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A Gabbler’s Babble: 10.9″Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” A Review by @Allie_GG

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“Doctors never mean to screw up. They make a bad call and the unthinkable happens.  It’s not like we do it on purpose. It’s not like we want to hurt anyone but sometimes we do.  Sometimes we make mistakes.  And when we blow it, we’re sorry.  Not that being sorry really matters.  Not anymore.  No apology in the world matters now…”

The Callie-centric episode (or Callepisode as I like to call it) begins with Callie in a determined and frantic state of mind in search for a pair of plain pantyhose.  And no, it’s not because she’s looking for the perfect shade of hose to match a cute outfit she’s planning on rocking out later.  The normally cool-as-a-cucumber ortho surgeon is anything but calm when she discovers she’s being sued by Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed.  Turns out Travis is a returning patient at GSMH having been admitted for a valve replacement that Cristina performed not that long ago.  Knowing Callie’s rock star orthopedic capabilities, Cristina refers Travis to Callie for a hip replacement but the only catch is Travis wants the best of the best and requests the Peterson Hip Replacement, a procedure of which Callie has never attempted before.  Knowing full well the extreme risks that could come with having never performed this type of procedure, Callie accepts the challenge and moves forward with it with Travis’s (demanding) words of encouragement.

Complications during surgery left Callie in a treacherous situation when she’s forced to close up Travis early, only to find a sponge had gone missing during the procedure and was left somewhere in the open cavity where Callie was operating.  Later, Travis returns to the hospital suffering from a severe infection that ended up costing him both of his legs.  Afterwards, Travis sues Callie for negligence which brings us back to the pantyhose attire.  Callie’s lawyer makes it clear her professional appearance is essential when testifying in court so she’s given strict orders to wear buns, blazers, and even her wedding ring in hopes of swaying the jury in her favor.

The episode itself provides flashbacks that give insight on not only Callie’s potential malpractice suit but also how, when, and why Arizona and Callie’s relationship deteriorated to its barely current state of existence.  (I’d like to also point out that the interaction between Callie and Arizona over Sofia’s drawing and the horrendous butterfly rhinestone pantyhose that Callie mistakenly throws on in the courthouse bathroom is nothing short of adorable, heart-melting, and pleasing to see that these two can actually converse for once without arguing!

Speaking of flashbacks, we cut back to a scene I’m certain almost all Calzona fans nearly choked on their tequila, or drink of choice needed to get through the highly intense and emotionally-draining episode!  In a somewhat spontaneous moment, the two decide to have a second baby, one that Arizona proudly volunteers to carry.  In a more endearing flashback, we see the two rule out potential sperm donors, and later smirk and giggle over the shortcomings of being pregnant.  IE: Sausage feet and the no-booze rule.  Side note: Raise of hands, who could barely hold back their squeals of delight to see these two laughing together like old times? Sigh.  Stacy McKee, I heart you.

Back to present day, Callie is seen sipping on some wine herself, appearing deep in thought while simultaneously removing her wedding ring when who comes a knockin’ at her door but Papa Torres himself (played brilliantly  by Hector Elizondo).  When Papa Torres inquires about Sofia, it’s then that Callie admits to her father that she and Arizona have separated and that SHE was in fact the one that gave Arizona the boot.

Meanwhile, back in court, Travis over-dramatically takes the stand and testifies that Callie apologized to him for her mistake and told him he had every reason to blame her for what happened.  Callie counter-testifies, admitting she did in fact apologize for what happened and insists it’s because she genuinely cares for her patients. “That makes me human, that doesn’t make me negligent,” (<— One of the most heartfelt lines executed in this episode, I might add!)

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A Gabblers Babble: 10.7 ” Thriller” A Review by @Allie_GG

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S10EP07 – Thriller

Leah gets bit by a zombie. Mousey’s ghost returns from the grave.  A patient loses a limb from an infected wound with maggots.  The hospital gets taken over by a zombie apocalypse, and lions, and tigers, and bears… OH MY!  OK, so maybe some of that is a lie.  OK, most of it is a lie. Pretty much all of it isn’t true.  Either way, you get the idea.  Let’s just say things got a little crazy on Halloween at GSMH and the peeps over at Shondaland made sure the viewers enjoyed every minute of the creepiness!

