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PICS: Celebrating the End

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Hey, family!

There are a handful of people that we’ve grown to really care about that are preparing to make their exit from Grey’s Anatomy soon. Amongst them are husband/wife/screenwriting/directing/producing team Tony Phelan and Joan Rater. They’ve been a fantastic, dynamo of a duo for years now and they recently helped mark the end of their era with a carnival for the cast and crew! Here are a few pics!






(Source|Tony Phelan via Twitter)

This is SO awesome! What a wonderful way to end the year and a fantastic ride in Shondaland!

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‘Go It Alone’ Recaps

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Hey, Gabblers!

Did you enjoy this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy? Here are a few highlights! P.S. You can view each recap in full at their respective source links listed below!


In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina’s possible likely seemingly inevitable Harper Avery victory has her turning to Mer — and turning away Owen, Derek’s increased workload has him pulling out his (beautiful, beautiful) hair, and April and Jackson have the kind of blowout that suggests that, even if the marriage isn’t over, the honeymoon sure is. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (It’s a jam-packed episode.) Read on, and I’ll give you the deets…


After 10 seasons of hard work, it seemed like Cristina Yang was poised to get the recognition that the brilliant doctor so rightly deserved. Alas, during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina fell short of winning the Harper Avery, but she at least saw that she has the support of her person Meredith and her ex-whatever Owen.

Back at the hospital, Derek is getting overwhelmed by his work with the White House. Because he’s been neglecting the interns, he invites them to pull an all-nighter and watch one of his procedures — all except for Ben, who falls asleep. During the surgery, Leah messes up pretty massively, though the patient survives…

(Source|TV Guide)


Callie and Arizona take Zola and baby Derek for the night which reminds them how hard having a baby is. Arizona is confused when Callie mentions that she’s going to be the one who carries their next child. Callie explains that she assumed Arizona wouldn’t want to after her miscarriage last year. After thinking about it Arizona realizes that she does want Callie to become pregnant instead of her…


So much was jam packed into this episode! Were you surprised when Cristina didn’t win? Who did you think would be the one to carry Calzona’s next child? How long will it take Alex to finally tell Arizona about where he’s been moonlighting? Was Mama Avery right before for thinking Japril jumped into marriage without consideration of some very vital matters? Hit us with your comments below!

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Guest Star Posts BTS Pics

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Hey, folks!

One of the newest faces to arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital seems to be enjoying their time on set. Check out this pics they posted on Twitter!

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Should She or Shouldn’t She?

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Here’s is what the wonderful folks of Grey’s Anatomy wanna know!


(Source|Grey’s Anatomy via Twitter)

Absolutely. Like ripping off a band-aid. What do you think?

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Take Care Now, A CROWEN Review 10.3 By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 03 – Everybody’s Crying Mercy

By: @cinderoni

At the end of last week’s episode, it seemed that Cristina and Owen were going to try to navigate this new world where they would no longer be lovers. As we see in this episode, it’s still very hard on both parties.

Crowen 10.3 photo 1

The first scene opens with Cristina at Alex’s house, observing that intern Jo (aka Ponytail McGee or Hairball, as Cristina had previously dubbed her on two separate occasions) is sleeping on the living room floor with her fellow interns, who apparently had an overnight study session.

She then goes in to Alex’s bedroom and tells him to move over, as she gets into the bed next to him. She tells him that she hadn’t been able to sleep all night and she was bored. Alex tells her “Nope.” She responds, “In your dreams.” He then advises her to call Hunt. She quietly says no. Her tone is recognition of the state of affairs between her and Owen.

He then says that she should try the internet. “For porn?” Alex says for dating, so she could find somebody else to get horny with. “I have a girlfriend,” he declares.

Cristina notes that the said girlfriend is passed out with her friends. “Does she ever sleep with you?” she asks. “Did you guys have sex and it was awful?” Alex replies in the negative. Cristina continues to needle him, asking whether it was him who was awful and that he was so ashamed that he couldn’t even look at her. He says no. “Was it weird? Is she a man? Does she have a secret penis?” Cristina asks.

“Shut up!” Alex implores. Then, the light dawns. Cristina realizes that Alex and Jo have not had sex as yet. She notes that it has been like a week and they haven’t done the deal, as yet. “What have you done with Evil Spawn?”

“I was sleeping,” Alex says. She nuzzles him and says that she knew he would make her feel better.

I love the Alex and Cristina dynamic. They are so much like brother and sister and this scene was a wonderful example of that. On a clearly superficial note, did you all see that lavender nail polish that Cristina was sporting? It was so pretty.

