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We Are Proud to Introduce…Our AStore:GG’s DVDS & More

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We are proud to introduce our brand newAStore


GG’sDVDS & More- its all Greys Anatomy related DVDs, MP3s & some various Grey’s Goodies.

If you click on the link below or click on the social menu – its GG’s DVDS & More.

We look forward to showing you our EStore featuring clothing and various products very soon

Love & Greys


Please go check it out  and then comment down below with your thoughts/suggestions and you have a chance to win a Season 9 Greys Anatomy DVD.

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27 Sob Worthy GA Moments

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As we approach the premiere of it’s 10th season, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of the best, and not so great, moments in Grey’s Anatomy history that have taken hold of our emotions and danced on them! lol Check some of them out below!

3. And then there was the time Denny died an hour after he proposed to Izzie.


7. And when George’s dad died.


8. And, of course, when Burke left Cristina at the altar…and Mer had to physically cut her out of her dress with scissors.


15. And that time Derek had a total breakdown in the woods and took it out on Mer?


21. And then, of course, there was the time Arizona crashed her car.


You can find the complete list of all 27 moments by clicking on the source link below!


Wow! Looking back on some of these moments reminds me of just how great of a show GA is and how it’s changed so much over the years! Any of your favorite moments make the list?

LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi

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Dr. Mark Sloan Tribute Podcast

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We had the pleasure of being asked to do a Dr. Mark Sloan tribute- if you loved McSteamy  check it out- @tsgpodcast @mattrushing02 & Liv talk all about the impact and the legacy that Mark Sloan, M.D. has left forever in the Greys Fandom.

Mark Sloan tribute

Click on link below to listen:



We hope that you enjoy it as much as I did- getting to talk Grey with Kay & Matt. We will love you forever Mark Sloan. Let us know what you think- comment below or visit us on Twitter.

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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The beginning of #Crowen- Season 5 Review

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Thought you would enjoy our amazing friend’s review of  Crowen in Season Five. It is their beginning and this is dedicated to my best friend Lisa & also to the author of this review who chooses to remain a secret writer. I appreciate being able to  look through those Crowen glasses. I love how all you Crowen love your ship. As Dido sings- ” I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender” Lets hope Shonda heard Lisa’s plea… Save them Shonda


crowen 1 .


Once upon a time, there was season five of Grey’s Anatomy.

Yes, there was the intern fight club, the character of Sadie, Erica Hahn disappearing in a parking lot, and a little plotline known to many in the Grey’s fandom as well as many media outlets as ‘ghost sex’.

But it was also, for Crowen fans, an incredible season in terms of the stories for the pairing and the arc that made us invested in this couple in the first place. It wasn’t the type of story that was happy and shiny. It wasn’t a season where they were drama-free and happy every moment we saw them onscreen – not by a long shot. It was not a typical start to a relationship that we see on Grey’s: there was no meeting a hot woman/man in a bar, the first time they were in bed together, one of them was actually sleeping, and their struggles stemmed not from a third party or differences in personality but from something neither of them could control or eventually ignore. It was a season, however, that provided a well-written storyline that focused on drama that was organic, and that showed no matter how difficult the characters or pairing had it, that there was no doubt that the two of them loved one another and wanted to be together.

It was a season that encapsulated why Crowen fans fell in love with this couple and why we still root for them even though so much has changed for the characters since season 5.

Here are some of the most memorable Cristina and Owen moments from season 5. Because sometimes we all need to go back to the start to remember what we love about television characters and pairings and why we still root for them in spite of ourselves season after season.

1) The first kiss

Truth be told, there were many memorable moments for Cristina and Owen in Owen’s first episodes: he entered the series with a bang by traching a patient with a pen, he stapled his own leg from injuries from the car accident (with Cristina’s gleeful assistance), he went head to head with Derek about freezing his patient, and he came to Cristina’s rescue after she was karmically impaled by an icicle that never seemed to actually melt. Then there were the little moments between Cristina and Owen: the looks (aka eyesexing), the hints of chemistry and mutual intrigue, the reassurance and advice Owen gives Cristina to let her know that mistakes were how they learned, all of which lead up to their final, intense scene in the two part premiere.

As quickly as Owen Hunt entered her life, he was destined to leave it, as Owen explained to an eager Richard Webber in response to a job offer that he was due to return to Iraq after his brief leave home so he could finish his tour. Cristina looks a bit disappointed by the news, and both Cristina and Owen are initially subdued when Webber leaves them in the exam room. But that’s before Owen discards his gloves, closes the blinds, and turns around to give Cristina one hell of a goodbye kiss. And say what you want about the way this couple kisses-Cristina and Owen both look like they’re enjoying it every time. Cristina looks as though she’s losing herself in the spontaneous kiss until rationality catches up to her and she points out that she doesn’t even know him.