The episode kicks off with Leah, aka Arizona’s rebound, getting bitten by a zombie! (Calzona fans, see how I’m avoiding the morning-after hook up incident?)  Okay, so this wasn’t actually a zombie but a delusional drug addict that decided to go around biting innocent people. Regardless, the chunk this guy took out of Leah’s shoulder pulled her from rounds that evening, leaving her feeling rejected and bummed.  Fret not Leah.  You’re not alone.  Stephanie, eagerly returning to work from just having Lasik eye surgery, gets pulled from her case as well and that door she walked into prior to failing to read charts correctly didn’t help her case any.  How does the saying go?  Misery loves company?

The twisted sisters continue on the path to Splits Ville much to the viewer’s dismay when Cristina finds out that she wasn’t invited to Meredith and Alex’s Halloween bash.  After an awkward confrontation on the matter, Mer invites Cristina to the party but ultimately, Cristina realizes she doesn’t belong at the kid-filled shindig and leaves without saying a word. Later, Cristina and Shane find themselves seated next to one another at Joe’s bar and continue their bond of recently discovered surgical similarities over shots of tequila.

Bailey fans rejoice when Ben returns in this episode, who finds himself teaming up with Derek in the OR, saving a critical patient important to Zola: the wings to her butterfly costume!   In the process of the in-depth “operation”, Derek comes to the realization of an important breakthrough for his brain mapping research with Ben’s help.  What was good news for Derek was bad news for Bailey however, because with Ben’s return home came the announcement of his decision to quit his job back in LA.  A decision he made without discussing with Bailey first. As one would guess, Bailey was none too thrilled over the news…

Remember back when Richard was a total you-know-what to Meredith when he told her he made the wrong decision in picking Mer as his healthcare proxy?  Well, he finally apologized for the hurtful things he said…. All after having Bailey removed from his case.  Viewers were shocked to hear he no longer wanted Bailey on his case due to her approach at “teaching” (or lack thereof) the interns.  Enter Meredith Grey into the picture.  Richard chooses Mer to pick up where Bailey left off and from here we see Richard continue his teaching tactics on the interns while Mer manages to sneak off to attend the Halloween party she’s throwing back at Alex’s house.

Meanwhile, Arizona and Callie continue on their bumpy road of existence as a couple when they go head to head on choosing a costume for Sofia.  Callie insists Sofia said she wanted to be a princess while Arizona demands Sofia wanted to be an astronaut.  At first, Callie backs down letting Arizona take the lead with the intent of keeping the bickering to a minimum in front of Sofia.  She changes her tune quickly though after realizing Sofia’s childhood moments like those won’t last forever so to meet in the middle, she dresses Sofia as a space princess and takes her to the party.  For once, these two can come to an agreement for the sake of their child.  Hey, it’s a start, isn’t it?

Alex and Jo’s argument continues to be an issue for them and Alex deals with it the only way he knows how: Avoidance.  Not only is he a jerk to her at work, he’s also avoiding her completely at home.  With Mer’s encouragement, Jo confronts Alex and apologizes for getting involved in something so personal to him.  Alex realizes Jo’s intentions were harmless and he takes her back, Tinkerbelle costume and all!

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A Gabbler’s Babble: A Review of 9.24 by @allie_gg

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“I had this badass professor in med school.  She seemed invincible.  Then one day she needed her gall bladder out.  And the surgery killed her.  Her platelets stopped clotting.  She bled out on the table.  Everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.  Surgeons have a name for it.  We call it a perfect storm.  Funny, never thought it would happen to me.”

As I sit here, a full day after the season 9 finale has aired, I’m still in shock. I’m talking emotionally hangover and straight up physically drained.  Shonda wasn’t kidding when she advised viewers to hug a friend! (For me… I chose to hug a bottle of wine, which thinking back could be the reason for the hangover….) Annnnyyyyways…. a lot happened last night.  And when I say a lot, I mean a crazy ton of information, dialog, feelings, and storylines were crammed into 42 minutes of television that I’m still not able to fully process, even after watching it 3 times since.  As a result, I’m approaching my recap from a different angle this time around and strongly encourage you all to chime in with your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on what went down in the finale.  Let’s round-table-discuss this if you will.  Bare with me folks…. I’m still in recovery mode from the “drama and thrills” JCap referred to.  Speaking of which, anyone else find themselves in the fetal position this morning or was that just me??

