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THR Recaps GA Midseason Premiere

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Hey, Gabblers!

The wait is OVER! And wowza!!!! We’d venture to say that it was worth it! Here is a bit of a run-down of what happened!


ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returned from its midseason hiatus Thursday with a modest time jump and fully loaded episode that set the table for the remainder of its 10th season.

1. April makes her choice — and it’s Jackson (Jesse Williams). They eloped to Reno and are keeping their relationship a secret from everyone. (Check out our postmortem interview with Drew here.)

6. Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) is still in shock after Jackson ditched her for April at the wedding. She tearfully confesses she knew better to Leah (Tessa Ferrer), who accuses Jackson of taking advantage of the situation considering he is their boss. (Leah accuses Arizona of doing the same with her, ditto for Cristina with Shane.) The still-scorned Leah suggests they do something about it.

7. Speaking of Leah and Stephanie, the residents file claims with HR that prompt the hospital to strongly consider a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to relationships with subordinates. Pre-existing married couples — Meredith and Derek, Arizona and Callie, Bailey and Ben — naturally are excluded. Naturally, this will put pressure on Jackson and April to reveal their marriage and Alex and Jo to figure out what their future together is.

For the rest of this explosive review, visit the source by clicking the link below!

(Source|The Hollywood Reporter)

Oh. My. God. I don’t think there’s more I can say. How about you?

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Update! 10.13 Full Synopsis

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TVTipster‘s got the full synopsis for the mid-season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy season 10! Check it out!


“Take It Back” – The doctors face the consequences of the events that took place at April’s wedding. Meredith feels betrayed when Derek goes back on a promise, Alex is furious after returning to the hospital and hearing the news about his father, and Arizona and Callie decide whether or not to move forward together. Meanwhile, Bailey realizes she was wrong about the motive behind Ben’s decision to move back to Seattle, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

(Source|TV Tipster)


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Take Care Now: Crowen 10 x 4 recap – Puttin’ On The Ritz by @Cinderoni

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Crowen 10 x 4 recap – Puttin’ On The Ritz

By: @Cinderoni                                                   

So our greatest fears came to pass in the 200th episode. As greatly expected, Owen met someone and Cristina had to finally face the consequences of the decision she had made in the last episode that they try to meet other people. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s start at the beginning. As we saw in the last episode, storm damage at Grey Sloan Memorial was extensive and now they have a huge hole in the ceiling of the Outpatient Surgery Wing. Avery and Owen got the board together to plan a gala fund-raiser at a venue, which conveniently, was very close to the hospital. I mention this because the number of times that people go back and forth to and from the hospital is astounding.

Owen & Jackson 10.4

The episode opens at the gala, with Owen and Avery posing for pictures for the press, like if they are celebrities. They’re smiling but Owen says he hopes that this red carpet was something that Avery had lying around the house because they’re trying to raise money, not waste it. Avery assures him that he grew up in this world and he knows how it works. “We’re attracting serious people with serious money and tailoring an event to them. Tonight is going to be tasteful, sophisticated and conservative.”

They walk into the ballroom and the scene cannot be described as “tasteful, sophisticated and conservative.” In fact, it has been transformed to a mini circus with flying acrobats, tightrope walkers and fire-eaters. Owen notes that he and Avery have very different definitions of the word “conservative” before he walks off into the circus.

Cristina is already in the gala, as she spots Meredith making her way through the crowd. Cristina is dressed in a fabulous, grey Nicole Miller dress, while Meredith is clad in a black, lacy Gucci dress. They are joined by Callie, who is in a black one-shoulder number from Tadashi Shoji.

“Meredith Grey, as I live and breathe, I have not seen you in ages,” Cristina coos. “How’s Derek liking maternity leave?” Meredith answers that it is paternity leave and that she and Derek have a deal that neither of them would work. Callie laughs, saying that they are both bored out of their minds and they have all of this pent-up surgical energy and have made everything into a competition. Meredith denies it, profusely but breaks when Callie says that Derek’s winning. Meredith says that she is the one who’s winning because she got Zola to put on her shoes when he couldn’t.  Cristina and Callie give her this look that indicates how pathetic she is. On realization on what she has just said, Meredith admits that she needs to come back to work.

