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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 22 “We are never ever getting back together” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 22 “We are never ever getting back together”

By Cinderoni

So this was the much-anticipated or long-dreaded (depending on your perspective) episode of the return of Preston Burke to Grey’s Anatomy. There was much trepidation and anxiety among Crowen fans about what it would actually all mean for our beloved couple. Would she go back to him, even after he left her at the altar and failed to acknowledge her work when he won his Harper Avery award? To be honest, I was expecting something different and I was pretty glad it turned out the way it did.  This episode was written by Joan Rater and directed by Rob Corn.

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Cristina is headed to the stairs, when she meets Owen. He tells her that the Cleveland Clinic wants her to come and present. Cristina is skeptical, asking if the guy, who won the Harper Avery is too busy. He tells her that the loss does not define her. She replies “good” and that he should stop trying to get her to go somewhere to get over it. He adds that Zurich has been calling three times a day, wanting her to present there, too. He points out that this year has been about the conduit trial and he urges her to take the trip and to find out what she wants to do next. She says that she knows what she wants to do next and that is to get the board meeting over with.

They enter the conference room, where Arizona, Callie, Derek, Meredith and Webber are already waiting. Noticeably absent is the board chairman, Avery. When Cristina and Owen enter the room, Webber says that’s everybody and shuts the door. Callie asks about Avery. Webber replies that they can get started without him, a clear signal that he did not invite the young chairman. He says that he has asked Owen to share some news with them.

Owen says that Dr Russell has given notice and is leaving the hospital. Cristina is shocked since it is her boss, the head of cardio. Owen continues, saying that Russell assured him that it had nothing to do with the Harper Avery situation. Webber adds that it means that it had everything to do with the Harper Avery situation. Arizona is confused and asks what situation. Meredith informs her that no one from this hospital will ever win the award and that Catherine Avery had told Webber this. Owen says that Webber thinks they should appeal.

Cristina interjects that they mean that she should appeal and humiliate herself further. Webber tells her it is not about her. “This is about the hospital getting money for research and to attract more surgeons. We’re already losing top talent.”

Derek points out that Russell is a loss but he is no Cristina Yang. (Just a side thought. It must suck for Dr Russell that his subordinate, who is just a fellow, is considered more brilliant than he is.) Arizona adds that Cristina Yang can’t be Cristina Yang if we lose funding.

Callie points out glumly that the NIH funds winners – people with track records. People with Harper Averys, Meredith notes. Webber looks towards Cristina and asks if she is in (to appeal). She looks around, feeling suddenly pressured. She gets up and leaves, hurriedly. Owen is ready to chase after her but Meredith stops him and tells him that she will go. She catches up with Cristina at the elevator. They enter the elevator and Cristina presses the button. She says that she hates this because she doesn’t want to be reminded of the Harper Avery plus the hospital is in danger of losing grants. As the elevator closes, she points out the irony that being nominated for the award was going to cost her the grants. “Did everyone forget I put a printed conduit in a kid and it worked?”

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Meredith points out that a bunch of guys in Zurich didn’t forget and they want her to come and speak about it. She tells her it is an hour of talking for five days in the Swiss Alps, she reminds Cristina, who immediately says that she is not running away. Meredith says that she knows that but Cristina says that is what everyone is going to think. Meredith tells her that the people at the hospital are angry for her and support her. Cristina says she understands that it was a business decision and she has moved on and that everyone else should, too. The elevator door opens and she leaves.  She may have said that she has moved on but I don’t think that she really has.

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The Cast Bid Farewell To Sandra!

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Hey Gabblers!

TV Guide took a trip to the GA set to talk to the cast about the departure of Sandra Oh!






(Source|TV Guide)

There’s plenty more, click the source link!