At the top of the episode, Owen bids Ethan and Paul farewell as the helicopter arrives to take them to an alternative hospital for safety before the brunt of the storm hits.  In the elevator, Cristina calls Owen out by admitting she knows he took an interest in adopting Ethan, prior to Paul coming out of the coma.  Cristina sternly reminds Owen that while she knows he wants kids that is something she will never give him.  Owen continues to reassure her that he loves her and wants his life to be with her but Cristina points out that although he may love her, he may also end up resenting her for keeping him from having the family they both know he wants.


At the end of last week’s episode we see an excitedly nervous Meredith and Derek get the surprise of a lifetime as Mer’s water broke while they were prepping to wait out the storm at the hospital.  It comes as no surprise to Cristina when Meredith goes into labor as the super storm heads their way, but nonetheless, she’s in labor and they have to figure out a plan. Quickly!  As the OB assesses Meredith’s condition, she diagnoses the baby with face presentation, a position in which the baby is coming out face first.  Due to the risky nature of the birthing process under those conditions, the OB informs Meredith she will be giving birth by Cesarean section.  As if that wasn’t enough for Mer and Der to process, the lights suddenly go out and the hospital is out of power.  Great. Is there anything else that could go wrong?  Wait, forget I asked!  Meredith reluctantly agrees to proceed with the C-section and before long; a beautiful McBaby boy arrives into the world.  At first, he doesn’t cry, leaving Meredith to believe something was wrong.  Alas, he was just a little tuckered from it all and needed a little extra monitoring, just to be on the safe side.  Derek leaves with their newborn son while Shane stays behind to close up Meredith but something’s not right.  Meredith begins to suffer from internal bleeding from the fall she took earlier but manages to talk Shane through the process of locating the source and controlling the bleeding. (PS…. Can we say rockstar? I mean who else do we know can walk their intern through a surgical procedure that’s being performed on themselves??  Genius writing, Stacy. Epic acting, Ellen!)  Shane continues to operate on Meredith, using her as his surgical how-to manual until she loses consciousness from lack of blood.  Before she goes under, she gives Shane strict instructions to let her die if she arrests for more than 9 minutes.  Um, whoa.  Not the easiest of work conditions to perform under, eh Shane?  I mean, no pressure, right?! 

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A Gabblers Babble a Review 9.21 By @allie_gg

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Infections are like sleeping monsters. You can’t see them. You can’t feel them. But you must do everything in your power to contain them.  Because when the monsters wake up, they’re out of control.”

 This episode gave us quite the ‘welcome back’ from a near month-long hiatus, wouldn’t you say?!  In fact, some would even say the episode left them feeling downright heartbroken, confused, and even a little frustrated!  Shonda wasn’t messing around when she told us to hug a friend!  

 After sweating it out for what seemed like an eternity, the outcome of Bailey’s CDC investigation confirmed she fell victim to hosting a strain of staph, which ultimately led to the deaths of three patients under her care.  Fortunately, her diagnosis was not directly the cause of the deaths but the defective surgical gloves that facilitated the transfer of the infection during her surgeries.  Bailey was no longer at fault, was released from further interrogations and told she could return to work as soon as she is treated and cleared of the infection.  Finding no real relief from the final verdict, Bailey was still devastated and felt betrayed, judged and alone having gotten hardly any support from her fellow colleagues and friends.  To make matters worse, the one person she felt would have her back didn’t:  Richard Webber. Richard’s attempt at consoling Bailey took a turn for the worst when she called him out on his betrayal and lack of support.  What are your thoughts? Is Bailey right?  Does Richard put the well-being of the hospital before that of his friends and loved ones?  Should he have done more and stuck by her when no one else did?

  An innocent game of tug of war goes horribly wrong at a family reunion and multiple victims arrive at GSMH’s ER…. without their fingers!  The race is on to match the severed digits to their rightful owner and amidst the chaos, Callie and Arizona are paired with a patient named Frankie, a young journalist-in-training.  While the hospital is trying to keep Bailey’s CDC investigation under wraps, Frankie gets wind of the breaking news and tries pitching to Callie and Arizona the idea of publicly publishing the story. Fortunately for the hospital (and Bailey) there’s no story to tell after Bailey’s case closes and finds her not at fault.  Phew! Grey-Sloan: 1 Bad Press: 0.

