The ‘Theme’ of Season 11!

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Hey Gabblers!

Are you wondering what we’re in for when Season 11 begins? TV Line caught up with Shonda and this is what she had to say…

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Have You Watched “The Last Ship?”

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you watched “The Last Ship” starring GA alum, Eric Dane? If not, you should REALLY check it out!

TV Guide visited the set and here’s a snippet!

Technically, you don’t have to call me captain today,” Dane says as he sits down on a director’s chair perched on the ship’s bow. The Grey’s Anatomy alum admits to actively searching for a role different from the one he played for seven years on the ABC medical series, and he found it with The Last Ship, executive produced by Transformers franchise director Michael Bay. “This was something I couldn’t pass up, and if you’re going to do action, you don’t look any further than Michael Bay,” says Dane, who conveys pride when discussing the vessel’s state-of-the-art defense system and artillery, including a gun affixed to the bow that can shoot accurately within three meters up to 13 miles away. “I’ve been on every square inch of this ship, save for a few areas that we’re not supposed to go,” he says. “Right now, we’re very safe.”

(Source|TV Guide)


Also, People chatted with Mr. Dane about his past and his family!


These days, Eric Dane is all about family.

The star of this summer’s hit TNT drama The Last Ship cherishes his life at home in L.A. with his wife of nearly 10 years, actress Rebecca Gayheart, and their two daughters, Billie, 4, and Georgia, 2½.

“I honestly think I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment in time,” the actor, 41, tells PEOPLE. “And I’m really happy.”

But the road to humble family man wasn’t an easy one. In 2009 a leaked video of Dane, Gayheart and another woman hit the Internet. Two years later, the actor went into rehab for an addiction to painkillers following a sports injury, but Dane is certain about those issues being problems of the past.

We’ve all made mistakes. My one regret is that I got the person I love most wrapped up in all that: Rebecca,” Dane says candidly.

The actor – who became a household name after his famous shower scene on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy earned him the nickname “McSteamy” – is embracing his latest role on Ship, but it’s at home with his family where he feels happiest.


Be sure to visit both source links to read more!

And do yourself a favor and watch “The Last Ship”…I promise you won’t regret it!

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ED Talks New Show, GA Exit

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Hey, Grey’s Gabblers!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Eric Dane on our screens…unless you’ve been slumming it watching old Grey’s episodes featuring the legendary Mark Sloan. Or maybe you’ve given his newest TNT Drama “The Last Ship” a gander.  Either way, it’s great seeing him again. Check out his recent interview with TVLine as he discusses his new project and life after Grey’s Anatomy!


“It’s like Hunger Games on land, and it’s like Mad Max at sea.”

That’s how The Last Ship star Eric Dane sums up the state of the world in his new TNT series (premiering this Sunday at 9/8c), from executive producer Michael Bay (the Transformers franchise).

TVLINE | The pilot is quite a production – there are a lot of visual effects and action. Has it been challenging to maintain that level going forward?
TNT has invested a lot into this project, and it’s not like we blew it all on the pilot. We maintain it for all 10 episodes, the level of action and drama and production value.

TVLINE | We still get so many unhappy emails from fans of Mark and Lexie about how their Grey’s storyline ended. Do you feel their pain?
I do. I miss those guys. I spent a lot of time working with them, and I miss them. That was a fun time in my life, working on that show.

For the full interview, click the source link below!


He looks so well! Love the uniform ;) And it appears as though TNT has made a huge investment in this new show. Hope it does great! Way to go, Eric! P.S. I will always miss Mark (and Lexie)!

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VID: Sandra Oh Visits Chelsea Lately

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Here’s a bit of Sandra Oh’s recent interview with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately!

(Source|ChelseaLately via YT)

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Oh Reflects on Her GA Exit

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Hey, Gabblers!

Check out Sandra Oh’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter as she gives us insight into her own thoughts and feelings concerning her Grey’s departure.


Sandra Oh is sitting in her trusty director’s chair — only she’s not on the Los Angeles set of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. It’s Monday, April 28, the morning after the ABC drama’s season 10 wrap party, and Oh is in her backyard, now settling in to the first day of her post-Grey’s Anatomy life.She sounds content, laughing and reflective as she talks by phone about her now-complete 10-season journey as Dr. Cristina Yang.

What was your last day on set like?

I will say, my last day, people asked if I was going to be sad. I didn’t know. But by the end of the day — which ended up being late since we shot late — Kevin threw me this little party. There was lots of celebration because the party was myself, [co-showrunners] Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, who [both also] left. Gaius Charles [Shane] and Tessa Ferrer [Leah] had left earlier that week. The party was joyous for me — the whole day was. I was so excited to come to work. I came in early, which I never do, and hung out.

Make sure to visit the source link for the full interview! You’ll want to read this!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

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SR, SO Bid Farewell to Cristina Yang

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Gabbler family!

Today is the day Cristina takes her bow before an audience of millions that love and will miss her dearly. But for as much as it is tough for us to say goodbye, we can’t imagine how it feels for the creator of this complex and beautiful character to part company with such a prolific piece of a show that’s become legendary for many.


She’s an ambitious woman, to say the least. A straight-talker whose tough spirit has carried her to the top of a field that requires a most delicate touch. A woman who mends hearts for a living and, ironically, has had to work the hardest to fix her own. And, all the while, she’s one half of a friendship so pure and honest that it has brought us to tears (several, several times).

Above all, Cristina Yang, the doctor portrayed fearlessly by Sandra Oh for 10 years on Grey’s Anatomy,is a survivor — and not just because she managed to be one of few people to survive the show’s numerous disasters. So when Cristina’s former mentor and love, Dr. Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), offered her the position of a lifetime two weeks ago, we couldn’t fault her for jumping at the chance to lead a top-of-the-line research facility. As Burke said, she’d earned the opportunity. And as Cristina prepares to hop on a plane and leave Grey Sloan Memorial for good, EW spoke with Oh and show creator Shonda Rhimes about the journey that’s led to the bittersweet departure of a fond friend, doctor and dancing buddy…

You can read the full article by clicking the source link below!


Are you ready?

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