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The Cast Bid Farewell To Sandra!

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Hey Gabblers!

TV Guide took a trip to the GA set to talk to the cast about the departure of Sandra Oh!






(Source|TV Guide)

There’s plenty more, click the source link!

It’s clear that Sandra will truly be missed!  Based on what everyone has said, it’s evident that she’s an incredible human being not just to work with but to have as a part of your life!

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×12 “Get up,Stand up” by @Allie_GG

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S10E12 – Get Up, Stand Up


“Failure is inevitability.  Every scientist was told so.  Over and over.  The ones we remember, the ones who changed our lives.  The Curie’s, the Salk’s, the Barnard’s.  They’re the ones who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”

 Very rarely do weddings in Shondaland go completely as planned without some type of crisis, misfortune, or disruption and the Season 10 winter finale is no exception to the rule, leaving the viewer’s hanging on the edge of their couch cushions, eagerly hoping the next two months fly by!  Oh Shondaland, how you torture us so!

 As if one’s wedding day isn’t somewhat stressful enough, April’s newly appointed bridesmaids don’t help the matter when she ends up spending most of the day hunting them down, (comically) forcing them to put their personal matters aside to focus on her and her big day! Naturally this takes place after she witnesses Meredith and Cristina brutally battle it out, bashing one another for the faults they’ve recently acquired, having sworn they’d avoid in the past.  Meredith has become progressively irritated with Cristina’s recent acclaims for the successful surgery she performed on the infant, to which she has no clue exactly how she saved the infant’s life.  Cristina, meanwhile, points out that Meredith isn’t the surgeon she once knew, having chosen her family over her career.  The two continue bickering back and forth and before storming out of the room from one another, Meredith accuses Cristina of “becoming the thing you worship”, to which Cristina responds, “And you’ve become the thing we laughed at.”  Ouch.

Arizona and Callie appear to be making some headway on repairing their marriage but over time throughout the episode, we see a brittle Arizona become more and more uneasy with Callie’s growing excitement over her plans for her and Derek’s brain mapping program to which Callie is hoping Arizona could potentially benefit from.  In a moment of vulnerability, Arizona breaks down, (inconveniently enough in front of April on her wedding day) confessing to April she cheated on Callie because someone else was attracted to her, regardless of her amputated leg.  Not long into April’s (again comical) attempts at consoling Arizona, Meredith and Cristina barge in, picking up their argument where they left off.  Turns out the two admit to one another the reason why they’re growing apart is the same reason they became twisted sisters in the first place: competition!  Before the two can call a truce, April goes Bridezilla on them all, telling them this is HER day and instead of fighting, crying and focusing on THEIR personal business, they should be focusing on HER instead.  Way to go, April!  You tell them whose boss…. er…. Bride!!

Meanwhile, Alex continues to work on making peace with his estranged father but not after a few shouting matches first.  When Jimmy admits he did his best to be there for his family, Alex shouted back that “his best was worthless” and that because of Jimmy’s alcoholism and abandonment, Alex had to be the man of the house.  Later on, Alex visits Jimmy again and in a round-about way, thanked him for leaving their family because ultimately, they all turned out for the better because of it, especially Alex.  Soon after, Alex and Jo meet up before April’s wedding to which Alex tells Jo they are all the family they’ll ever need, etc… smooch, kiss, embrace, etc… Hey, at least one couple on the show is getting a pleasant ending… so far!

Back at the hospital, Shane is playing Mr. I Can Do It All by fudging the amount of hours he logs per week to up the chances of him becoming Dr. of the Year.  (OK, not really, but you get what I mean.)  Cristina warns Shane to take a break in light of getting burnt out but Shane disregards Cristina’s advice, clearly becoming more and more self-destructive than one could imagine.  His assertive, arrogant attitude lands him in a difficult predicament when he goes rogue and attempts performing surgery on an ailing Jimmy by himself.  Leah calls for help and when Richard arrives, Shane has flash backs to the super storm and admits he was at fault for Brooks’ death.  Richard takes over and attempts to save Jimmy’s life and the last we see of Shane, he’s standing in an elevator; covered in Jimmy’s blood looking like he’s ready to join the cast of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 10×11 – “Man on the Moon” by @Allie_GG

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“Every doctor has a dirty little secret. We’re all competitive science nerds.  In grade school, we made the biggest and the best volcanoes which erupted actual fake molten lava.  In junior high, we spent hours laboring over our rat mazes.  So that one day, we’d be the person who changed the face of medicine.  Forever.”

