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Take Care Now, A CROWEN Review 10.3 By @Cinderoni

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Crowen recap 10 x 03 – Everybody’s Crying Mercy

By: @cinderoni

At the end of last week’s episode, it seemed that Cristina and Owen were going to try to navigate this new world where they would no longer be lovers. As we see in this episode, it’s still very hard on both parties.

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The first scene opens with Cristina at Alex’s house, observing that intern Jo (aka Ponytail McGee or Hairball, as Cristina had previously dubbed her on two separate occasions) is sleeping on the living room floor with her fellow interns, who apparently had an overnight study session.

She then goes in to Alex’s bedroom and tells him to move over, as she gets into the bed next to him. She tells him that she hadn’t been able to sleep all night and she was bored. Alex tells her “Nope.” She responds, “In your dreams.” He then advises her to call Hunt. She quietly says no. Her tone is recognition of the state of affairs between her and Owen.

He then says that she should try the internet. “For porn?” Alex says for dating, so she could find somebody else to get horny with. “I have a girlfriend,” he declares.

Cristina notes that the said girlfriend is passed out with her friends. “Does she ever sleep with you?” she asks. “Did you guys have sex and it was awful?” Alex replies in the negative. Cristina continues to needle him, asking whether it was him who was awful and that he was so ashamed that he couldn’t even look at her. He says no. “Was it weird? Is she a man? Does she have a secret penis?” Cristina asks.

“Shut up!” Alex implores. Then, the light dawns. Cristina realizes that Alex and Jo have not had sex as yet. She notes that it has been like a week and they haven’t done the deal, as yet. “What have you done with Evil Spawn?”

“I was sleeping,” Alex says. She nuzzles him and says that she knew he would make her feel better.

I love the Alex and Cristina dynamic. They are so much like brother and sister and this scene was a wonderful example of that. On a clearly superficial note, did you all see that lavender nail polish that Cristina was sporting? It was so pretty.

The next time, we see Cristina, she and Arizona are being led by Owen in one of the corridors of the hospital.  Arizona is all perky with a brand new haircut and a red dress with an asymmetrical neckline. Cristina observes, “haircut” and says nothing else. Arizona tells Cristina that she has to say “nice haircut” or she’ll think that it is a bad haircut.

“You look tense,” Cristina replies.

“Say I look nice,” Arizona demands.  Cristina accedes to her request and tells her that she looks nice.

Owen leads them into the badly damaged Outpatient Surgery Wing, which has a huge hole in the roof. The place has suffered tremendous storm damage. Owen tells Arizona and Cristina that it is leaking money. Insurance can’t handle it, right now, since they have been swamped by claims.

Owen informs them that the regular ORs are being overloaded with patients, who could have been treated in the Outpatient Surgery Wing. He wants the board to get together and make a plan. Arizona protests that they are all swamped, now that Webber is down and MerDer are doing diaper duty. Owen also adds that she and Torres can’t be in the same room, together.

As he says that, Cristina’s face changes expression, a reflection on what she thinks about being in the same room with Owen. She knows she can’t be in the same room with Owen, too, but for an entirely different reason from Arizona and Callie.

Arizona excuses herself, saying that they need doctors more than board members. Owen argues that they need both or they were going to be in a lot of trouble.  As Arizona leaves, Cristina goes to Owen to take his hand but stops herself halfway from doing so. “I should go,” she says.

“Why?” he asks, softly. She answers that they can’t be alone together. He replies that they’re just talking about work. Cristina makes her exit, with some strange hand movements, indicating that she has somewhere to go.

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Its A MerDer World: 10.3 Review by @seen_in_grey

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10×03 “Everybody’s Crying Mercy”

Written By: Tia Napoliatano

Directed By: Tony Phelan

Review By: @seen_in_grey


What’s the saying: “Three’s a company, four’s a crowd…” So what do you get with 2 guys, 4 girls, 3 adults, 3 kids?


Temporarily housing Callie and Sofia, Meredith and Derek quickly adjust to life as parents to a newborn, as well as a toddler. Upon realizing that it’s a lot harder than they thought, especially because Meredith’s incision has to heal, Callie takes the girls to daycare on her way to work while Mer and Derek are left at the house with Baby Bailey. Thus, a full day of shenanigans ensues.


Basically becoming college kids around finals again, Meredith and Derek are completely sleep deprived and trying to get along at home while on leave. Meredith keeps up to date with Webber by calling Bailey, but after that line of communication is cut off, she ropes Ross into becoming her info lackey. Meanwhile, Derek picks up a new hobby of taking naps in grocery store parking lots. I guess surgery and fishing just don’t cut it anymore.


Catching up with Cristina in classy, season 9 fashion, Meredith complains about Derek getting a nap in while at the grocery store and how she hasn’t had one.

“Where’s my nap, Cristina?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t steal your nap.”

Cristina takes a peak in at Webber to let her know that Ross wasn’t able to get the N.G. tube and then proceeds to talk about Owen, but by then, Meredith is passed out in the bathroom. Totally makes you reminisce about the college days, right?


Meredith is awaken to Derek and no surprise, a crying Baby Bailey. With a witty “He’s hungry and my nipples are no use to him”, Derek passes off the wee babe, and Meredith goes back to her mommy duties


With Baby Bailey finally quieted down and staring at the mobile, Derek and Meredith catch a breather on the couch. Because he made her his healthcare proxy, therefore becoming family in Meredith’s eyes, and the fact that she feels like she abandoned him, Meredith talks to Derek about Webber and how worried she is. Realizing Derek fell asleep, Meredith decides to sneak to the hospital with Baby Bailey and check up on Webber herself.


