Sandra Oh’s Guest Role!

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Hey Gabblers!

As we all know, Sandra Oh is soon to finish up her 10 year stint on GA. Wondering what she’ll be doing afterwards? I think it’s safe to say that we’ll see her in other roles, such as this one!


All this time, Cristina Yang had a 20-something daughter?!

Okay, not really. Still, after 10 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s still a little jarring to see Sandra Oh in street clothes — and even more jarring to learn that soon, she’ll be playing someone’s mom. (Meredith, of course, probably encouraged her to take the part. Because Meredith and Cristina are real, right?)

In an episode of Betas that premieres on Amazon today, Oh guests as the mother of badass Mikki (Maya Erskine) — a “street-wise digi-chick,” whose tendency toward rebellion can be traced partially to her flaky family, according to the site’s official description. That’s where Oh comes in.


I’m excited to see the extent is which she pushes herself with the roles she will take on! I think I’ll check this out!

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Isaiah Washington Cast in Sniper Flick

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Former Grey’s Anatomy star, Isaiah Washington has a new film in the works, and sees the role as the beginning of his “redemption” after the controversy following a homophobic slur in reference to his then co-star T.R. Knight caused his career to take a hit, and ultimately put him on many people in the industry’s black lists.

Washington is now taking on the role of John Allen Muhammad, also known as The D.C. Sniper, inBlue Caprice and winning critical praise for his portrayal of the killer. Speaking about the role with ABC News Radio, Washington says, “I know a little bit about being hated, so, I didn’t have anything to lose in that regard.”


Read the full article, here.

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Kate Walsh in New Comedy

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Hey, Gabblers!

Check out this news on Kate Walsh!


Kate Walsh and Jim Gaffigan have joined the coming-of-age comedy feature produced by the Saturday Night Live veteran, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.


Staten Island Summer centers on two friends, Danny (Graham Phillips) and Frank (Zack Pearlman), who spend their summer after high school graduation as poolside lifeguards. The film chronicles the different paths the friends’ lives are about to take, with one entering an Ivy League college and the other unsure of his future.


Walsh and Gaffigan will play Danny’s parents.

For more of this article, click the source link below!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

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Shonda To Write A Screenplay!

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Hey Gabblers!

Shonda has been busy and there is no sign of her easing up!

Shonda Rhimes is returning to feature films.

The creator behind ABC’s top drama Grey’s Anatomy and third-year hit Scandal is going back to where her career began to pen the drama War Correspondents for Sony’s Columbia Pictures, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Rhimes, who started her career in Hollywood penning movies Crossroads and The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, will write the script for the drama about a number of female war correspondents. Her Shondaland partner Betsy Beers will executive produce alongside Mark Gordon.


Congrats to her! Be sure to visit the source link for the full write up!

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KMK Talks “North Of Hell”

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Hey Gabblers!

Check out this interview with Kevin about “North of Hell”

MH: Let’s talk North of Hell. How have you enjoyed working on the project?

KM: It’s a cool project. I read about it just over a year ago. There’s something about the script that’s so wrong, it just feels right. It’s very dark, very funny. It’s been a blast, man. I’m playing this crazy meth head called Freeman, who’s been a bold player. We made a pretty last-minute decision to make him a completely Scottish character. I was nervous about it, initially, because I always worry about on-set decisions like that. Broad decisions made on set instead of weeks beforehand. But I think, in this instance, this really worked. It has really added this weird element to an already very weird film. We adjusted some dialogue a little bit to explain why Freeman is here. And it’s been a complete bold play. It’s so antithetical to the characters that I’ve been playing recently. I was telling A.J. that I played characters like this a lot in my twenties when I first came out of drama school. I think it’s because of Trainspotting. A lot of the characters I played were these off-beat, left field, messed up, darker characters. Real characters as opposed to lead roles. Then I hit my late twenties, early thirties and that sort of changed. I started getting casted as this more heroic guy. I think it was because of the period dramas and swinging swords. Something shifted. Maybe it was because I started going to the gym at my thirtieth birthday! This role feels nice, like a call back to my earlier career. So I’m having an absolute ball getting to do it. I’ll be honest: being charming or being heroic, those characteristics of a leading guy, you don’t have to worry about that with a character like Freeman. And I really love that.

MH: What kind of research did you do to learn about the world of a meth addict?

KM: There’s this really great National Geographic documentary called World’s Most Dangerous Drug. It’s a pretty intense documentary. There’s a whole bunch of material out there. And some amazing campaigns who are really trying to raise awareness about meth in the younger generations. Showing them how horrific you look before and after. You’ve probably seen these before and after shots of these hot shot track and field kids, the shining light of high schools. Within six months, they look like they’re fifty years old, have no prospects and live in their car. It’s tragic and it’s a really depressing drug. It’s been an eye-opener. I really didn’t know much about it before. It’s been real sobering. I’ve got young kids – eleven and thirteen – and my kids are coming to the age where that drug is around. It’s kinda scary.


Visit the source link to read the entire interview!

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Trace Adkins in New Sarah Drew Movie!

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Hey guys!

Any country music fans out there? *raises hand* I love country music!

Anyways, I’m sure many of you know of Sarah Drew’s movie filming this hiatus, and Trace Adkins is in it as well!


This newest film, with the working title ‘Mom’s Night Out,’ according to Wet Paint, sounds a little more lighthearted than other flicks Adkins has appeared in. He’s working alongside ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Sarah Drew. The film — which also stars Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin — quickly spirals from an exhausted mom needing a night out … to a mom needing a “get out of jail” card.

Source|Taste of Country

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