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Shonda Working on New NBC Show.

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Hey guys!

The GA Season 9 premiere is now just 19 days away, but Shonda has announced she’s working on yet another new show! This time, it’s for NBC:

Shonda Rhimes has made her first sale of the 2012-13 development season.

The prolific producer is reteaming with Grey’s Anatomy scribe Peter Nowalk for FBI drama Under The Gun, which has landed at NBC with a script commitment.

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Source|The Hollywood Reporter

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SPOILER: Press Release for Episode 12

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Hey Gabblers!

Below the cut is the Press Release for Episode 12!

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7.17: Writer’s Blog.

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Hey Gabblers!  Check out what Pete Nowalk, writer of episode 7.17, “This is How We Do It,” had to say about the episode:

Pete Nowalk on “This Is How We Do It”…

Original Airdate: 3-24-11

I know, I know.  You’ve come to this blog hoping I’ll shed some light on next week’s episode.  “It’s a music event?  What does that mean?  How does it work??”  Well sit back and relax because I’m going to tell you… 

Nope, not doing it.  I’m too much of a rule follower.  You don’t want me to tell you anyway.  There’s only seven more days to wait.  The music’s coming.  IT’S COMING!!

In the meantime let’s stay in the moment.  Namely, the very last moment of this episode.  Arizona asked Callie to marry her.  It wasn’t planned.  There was no ring or getting down on one knee.  It just happened, in the middle of a fight no less.  As someone who rarely fights (yup, passive aggressive, non-confrontational, bury my resentments way down deep person here), I’m a little jealous of Callie and Arizona.  They bicker.  Rant.  Say what they mean – even if it’s mean.  Mark has been a thorn in their relationship’s side since the beginning.  This happens in many relationships.  How can you love someone whose best friend you hate?  And what if that best friend is also an ex-lover/now baby daddy?  This is a tough one for Arizona.  She’s tried to suck it up.  But there’s only so long one can bury their resentments.  Mark wasn’t part of the deal when she signed up to love Callie.  But now he’s very much in the deal.  Rather than run away and find some new girl to love though, she stayed by Callie’s side.  Even more, she keeps throwing herself in deeper.  And now she’s asked Callie to marry her.  This is what it means to have BALLS people.  She’s not gonna run from the problem.  She’s going to face it head on.  Love Callie harder and insist that Callie do the same.  Marry me, she says.  And then, well, that’s when… 

It’s maddening not to know.  I feel your pain.  Just seven more days.  Breathe. 

In the meantime let’s talk about Richard.  Dude’s spent most of his life working.  And what amazing work he does.  He’s just invented a device that functions as a pancreas and, amazingly, might cure diabetes.  It’s crazy.  A surgeon’s dream come true…  But now there’s Adele.  She has Alzheimer’s.  The diagnosis couldn’t have come at a worse time.  As Adele finally tells him through tears, this isn’t fair.  They’re finally the husband and wife they always wanted to be.  And now…well now it might be too late.

Derek did his best to help the Webbers out.  As you can imagine, the rules surrounding an FDA clinical trial are strict.  Fudging with them is pretty much career suicide.  And even though Derek ultimately refused to do this, you can see how easy it would’ve been for him to change Adele’s score by one point.  No one would find out.  That’s not Derek though.  Meredith reminds him of that.  As always, these two have each other’s backs – at home, at work…   It’s this type of relationship their patient Sonya won’t let her son Tarik throw away. Facing the end of her life, knowing that it’s approaching at a terrifying speed, Sonya has the clarity to see that Tarik needs to move back to London to be with his boyfriend Gavin (who is played by Colin Farrell in the spin-off episode in my head btw).  Sonya knows meeting someone you like is hard enough.  Someone you love though?  Someone who loves you back?  That’s once in a lifetime.  Screw clinical trials.  Screw self-sacrifice.  Go, be happy, she tells her son.

April’s struggling with her own relationship.  Stark, a.k.a. “Robert,” likes her.  And she likes him back.  But love?   I don’t think April’s knows what love is yet.  She knows it probably won’t happen with her and Robert though.  She wishes it could – screw what other people say, let them make fun – but it’s been a month of dating and she’s not feeling it.  It doesn’t help that Jackson and Lexie are feeling it – and each other – in front of her all the time.  On washing machines, in on call rooms, on communal couches…  Who the hell doesn’t want that?  And how the hell are you supposed to carpe diem when you’re stuck at home with only a bowl of popcorn and old movie to keep you company??  Hells if I know.  What I do know is it’s not going to come if you spend every night on the couch.  I for one am hoping April gets off the couch soon.  Maybe she should take pointers from Mr. Dirty Hot.

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Writers Blog: 7.04 – Can’t Fight Biology

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Hey Gabbler’s!

Here’s the latest writers blog from 7.04 – Can’t Fight Biology.

