Tell Us Your FAV Grey’s Moment

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Gabblers: Tomorrow marks the 200th episode of Grey’s Anatomy and we will be tweeting everyone’s favorite Grey’s moments- using the #Greys200 !!!



Comment below or tweet us @greysgabble or @lisaandliv or tweet @GreysABC with the hashtag #Greys200 and we will mention your favorite moments all throughout the day!!!

We are the Grey’s Fandom, lets show our GREY LOUD & PROUD!!! #Greys200

Love & Greys


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Dr. Mark Sloan Tribute Podcast

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We had the pleasure of being asked to do a Dr. Mark Sloan tribute- if you loved McSteamy  check it out- @tsgpodcast @mattrushing02 & Liv talk all about the impact and the legacy that Mark Sloan, M.D. has left forever in the Greys Fandom.

Mark Sloan tribute

Click on link below to listen:



We hope that you enjoy it as much as I did- getting to talk Grey with Kay & Matt. We will love you forever Mark Sloan. Let us know what you think- comment below or visit us on Twitter.

Love & Grey

Lisa & Liv

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Flying With Kate Walsh

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Greetings Grey-o-philes!

Our favorite redhead named Kate Walsh did a fun and entertaining piece with the New York Times discussing traveling on planes. She talks about being recognized as Addison Montgomery, people who can’t separate the actor from the character, and why she’s not the most mellow of travelers anymore.

I had to fly to Arizona for a Boyfriend promotional event, and the turbulence midflight was horrible. I was really happy to have my team members, Vicki and Derek, with me. Derek probably wasn’t that happy. We weren’t seated together, and I started yelling his name when the turbulence became overwhelming.

(Source|New York Times)

Trust me when I say the rest of the story is pretty funny. Make sure you click the link above to read what else she has to say about what happens when she racks up those frequent flyer miles.

Would you guys stop Kate or any other of the Grey’s actors if you saw them in the airport? Have any of you actually seen or met any of them in an airport? Let us know in the comments box below!

Yours in Grey’s, Pam Fier



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Patrick Selling Weed?! Um, No

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Hey Gabblers,

Patrick Dempsey, owner of Tully’s Coffee, made a joke in an interview with Bon Appetit, that his shops would be getting into the marijuana game. It looks like that joke was taken a little too seriously as Paddy felt the need to clarify his statements.

“My comments about selling pot at Tully’s were obviously in jest. We are not selling pot but we do have a great triple shot latte.”

(Source|Perez Hilton)

Maybe the world doesn’t know our Paddy the way we do and aren’t aware that he’s a complete jokester! Did people seriously think he was going to turn Seattle into Amsterdam, one coffee shop at a time?

Yours In Grey’s, Pam Fier


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Ellen P Throws Down!

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Giddy up, Grey’s Fam!

Our beloved Ellen Pompeo showed up on The Ellen Degeneres Show and got into a rather competitive game of “Boomerang Blitzo” with other show guest, Nicole Richie. Ellen & Nicole are friends in real life but I have a feeling Ellen P. is all about winning, no matter what.



(Source| Ellen)

Click on the link above for the HIGH-larious video of hijinks!

I don’t think I would want to meet Ellen Pompeo on the field. I want her on my team!

Yours in Grey’s, Pam Fier



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Hey Gabblers!

Look what we have here for you: a great, hilarious recap of this week’s episode and an analysis of season 9 in general.

(Source | AfterBuzzTV via YouTube)

This is definitely worth a watch. Do you agree with their thoughts?

xoxo McRen


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