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It’s a MerDer World:10×05 “I Bet It Stung”A Review: By @Seen_in_grey

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Written By: Jeannine Renshaw
Directed By: Mark Jackson
A Review by: @seen_in_grey

Seen in grey pic

Nothing says “Good Morning!” like an alarm to pull you from your much-loved sleep. As Meredith and Derek wonder how they’ve gotten through their first four days of being back at work, they hear Callie shout that the coffee is on.
“That’s how.”
Practically perfecting their seamless morning ritual between the trio parents and the trio kids, Meredith heads to work, with promises of a princess tea party, and a kiss to Derek and Callie each, left behind. MerDerCal, I dig it. Whoda thunk Callie, Derek and Meredith would ever have this kind of relationship?

With a shout to Cristina, Meredith asks her about a patient that needs a heart/liver transplant, the same patient Meredith diagnosed before she went on leave. When Cristina confirms what she’s asking, Mer wants to help with the surgery. With a classic Cristina quizzical look, and a saying on how she thought Mer was taking it slow, Mer eases her worries with a surgical junkie reply.
“I don’t ease back in. I jump in the deep end. I swim.”
Now that she agrees, Cristina tells Meredith to read up on how to do the procedure and makes her exit when Bailey walks up, saying she isn’t needed anymore.
As Bailey calls Meredith out for stealing her liver, Mer makes a hasty exit.
“I named my son after you. You can’t be mad at me.”

Greeting her new/old patient, talks of babies, yoga music and heart attacks are thrown around while Cristina checks out Sam. Cristina tells Sam that now that they will be getting her a new heart and liver, she can “freak out like the rest of us”. Sam inputs about having a baby and Ross (oh Ross) comments in his feeble-minded way, be a “groundbreaking surgeon like Dr. Yang.” This really starts the ball rolling in the Momma Meredith and surgeon Meredith tug-a-war. With a quick whip of how she is a surgeon too, Meredith shuts up Ross. Cristina soon backs her up in BFF style saying how Meredith does it all. Sam is impressed; Cristina has a look of pride on her face, which turns to a kind of humor when she asks Meredith if she wants to examine the patient. Point #1: Meredith becoming sidetracked from surgery because of her kids or mommy duties.

With the article clutched in her hand, Meredith finds Derek to tell him about her new surgery. Working out their parental duties, she realizes that neither of them will be able to pick up their kids. And the princess tea party seems like a no-go. As Derek so casually suggest Callie to help out, Meredith starts to kind of freak, not wanting Zola to think a new baby brother, or a transplant has replaced her.
“It’s an over determined tea party.”
Meredith stalks away, saying she’ll talk to Callie.

As they wait for news from the transplant team, Meredith once again has her mind away from the surgery. When Cristina receives news from them, Meredith gets Ross to go tell Callie about picking up Zola and the princess tea party. Cristina makes a comment about how its cool, and Meredith assumes the tea party. Point #2: princess tea party on the brain. Cristina clarifies.
“You and me, doing ground-breaking surgery. That was the idea when we started.”
Meredith agrees with a weird grin. Cristina then asks her if she needs to go pump. Meredith shrugs her off, not wanting to ruin the moment. After Cristina makes her go, Meredith rushes off with a hurried thank you, leaving Cristina to bask in their moment, by herself.

The oh so very classy Meredith is pumping in the Attending’s lounge, doing double-duty as she reads the article over her surgery. I guess triple-duty, if you count giving Jackson advice about his Mom/Steph problem. The boys leave and Bailey walks in.
“Alex just broke the coffee machine.”
“You’re dead to me.”
Ross rushes in to tell Meredith Cristina got a call… but soon stops seeing Meredith how she is. Meredith plays it cool, telling him he can turn around. Cristina then stops by, saying the organs are good, but Meredith tells her she needs 10 more minutes. Point #3: Meredith puts off surgery to finish pumping.
Ross remembers to tell Meredith that Callie will be late picking up the kids. Meredith has her mini freak out, strictly stating that teatime is at 4:00. Bailey tells her there will be other tea parties.
“Well, this is how it starts. I make a promise, I break it. Ten years later, I’m my mother and Zola is snorting oxy behind the school.
With a mother to mother advice, Bailey tells Meredith it goes faster if she pumps both sides at the same time and then says she quiz her on the surgery. Always count on Bailey to help out, even when she hates you.

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Grey’s Gabble Chatroom – 200th Episode “Puttin’ On The Ritz”

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Hey Gabblers!

Here’s the chatroom for tonight’s 200th Episode of Grey’s Anatomy! Please remember that the chatroom is not spoiler free! Enjoy!


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Dr. Mark Sloan Tribute Podcast

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We had the pleasure of being asked to do a Dr. Mark Sloan tribute- if you loved McSteamy  check it out- @tsgpodcast @mattrushing02 & Liv talk all about the impact and the legacy that Mark Sloan, M.D. has left forever in the Greys Fandom.

Mark Sloan tribute

Click on link below to listen:



We hope that you enjoy it as much as I did- getting to talk Grey with Kay & Matt. We will love you forever Mark Sloan. Let us know what you think- comment below or visit us on Twitter.

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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ABC Official Press Release 200th Episode

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Hey Gabblers- this is another post that was affected by our technical difficulties…

Here is the official press release for the 200th Episode!!!

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PD on Jimmy Kimmel Live 9/23/2013 Video

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Check out McDreamy on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday Night – 9-23-13 this is another post that was lost and more apologies to GreysRcksMyWorld.  Also our very own blogger Lully Guhl was a guest in the audience. We are hoping to get inside scoop soon!!!

Check out the video below

Part 1 of Interview with PD


Part 2 of Interview with PD



We hope you enjoy the interview- let us know your thoughts by commenting below

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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SPOILER: Is This Really Happening?

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Due to some technical difficulties – we are reposting this and so sorry to GreysRcksMyWorld because she had posted earlier…

This morning – EOnline states that Season 10 brings a odd guest and a Dr doesn’t believe…. If you want to read more click the link

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