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PICS: Celebrating the End

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Hey, family!

There are a handful of people that we’ve grown to really care about that are preparing to make their exit from Grey’s Anatomy soon. Amongst them are husband/wife/screenwriting/directing/producing team Tony Phelan and Joan Rater. They’ve been a fantastic, dynamo of a duo for years now and they recently helped mark the end of their era with a carnival for the cast and crew! Here are a few pics!






(Source|Tony Phelan via Twitter)

This is SO awesome! What a wonderful way to end the year and a fantastic ride in Shondaland!

LiveLaughLove! GreytXcape

GreytXcape Avi

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GA to See Writing Change

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Hey, fab Gabblers!

9 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy has produced many a feelings in us all.  New arrivals, crazy story arcs, cliffhangers, deaths, jaw-dropping season finales, etc. have taken us on rides many are not soon to forget. This is in large part to the show’s writing. When it comes to the wonderful world of GA, the word “change” is not lost on us. And, concerning husband and wife writer/producer duo, Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, more of it is soon headed our way.



Writer-producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater have closed a two-year overall deal with CBS Television Studios, which will begin next summer. Under the agreement, the duo will supervise projects for the studio this season and will develop their own original projects once their overall deal, Phelan and Rater’s first, commences in 2014. Phelan and Rater, repped by UTA and Myman Greenspan, are currently executive producers/co-showrunnners on Shonda Rhimes’ ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, having worked their way up the ranks during their eight-season tenure on the show. This coming season will be the duo’s last on Grey’s before they segue to the CBS Studios deal.

For the full article, please click the source link below!

(Source|Deadline Hollywood)

Tony, himself, took to Twitter today to share a little detail about what’s to come concerning the future of the Grey’s Anatomy Writer’s Room…


(Source|Tony Phelan via Twitter)


(Source|Tony Phelan via Twitter)

This is such huge news! Grey’s Anatomy has always had a great writing team. It still does :) Tony and Joan have been extremely instrumental in the success of the show. So, no doubt they’ll do great things at CBS. And we are confident that GA will not cease to still thrill and invigorate us. Congrats to Tony and Joan! When the time comes, we wish them all the best! As for now, bring on Season 10!!!!

LiveLaughLoveGA! GreytXcape

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Shonda Tweets: Ep. 8.01 Title Revealed.

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Hey Gabblers.  Shonda Rhimes has tweeted a pic of the cover page of the script for Episode 8.01.  We now know that it will be called “Free Falling,” that it was written by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, and that Rob Corn will direct.  We’ve also got an on-set photo from the filming of that episode, featuring Chyler Leigh, Sarah Drew, and Chandra Wilson in operating room attire.  Check it out below:

First GA script of the season!!

Some of the GA ladies on set for first day of shooting!

(Source|@shondarhimes on Twitpic)

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to see that Grey’s is back in action.  This summer hiatus is way too long.  “Free Falling” is an interesting title for the episode.  Have any speculation as to what it might mean for our favorite Grey’s characters?  There was certainly a lot left up in the air after the season finale.  Have any thoughts?  Post a comment below.

Thanks to merder for sending us the tip!

xoxo  GreysAddictJ

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Changes at the Top!

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Well… I don’t know what to think about this following article. So I will simply post it up and see what you have to say about it.

EXCLUSIVE: Grey’s Anatomy executive producers Tony Phelan and Joan Rater have signed a new two-year exclusive deal at ABC. Under the “show-verall”, as such pacts are referred to since they are tied to a show, the Grey’s veterans will serve as No. 2 to creator-executive producer Shonda Rhimes, running the writers room of the ABC medical drama with her. They will succeed another longtime Grey’s producer, Krista Vernoff, who is currently shepherding her second pilot for ABC, Grace. Phelan and Rater joined Grey’s at the beginning of the show’s second season, rising through the ranks to executive producers. “We feel like have really found a home on Grey’s, and it’s has been a great 6 years,” Phelan said.

Phelan and Rater have always been a writing team because they first became a couple in real life before pursuing writing careers. Phelan was a theater director and Rater was a struggling actress in New York when a mutual friend set them up on a date in the late 80s. Phelan then encouraged Rater to try her hand at becoming a monologist after he noticed that the “humiliating stories about her dating life” she was telling on stage were not getting her acting jobs but were captivating the audience. Rater became a successful monologist, touring the country with Phelan. Then they began adapting the short stories into plays. Phelan and Rater took one of plays to Los Angeles for a reading. Four people attended, and one of them, a literary manager, came to them and suggested they try TV writing. Six months later, in January 2000, Phelan and Rater loaded their possessions in an U-Haul truck and drove cross-country to Hollywood. They got a job on their first interview, for USA Network’s short-lived series Cover Me. The trick? People looked at us and said: “They come from New York, wear black and have New York playwright cache,” Phelan quipped.

