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2013 Hottest TV Hookups

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Hey guys!

It’s that time for end of the year lists galore, and two Grey’s docs made Yahoo’s 20 Hottest Hookups of 2013:

12. Out of the Friend Zone, Into the Fire: Alex and Jo, “Grey’s Anatomy”

These hot docs are just good buddies — until Alex realizes that he’s in love with his beautiful intern. After Jo gets into a brawl with her boyfriend and Alex helps her, they finally address their feelings for each other and share a passionate kiss in the on-call room.


xx GreysPGHKid

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We Are Proud to Introduce…Our AStore:GG’s DVDS & More

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We are proud to introduce our brand newAStore


GG’sDVDS & More- its all Greys Anatomy related DVDs, MP3s & some various Grey’s Goodies.

If you click on the link below or click on the social menu – its GG’s DVDS & More.

We look forward to showing you our EStore featuring clothing and various products very soon

Love & Greys


Please go check it out  and then comment down below with your thoughts/suggestions and you have a chance to win a Season 9 Greys Anatomy DVD.

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27 Sob Worthy GA Moments

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As we approach the premiere of it’s 10th season, BuzzFeed has compiled a list of the best, and not so great, moments in Grey’s Anatomy history that have taken hold of our emotions and danced on them! lol Check some of them out below!

3. And then there was the time Denny died an hour after he proposed to Izzie.


7. And when George’s dad died.


8. And, of course, when Burke left Cristina at the altar…and Mer had to physically cut her out of her dress with scissors.


15. And that time Derek had a total breakdown in the woods and took it out on Mer?


21. And then, of course, there was the time Arizona crashed her car.


You can find the complete list of all 27 moments by clicking on the source link below!


Wow! Looking back on some of these moments reminds me of just how great of a show GA is and how it’s changed so much over the years! Any of your favorite moments make the list?

LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi

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Dr. Mark Sloan Tribute Podcast

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We had the pleasure of being asked to do a Dr. Mark Sloan tribute- if you loved McSteamy  check it out- @tsgpodcast @mattrushing02 & Liv talk all about the impact and the legacy that Mark Sloan, M.D. has left forever in the Greys Fandom.

Mark Sloan tribute

Click on link below to listen:



We hope that you enjoy it as much as I did- getting to talk Grey with Kay & Matt. We will love you forever Mark Sloan. Let us know what you think- comment below or visit us on Twitter.

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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S9 Finale Quiz!

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Hey all!

Think you know all about the S9 finale “Perfect Storm?” Click on the source link to take the quiz!



xx GreysPGHKid

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LISTEN: The Latest Seriously Grey’s Podcast

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Hey Gabblers!

The latest Seriously Grey’s Podcast is available for your listening pleasure!


If you listen until the end, you’ll hear 2 familiar voices -Liv & myself!

Enjoy and hit the comment section with your thoughts and wishes for Season 10!

xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld


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