A scary clown passes and everyone laughs. Callie says that Bailey is going to freak when she comes because she hates clowns. Meredith says that Bailey isn’t coming. Callie is shocked that attendance wasn’t mandatory because she had been dreading being in the same room with Arizona. She says she’s going home.

Avery rushes up and says that no one is going home and he is offering 10 percent of the gala’s take to the department that raises the most money. He says to spread the word, leaving as quickly as he arrived. Meredith says that Derek is really good at this. Callie says she thinks that Derek has already started as they observe the head of neurosurgery, showing off his juggling skills to a rapt audience. Meredith observes him with a glare.

As the party progresses, it seems that Meredith is not doing too well in her money-raising efforts. She rushes up to Cristina, saying that they have to team up in order to beat Derek to make sure that he doesn’t get the money. Cristina says that prison (aka home with the kids) has changed Meredith. Owen comes up and declares that they are in deep trouble since Avery bet the farm on this party.


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A Gabblers Babble: S10E04 Puttin’ on the Ritz by @allie_gg

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“It’s time to put on makeup; it’s time to dress up right.  It’s time to get things started on the Muppet Show to… crap.”

Best Intro. Monologue. Ever!  I mean, who else can pull off quoting The Muppet Show on one of television’s most popular medical drama series of all time??  Meredith Grey can, or rather Grey’s writer Austin Guzman, who proved to be nothing short of a genius by writing this series’ fabulously accomplished 200th episode.  And with that… let’s get this party started!

Meredith and Derek look beyond amazing in their respective gown and tux and I can’t help flashing back to how good they looked in “Losing My Religion” when the doctors threw Richard’s niece a prom back in season 2, episode 27.  It’s an all-out competition, per the usual with most of the doctors at Grey-Sloan Memorial, to see who can raise the most money at the gala put on by the hospital in an attempt to raise funds and cover the costs of damage done by the super storm.  True to form, Mer and Der are not about to let the other “win”, especially when they already have a competition at home to see who can better parent their two children.  This so-called competition, by the way, is prompted by the fact that both of them are on maternity/paternity leave, bored out of their minds and dying for any excuse they can get to get back to the OR!  Fear not Shepherds… an opportunity arises later in the evening that gets them both back in the same OR and even gets them reminiscing over said prom mentioned above!

Initially, the gala was intended to be a serious, conservative event geared towards seriously rich people that would donate money to the hospital.  Things take a turn when the doctors arrive to find a Vegas-inspired atmosphere with fire breathers, tightrope balancers, and aerialists dangling from the ceilings!

Before heading to the gala, a trauma patient arrives at the ER that strikes a familiar nerve with Alex.  So much so, that he can’t shake it.  The entire night, in fact.  As a result, he neglects Jo as his date for the evening; forcing her to make conversation with the people HE should be impressing.  Turns out, Alex gets a feeling that the junky-turned-patient has close ties with him and the only way to prove that is taking a blood test.  A paternity blood test.  When Jo catches him in the act, she’s thrown off at first but after she hears Alex’s story, she decides to help him get the answer he needs to hear.  Later, test results confirm the junky is Alex’s dad and with that, Alex has to decide if or how he wants to handle facing the man he refused to ever see again.

The doctors work their charm throughout the evening but in more ways than one, it backfires on them.  Callie runs into a potential donor that expresses his condolences on the news of her wife’s passing in the airplane crash and after a heartfelt glance from Arizona from across the room followed by a quick disappearance on her part, Callie agrees her death was very hard to handle, neglecting to correct the donor of his affirmation.  Naturally, this goes south quickly for Callie and spirals into a mess of awkward conversations with donors about their deceased husbands and professed love for their pet cats. Eesh.

In an attempt to help Jackson alleviate the ridiculousness that has become of the gala, April heads back to the hospital to retrieve cooling blankets that will, erm, uh, help keep the drinks chilled due to lack of ice?  Upon entering the supply closet, she finds a distressed and tearful Arizona, hiding from the gala and more importantly, Callie.  After returning to the gala, April overhears Callie telling the donors of Arizona’s death and in turn, April snatches a few bottles of champagne and heads back to keep Arizona company.  Little did any of the viewer’s know, this pairing would be the comedic highlight of the night?  After several glasses of champagne, April and Arizona share a drunken, yet insightful conversation that gives both of them a chance to express their feelings in a very present way. Not to mention, Arizona’s “are we talking about Matthew…. Or Jesus?” and April’s, “can I try on your leg?” lines were the funniest and by far, most memorable moments of the episode!