The next time, we see Cristina, she and Arizona are being led by Owen in one of the corridors of the hospital.  Arizona is all perky with a brand new haircut and a red dress with an asymmetrical neckline. Cristina observes, “haircut” and says nothing else. Arizona tells Cristina that she has to say “nice haircut” or she’ll think that it is a bad haircut.

“You look tense,” Cristina replies.

“Say I look nice,” Arizona demands.  Cristina accedes to her request and tells her that she looks nice.

Owen leads them into the badly damaged Outpatient Surgery Wing, which has a huge hole in the roof. The place has suffered tremendous storm damage. Owen tells Arizona and Cristina that it is leaking money. Insurance can’t handle it, right now, since they have been swamped by claims.

Owen informs them that the regular ORs are being overloaded with patients, who could have been treated in the Outpatient Surgery Wing. He wants the board to get together and make a plan. Arizona protests that they are all swamped, now that Webber is down and MerDer are doing diaper duty. Owen also adds that she and Torres can’t be in the same room, together.

As he says that, Cristina’s face changes expression, a reflection on what she thinks about being in the same room with Owen. She knows she can’t be in the same room with Owen, too, but for an entirely different reason from Arizona and Callie.

Arizona excuses herself, saying that they need doctors more than board members. Owen argues that they need both or they were going to be in a lot of trouble.  As Arizona leaves, Cristina goes to Owen to take his hand but stops herself halfway from doing so. “I should go,” she says.

“Why?” he asks, softly. She answers that they can’t be alone together. He replies that they’re just talking about work. Cristina makes her exit, with some strange hand movements, indicating that she has somewhere to go.

Crowen 10.3 photo 2

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The beginning of #Crowen- Season 5 Review

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Thought you would enjoy our amazing friend’s review of  Crowen in Season Five. It is their beginning and this is dedicated to my best friend Lisa & also to the author of this review who chooses to remain a secret writer. I appreciate being able to  look through those Crowen glasses. I love how all you Crowen love your ship. As Dido sings- ” I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender” Lets hope Shonda heard Lisa’s plea… Save them Shonda


crowen 1 .


Once upon a time, there was season five of Grey’s Anatomy.

Yes, there was the intern fight club, the character of Sadie, Erica Hahn disappearing in a parking lot, and a little plotline known to many in the Grey’s fandom as well as many media outlets as ‘ghost sex’.

But it was also, for Crowen fans, an incredible season in terms of the stories for the pairing and the arc that made us invested in this couple in the first place. It wasn’t the type of story that was happy and shiny. It wasn’t a season where they were drama-free and happy every moment we saw them onscreen – not by a long shot. It was not a typical start to a relationship that we see on Grey’s: there was no meeting a hot woman/man in a bar, the first time they were in bed together, one of them was actually sleeping, and their struggles stemmed not from a third party or differences in personality but from something neither of them could control or eventually ignore. It was a season, however, that provided a well-written storyline that focused on drama that was organic, and that showed no matter how difficult the characters or pairing had it, that there was no doubt that the two of them loved one another and wanted to be together.

It was a season that encapsulated why Crowen fans fell in love with this couple and why we still root for them even though so much has changed for the characters since season 5.

Here are some of the most memorable Cristina and Owen moments from season 5. Because sometimes we all need to go back to the start to remember what we love about television characters and pairings and why we still root for them in spite of ourselves season after season.

1) The first kiss

Truth be told, there were many memorable moments for Cristina and Owen in Owen’s first episodes: he entered the series with a bang by traching a patient with a pen, he stapled his own leg from injuries from the car accident (with Cristina’s gleeful assistance), he went head to head with Derek about freezing his patient, and he came to Cristina’s rescue after she was karmically impaled by an icicle that never seemed to actually melt. Then there were the little moments between Cristina and Owen: the looks (aka eyesexing), the hints of chemistry and mutual intrigue, the reassurance and advice Owen gives Cristina to let her know that mistakes were how they learned, all of which lead up to their final, intense scene in the two part premiere.

As quickly as Owen Hunt entered her life, he was destined to leave it, as Owen explained to an eager Richard Webber in response to a job offer that he was due to return to Iraq after his brief leave home so he could finish his tour. Cristina looks a bit disappointed by the news, and both Cristina and Owen are initially subdued when Webber leaves them in the exam room. But that’s before Owen discards his gloves, closes the blinds, and turns around to give Cristina one hell of a goodbye kiss. And say what you want about the way this couple kisses-Cristina and Owen both look like they’re enjoying it every time. Cristina looks as though she’s losing herself in the spontaneous kiss until rationality catches up to her and she points out that she doesn’t even know him.

Owen just smiles at her: “So?”

And that was the moment where Crowen fans (or at least I personally) first lost their sanity to this pairing and the potential that these characters had together.

2) In the after

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