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The Latest Buzz!

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Hey Gabblers!

We’re continuing to get bits and pieces of what we can look forward to when Season 11 begins! If you’re interested in what Alex will be up to when the show returns see below!

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SPOILER: ‘Ask Ausiello’ Spills GA News

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TVLine‘s got some Grey’s Anatomy news you might interested in! Check it out!

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The Latest Buzz!

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Hey Gabblers!

Production on Season 11 will begin in a few short weeks and already we’re getting buzz on what we could be dealing with come the new season!  See below if you’re interested!

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Music for 10×23 and 10×24!

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Hey guys!

I know I missed out on posting the music for you last week, so I’ve got the finale’s and 10×23′s for you under the cut!

Original Air-Date: 5/15/14

Portions For Foxes (originally by Rilo Kiley) Caught A Ghost
Scene Description: A Seattle weather guy gives the forecast. Owen tries to coax Cristina back into bed…

Take On Me (originally by A-Ha) Aqualung
Scene Description: Cristina wants to feel a sense of completion with Link’s surgery. Meredith demands that she leaves…

Ruby Blue (originally by Roisin Murphy) Sleeping At Last
Scene Description: Richard tells Bailey he is recommending her for something. Cristina and Meredith talk to Richard…

Where Does The Good Go Tegan and Sara
Scene Description: Cristina and Meredith dance it out…

99 Red Balloons(originally by Nena) Sleeping At Last
Scene Description: April finds Jackson and hugs him. Owen watches Maggie brief Sabine on Link. Bailey is in bed with someone and is overjoyed at work news…

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Finale Ratings!

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Hey guys!

Here are the ratings for 10×24.

Grey’s Anatomy 2.6 9 million


xx GreysPGHKid

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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right”

By Cinderoni

So we have come to the penultimate episode of the season and the second to last episode before the departure of Cristina Yang. In this episode, Cristina is trying to find a replacement for her boss, Dr Russell, who gave notice that he was leaving the hospital in the previous episode. Owen has donned his chief of surgery hat for most of this episode as he deals with the fallout of Bailey giving her bubble boy patient, Braden Morris, an unauthorized treatment. Owen and Cristina had two small scenes, that were work-related and one scene at the end that was quite swoon-worthy and heartbreaking at the same time. This episode was written by Austin Guzman and directed by Bill d’Elia.

picture 1 (21)

Cristina is at a nurses’ station, when Bailey and resident Stephanie approach her. Bailey is making an official admission to Cristina, in her capacity as a member of the board. But somehow, I don’t think Cristina was even aware that was the reason why Bailey was informing her of what she did. Bailey says that she gave a patient a stem-cell transplant using deactivated HIV as a viral vector in order to cure his SCID. She adds that she did it against his parents’ wishes.

Cristina gives her a “whoa” and asks if it worked. Bailey says that it did and Cristina offers her a high-five. As Bailey walks away, she tells Stephanie that she has just informed the board and they should go and tell Braden’s parents.

There is a reason that Cristina was not too concerned with Bailey’s confession. She is too pre-occupied by the fact that Owen has assigned her to interview all of the candidates for Dr Russell’s position. She is next seen eating a waffle, which Meredith has brought her, when Owen comes by to tell her that the first candidate is waiting in the conference room. Then, he leaves.

Meredith says she can’t believe that Owen is making her pick her own replacement. As they head towards the conference room, Cristina corrects her and says that she is picking Dr Russell’s replacement, not her own though she did volunteer to do that. Meredith replies that it is a punishment since it was like cleaning an apartment that you’re vacating. (Hey, Meredith, I have cleaned two apartments that I was vacating to ensure that I would get back my security deposit).

Cristina says that Owen knows that the move to Zurich is the right thing for her and that he has been totally supportive. Meredith says that something is coming and she can feel it in her bones. (Maybe it is that possible act of terrorism that is coming in the next episode, which Meredith is feeling.)

They both spot the candidate in the conference room. Meredith lets out a “eww”, while Cristina agrees, saying that she hates his face. Meredith says to look her in the eye and tell her that it isn’t a punishment. Cristina thanks her for the waffle and goes off to start her long day of interviews.

Bailey’s admission to the parents did not go very well, so she and Stephanie are in a meeting with Owen in a conference room. Bailey says that the Morrises did not react as she hoped they would. Owen asks if legal action hadn’t crossed her mind. Bailey says that she had hoped they would see the bigger picture, adding that Stephanie should be excused since she wasn’t involved.

picture 2 (16)

Owen asks if Stephanie knew what she was doing and failed to report it. Both Bailey and Stephanie say nothing, which Owen takes to mean that Stephanie was definitely involved. He tells them that he is going to call Legal and not to go anywhere or talk to anyone. He certainly did get Legal involved because in the next scene, the hospital lawyer is questioning Bailey and Stephanie, in the presence of Owen and Avery, the chairman of the board.

The lawyer is looking to get all of the facts as he asks if the parents authorized treatment with a signed consent. Bailey says yes. Then, he asks if they told Dr Edwards that they changed their mind. Bailey again says yes. The lawyer then wants it confirmed that she gave the patient the stem cell transplant, anyway. Bailey nods.

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