Two words: Kepner. Overload. If you haven’t already watched, be prepared because that’s exactly what you’ll get this episode and I’m not just talking about April.  We’re talking April times 3!  April’s sisters come to town to throw her a bridal shower however things don’t go exactly as planned!  Turns out April’s sisters aren’t quite what you’d expect them to be.  IE: Generous, loving, accepting… blah, blah, blah.  In fact, they’re downright rude, especially to the bride-to-be herself!  Since childhood, the Kepnerettes (as Sarah Drew calls them) dubbed April as Ducky (as in Ugly Duckling) since she spent most of her childhood embracing life with acne, braces, and following in the shadows of her more beautifully gifted sisters.  It isn’t until they’ve pushed April too far when they humiliate her at her own bridal shower when April finally gets the guts to stand up to her sisters and tell them enough is enough with this Ducky business! April is so ticked she even goes as far as firing them all from their bridesmaid duties and enlists her fellow co-workers Cristina, Meredith and Arizona to take their place!  (I have to admit, I was pretty amazed and impressed with April’s sudden outburst!  Besides, her wedding will be way more fun with her new wedding party than the old one!) Side note: Anyone else get a major kick out of the expressions on Mer, Cristina and Arizona’s faces when they heard the news?  Pure comedy gold!

Meanwhile, Stud 1 and Stud 2 (aka Jackson and Matthew) finally break the awkward barrier that’s been looming between the two over April and Matthew’s upcoming nuptials.  Kind of.  Away from the hospital, the two randomly run into a victim in need of an emergency tracheotomy and it’s Matthew that doesn’t waste any time stepping up and taking care of the job.  Only Jackson makes it blatantly obvious he doesn’t approve.  After the two guys go head to head on how one would’ve done the job better than the other, they somehow end on good terms with Matthew even going as far as insisting Jackson attend the wedding! Wait, wha??  Yep.  Now it’s a waiting game to see if Jackson actually attends… and how does it go? Speaks now or forever holds his peace?…

Alex’s dad makes an unruly appearance in the episode when he shows up at the hospital in dire need of medical attention from trying to get clean.  As luck would have it, Jo happens to be one of the first people Jimmy runs into but turns him away, insisting his efforts to get sober be taken up with a rehab center.  As if on cue, Jimmy collapses and Owen gives orders that Jo take him on as a patient.  Jo tries her hardest to help but when Jimmy goes into a withdrawal-induced rampage, he slams her against a wall, forcing Alex to step in and come to her rescue.  Alex insists he leaves and goes to a rehab clinic where he belongs but it’s Jo that insists Jimmy stay and try to get clean at the hospital.  How long will Jimmy hold on without the alcohol and drugs now that he knows Alex is his son?

That awkward moment when you see Cristina and Shane in an on-call room.  Yeah.  The writers actually went there.  Um, er… besides that….. Cristina, with a huge audience watching her every move during surgery, implants the 3D printed valve into her infant patient and at first the surgery looks unsuccessful.  Simultaneously, Stephanie and Meredith are performing surgery a few ORs down the hall and implant their 3D printed portal vein into a sheep.  That’s right, a sheep. At first, their surgery looks to be successful to which Stephanie celebrates a little too soon.  Later, Shane (who is extremely crabby at the thought of having lost to Meredith and Stephanie) begrudgingly congratulates Meredith for having won the “competition”.  Meredith, unamused with Shane’s recent disrespectful ‘tude, confronts Cristina on the matter to which Cristina becomes snippy, assuming Meredith is insinuating she is the reason for Shane’s unpleasant demeanor. Still with me?  Naturally as one would think, this causes the wedge between Meredith and Cristina to further widen, and the two end up fighting once again.  Sigh.  When will this feud ever end?  Side note:  Cristina and Shane’s surgery was successful and saved the infants life while Stephanie and Meredith’s surgery….well, didn’t have the same result.