We see a different side to Alex in this episode and we’re not the only ones that notice.  Cristina, being the playful bully she is, pokes fun at Alex and his love for Jo but sets him straight when it comes to getting his girl. “You could punch him and take back your girl!” So it may not be the most sensible way to do it but it is the most effective!  What’s more heartwarming is when we see the friendship between these two take a more serious turn.  Alex’s brashness and Cristina’s snarkiness fade away and the two meet in the middle forming an amazingly awesome bond. How is it that it’s taken 9 seasons for this friendship to finally come to light?!  Regardless, Alex makes an effort to keep the peace for all involved by telling Jo’s man, Jason, that he and Jo are only friends that have bonded over stories of their childhood.  Turns out Jason was in the dark about Jo’s past and she had every intention of keeping it that way…. at least until she was ready to fill him in.  Having gotten word that Alex divulged in such sacred info, Jo calls him out on it and pretty much puts the kibosh on their friendship. How long do we think that will last? 

Speaking of friendship, the Twisted Sisters are back at it again providing some much needed comic relief surrounding Bailey’s staph infection speculations.  Meredith tries persuading Cristina to be in the delivery room with her when she gives birth so she can maintain her natural birth plan without Derek’s overly sensitive & supportive ways interfering. In true Cristina-fashion, she makes it pretty clear she’s not a fan of the idea mainly because she doesn’t want to witness her best friend poop on the table, as most birthing mothers apparently do. Um, yeah.  Nuff said Cristina! :/

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Lets Discuss The Final 4 for Season 9 – Panel of Grey

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Gabblers- Welcome to Lets Discuss the final 4 for season 9- now beware you could consider this to be a bit spoilerish but these are the opinions and feelings of this grey group of gals that we have chosen. We have our reviewers: @allie_gg who discusses GA every week here at GG, @pamfier who writes GG’s MerDer reviews, @silverscwolf whose name is Amanda and is one half of TSG Podcast who writes GG’s Jolex reviews and our love @sportsfan12921 who gives GG the weekly scoop on Calzona. We also called in some of our grey friends as we want to get you all perspectives possible of what is to come- we have the amazing @kayright who is the other half of TSG Podcast ( she has the hot French accent), Our dear friend that wants to be referred to as “L” but make no mistake Miss “L” knows Greys all too well! And @safeaudme aka Sam who speaks Greys fluently!! We compiled a list of questions and want to know what these gals think is going to happen in the final 4 episodes and what shall Shonda bring at the end of episode 9.24?? Here is what they have to say:


What are your predictions & hopes for the season finale 9.24?

@allie_gg: As with most die-hard fans, you hope for something that will leave your mind at ease while it anxiously and impatiently waits for the show to return in September.  Alas, that is not how Shondaland works…. prediction?  A cliffhanger that leaves the fate of one of the originals in danger…. Note I say originals, not newbies.  I’m not sure fans are truly committed to the interns yet, enough that they would care if something dreadful happened to them anyway…  Alex’s storyline has been extremely “quiet” lately.  Just sayin.

@kayright: Shonda said that 9.23-9.24 was a 2 parts finale and I want them to be bookends to the outstanding amazingness that were 901 and 902. I feel like this season has done a great job at serving a well-paced season arc and I want the finale to pay homage to the character growth that was done this season. I also want to finale to push the focus on the characters that will be front stage in season 10. Hopefully Alex is one of those characters.

L: Can no one die this season? Please? Seriously. I’m still not over Mark. I hope that we see a Cristina/Owen talk by the end of the season about a family and see them moving forward beyond the ‘in limbo’ relationship they have now. I also hope we see a moment of ‘full circle’ from the premiere with all of the characters in the finale at some point.

@safeaudme: I hope that the major theme of Season 9 (“Reclaiming happiness in spite of loss”) has closure before we set up the new theme of S10. They can do it in a lot of ways, but I hope to see it done in parallel stories of McFetus and GSMH. 

@silverscwolf: Meredith will be trapped while in labor. Derek won’t be there. I want Alex to deliver the baby, but I don’t think he will. I hope that Jolex are TOGETHER by now. If not, I hope that they will at least be set up to be a driving force for next season. Crowen will be settled by 9.23 and written light. Same with Calzona. Japril will reunite in the chaos. Jackson will struggle in crisis. Bailey will save the day.

@sportsfan12921: for the finale my prediction is that other than board business, Calzona will be fairly quiet.    My hope:  Final closure about Mark: they sell both apartments and buy a house with a yard and chickens!


What was your favorite story line of the season?

