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Writer’s Blog 7.13.

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Hey Gabblers – here’s the writer blog for 7.13.  Please discuss below.

Mark Wilding on “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)”…

Original Airdate: 2-3-11

I’ve tried acting once in my life.  I managed to snag the lead role in my high school’s production of “The Admirable Crichton.”  I played an English butler who’s treated very poorly by the upper class British family who employs him — particularly by the family’s three daughters.  Eventually the family gets stranded on a desert island.  The three daughters all fall in love with Crichton on the island because he’s very take charge and very handy and saves everyone’s lives (he’s also VERY good-looking).  In the end Crichton has to decide whether or not to signal to a passing ship that the family is stranded.  The daughters beg him not to — they love their new life AND him — but Crichton does the right and proper thing and sends up the signal flares even though it means returning to his life as the family’s dutiful butler.

It’s a great play and I got the role because I could do a passable English accent and I was tall.  It wasn’t because I could actually ACT.  Because I couldn’t.  I SUCKED.  I could never get over a case of stage fright.  My performance was wooden.  And I squinted the whole time because my drama teacher didn’t want me to wear my glasses.  If I’d been in the audience I would’ve booed me off the stage.  Or at least asked for my money back.  Which is probably why, today, I really admire actors.  Acting is NOT easy.  It is hard.  We have a dozen wonderful actors on the show — our regulars.  Week in and week out they bring Grey’s to life in fun, surprising ways.  But a lot of times a story line will succeed or fail depending on our guest stars.  I was lucky enough to get FANTASTIC guest stars for this episode and I want to acknowledge each of them.

The first great acting performance for my episode was turned in by Angela Paton.  She played Martha, the woman who came in to get a quadruple bypass.  She also played the hotel proprietor in “Groundhog Day”.  She was wonderful in the episode, a perfect foil in the battle between Cristina and Jackson to do her heart grafts.  She went from funny in the first scene to heartbreaking in the pre-op scene where she wonders if she should go through with the heart surgery.  I love it when she got ANGRY at the thought of being a possible burden to her kids.  That wasn’t written.  That was the actor really, truly bringing the words to life in a surprising, believable way.  As for the story itself — when Cristina convinces Martha to have the operation, I think she’s doing it from a place of real compassion.  She’s not just doing it so she can perform a surgery she hasn’t performed before.  In that sense, I think Cristina has grown since the shooting at the hospital.  She’s a little more empathetic.  After all, she knows what it is to be really and truly scared now.

Three more guest actors who were just plain excellent were L. Scott Caldwell, Harrison Page and Hugh Holub.  They played, respectively, Daniel’s wife, Daniel, and Victoria’s husband.  The scene where a confused, frightened Daniel is demanding to see Victoria required pitch perfect acting and Harrison delivered and then some.  All of the actors’ performances combined to create an underlying sadness to the story that I was seeking from the first moment we started discussions about it in the writers’ room.

I’m glad that the show is once again tackling Alzheimer’s.  It’s a theme that we always come back to.  The reason, of course, is that early onset Alzheimer’s led to the premature death of Meredith’s mother.  The question is will that genetic craps roll be passed on to Meredith?  Will she end up like Ellis?  It’s what drives Meredith to get on the trial and, as Alex tells Derek in his very Alex way — “Your wife is the only person twisted enough to handle this crap.”

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7.03 SuperFreak – Recap/Review – Part 1.

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Hey Gabblers – Well, obviously this was a repeat for us but thought I’d go ahead & put a recap up for discussion.  I loved & hated part of this episode.  LOVED seeing so much Derek.  Some really awesome Der/Cris scenes along with a great Der/Amelia scene at the end.  I just love Derek anyone but I really loved how much he was trying with Cristina.  He was, also, so sweet at the end when talking with Amelia about when their Dad got shot.  Big brother just didn’t want little sister to have to know his pain.  The parts I hated was so much April! I’m not a fan of hers at all.  I actually made a gagging sound when Mer says “oh April, I’m liking you more & more”, YUK!  Then we had the Teddy is so sad over Andrew & I felt like that was just filler.  I, also, hated the wart guy.  I am not squeamish AT ALL but this patient grossed me out like has never happened to me watching Grey’s before.  What do you think Gabblers? Did you enjoy this episode the first time & how about the second?  Sound off below!

Started with a great scene of MerDer sleeping and Cris knocking on door. Opens door and says Owen at the hospital. Looks at Der sleeping and says never mind. Mer tells her to come get in bed. Cris says isn’t that kind of wierd and Mer says come on, he’s asleep. Cris gets in bed with them. Der wakes and rolls over to put his arm across Mer and feels Cris. Just looks funny and turns back over.

Sneak of the Attendings and Der saying “she goes I go”. Go Derek!

Sneak of Amelia arriving and running into Mark.

Sneak of Az/Callie/Teddy in break room talking about getting CO to move out and Teddy getting attached to Andrew.

MerDer & Cris walk up to Amelia. Der is like “oh come on”! Amy says Todd (tumor patient) has pituitary tumor. Der asks if his hands are soft and if they were on Amy’s breast at the time. Says Mile High club. Amy says he’s still sick. Der says Cris will find him a surgeon. Mer says at least you could have coffee with your sister. Der ignores her and tells Cris to work Todd up.

Chief is taking a patient on the elevator and Alex makes up excuse before getting on and leaves. Mer comes up and wants to go with Richard and he says no for her to go help Kepner. April comes up and says she needs help and Mer says she is her help. April says she thought Mer was on Der’s service and Mer says he took Cris. April starts babbling about Cris not being ready. She then says “she was at the house last night” like she lives at Mers already. April says Cris slept with Mer and Mer is married and it’s wierd. Mer tells her to shut up and that she doesn’t talk about Cris.