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James Pickens, Jr. on the Queen Latifah Show!

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Hey Gabblers!

James Pickens, Jr. also know as Richard Webber will be on The Queen Latifah Show today!


(Source|Queen Latifah Show on Twitter)

Be sure to visit the Queen Latifah Show by clicking HERE so you can check “where to watch” in your area!

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Calzona’s Bubble: 10.9 “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” A Review by @Sportsfan12921

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Howdy, Gabblers!!!    Well, we had quite the episode this week didn’t we?   I have a lot of thoughts and feelings on this one.   And I am glad that I have kept my bubble intact through the storyline thus far.   I should prepare you that I may jump around scenes sometimes in this one! And yes, as much as overall I loved the episode; I do indeed have a few moments that I realize we have to give up timeline guessing for this to work.

So, are we ready?  We open with Callie shopping for pantyhose and Callie has the opening monologue (Yay!!!)   While she is losing it over the pantyhose we see flashbacks of a surgery and the last year of her and Arizona.    Callie gets served during a presentation that she and Derek are doing about brain mapping.    I really think that this mapping project is going to be something we see more of as the season progresses, and I wonder at some point if Callie and Derek will go to Arizona and ask if she wants to participate in a stage of it.    Flashback to Mer’s baby shower and Cristina tells Callie about Travis Reed…. an Olympic snowboarder that needs a new hip.  Now, Cristina doesn’t generally get attached to patients but this guy was her first valve replacement and she is invested in him.    She tells Callie his heart is her Mona Lisa and not to screw it up.  This is important because it lays the groundwork for some of Cristina’s reactions as the case moves forward.    And we get some happy Calzona….  Arizona has an adorable idea for decorating her onesie and she is disappointed there’s no station.   This from the woman that didn’t like baby showers….. for me, it’s an example of what being a Mom and wife has changed in her.   Then, here it comes, the conversation that blew up my timeline….. Arizona wants another baby.   And she wants to carry this one.   Remember in S6 when Callie said Arizona didn’t want a baby in her home or womb?  So here’s my thought on that:  I’m not sure that it was ever that she didn’t want children but that her fears about having them ruled her reactions.   She did say she never wanted to see her child in her NICU (and that happened) but now that she is a Mom, she finds that more rewarding than the fear.    Callie of course is on board, and very happily on board.   Now is where I will insert my theory on when Callie says “What?”   I see all the tweets about it and GIFs:   here’s my thought:  she uses that as a way to process what she just heard for a second before she speaks.  We know that Callie wears her heart on her sleeve; she doesn’t hold back how she feels.  So, when it is something big or intense, she says ‘What?” to give herself an extra few seconds before she speaks.      I do have more to say on the baby storyline but that will be part of my wrap up.

On to meeting Travis.  And you can see that his relationship with Cristina is different, she laughs and let’s herself be picked up and hugged.   Then we see Travis get Callie on board, his speech about firsts absolutely appeals to the Rock star with a scalpel in Callie.   Then we see her meet with her lawyers talking about the trial and what she has to wear, how she has to act.  This is how Callie ended up shopping for panty hose.   Of the list she was given, it was the easiest thing for her to focus in on.  She can distract herself by going shopping for pantyhose.