@allie_gg: Strangely enough, I truly enjoyed Arizona’s storyline as an amputee.  Although heartbreaking and cruel at times, her journey throughout the season was beautiful.  From first struggling with her painfully upsetting fate, to accepting it and then coping with it, it was all very real and extremely well written and played out. Kudos to JCap for successfully executing such a challenging storyline. 

@kayright: Arizona’s amputation storyline was the most satisfying for me. The acting was flawless, the moments were powerful, the pacing was realistic and respectful and it did a good job of including other characters, for instance Bailey and Owen.

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A Gabblers Babble- Review 9.19

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S9E19 – Can’t Fight This Feeling- By @allie_GG


Let’s say you’re standing in an OR staring at an aneurysm that’s embedded deep into a patient’s frontal lobe.  There are three things you’ll need to remove it:  You’ll need confidence.  You’ll need an eleven blade.  And some really good instincts.”


First off can we take a moment, set our glasses of wine (or beverage of choice) down, rise from our comfy couch cushions and give Ms. Sarah Chalke a roaring round of applause for her performance in tonight’s episode?  I mean, c’mon.  As if her storyline as a mother of her son suffering from an unknown, difficult to diagnose disease wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, Sarah herself went through the exact same situation just a few years prior with her own son in real life.  If that isn’t art imitating life, I’m not sure what is.  The boy was suffering from what’s called Kawasaki Disease and even though the boy’s mom, Casey, was told umpteen times there was nothing wrong with her son, her gut told her different.  And Meredith believed her.  After numerous tests and labs came back with negative results, Casey’s instincts told her something wasn’t right.  After doing some research, Casey herself mentioned the possibility of KD and when Meredith realized his symptoms matched that of the illness it was then that they were able to accurately diagnose the little boy.  This proves a point believed by many.  When in doubt, trust your gut.


For those of you that aren’t following the Grey’s characters on Twitter (seriously, why aren’t you?!) you’ve missed out on Callie’s constant tweets regarding her excitement for the TED Conference.  In this episode, it’s revealed that all of the hype was because SHE was speaking at it!  Or, at least that was the plan anyway.  Knowing how well Callie is at speaking in front of crowds (flash back to the season 6, episode 15 ‘Club Foot’ speech) Callie was having a little trouble memorizing her flashcards.  Leave it to Arizona to lighten the tone with a steamy picture-everyone-in-the-room-naked montage.  When Callie is no longer able to make an appearance at the conference due to an unplanned surgical intake, Arizona tried cheering her up with a comment that didn’t come out as smoothly as planned.  Needless to say, after Arizona promptly removed her foot from her mouth, she and Richard worked a deal with the folks at the conference and set up a live-feed so Callie could still give her speech!  Callie freezes until she gets a reassuring smile and coax from Arizona to ‘just talk’.  A little rusty at first, Callie shoves all fears aside and speaks from her heart, reminiscing of her recent hardships over the last year and thinking about what it is that holds things together.  With that, she seamlessly transitions into her speech about cartilage, while inside all of the viewers are thinking this woman deserves nothing short of a slow clap!


Also confirmed in this episode:  Owen needs to become a father.  A.S.A.P.  Stat.  Like right now.  His care and concern for a boy whose parents were critically injured in an accident further proves Owen needs offspring of his own.  Ideally, it’d be wonderful if Cristina shared the same opinion, but alas, she does not.  What we DO see is the bond between Cristina and Owen becoming stronger with every interaction they have. All on-call room business aside, these two are finally starting to see eye to eye.  It’s about time, wouldn’t you say?


April needs to dump Matthew.  Anyone agree?  I’m not normally one to share such a harsh or blunt statement but I truly think these two are on the outs.  Are her and Jackson meant to be?  Maybe?  I’m guessing we’ll see a lot more of this develop before the season is over.  That is, if April can refrain from going to the carnival for a while! ;)


Bailey’s Genome Mapping trial is the talk of the town with just about every doctor at GSMH.  In fact, she’s got people lined up to map out their genes!  None of them qualify to her liking until one doctor steps in and genuinely asks to be genetically mapped for the sake of fighting for her child. Following her gut instincts, Meredith asks Bailey to genetically map Zola’s genes as well as her own, knowing there may be a chance she could contain the Alzheimer’s gene that one day may keep her from fighting for her daughter. Instincts. They’re a pretty powerful thing.

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