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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 23 “Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn out Right”

By Cinderoni

So we have come to the penultimate episode of the season and the second to last episode before the departure of Cristina Yang. In this episode, Cristina is trying to find a replacement for her boss, Dr Russell, who gave notice that he was leaving the hospital in the previous episode. Owen has donned his chief of surgery hat for most of this episode as he deals with the fallout of Bailey giving her bubble boy patient, Braden Morris, an unauthorized treatment. Owen and Cristina had two small scenes, that were work-related and one scene at the end that was quite swoon-worthy and heartbreaking at the same time. This episode was written by Austin Guzman and directed by Bill d’Elia.

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Cristina is at a nurses’ station, when Bailey and resident Stephanie approach her. Bailey is making an official admission to Cristina, in her capacity as a member of the board. But somehow, I don’t think Cristina was even aware that was the reason why Bailey was informing her of what she did. Bailey says that she gave a patient a stem-cell transplant using deactivated HIV as a viral vector in order to cure his SCID. She adds that she did it against his parents’ wishes.

Cristina gives her a “whoa” and asks if it worked. Bailey says that it did and Cristina offers her a high-five. As Bailey walks away, she tells Stephanie that she has just informed the board and they should go and tell Braden’s parents.

There is a reason that Cristina was not too concerned with Bailey’s confession. She is too pre-occupied by the fact that Owen has assigned her to interview all of the candidates for Dr Russell’s position. She is next seen eating a waffle, which Meredith has brought her, when Owen comes by to tell her that the first candidate is waiting in the conference room. Then, he leaves.

Meredith says she can’t believe that Owen is making her pick her own replacement. As they head towards the conference room, Cristina corrects her and says that she is picking Dr Russell’s replacement, not her own though she did volunteer to do that. Meredith replies that it is a punishment since it was like cleaning an apartment that you’re vacating. (Hey, Meredith, I have cleaned two apartments that I was vacating to ensure that I would get back my security deposit).

Cristina says that Owen knows that the move to Zurich is the right thing for her and that he has been totally supportive. Meredith says that something is coming and she can feel it in her bones. (Maybe it is that possible act of terrorism that is coming in the next episode, which Meredith is feeling.)

They both spot the candidate in the conference room. Meredith lets out a “eww”, while Cristina agrees, saying that she hates his face. Meredith says to look her in the eye and tell her that it isn’t a punishment. Cristina thanks her for the waffle and goes off to start her long day of interviews.

Bailey’s admission to the parents did not go very well, so she and Stephanie are in a meeting with Owen in a conference room. Bailey says that the Morrises did not react as she hoped they would. Owen asks if legal action hadn’t crossed her mind. Bailey says that she had hoped they would see the bigger picture, adding that Stephanie should be excused since she wasn’t involved.

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Owen asks if Stephanie knew what she was doing and failed to report it. Both Bailey and Stephanie say nothing, which Owen takes to mean that Stephanie was definitely involved. He tells them that he is going to call Legal and not to go anywhere or talk to anyone. He certainly did get Legal involved because in the next scene, the hospital lawyer is questioning Bailey and Stephanie, in the presence of Owen and Avery, the chairman of the board.

The lawyer is looking to get all of the facts as he asks if the parents authorized treatment with a signed consent. Bailey says yes. Then, he asks if they told Dr Edwards that they changed their mind. Bailey again says yes. The lawyer then wants it confirmed that she gave the patient the stem cell transplant, anyway. Bailey nods.

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TAKE CARE NOW Crowen recap 10 x 19 “I’m Winning” By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 19 “I’m Winning”

By Cinderoni

This is the episode where Cristina finds out that she has been nominated for the Harper Avery award. It is also a continuation of the case of the three McNeil kids with cardiac problems – a storyline that started in 10 x18. We also got a very nice Crowen surprise at the very end. This episode was written by Joan Rater and directed by Kevin McKidd.

Our first scene begins with Meredith and Cristina asleep in Cristina’s bed at Alex’s house. (Isn’t it great that Cristina has a real bed and is not sleeping on a mattress on the floor like she used to do?) Meredith has come over for a sleepover because they are awaiting the call from the Harper Avery Foundation to inform them whether Cristina has been nominated for this year’s top award. The call is usually made at 8 a.m. Eastern time (5 a.m. Seattle time). The alarm blares suddenly which awakens both women, violently.

Cristina asks for her phone so she could take the call. Meredith replies that it is charged and the ringer is on. She advises her friend to put on some lipstick. As Cristina does this, she begins to express some doubt. Meredith reassures her that Catherine Avery said that she was on the short list, noting what Cristina is doing is innovative and will lead to the actual printing of hearts and millions will be saved.