Pete Nowalk on “Can’t Fight Biology”…

Original Airdate: 10-14-10

Here’s something not many people know about me.  I’m a good dancer.  Okay, that’s a bit modest.  I’m an amazing dancer.  I went to Juilliard on a scholarship.  I trained with the same teacher as Baryshnikov.  Currently I perform with a Los Angeles troupe that specializes in a combination of hip-hop, jazz, and disco.  I am the head soloist.

That’s a lie.  I lied.  I’m not a dancer.  I just wish I was.  I want to be like one of those kids on So You Think You Can Dance.  I just can’t dance.  Because when I do I resemble Elaine on Seinfeld.  In fact I’d call it flailing more than dancing.  I even punched a girl in the face when I flailed too hard at a club one time.  I blame my parents.  They didn’t pass down dancing genes.  They passed down chicken leg genes.  Yeah, you should see me in a pair of shorts.  Legs only good for one thing – running.  Not dancing.  But oh how I love to bust out my bold moves on the dancefloor…  I digress.

Genes were kind of the theme of this episode.  Well, biology to be more specific, but genes are part of that.   We wanted to explore that age-old question of nature vs. nurture.  What makes us who we are?  Is it our DNA?  Our upbringing?  A combo platter??

What better way to explore this question than through Meredith.  We’ve known since the pilot that Meredith, like Ellis, might carry the gene for Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  She just hasn’t gotten tested for the gene yet.  I get it.  It’d be terrifying to find out you had an expiration date.  Think about it.  What would you do?  Be like Meredith’s patient Lila and spend the rest of your life travelling and sleeping around?  Ditch your job and pursue the dreams you put on hold?  Or would you stay the same – setting your alarm everyday, exercising routinely, hoping that some amazing doctors will find a cure before D-day comes?  See – expiration dates are a lot of pressure.  It’s so much easier to think you’ve got years left to mess around and sleep late and put off carpe diem-ing until tomorrow.  That’s probably what Meredith’s been thinking for the last six seasons.  But now she wants to have a baby.  She has more than just herself to think about.  And, of course, now she finds out she has a hostile uterus.  MAN ALIVE!!

Meredith Grey doesn’t get many breaks in life.  Maybe it’s because of her upbringing, or maybe it’s something wonky about her DNA, but someone in the world has decided to deal her tons o’ crap.  Personally, it’s what makes me love her. No matter how many crappy things come her way, Meredith keeps on living and fighting and taking risks.  She’s got balls.  Derek reminds her that, expiration date or not, there’s no reason to think about it.  None of us can know what’ll come tomorrow so why not just throw caution to the wind and be.  So those test results?  They’ll stay in the lab, out of sight and out of mind.  I’m relieved.

Cristina’s got her own set of crap to deal with lately.  First up, house-hunting.   Biologically, there are two types of people in the world – those that buy fixer uppers and those that don’t.  (Okay, maybe not biologically, but I’m trying to weave a common thread through this blog so go with me).  I’m not a fixer upper kind of person.  My fridge currently contains a bottle of ketchup and three beers.  I can barely bring myself to grocery shop so how the hell would I ever manage picking out tile for a bathroom?  Cristina’s the same.  Still, she buys the firehouse…for Owen.  This tells us a lot about where she’s at mentally.  She’s lost when it comes to surgery but not with her marriage.  Instead she’s throwing herself in deeper.  It’s what the worm guy said – when you love something you hold on to it.  For Cristina, that’s Owen.  She’s becoming a fixer upper person for him.  So maybe it’s nurture after all.  (Btw, if you want to know more about why someone would eat worms check out Medical Research Meg’s blog:

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Zoanne Clack (with Pete Nowalk and Shonda Rhimes) on “Shiny Happy People”…

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Writer’s Blog for this week’s episode 6.22 “Shiny Happy People” by Zoanne Clack with Pete and Shonda small talk… chit-chat.

Read & Enjoy! :shock:

Pete and I wrote this episode.  Two people writing an episode of Grey’s doesn’t happen very often, except with our married writers Tony and Joan.   So the news is…

Pete and I got married and became a writing team!

Okay, that’s a total lie.  We just got teamed up because it was the end of the season and we were all tired.  It was nice to split the work…

Sorry to interrupt.  Pete here.  I just want to go on record that I would be happy to marry Zoanne.  Cause she’s amazing and awesome and smart and A DOCTOR.  And if I were into the ladies I’d have put a ring on that finger a long time ago.  Just saying.  Okay, shutting up now.  I’m currently trying to break episode 704 – yes, the fourth episode of season 7 – so I need to go.  Back to ZoZo…

The two of us were put in charge of the pre-finale episode.  The episode right before the finale. How do you write the set up episode for the GAME CHANGER?  We thought we’d start by seeing our characters have some fun.  Or at least feign having some fun.  I mean, technically it’s a party, right?  Fun!  Okay, it’s a lame “meet and greet the Chief” party.  It probably shouldn’t even be called a party… more like a work function.  But there’s much juicy info to be gleaned from the party.  For instance, Alex and Lexie are a couple.  A couple couple.  At one point when we were writing they were going to sneak away from the party and upstairs to make whoopie (as it was called on great 70s game shows like “Match Game PM” and “The Newlywed Game”) but that got cut (although it doesn’t mean the sentiment wasn’t still there).  Wonder if that will last considering Mark’s end-of-episode proposition?

