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GA Features 80s Covers For Remainder of S10!

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Have you been enjoying the songs since GA has returned from hiatus? If so, we’re in for a lot more 80s covers!

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy has always been a launch pad for new music, and now the veteran medical drama has embarked on a new tune: modern covers of 1980s hits.

And, according to Rhimes and music supervisor Alex Patsavas, the remainder of Grey’s Anatomy‘s 10th season will feature only music from the ’80s Covers project.

“Shonda had this idea back in the fall, and we started to talk about songs she knew would make sense with the story,” Patsavas tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We started with a couple of songs that she was interested in seeing if there were great modern interpretations for. But at some point along the way, she felt strongly that the way to tell the story in the second half of the season was to use modern interpretations of her favorite songs of the ’80s and the songs she felt would tell the story the best.”


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THR Recaps GA Midseason Premiere

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The wait is OVER! And wowza!!!! We’d venture to say that it was worth it! Here is a bit of a run-down of what happened!


ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returned from its midseason hiatus Thursday with a modest time jump and fully loaded episode that set the table for the remainder of its 10th season.

1. April makes her choice — and it’s Jackson (Jesse Williams). They eloped to Reno and are keeping their relationship a secret from everyone. (Check out our postmortem interview with Drew here.)

6. Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) is still in shock after Jackson ditched her for April at the wedding. She tearfully confesses she knew better to Leah (Tessa Ferrer), who accuses Jackson of taking advantage of the situation considering he is their boss. (Leah accuses Arizona of doing the same with her, ditto for Cristina with Shane.) The still-scorned Leah suggests they do something about it.

7. Speaking of Leah and Stephanie, the residents file claims with HR that prompt the hospital to strongly consider a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to relationships with subordinates. Pre-existing married couples — Meredith and Derek, Arizona and Callie, Bailey and Ben — naturally are excluded. Naturally, this will put pressure on Jackson and April to reveal their marriage and Alex and Jo to figure out what their future together is.

For the rest of this explosive review, visit the source by clicking the link below!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

Oh. My. God. I don’t think there’s more I can say. How about you?

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Dan Bucatinsky Tweets Pic

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Can you believe that half of Grey’s Anatomy season 10 is already over? And the remainder of the season’s episodes seem to be moving right along. Here’s proof!

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Update! 10.13 Full Synopsis

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TVTipster‘s got the full synopsis for the mid-season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy season 10! Check it out!


“Take It Back” – The doctors face the consequences of the events that took place at April’s wedding. Meredith feels betrayed when Derek goes back on a promise, Alex is furious after returning to the hospital and hearing the news about his father, and Arizona and Callie decide whether or not to move forward together. Meanwhile, Bailey realizes she was wrong about the motive behind Ben’s decision to move back to Seattle, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

(Source|TV Tipster)


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SR Discusses Diversity Award

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Both Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers were recent recipients of The Directors Guild of America’s Diversity Award. However, it’s Rhimes that has expressed an understandable and interesting opinion about it. Check it out!


Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice, is one of the most powerful forces in television. And she doesn’t mince words when  something is bothering her.

Her latest beef? The Diversity Award that she and Scandal Executive Producer Betsy Beers were given at the Directors Guild of America Awards Saturday night in Los Angeles.

“When I heard I was getting a Diversity Award, I was really, truly, profoundly honored. I began to get calls from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, etc., and I was asked to comment on the award. Asked how good I felt about the award. Asked if it made me feel like I was doing the right thing. Asked if it had been a struggle making diversity happen on my cast and crews. While I’m still really and truly profoundly honored to receive this award, but I was also a little pissed off,” Rhimes said. “So was Betsy. So over many, many, many bottles of wine we discussed this.”

“We’re a little pissed off because there still needs to be an award. Like, there’s such a lack of people hiring women and minorities that when someone does it on a regular basis, they are given an award.”

To read this article in full, please click the source link below!

(Source|Entertainment Weekly)


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SR on Abortion, Television in 2014

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Hello, Gabs!

Time has released an interesting article on the reality of abortion featuring some of Shonda Rhimes’ thoughts and ideas on the matter. Check it out.

"Scandal" Season Two Finale Event

“It’s a polarizing issue obviously,” Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes told TIME. And that’s why the showrunner thinks that television, which has the ability to bring issues to light and ignite national conversations, has an obligation not to ignore it. “Because it is such a hot button issue, because people are debating it, it should be discussed. And I’m not sure why it’s not being discussed.”In season one of Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Cristina Yang — brilliant, motivated, but not yet beloved by national audiences — got pregnant. Rhimes planned for the lead (played by Sandra Oh) to have an abortion. That didn’t happen.

“Now, it’s a first season show, it was nine years earlier or whatever, and the network freaked out a little bit,” Rhimes said. “No one told me I couldn’t do it, but they could not point to an instance in which anyone had. And I sort of panicked a little bit in that moment and thought maybe this isn’t the right time for the character, we barely know her… I didn’t want it to become like what the show was about.”

There’s so much more to this article. To view it in it’s entirety, please visit the source link below!

This is definitely a topic that is very real in the lives of many people and is interlaced in the fabric of many of their stories. While intensely scrutinized and ignored by some, it is embraced by many others. As a woman, advocate, and storyteller, I can understand Shonda’s desire to see and promote the realness and relevance of the topic of abortion, and it’s impact, played out in the life of a fictional character from week to week just as can be seen actualized in the lives of individuals everyday. Any thoughts?
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