Bailey/Jackson/Lexie outside ER when lady pulls up with the wart pt. When he gets out of the car Lexie gasps and screams “oh my g..”. Bailey gives her a hard look.

Lexie is apologizing for losing it to Bailey and Bailey tells her she will spend the whole day with wart patient.

April/Mer in ER. Mer says she is sorry if she hurt April’s feelings but there are some things she doesn’t talk about and Cris is one of them. Lady they are working on needs a chest x-ray because she can’t breathe and they ask if she could be pregnant. Lady tells them she’s a virgin and she and her fiance are waiting until they get married in two weeks. Fiance there and joking about it. April looks funny.

Lexie tells Mark that Bailey needs him for a consult. She leaves and he is staring after her. Callie tells him to look away and he says he can’t. Callie says she told you to leave her alone and Mark says maybe she just needed more time. Then he says he’ll try to look away.

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7.03 SuperFreak – Recap/Review – Part 2.

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Continued from Part 1…..

Mark telling wart patient’s wife that there was no good skin to graft. She says so he’s going to stay like this. Then she says she can’t take it and is going to leave him. Sometimes 2 people can love each other and it’s just not enough.

Morgue with guy that died of heart attack and Der wants Cris to go through what she did to him. Cris says she can’t remember. Der opens his shirt and tells her how to start. Hands Cris the scalpel. After some time Cris takes it and makes the incision. Der says what’s next and Cris picks up the saw and then continues.

Great scene with Der outside the hospital and Amy comes out. Says she’s leaving. Der starts talking. Says “We were in the back of the store and Dad had just given you 2 pennies. You always put them under this crack in the floor and were saving to buy a town. 2 guys came in and we weren’t paying attention until Dad yelled. They had already taken the money but wanted the watch that mom gave him. He wouldn’t give it up. They shot him and you lunged forward”. Amy says she tried to move but couldn’t. Der continues “You couldn’t move because my arm was around you holding you tight. I put one hand over your mouth so you wouldn’t make any noise. I prayed you would be quite. You were so little. I think that’s what I wanted all these years. For you to stay little & quite & safe. You’re not those things. You’re loud, fearless & it scares the crap out of me. How am I supposed to tell you I got shot. I can’t share my pain with you because I don’t want you to know that pain exists”. Der puts his arm around Amy.

Az/Callie/Bailey/Teddy in the lounge drinking brandy. Andrew comes in and Calzone and Bailey leave. Teddy doesn’t know why she’s so upset. Andrew tells her it’s because she falls for guys that are not available. Guys that are engaged or not in town for very long.

Alex/Chief still riding the elevators.

Shows wife leaving wart patient while Mark watches.

Alex/April/Jackson/Mer/Lexie at Joe’s still ribbing April about being a virgin. She gets mad and says everyone has things they don’t talk about. Alex is afraid of the elevators. Jackson wakes screaming from nightmares. Mer won’t talk about Cris because she’s afraid Cris will never be the same. Lexie needs to relize that Mark is not staring because he thinks she is pathetic it’s because he’s in love with her. Mer says “oh April, I’m starting to like you more and more” (GAG!!!!).

Owen comes home and sits on the couch with Cris. Cris says she might be happy to be a plumber. Calzone come in making out heavily. Ripping clothes off each other right in front of Owen/Cris. Cris says “man we’ve got to get our own apartment”.

Lexie goes to Marks apartment, smiling. Outside she sees Mark/Amelia making out. They back into Mark’s door.

xoxo McSunny

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7.13 Don’t Deceive Me – Press Release

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Hey Gabblers – Here’s the press release for 7.13 Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go). So Kevin McKidd is directing this one.

Kevin McKidd Makes His Directorial Debut And Rachael Taylor (“Transformers,” “Shutter”) guests
“Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” – Derek breaks ground on his Alzheimer’s clinical trial and Meredith can’t help but feel left out; Bailey’s attempt to take the hospital into the age of new media with live tweets from the OR does not go over well with the Chief; and Callie, Mark and Arizona must learn to navigate through the pregnancy together, which starts off with Callie driving her new obstetrician (guest star Rachael Taylor) crazy, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Grey’s Anatomy” stars Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey, Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd, Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang, Justin Chambers as Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, James Pickens, Jr. as Richard Webber, Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres, Eric Dane as Mark Sloan, Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey, Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt, Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins, Kim Raver as Teddy Altman, Jesse Williams as Jackson Avery and Sarah Drew as April Kepner.

Guest cast includes Rachael Taylor as Dr. Lucy Fields, Frank Kopyc as John Driscoll, Harrison Page as Daniel Cobb, L. Scott Caldwell as Allison Cobb, Angela Paton as Martha, Evans Brown as Orderly, Hugh Holub as Ben, Payton Silver as Dr. Knox, Carolyn Power as Victoria and Linda Klein as Scrub Nurse Linda.

“Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)” was written by Mark F. Wilding and directed by Kevin McKidd.

xoxo McSunny

Thanks to Gina for sending this in from Spoiler TV! Thanks to Maria & Asma too!

(Source|Spoiler TV)

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Writers Blog: 7.03 – Superfreak

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Hey Gabbler’s!

Here’s the writers blog from 7.03 Superfreak.


Mark Wilding on “Superfreak”…

Original Airdate: 10-7-10

I think one of the worst things you can tell a writer is write what you know.  Or a close corollary of that – write about your life.  If you put my life on a movie screen, the audience would demand their money back.  They wouldn’t just walk out of the theatre, they’d stampede the ushers in their rush to the exits.  Unless the ushers, bored to death themselves, had already quit their job and gone home.   As much as I really enjoy my job – I feel EXTREMELY fortunate that I get to work with a lot of fun people every day – my life itself is relatively boring.

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