Also?  Cristina agrees to move in with Owen.  Through all the angst, all the PTSD, all the choking – Cristina wants to make this work.  She’s all in.  Until life happens and kills her bliss (more on that later).  What else… Reed wants to play in the big leagues by hitting on Mark.  Who had just hit on Callie.  Who was watching Arizona.  Who was trying not to watch Callie.  Cause Callie still wants so badly to be with Arizona…and that kiss in the elevator pretty much said the same for Arizona – such a bittersweet moment.  Wonder how they’ll figure out this mess.  Stay tuned

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Peter Nowalk on “Perfect Little Accident”

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Here’s the writer’s blog from Peter Nowalk for 6.16 Perfect Little Accident.  Enjoy! :D

I got in a car accident while we were filming this episode. Don’t worry, it was just a fender bender, no one was hurt. And even though it wasn’t my fault there’s some part of me that blames myself. I chose to write an episode about accidents. One of which happened to be a car accident.

It’s the kind of logic that makes me wish I wrote about love or money or cupcakes that burn fat and build muscle. That said, this episode was actually about HAPPY accidents, so I have a little confession to make.  In those first few moments after the crash, when I was sitting there, dazed, wondering what the hell just happened, a very small part of me was hopeful that the guy in the other car was actually the love of my life and this was one of those stories you submit to the NY Times marriage column after your fabulous  barefoot wedding in the Maldives. Sadly, that fantasy died the minute I realized the guy who just hit me was actually drunk at 10:15 on a Friday morning. Not husband material. But there was still hope! The witness.

A very polite, well-groomed gent who pulled over to check if I was okay. This is it, I thought. It’s just like people always say. You can’t go looking for love, it happens when you least expect it. Sure, this was advice I’d normally hate to hear (especially when it comes from happily coupled up friends), but in this moment there was no denying they were right. My witness and I were going to have so much fun in the Maldives!  The witness, though very nice, was not into me. Or so I gathered when he took off two seconds after I shouted “I’m fine!” across the street. By the time the hairy tow truck driver with the tribal tattoo and chewing tobacco breath arrived I realized I had to give up. This car accident was just an accident, nothing happy about it. And trying to turn it into a manhunt was clearly a sign that I needed to get out more. I’m kinda like Teddy that way… (Yes, I just did a lazy segue. Get ready for more). So. Teddy. Poor girl came to Seattle for one reason. Owen. Even if she didn’t admit this to herself. But then she got here and reality set in.

Owen didn’t invite Teddy here because he loved her. He brought her here because he loved Cristina. That’s gotta suck. I’d probably be on the first plane back to Iraq. But not Teddy. She stuck to her word and stayed through her contract, even if that happened to be torture. And slowly, with time and hard work, she’s seeing that there’s more to Seattle than just Owen. There’s a great job. Good people (like new BFF Arizona). And there’s this amazing student – Cristina. What I love about these two is that they’re like an old couple. They fight, make up, fight, make up…and it makes them both better doctors. Cristina’s a maniac when it comes to surgery, stealing lungs and taking crazy risks in order to do something that will go down in the record books. Teddy’s brilliant, but more careful and experienced. Together they’re a force to be  reckoned with. In this way, coming to Seattle for Owen and getting Cristina instead is Teddy’s happy accident. What was Cristina’s happy accident in this episode? Well it could’ve been getting to operate on Harper Avery’s bowel obstruction but homegirl screwed that up the minute she treated him like a batty old man in the ER.

Like all of you, Cristina didn’t know that Jackson’s grandfather was Harper Avery (a family tree dreamed  up by Shonda way back when we were planning out our new Mercy West characters). Jackson wanted to keep this little tidbit a secret. He’s like Meredith that way. Both of them were born into surgical legacies, a twist of fate that makes them both very lucky. But with that luck also came some crappy parenting. Ellis was a bulldog of a mother and Harper Avery seems to be the same kind of grandfather. You don’t become one of the world’s most successful surgeons by being nice. You claw your way to the top, working nonstop and neglecting your personal life to get there (as we saw Ellis do in The last episode). I imagine it’d be pretty hard to turn this killer instinct off when you step into your house each night.

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