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It’s a MerDer World:10×04 “Puttin’ On The Ritz” by @Seen_in_grey

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TV Guide Pic


10×04 “Puttin’ On The Ritz”

Written By: Austin Guzman

Directed By: Rob Corn

Grey’s Anatomy’s 200th episode!!!

If someone told me that they wanted to start every episode with a slo-mo Derek and Meredith getting dressed up, I think I’d honestly be okay with that. And that kiss to the neck, so sweet. We get a shot of the whole Shepherd-Grey clan as Meredith and Derek head to the party.


Assuming that she was dropping her babes off at daycare (I really want to give props to that hospital daycare/nightcare. They have been through everything with us.), Meredith checks in with Bailey about Webber’s health. Since he wasn’t so nice to her at the end of last episode, I’m not surprise to see her tell Bailey to let him hit rock bottom. BTW Mer is bulletproof, fire away, fire away.J


And Meredith has arrived at the party! Classic Cristina and Callie, giving her a hard time. I’m totally down with this new posse. Ladies bonding, it’s cool.

“How’s Derek liking maternity leave?”

“He’s on pa-ternity leave.”

“Yeah, okay.”

With Derek and Meredith both staying home from work still, we learn everything has become a competition. So much pent up ‘surgical’ energy. Which is hilarious! Mer then goes to brag that she is winning, because Derek couldn’t get Zola to put her shoes on for the night. Callie and Cristina just give Meredith that pity look. Mer REALLY needs to get back to work. Jackson breaks in to let the ladies know that whoever raises the most money gets 10% for their department. Mer chalks it up to another thing she can try to beat Derek at, but with Callie’s direction, we see Derek is working that charm with Patrick Dempsey’s juggling skills.


Trying but failing to get Cristina to team up with her, Meredith gets a little advice on how to charm the money out of people, and realizes that she has the perfect arsenal. I mean, Mer is quite a pro.


After being called out for her tactics, Derek let’s Meredith know that it’s all guns

a-blazing now.

“Go juggle some balls.”

“You just brought a knife to a gun fight.”

Aaannnndd Derek goes hard in the paint! When in doubt, add a mini-McDreamy. Working that baby magic, Meredith catches Derek using Baby Bailey to charm the ladies. Conveniently, he’s also hungry and Momma Meredith has to come to the rescue.


Now rocking a sweet sweatshirt, the competition gets put on hold as all the doctors rush to help the 2 injured ladies. Which is too much for the surgical junkie deep insider Meredith. Saying screw it, Meredith goes in on the surgery. And loves it. When Derek catches her, she just gives him that sly smile and invited him down. With almost no hesitation, Derek agrees.


After a successful surgery, Derek and Meredith reminisce about their situation. With a slightly different wardrobe, and a little more gray hair, they bring up prom night and panties on a bulletin board. I love this scene because the characters thinking back makes the viewer remember all the past 200 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and just appreciate everything. The surgery, the love and the life.

And appreciate, they do. ;)


Having become the most relaxed they have in awhile with the surgery and… and other things, Meredith and Derek walk the halls adorably. With Shane shouting something about incoming trauma, they give a cute shrug, mention something about letting their babies stay asleep, and head on to do what they do best.



This episode showed a little feisty side to Meredith and Derek. With little competitions to stay active, and then finally deciding to go back to work, they are back in the ballgame of surgery.  I’m happy we had a few episodes to see them at home with a newborn and a toddler, but I’m ready to see them back at work. Well, back at work AND handling their babes.


Next week, we see Meredith jump back in the game and maybe a little too deep, as the promo shows her and Cristina butting heads. There is a tiny glimpse of Derek in the OR with Arizona, but that’s all we get. Seems like its gonna be pretty dang exciting.

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Stars Tweet Reactions Music Event

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Hi Gabblers,

Apparently the cast and crew of Grey’s got to watch the entire episode lunch time today, and here are some reactions!

(Source| Twitter)

Are you excited yet?! I definitely am!

xoxo Jillybean

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