The duo’s first ABC gig was on Push, Nevada. There, they met veteran showrunner Jim Parriott who took them under his wing and helped them get jobs on other ABC series he worked for, including Grey’s, where he served as an executive producer for the first 2 seasons.

Phelan and Rater, repped by UTA and attorney David Fox, are gearing up for their new duties in the writers room of the show. “The one thing that Shonda provides is a very supportive atmosphere for writers,” Phelan said. “We have a great writers room and spend most of the time telling humiliating stories about ourselves and working them into the show.” Phelan has been using his background as theater director, serving as a liaison between writers and actors on Grey’s and spending more time on the set. He made his TV directing debut on the show and has helmed multiple episodes, including the much-talked about upcoming musical episode, Song Beneath the Song, written by Rhimes. Meanwhile, Rater has been spending more time in the writers room and has become the go-to Grey’s rewrite producer, polishing many of the series’ scripts before production.

As for juggling working and living together, “we spend 3 times more time together than the average couple,” Phelan said. “You miss out on all that coming home at night and telling your spouse: ‘You’ll never believe what happened at work today.”


Thank you to Humbugged for this.

So Krista Vernoff is no longer part of the team? That at least seems to be what the article suggests. I am not sure how this change up will affect things with the show. Tony and Joan have produced some of the best episodes in my opinion, but do they have what it takes as a team to be up at the top? We’ll have to wait and see.

But… as Humbugged said in the email telling us about this. They have been signed to a two year deal… Season 9 anyone?!

What are your thoughts on this?


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Joan Rater – The Anatomy of TV Writing

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For those of you who don’t know, Joan Rater is the executive producer for Grey’s, and in the following article she talks about how each of the seasons we’ve come to love (or hate) started out from blank pieces of paper.

Students milled about the brightly lit Fowler 309 on Thursday, Nov. 18, chattering energetically as they awaited speaker Joan Rater, who spoke as part of the English Writing Fiction/Nonfiction Series of writer’s workshops. Rater spoke about writing for TV and movies in this particular session sponsored by Remsen Bird Funds.

The room was filled and very lively as everyone listened closely to an exuberant Rater. Her interesting occupation, as well as the events that led up to it, made her speech engaging. She was dynamic and knew how to hook and catch an audience.

Rater is currently a writer and executive producer for ABC’s hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Along with eight other writers on the show, she creates the story lines for each season. Together, they work for two weeks mapping out a plan for the plot of the whole season. This gives them a road map to hold onto as they shape the intricate details of each of the episodes.

The writer’s executive boss held an Anatomy of Season Six (ASS) conference before the sixth season to encourage them to “make asses of themselves,” Rater said.

The conference was a place for them to go wild with their creativity without any restrictions or limitations. One writer presented his ideas in the form of a “Boleneze shadow puppet show,” she said.

Another way they brainstorm is to talk about their own lives with each other. Rater has been working on “Grey’s Anatomy” for seven years now, as have many of her colleagues. They bring out every intimate detail of their lives to share in the meetings. Nothing is a secret, and many stories are entwined in the experiences of the characters in the show.

“You have to be an over-sharer … it’s fodder for our stories. You have to be an extrovert,” Rater said. “In the writer’s room, there’s a lot of wish-they-were-actor people competing for stage time.” Rater has always been an extrovert, but some of her personality was hidden beneath the surface in the beginning of her career. She started out as an actress who never auditioned for anything because she was too scared. Consequently she began writing her own solo performances, one about how she had no self-esteem. This performance in particular, done in New York, got her noticed by a literary agent rather than the acting agent she was looking for. With the help of her husband, this unexpected turn of events eventually led her to adapt a play into a short off-Broadway play.

But Rater never saw herself as a writer type: She just wrote. The things she wrote about came from performing and telling stories, and she never gave a second thought to their format. The structure of her writing was something she had to learn about later. On “Grey’s Anatomy,” there is a rigid structure for the amount of minutes in each segment of show, as well as where exciting plot needs to be placed. “It’s challenging to write … but it’s helpful because it focuses you,” Rater said.

Commenting on working on a television show rather than writing fiction or play-writing, Rater said, “It’s not a solo profession at all. It’s all a team effort.” But one thing is the same. “There is no good first drafts … it is in the constant rewriting that something gets good,” Rater said.

(Source | The Occidental Weekly)

It’s kind of interesting to think that the 45-minute episodes we watch take weeks and weeks to perfect… and we’ll never know what ideas they tossed into the trash can, what could have been, lol.

Comment below!

xo Cheriee

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6.20: Podcast!

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So folks the Podcast for last night’s episode is up!!  Click below to have a listen! ;)

Thanks to Liat for letting us know about it and to SpoilerTV for posting it up!

Till next time,

Aussie Lee xxoo

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