Owen just smiles at her: “So?”

And that was the moment where Crowen fans (or at least I personally) first lost their sanity to this pairing and the potential that these characters had together.

2) In the after

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Alex and Izzie’s Wedding!

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Hey guys!

Remember the beautiful church setting for Alex and Izzie’s wedding? Well, GA set decorator Nicole Cramer tweeted a pic of it!


Source|NicDecorator Twitter

xx GreysPGHKid

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They Matter: A Panel About CROWEN

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I was approached early this week to do a Crowen panel – get a set of questions together and ask Crowen shippers and a couple of non-Crowen shippers to share their perspectives on the ship & their viewpoints. Honestly, the first thought that crossed my mind is that Greys Gabble is United Nations of Greys. While both Lisa and I have our personal ships – we never will want this to reflect onto GG. And honestly, since taking GG over I don’t have much time to ship. But I love every character- some less, some more – but I appreciate the process of Grey’s Anatomy!

With that said, I realize that we all claim to have Ph.D.’s on Grey’s – we all claim to know why and how these ships work or why/how they don’t! So instead of trying to convince or make anyone understand the depths of Crowen – I thought a panel was a brilliant idea.

As some of you may or may not know-Lisa ships Crowen. I do not ship Crowen, but I root for them, I hope for them! And my experience with Crowen shippers is that most of them are kind and non-judgmental of other ships on the show (as it should be-there’s no competition or contest, these ships coexist on the show and their shippers in the fandom should as well). Yet most of what you hear about Crowen is that they’re in trouble! They don’t belong together! Crowen’s relationship is only physical! The issue of having a child is their “deal-breaker”-The list goes on and on yet unfortunately, often the opinions of the Crowen fans aren’t included in said list.

Because of the suggestion, we realized that every ship (and their fandom) deserves to have a voice. With this Crowen panel we wanted to give the opportunity for shippers to have that voice, to view this pairing through the eyes of shippers, and also to allow shippers and non-shippers to express their opinions on the pairing in an articulate, sane – and unapologetically passionate – way.

Here’s the panel of amazing souls who get Crowen and one or two that claim to get Crowen but doesn’t necessarily believe that Crowen is best as one…. Liv


crowen vent

1) What originally drew you to the pairing of Crowen and what do you think makes their relationship unique?

@crowen4ever: I was already a huge fan of Cristina, and of course Sandra OH, who I just think is amazing. I remember watching the season 5 premier; there was a moment where I shouted out “He’s going to be Cristina’s love interest”! –  Now this is before I really started reading spoilers, So I wasn’t aware he was coming back. Something about their scenes. It was when she was stapling up his leg. Just to see Cristina be taken back by someone, it was just really lovely…Like Cristina; I think Owen Hunt had us all at “So?” ;)  I’m so happy Shonda introduced Kevin McKidd to us. KENDRA a.k.a Sandra & Kevin have some amazing chemistry.

EllaMarie: In S.5 Cristina was a broken survivor ready to rejoin life and Owen was the first man who saw her as she was, was drawn to her as the person he saw her to be, and communicated with her from the status of being equals. Owen was a strong man not at all intimidated by Cristina’s outer shell or her bravado and yet he never shied from showing his vulnerability and thoughtfulness even in their first exchanges. Their uniqueness, to me, stems from their ability to see each other more clearly through the others’ eyes than they do sometimes through their own. The love and support and faults they reflect back to each other informs who they are and helps them grow in ways that resonates with me, making them a stronger force together than either have been singularly or could be apart.

@kayright: I have always been a big fan of Cristina’s character. She is career driven and makes no apologies for it, she is deliciously sarcastic and most of all she has a good heart. A precious heart that she does not share with everyone… We saw her do it with Burke and slowly we saw her losing herself (and her eyebrows!). And Owen! Love Owen, he’s my guy! Actually no! He’s my man! Owen came into the picture and immediately established his masculinity, his tough attitude, his strong stances he was appealing because he was a nice opposition to Derek’s dreamy, romantic, sensitive type and Mark’s shallow vanity. What I’m saying is: I love Cristina and Owen as individuals! And that’s where it all starts! A shipper must love the two people in the couple individually, in order to want what is best for both characters.

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