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Fan Fictions:

Without a Moment’s Notice – By RainandFlames

A FanFic from the Beginning. RainandFlames creates her own MerDer storyline. Meredith and Derek start dating when Meredith is a teenager. A terrible tragedy rips them apart, never to see each other again.
Or so they thought… A Mer / Der Fic.

Remembering What You Forgot – By Surgery-Girl

Secrecy was the key element in the trip. Nobody could know why Meredith took a trip to Boston, not even her friends or her fiancé. All she told them was she had to deal with ‘her mother’s past.’ An accident led her to Boston General. After laying unconscious in a hospital be for days, she wakes up only to find out she’s forgotten. Back in Seattle, her friends and future husband grow worried after not hearing a word from her in days. A Mer / Mark Fic.

C’est La Vie – By AdenaMentzel

Addie is in LA, and discovers something. A Maddison Fic.

By Your Side - By Surgery-Girl

Meredith moves to Boston with Ellis, where she becomes best friends with Alex Karev. Mer / Alex Fic.

Collide – By My Sharpie Is Green.

As human beings, we are easily fooled. Our eyes and our hearts can betray us, deceived by illusions both simple and elaborate. It can happen to anyone – the time you walked up and began to talk to your friend only to realize you’d singled out the wrong person, or sent the wrong memo to the wrong person in the office. Simple illusions are easy to fix – you blush, you apologize, you walk away. But what happens when you become fooled by something much more complex? What happens when your heart is deceived so thoroughly that you don’t know what the truth is anymore? A Maddison Fic.

Dreams, Beautiful … – By junebug.

Takes place in Paris. A Mer / Der Fic. Highly recommended. Down side? You need to register to the Grey’s McBoard to get in.

Trilogy – It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Driving Sideways, Handprints – By God.

a MerDer fic from the beginning. Very cute. Starts on Christmas Eve. Recommended by .oxoxT. The 3 stories are all in the one post on Surgical Language (you will need to sign up to read it).

Do You Ever Get Weary? Chapters 1 – 15
Do You Ever Get Weary? Chapters 15 onward (start at bottom of page)
- By greymcdreamysgh

Meredith and Derek have been married for a few years, struggling through life’s difficulties. They rent a beach house for the summer in an attempt to repair what was broken in their marriage. Now, back home in Seattle, they try to make it work together, balancing home and marriage and parenting with work and surgery.

Saturdays in the Life – by halfbakedsourdough

a MerDer fic. Absolutely delightful. A feel good read in every chapter.

The Girl Across the Street – By Too Attached.

“This is based on GA characters, but is just for fun. I like to use some of the GA dialogue, but have it spew from different characters mouths. This is Meredith centric. Strong language and mature content. As usual, Meredith and Derek with lots of Mark and a sprinkling of the others. Obviously I don’t own Greys. If I did it would be on HBO and well I’d better stop there before I say something wrong!” From the Author.

Eyes Wider Than Before – By double_scotch

“This story is based on one of my most favorite songs ever by one of the most soulful artists and lyricists out there today … Scott Matthews. If you have not listened to this song or have never heard of him, take a listen … you just might melt right out of your skin. Until about the midpoint of this story, each chapter has only TWO parts … one from Meredith’s POV and one from Derek’s POV over the SAME moment in time. Thereafter the chapters are longer, many with three or more parts. Each chapter of this story has its own song inspiration, but the main ideas in this piece of fiction reside in the lyrics from this song.” From The Author.

Is Forever Enough? - By makeminedreamy

Takes place about 5 – 6 years in the future, after season 3. Everything happened the same as in Season three, BUT Cristina and Burke got married, Lexie never came to SGH, and Addison can have kids!

One Heart Too Many – From Calliope’s Garden

Recommended by Nati.

The is fic is very long and has a sequel in the works. The fandom is Mallie/Callica.
Best Grey’s fic I have ever read.

I Will Show You Love – By Katie & Alicia

Recommended by Angel.

Angst-y, but a great story. One of my favorites.

Tears of Pink Ribbons – By Surgery-Girl

Recommended by Kath.

MerMark: There was nothing to keep her in Seattle except bad memories when her life is threatened with illness, so she leaves. By the time, she’s well again and she returns. Nothing is the same. And may never return to the same way it used to be after Mark’s “family” flies in to cause trouble.

And Then There’s Life - By CitronPresse

Recommended by Kath.

Everything changes for Mark and Meredith when Mark has to face issues from his past. Sequel to “Saving Lives.” Set one year later.

Lightning Strikes Twice – By AriaAdagio

Recommended by MacSmitty.

My most gigantic writing project ever. This thing turned into a monster, and after over a year of working on it, I finished it. I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of this fic.

Standing on Solid Ground – By AriaAdagio

Recommended by MacSmitty.

Post Some Kind of Miracle. MerDer. Following the ferry arc, Derek is paralyzed by his fears of losing Meredith, while Meredith grapples with the consequences of giving up. A story about one second, and how that second changed everything.

Hiding In Shadows – By MrsMcDreamy29

Recommended by McMaverick & Kamilia.

…so good!!!

All That I Am (Part One) – By IAdoreCallie

Recommended by Joss.

Tragedy strikes making Arizona realize how important life really is. (All other parts found here:

The Sound of Hidden Words – By goingbyme

Recommended by Sandra.

Meredith and Derek live the dectic life that comes with having children. Accommodating their youngest daughter’s needs of wheelchairs and walkers is second nature to them. But as she grows older, they now find themselves struggling to see why she doesn’t communicate as others – and to get her the help she needs. The story is about family life, sisterhood and the balancing act of raising a child with special needs. A ten chapter story where the first chapter is a prelude set three years before the rest.

Fan Fiction Sites:

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The GA On Call Room – A Forum for Grey’s Anatomy Fan Fictions.

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If You Were falling Then I Would Catch You – Multiple Fan Fictions from DirtyMistress11.

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Grey’s Anatomy Fanfiction – LiveJournal Community for GA Fan Fic writers to post. Many genre’s and couples.

Calliopes Garden / Burningeden’s Fic – Many Many fics that are Callie Torres Centric.

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