After catching Ross at the door and getting the latest, Meredith meets with Bailey on how to they can improve Webber’s stats.

“But you have staples in your body.”

“I took them out. I’m a skilled surgeon.”

“You have no pain?”

“I have a lot of pain. It’s called sleep deprivation.”

After a tired Derek arrives at the hospital and sees that that his wife and baby are okay, he finds a place to lie down in “a place full of beds” while Meredith finds out Ross convinced Webber to get the N.G tube. Rudely being awaken and brutally being shown, Meredith and Derek attend the board meeting in the wiped out out-patient surgery and there start the plans of the hospital gala (aka the 200th episode…WHOO!).


Because Meredith goes big or goes home on the whole family thing, (see Season 6 Episode 4 when she gives that speech to Thatcher about knowing what its like to have a sister) she apologizes to Webber for not being there, especially because he picked her as his family. Because he’s either secretly depressed or just really pissed off at being feed through a tube, Webber sets Meredith straight about how she isn’t his family. Basically cutting her down in a very vulnerable area, Webber tells Meredith he picked the wrong person because she made the wrong decision and didn’t let him die. We are left with a pull out shot of Meredith with a look of utmost hurt and her taking her hand away from his.



This episode had an interesting look, showing how our couple deals with their first newborn while being away from the hospital and surgery. Derek mostly just tried to catch a few z’s, but I think the Webber/Meredith relationship took a turn. I know he has some issues and may be secretly depressed, but with how fragile she is when it comes to family relationships, that wasn’t the best move. I feel as if she will put on a brave face and just look past it, but because her relationship with Derek changed a bit last season, she may tell him about it a lot sooner than I would think.

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Writers Blog 7.12 Start Me Up by Tia Napolitano

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Hey Gabblers – I was so tired last night after posting the marathon recap that I forgot to post the writer’s blog.  Hmm, this is by Tia Napolitano who apparently is mostly a writers assistant.  Have we ever had an episode from her before?  Can’t recall.  Thought she did a pretty good job.  Can’t say I’m too impressed with her blog, doesn’t really give me any insight that I didn’t get from watching the episode.  What do you think?  Sound off below.

Poor, clueless first year med students. “Too dumb to find the toilet,” as Cristina puts it. They’re peering into body cavities for the first time, trying to impress their residents…or at least stay conscious. All while surrounded by renowned surgical geniuses. No pressure, right? They’re star struck, over-eager, and intimidated. And somehow they always seem to be in the way. Just ask Jackson.

It’s tough being at the bottom of the surgical food chain! And I have to empathize with these “interns and residents of tomorrow.” I’m the writers’ assistant here at Grey’s. I spend five days a week in a room filled with, well, television genius. It was more than a little intimidating at first. Luckily, I’ve yet to pass out on the job, and no one writes on me with permanent marker. Although, it’s entirely possible I’ll end up bedazzled one day – our writers’ room is like a kindergarten stocked with glitter, glue and paints. But I probably shouldn’t give them any ideas…

Bedazzling aside, my job is kind of awesome. Ok, the bedazzling is kind of awesome, too. I get to sit in the room and take notes while the writers simultaneously goof off and unspool their genius. I also used to be the writers’ PA here, so I had the pleasure of posting (and posting, and posting…you fans have a lot to say!) all of your blog comments. And I know you guys aren’t reading this to hear what I ate for breakfast this morning. You want the inside scoop on this episode.

One tiny thing first. I’d like to do our writers’ PA, Fran, the favor our researcher, Meg, once did for me.  Fran moderates all the comments on this blog, and there’s one rule that you should keep in mind when posting: be nice to Fran. Also, WHEN YOU YELL IN ALL CAPS AT FRAN, it’s a little bit scary. Don’t scare Fran. And don’t curse at Fran! Fran keeps the writers fed, and caffeinated. And writers that are well fed and well caffeinated write the best episodes. So please be nice to Fran. You wouldn’t want to get on her bad side…

Speaking of bad sides, remind me never to piss off Callie Torres! She’s certainly not that girl who forgives and forgets at the first glimmer of an apology. “I. Don’t. Want. You. In my life.” Could she be any clearer? It’s heartbreaking. But I was so, so proud of Callie for standing her ground. Girl’s got principles. All Arizona wants is a second chance with the woman she loves. Is that really so much to ask? Turns out it is. Because not only is Callie deeply hurt, she’s also pregnant. With Mark’s baby.

Wow. That lands on Arizona like a slap across the face. Do you remember when she iced Alex after finding out he slept with Callie? And that happened before Callie and Arizona were even dating. Mark Sloan might want to invest in a new deadbolt for his door. And a guard dog.

In a way, this is everything Callie wanted (she was the girl with the aching womb!). It’s just not wrapped in the pretty package she probably envisioned. But that’s life. And Callie knows it. And it’s not quite the fresh start Arizona was looking for either, though it is the beginning of something…

Bailey’s wading into unchartered territory, too. Talk of steamy on-call room rendezvous and dirty notes left in charts? Dr. Bailey? This is something the room struggled with. How can she still be Bailey while doing such un-Bailey-like things? What we figured out is that Miranda Bailey is still the same person, with a slightly new attitude. There are people, like Eli, who enter our lives and instantly change them, even if only a little. “Why the hell not?”

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