It’s clear that Sandra will truly be missed!  Based on what everyone has said, it’s evident that she’s an incredible human being not just to work with but to have as a part of your life!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld


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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 19 “I’m Winning” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 19 “I’m Winning”

By Cinderoni

This is the episode where Cristina finds out that she has been nominated for the Harper Avery award. It is also a continuation of the case of the three McNeil kids with cardiac problems – a storyline that started in 10 x18. We also got a very nice Crowen surprise at the very end. This episode was written by Joan Rater and directed by Kevin McKidd.

Our first scene begins with Meredith and Cristina asleep in Cristina’s bed at Alex’s house. (Isn’t it great that Cristina has a real bed and is not sleeping on a mattress on the floor like she used to do?) Meredith has come over for a sleepover because they are awaiting the call from the Harper Avery Foundation to inform them whether Cristina has been nominated for this year’s top award. The call is usually made at 8 a.m. Eastern time (5 a.m. Seattle time). The alarm blares suddenly which awakens both women, violently.

Cristina asks for her phone so she could take the call. Meredith replies that it is charged and the ringer is on. She advises her friend to put on some lipstick. As Cristina does this, she begins to express some doubt. Meredith reassures her that Catherine Avery said that she was on the short list, noting what Cristina is doing is innovative and will lead to the actual printing of hearts and millions will be saved.

Alex and Jo rush in, eager to find out if the call came through as yet. Meredith says no and reminds them that there are five nominees and it is done alphabetically, meaning Yang will be last. Shane, Cristina’s resident assistant, calls Jo to find out if they got the call.

As Meredith chews on a fingernail, Cristina continues to express doubt that they won’t call. Then, the phone rings. They all shriek in excitement. Cristina screams that it is them and takes a big breath. Meredith advises her to be gracious and humble but she is not going to grovel. “Remember who you are. You are Cristina Yang and you are going to change the face of medicine.”

Cristina answers the phone in a very calm voice, a sharp contrast to what she is probably feeling as she gets the news that she has been nominated. Meredith takes her picture to record the moment.

picture 1 (19)

We are now at the hospital, where Owen meets up with Frankie, one of the McNeil children. This is the one who received the pacemaker in the last episode. She is obviously much better as she challenges Owen to a race to her brother Link’s room, where Cristina and Arizona already are. Link is doing far worse than either of his sisters, as he lies in the bed with tubes coming out of him. Also present are Jon and Sabine McNeil and their oldest daughter, Ivy who received the heart transplant in the last episode. Ivy is eating sour cream and onion potato chips (which is my favorite flavor, by the way).  Cristina takes it away from her and scolds her for eating such an unhealthy snack.

picture 2 (14)

Ivy protests that she was told that she needed to put on some weight. She watches as Cristina takes a bite out of the chips and smiles. Arizona starts the rounds by noting that Ivy is two weeks post-op transplant surgery and her indices are excellent. Cristina queries about Link and Frankie immediately launches into a synopsis about Link’s condition.

“Lincoln Mc Neil, age 9, end-stage heart failure, awaiting transplant. Status 1A. There is a family history of the disease. The cause is unknown.  Link first showed signs of cardiomyopathy two weeks ago and has deteriorated rapidly. An attempt to put in a Berlin heart failed due to something I can’t remember.”

Ivy tells her it is clotting. Frankie continues that the patient is now in ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenization). Link is currently stable, Arizona adds.

Jon asks about their status with UNO. Owen answers that Link is at the top of the list. Sabine wants to find out how long Link can last on ECMO. Cristina tells them a week. Jon says that they have to pray for a miracle. Sabine reminds him that they got one with Ivy, as she pats her oldest child’s shoulder. Cristina tells them that they are not just sitting around and waiting as they are aggressively looking at other options.

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From Crowen w/ Love

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Hey, Gabblers!

These days, with each new Cristina/Owen scene, our hearts ache more and more at just the mere thought of Sandra’s impending departure. Some fans have even gone as far as to show Kevin and Sandra just how much they love ‘em. And the dynamic duo made sure to return the gesture :)


(Source|Sandra Oh via Twitter)


(Source|Kevin McKidd via Twitter)

I love them so very much. I’m left to wonder what will become of Owen’s character once Cristina is actually gone. Their intimacy is so real and they’ve established themselves in the hearts of many forever. Any thoughts?

LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi


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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen Recap 10 x 17 “Do You Know?” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen Recap 10 x 17 “Do You Know?”

By Cinderoni

There was a fair amount of trepidation about Episode 10 x 17 among Crowen fans, since it focused on Cristina and Owen for the entire episode. Every scene featured either one or both of them in it – all 43 minutes of it. It is rare that something like this happens. While some people may not have liked parts of it, it cannot be denied that it was a brilliant showcase for the talents of Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh.  This episode was written by Stacy McKee and directed by Chandra Wilson aka Dr Bailey.

As this is the “sliding doors” episode, we will be faced with two different alternate universes, based on how Cristina reacts to the decision of a quadriplegic accident victim to live or die.

The episode starts with flashbacks of Owen and Cristina throughout the years before launching into a scene of Cristina and Shane in the OR, working on a motor vehicle crash victim named Jason. Before long, they find that his inferior vena cava (IVC) needs to be repaired. The IVC is almost impossible to repair but she does it, anyway. Derek, having been paged, enters the OR to take a look at the patient’s spinal scans. It is not good news as Derek notes that the patient’s C3 and C4 are obliterated and there is no way that he can fix that. “He just lost all motor function from the neck down,” he says.

During this scene, we can hear Cristina doing the voice-over. “Do you know who you are? Do you know what’s happened to you? Do you want to live this way? All it takes is one person, one patient, one moment to change your life away. It can change your perspective, color your thinking. One moment which forces you to re-evaluate everything you know.” This is the one patient who starts the ball rolling and gets Cristina thinking.

We next see Cristina with the patient’s wife, Elise. She is explaining the grim prognosis for Jason. He is paralyzed but his brain function is good and his heart has been repaired. Elise wants to know if his diaphragm is working and whether he can breathe on his own. Cristina answers in the negative, as the vent is breathing for him. She starts to explain their options but Elise is more interested in finding out whether Jason will ever be able to breathe on his own, again.  He will not, Cristina confirms.

Elise wants to wake up Jason to ask him if he wants to remove the vent. Cristina is surprised because she knows that removing the vent would mean that Jason would die. Elise says she understands what she is asking because she doesn’t want to lose him. But then, she explains, “I know him. I know everything about him. I understand what he thinks. I get his humor. I can predict what he is going to order in a restaurant.” As Elise speaks, Cristina stares at Owen through a glass window. She feels exactly the same way about Owen.

Elise says that Jason would not want to live this way; that he would rather die than live one moment hooked up to a machine. Cristina informs her that it is her husband’s right to decline treatment if he wants. It will take some time to wean Jason off the sedatives, so in the meantime, Cristina heads off to the attendings’ lounge where Alex and Meredith are having a heart-to-heart talk about Jo, Alex’s girlfriend. Cristina sits quietly behind them, so they don’t know that she is there.

It seems that Jo is not the marrying type and Alex wonders if they will ever get married. Meredith tells him that they are together so it shouldn’t matter that Jo is not the marrying kind. Alex replies that they are just going to keep doing what they are doing for the next 20 years.  Meredith assures him that they are together, so why does it matter. That’s the current situation for Cristina and Owen, who seem to be in a sort of limbo in their own relationship.

Cristina’s pager goes off and Meredith and Alex turn around to see her there. Meredith says that she didn’t see her there, notices the look on Cristina’s face and asks if she is okay. Cristina says yep and leaves because apparently, Jason has woken up.

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What’s Your Favorite Crowen Moment?

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Hey Gabblers!

Do you have a favorite Crowen moment/moments?

crowen smiles

One of my favorite Crowen moments is when they first met! From that scene alone, there was no denying the chemistry!

Both Sandra & Kevin talked about their favorite moments with Skyline…click HERE to see the video!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld


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