Morning of the trial and Callie is getting ready when Arizona arrives to get Sofia.   Now, this scene is one that really re-fired my Calzona hope up and here is why:   One, they are having a completely civil conversation about Sofia and Arizona tells Callie that whatever she needs that day or evening is what they’ll do.   Also, you can see that there is a level of comfort in being in the same room returning.  Callie doesn’t stop getting ready; she just goes about doing what she needs to.  Arizona sees her ring is on, yes, Callie says “they told me too” but considers this:   It’s not the last thing she does in getting ready; it’s one of the first.  Her hair isn’t done, she isn’t dressed, the panty hose aren’t on but the ring is.  That even if she won’t admit it, there is some comfort in wearing it.    And yes, Arizona was probably checking out Callie’s legs too :)

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A Gabbler’s Babble: 10.9″Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” A Review by @Allie_GG

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“Doctors never mean to screw up. They make a bad call and the unthinkable happens.  It’s not like we do it on purpose. It’s not like we want to hurt anyone but sometimes we do.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  And when we blow it, we’re sorry.  Not that being sorry really matters.  Not anymore.  No apology in the world matters now…”

The Callie-centric episode (or Callepisode as I like to call it) begins with Callie in a determined and frantic state of mind in search for a pair of plain pantyhose.  And no, it’s not because she’s looking for the perfect shade of hose to match a cute outfit she’s planning on rocking out later.  The normally cool-as-a-cucumber ortho surgeon is anything but calm when she discovers she’s being sued by Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed.  Turns out Travis is a returning patient at GSMH having been admitted for a valve replacement that Cristina performed not that long ago.  Knowing Callie’s rock star orthopedic capabilities, Cristina refers Travis to Callie for a hip replacement but the only catch is Travis wants the best of the best and requests the Peterson Hip Replacement, a procedure of which Callie has never attempted before.  Knowing full well the extreme risks that could come with having never performed this type of procedure, Callie accepts the challenge and moves forward with it with Travis’s (demanding) words of encouragement.

Complications during surgery left Callie in a treacherous situation when she’s forced to close up Travis early, only to find a sponge had gone missing during the procedure and was left somewhere in the open cavity where Callie was operating.  Later, Travis returns to the hospital suffering from a severe infection that ended up costing him both of his legs.  Afterwards, Travis sues Callie for negligence which brings us back to the pantyhose attire.  Callie’s lawyer makes it clear her professional appearance is essential when testifying in court so she’s given strict orders to wear buns, blazers, and even her wedding ring in hopes of swaying the jury in her favor.

The episode itself provides flashbacks that give insight on not only Callie’s potential malpractice suit but also how, when, and why Arizona and Callie’s relationship deteriorated to its barely current state of existence.  (I’d like to also point out that the interaction between Callie and Arizona over Sofia’s drawing and the horrendous butterfly rhinestone pantyhose that Callie mistakenly throws on in the courthouse bathroom is nothing short of adorable, heart-melting, and pleasing to see that these two can actually converse for once without arguing!

Speaking of flashbacks, we cut back to a scene I’m certain almost all Calzona fans nearly choked on their tequila, or drink of choice needed to get through the highly intense and emotionally-draining episode!  In a somewhat spontaneous moment, the two decide to have a second baby, one that Arizona proudly volunteers to carry.  In a more endearing flashback, we see the two rule out potential sperm donors, and later smirk and giggle over the shortcomings of being pregnant.  IE: Sausage feet and the no-booze rule.  Side note: Raise of hands, who could barely hold back their squeals of delight to see these two laughing together like old times? Sigh.  Stacy McKee, I heart you.

Back to present day, Callie is seen sipping on some wine herself, appearing deep in thought while simultaneously removing her wedding ring when who comes a knockin’ at her door but Papa Torres himself (played brilliantly  by Hector Elizondo).  When Papa Torres inquires about Sofia, it’s then that Callie admits to her father that she and Arizona have separated and that SHE was in fact the one that gave Arizona the boot.

Meanwhile, back in court, Travis over-dramatically takes the stand and testifies that Callie apologized to him for her mistake and told him he had every reason to blame her for what happened.  Callie counter-testifies, admitting she did in fact apologize for what happened and insists it’s because she genuinely cares for her patients. “That makes me human, that doesn’t make me negligent,” (<— One of the most heartfelt lines executed in this episode, I might add!)

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