Alex and Jo rush in, eager to find out if the call came through as yet. Meredith says no and reminds them that there are five nominees and it is done alphabetically, meaning Yang will be last. Shane, Cristina’s resident assistant, calls Jo to find out if they got the call.

As Meredith chews on a fingernail, Cristina continues to express doubt that they won’t call. Then, the phone rings. They all shriek in excitement. Cristina screams that it is them and takes a big breath. Meredith advises her to be gracious and humble but she is not going to grovel. “Remember who you are. You are Cristina Yang and you are going to change the face of medicine.”

Cristina answers the phone in a very calm voice, a sharp contrast to what she is probably feeling as she gets the news that she has been nominated. Meredith takes her picture to record the moment.

picture 1 (19)

We are now at the hospital, where Owen meets up with Frankie, one of the McNeil children. This is the one who received the pacemaker in the last episode. She is obviously much better as she challenges Owen to a race to her brother Link’s room, where Cristina and Arizona already are. Link is doing far worse than either of his sisters, as he lies in the bed with tubes coming out of him. Also present are Jon and Sabine McNeil and their oldest daughter, Ivy who received the heart transplant in the last episode. Ivy is eating sour cream and onion potato chips (which is my favorite flavor, by the way).  Cristina takes it away from her and scolds her for eating such an unhealthy snack.

picture 2 (14)

Ivy protests that she was told that she needed to put on some weight. She watches as Cristina takes a bite out of the chips and smiles. Arizona starts the rounds by noting that Ivy is two weeks post-op transplant surgery and her indices are excellent. Cristina queries about Link and Frankie immediately launches into a synopsis about Link’s condition.

“Lincoln Mc Neil, age 9, end-stage heart failure, awaiting transplant. Status 1A. There is a family history of the disease. The cause is unknown.  Link first showed signs of cardiomyopathy two weeks ago and has deteriorated rapidly. An attempt to put in a Berlin heart failed due to something I can’t remember.”

Ivy tells her it is clotting. Frankie continues that the patient is now in ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenization). Link is currently stable, Arizona adds.

Jon asks about their status with UNO. Owen answers that Link is at the top of the list. Sabine wants to find out how long Link can last on ECMO. Cristina tells them a week. Jon says that they have to pray for a miracle. Sabine reminds him that they got one with Ivy, as she pats her oldest child’s shoulder. Cristina tells them that they are not just sitting around and waiting as they are aggressively looking at other options.

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EW 10×17 Recap!

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Hey guys!

Check out EW’s recap for 10×17:

Going into this episode knowing that it was all about Cristina and Owen, I was already excited, but whatever that was that just happened on my screen blew my mind (and also made me more fearful than ever). Before I get into my fears, I have to say that was an amazing episode of Grey’s Anatomy. It reminded me of just how good this show can be, and particularly how good Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd can be. Of course, that only made me sad considering Sandra Oh’s inevitable departure, but we’ll get to those feelings at the end of all this. First, let’s dig in!


xx GreysPGHKid

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The Seriously Grey’s Podcast!

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Hey Gabblers!

Have you listened to the latest Seriously Grey’s Podcast? No? You’re in for a treat and it’s here for your listening pleasure!


xoxo !Rolling On! xoxo GreysRcksMyWorld


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Hypable Recaps 10×14

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Did you catch Grey’s Anatomy tonight? Here’s some of Hypable‘s recap of “You Got To Hide Your Love Away”!


The episode begins by showing how the series couples start the morning. Alex and Jo seem to have made up after their fight in the previous episode. Owen asks Emma to move in to a new place with him. Meredith helps Derek pick out a tie for his interview with the government officials and reveals that she’s holding out on him. Callie gave Arizona a new ring to symbolize their fresh start. And April catches Jackson just in time to tell him to remove his wedding ring just before a big meeting.

Owen announces the new non-fraternizing policy much to the shock of the residents. If any of them are caught having relationships with their superiors, it could mean the end of their career. Much to his displeasure, Weber is put in charge of answering any questions. Jo questions the validity of the new rule and blames Stephanie for making her relationship illegal.

Check out more of this recap at the link below!


LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi

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TVGuide Recaps ‘Take It Back’

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Here’s some of TV Guide‘s recap of last night’s all new episode of Grey’s Anatomy!

Someone got married on the Grey’s Anatomy midseason premiere, but it probably wasn’t the couple you were expecting.

But they aren’t the only couple dealing with issues in the wake of the wedding. Arizona finally blows up at Callie over her wife always wanting to fix her. When Callie asks that they continue the discussion at home, Arizona says that’s not her home anymore.

In other couples drama, when Jimmy’s estranged wife shows up, Alex introduces Jo as his fiancé, which scares the hell out of her, namely because she didn’t realize he proposed before the wedding.

For more of this recap, click the site link below to read it from the source!

(Source|TV Guide)

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