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Well, I’m sure everyone is familiar with Sarah Drew, who not only acts on Grey’s as April, but also on the show Mad Men as Kitty Romano. Here’s an interview in which she talks a little about both.

Sarah Drew found herself among the survivors at the end of last season of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Her character, Dr. April Kepner, was spared by the violent end that many of the other doctors at Seattle Grace suffered, after a gunman went on a rampage through the hospital.

The actress, who is really excited to return to the show as a series regular, talked to PopEater about what’s in store for April this season, and whether or not we’ll see her on ‘Mad Men’ again — as Sal’s suffering wife, Kitty Romano.

“There’s definitely a possibility that some day [Sal] can come back, who knows if he’ll be with his wife at that point. I thought it was such a fascinating story. I was shocked that it just ended abruptly. I hope I get to come back,” she tells PopEater.
Congrats on the full time ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ gig. How does it feel?
It feels totally amazing. I feel so lucky.

Did you watch the show before you were on it?
Yeah. It’s been on my Tivo since day one. My husband and I have been enormous fans of it from the beginning. It was pretty exciting. I still sometimes call Ellen [Pompeo] ‘Meredith’ because it’s hard for me to remember they are real people.

What can we expect for April this season?
Episode three is a fun April episode. The first two episodes she’s in the background a bit. She’s got a couple little moments here and there but in the third episodes there’s a big secret that’s revealed about her that’s pretty delicious. I can’t share it, unfortunately. We may see some blossoming. We may see some heartache. We’ll definitely get a whole lot of awesome, awkward April moments, for sure.

Typical ‘Grey’s’ happenings.

Is there any chance you’re going to be back on ‘Mad Men’?
I hope so, but I will only come back if Sal comes back. And even if he does come back, who knows if Kitty will still be his wife. I really don’t know. I think everybody was sad when Sal go the boot, because he’s such an interesting character. There’s definitely a possibility that some day he can come back, who knows if he’ll be with his wife at that point. I thought it was such a fascinating story. I was shocked that it just ended abruptly. I hope I get to come back. That was some of the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done.

I imagine it must have been awesome to be part of that show, too.
Oh my gosh, such an honor, again. Matt Weiner is a genius. And also such a lovely person, I bonded with him when I worked with him. He knows exactly how he wants to tell his story in every episode. It’s wonderful to have someone with that kind of vision at the helm, because you just take the words and you follow and you follow in a way that ends up paying off. He’s a genius, I’d love to work with him again.

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I don’t know about you guys, and while I don’t entirely appreciate April on the show, I do like Sarah. ;-) She’s very appreciative of the chances she gets and she likes Ellen, haha; I hope for her sake that April will indeed redeem herself, even if it’s just a tiny bit that makes me realise that April is not as annoying as I think she is.

Tell me what you think!

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  1. Man I kinda feel bad for Sarah, from all the interviews and stuff she sounds like a really nice person :smile: She just got given a character that is very hard for people to like.
    Let’s hope this season things start to turn around and April starts to get well less annoying :lol:

  2. I didn’t know her before Grey’s and found her pretty annoying during the whole of S6. She was amazing during the finale though, and I think she is a really good actress. I am now actually looking forward to seeing how April will develop. My anti-spam word is ‘Alex’, and I’m not sure, but if Alex breaks up with Lexie, I’m afraid his next “victim” might be … April.

    • @Emma,
      I agree…she’s not a bad actress, it’s just her character is extremely annoying. x)

      I hope Alex doesn’t get together with April, but that’s probably most likely to happen anyway. They’re both in the same house now too. And Jackson, but I think that’s kind of unlikely.

  3. She seems like a nice enough person and I wish the actress all the best, but I still hate the character.

    Frankly, there’s not enough “latching on to Mer in the hopes that I’ll be stupid enough to be lulled into liking April because Mer does” that can happen with April that will change my mind.

    I hope this ends up being better than I expect, but April seems like a waste of valuable screen time to me.

  4. I bet April’s secret is that she still a virgin, and then she loses her virginity to Alex.

    I also bet that April will be the one blabbing to Derek about Meredith’s miscarriage.

    Who wants to bet too? :razz:

    • @ana114, I join you in the first part of your bet! I thought about her getting involved with Alex too, but I find the virginity bit also a good one. During the finale she told Mr Clark, while he was pointing his gun at her after shooting Derek, that she’d never been loved, so you may have a good point there! I don’t think she’ll be the one telling Derek about the miscarriage though. We’ll see…

  5. Totally agree with you atlashrugg…Totally!