. Alex admits, “Maybe.”

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A Gabbler’s Babble: 10.10 “Somebody that I used to know” A Review by @Allie_GG

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“The body is an infinitely complex mass of interacting systems.  People like to think doctors see it all clearly.  But it’s not always obvious what’s a hiccup in the system and what’s full-on medical disaster.  We figure that out in our first year of residency.  We spend the rest of our careers lying about it.”

Thanksgiving is but a few days away and the GSMH crew (or at least Meredith anyway) is busily making plans to celebrate the special day.  Since Mer’s cooking capabilities are, well, nonexistent, she’s enlisted Owen’s new lady to do the brunt of the work. Little does Emma know, the small gathering turns into quite the party when Meredith ends up inviting most of the Attendings and their significant others.  Yikes!  No pressure, Emma!

With Emma’s presence in the hospital becoming more frequent, Cristina becomes increasingly antsy to pursue an interest of her own that’s become fairly absent as of late.  Since her and Mer are still on the outs (more on that later!) Cristina feels it necessary to express her need for, er… sexual encounters to someone that will listen, whether he actually wants to or not!  That person: Alex!  Alex, clearly uneasy about Cristina’s choice in conversation with him, tells her flat out she just needs to get laid!  Enter stage left, Shane who overhears the conversation and later offers to ‘service her needs’.  To all viewers’ relief, Cristina immediately rejects Shane’s proposition (thank goodness!) but later has second thoughts about what it is that Shane really offers… um, ew.

Callie and Arizona are on the mend but hit yet another rough patch when Arizona confesses to Callie she was involved with someone while they were separated.  Taking the high road, Callie avoids getting angry and instead asks Arizona if whatever it was she had with the other person was really over.  Arizona tells her yes although Leah doesn’t exactly feel the same.  As if things weren’t awkward enough, Leah, Arizona and Callie are working on the same case together and in the OR, Leah panics at Callie’s instructions on how to proceed with a surgical mishap.  Leah demands that Arizona tell Callie to lighten up on her and with a look of realization and disappointment from Callie towards Arizona that could stop the clocks, Callie puts the pieces together and figures out Leah was the person Arizona was involved with.  Arizona quickly apologizes to Callie yet again but insists that she won’t keep doing so and that Callie can’t keep playing the victim.  Arizona continues on to say that if her and Callie are really going to try and work past their issues, she wants Callie to let her move back from the couch to their bedroom.  Au contraire, my dear!  Callie doesn’t feel the same, at least now anyway, and insists she needs at least one more night to process the realization that’s come to be.

April is busily tending to wedding duties, one of which includes nailing down the final guest list to her and Matthew’s nuptials.  In an awkward attempt to avoid inviting Jackson outright and hurting her hubby-to-be’s feelings, April invites Stephanie “and a guest” instead.  Later, Jackson confronts April and tells her that while she has his blessings to move forward with marrying Matthew, he will not be attending the wedding.  Something tells me Jackson’s intentions won’t stand true.  He’ll be there I’m sure of it.

Bailey continues to struggle with her OCD issues and Ben has no interest in letting her fall victim to this evil disorder.  Ben unintentionally leaks Bailey’s situation to Derek who is forced to report her condition because he’s on the board for the hospital.  In an effort to avoid any additional stress from the hospital on Bailey, Ben tries talking to her to get her the break she needs to get help.  Sadly, Ben’s efforts are dismissed and Bailey wants to hear nothing of it.  As a result, Owen later interrupts one of Bailey’s surgeries and tries provoking Bailey’s condition by using Meredith to rearrange her surgical instruments.  Bailey freaks and gets kicked out of the OR, further proving her OCD is slowly getting the best of her and her career.

Richard continues his healing process and pushes himself to the limits to prove to both himself and the docs that he is more than ready to leave the hospital and continue healing at home.  During a stress test, Richard ups the treadmill to a speed he can’t keep up with and as a result, takes a tumble and breaks a rib, forcing him to stay hospitalized longer over the holiday season.  Fortunately for him, he’s got the interns there to keep him company!

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